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w. . to get a bit of. this is d. w. news live from berlin an exit poll results from the netherlands after the 1st day of the european parliament elections populist and anti immigration candidates were expected to do well against their traditional conservative and labor counterparts but we will tell you about an apparent dutch surprise. also coming up in a run to a modis hindu nationalist party the b j p declares victory in india's elections early results show them handing heading for and increased majority.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program polls have closed in the netherlands and britain after the 1st day of voting in the mammoth elections for the european parliament which are set to last until sunday surveys in the netherlands taken before the vote show the right wing populist party the forum for democracy led by this man mr brough day was running neck and neck with the really conservative liberal party but exit polls just released suggest that voters went a completely different way let's bring in reguard who is modern very the elections for us in amsterdam and what appears berent to be a big surprise there. yeah that's true a leading social democrat here now put it that he said it's a bizarre comeback for the labor party which actually the votes compared to the
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elections 5 years ago and they came in 1st and they expected to be the 4th biggest party only and very disappointed of cause the right being populists from the democracy forum they expected to be the big winners because they won in regional elections this year already but they're only now in force places but only send 3 instead of 5 deputies to strasburg so a big surprise here tonight and everybody is wondering why this happened and you know we have these initial indications coming out and that a lot of these exit polls already but you know the other nation that voted was the u.k. but we don't have it from that why is that. but in the netherlands is a custom to publish exit poll shortly after the pows have closed they have done by post and scientists and media outlets so they are allowed to do that the oficial
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results only be published on sunday when all 28 member states have voted to at 10 o'clock at night and also judge many the exit polls are published already at 6 o'clock at night at but there are fisheries odds they come in at night so that nobody is intrinsic but there are different customs in all 28 member states and britain for example the exit polls are not a customary is so they just have posts from before the elections bantry correct with a view from amsterdam thank you so although we won't know the results from thursday's voting in the u.k. for the european parliament until sunday the major parties there were expected to lose votes to minor parties at both extremes of the brics a debate. it's an election that the majority of britons didn't want to have anything to do with but it's also an opportunity for many to have their say on
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briggs it. a lot of people i think will be fed up of voting for people obviously this is a vote that should never have happened given what's happened over the last 3 years and this is my own is going to water it down and water it down off the referendum. and why certainly that will be twisted and result trying. very angry and brags that party leader nigel farage is poised to capitalize on this sentiment he hopes such voter frustration will translate into votes for his party and he's feeling pretty confident. well you would if you want breakfast you got to vote for except we did it once they ignored us so we're going to tell them again this time they will realize that it isn't just the votes we get today it's what we want to go to the general election the cost them all the jokes so that a list of what people say they will be have employed. but not only those
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politicians in favor of a hard break are expecting to win more votes both the greens and the liberal democrats are also expected to gain support liberal democrat leader vince cable said a vote for his party was a vote to stop briggs it voters seem ready to punish the 2 major labor and tory parties for the current crisis. this time its. position in the hedging their bets but such is the green party for the 1st time for a few years because i voted for breaks it and i want to carry through i think parliament at the moment have made a bit of a hash of things. although their intentions are good. but i want some clarity voted for labor i thought that was the best. party to remain in the european union even though the policies of labor are very clear yes i thought it was best to avoid
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having a private party and i wanted to be sure that i sent a message to westminster that we should stay in the european union that it's just nationalism and folly to the. as for prime minister to resign maybe this could be her last appearance as the country's political leader meantime the germans get their chance to vote in the european elections on sunday so far chancellor angela merkel has mostly stayed out of the campaign there was concern that merkel could damage the prospects of her party the christian democrats as well as her successor in the role of head of the party. europe's most powerful woman also used to be the poster girl for her conservative c.d.u. party in e.u. elections but that is history this time angela merkel left the e p p's widely unknown top candidate monthly to be mostly out alone to face the public and it was merkel successor c.d.u.
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carty leader and a great come come by our many already see is potential next chancellor it took on the heavy political lifting in the talks. and in their targets in search of for us conservatives right wing populists are not potential coalition partners we don't want to and we won't work with them. with nothing less than the future of europe at stake this raises the question where was. busy governing is the sort of answer within a few summit in romania a climate dialogue in berlin and a trip to africa merkel focused on big picture politics. one of her few appearances with the e p p's top candidate money was in croatia when she took a stance against nationalism. part 2 to small hatred chism and the e.u. aren't contradictions nationalism is the enemy of the european project we must make
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that clear in these final days ahead of the polls. the social democrat top candidate tells us merkel's absence is also a symptom of in a party divisions think it's honest that you have the european candidates on the in the campaign and not the national figures on the other hand you see that the conservatives really split europe's longest serving any. insists there was simply a division of labor after a few blocks from chancellor and party leader share responsibility for the results no ducking away. and america and i think they had come can by one know that their current division of power between the chancery and the party headquarters can't last forever though publicly both say they are determined to continue until 2021 when merkel's final term as chancellor officially ends these e.u. elections will tell us more about the chances of an exit it's come to also succeed
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or here in the chancery than about the stability of the current. led government itself but they're an important test for both. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world the united states has issued 17 new charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange the australian is in custody in london after being convicted last month from the ecuadorian embassy the u.s. is seeking his extradition to new charges that go way beyond the initial indictment and include receiving and publishing classified information. the man known as the american taliban has been released from prison in the united states john walker lindh was captured in afghanistan in 2001 and pled guilty to supporting the islamic fundamentalists he served 17 years of a 20 year sentence and has been released early for good behavior. u.s.
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secretary of state mike on pale describes the release as unexplainable and unconscionable. no call has returned to the indonesian capital jakarta following deadly clashes between police and supporters of defeated presidential candidate of obesity anto the former general calls on his supporters to go home and announce that he would launch a legal challenge against president joke of the dodos we election. indian prime minister narendra modi has promised to build what he calls an inclusive india after a landslide win in the country's national election miscount data from the election commission shows that his hindu nationalist b j p party is on course to increase its majority in parliament if the results are confirmed it would be the 1st time in almost 50 years that an indian leader has been returned to office with an increased majority modi paid tribute to the voters. by vote he said that this election is not fought by the majority. it's not fought by the hopefuls. it's
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not fought by politicians this election is being fought by the people of this country. scenes of celebration across india people gathered to cheer narendra modi the leader of the hindu nationalist p j p party. said they were on incoming election results made it increasingly clear that the incumbent prime minister would remain in office. this is not only what is there to be angry to predict it is about to kill people a friend of the democracy has gone an honest government has gone and this has proved does the convent across all cost alternate in all you create lanes here and all these abilities to stability because you. don't really think if you would see this really big deal this is nothing in the world to be used to get the
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ball and this. so much of the. voting for the general election took place over 6 weeks it's a lot just democrats and the world after reports of photon bring the opposition requested a recount and verification of the results its national observers say the election was largely free and fair. modi campaigned hard to maintain the commanding majority he won in 2014 despite his convincing victory challenges remain critics have long accused him of marginalizing the country's 20000000 muslims and economic growth. in a tweet published after the election when the prime minister called for united and prosperous india modi now has another 5 years to make good on his words. now fifa have abandoned plans to expand the next world cup tournament from 32 teams to 48 the change would have required qatar to share hosting duties in 2022 with other countries in the region
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a political tension made that impossible for adding 16 more teams to qatar's world cup in 2022 was a bit too optimistic for president giani if in tinos idea of the expansion will have to wait until 2026 as scheduled. neighboring countries like the u. 80 to help host the tournament but an economic blockade in the region against qatar showed no signs of being lifted feet were therefore released this statement. following a thorough and comprehensive consultation process with the involvement of all the relevant stakeholders it was concluded that under the current circumstances such a proposal could not be made now. qatar was open to being the lone host for the potential 48 team contest but couldn't find a viable operating model to sustain the idea building it's world cup if a structure almost from scratch has been and continues to be a tall order in itself however construction for $32.00 teams seems to be on
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schedule. we have now 6 more stadiums to go by the end of this year 1st quarter of next year will be launching 2 stadiums as well by 2021 all or stadiums will be ready there was already controversy surrounding the 2022 qatar world cup including allegations of human rights abuses towards migrant workers the heat in changing the date to a late november kickoff but local football fans are excited qatar won the 2019 asian cup and gets to host a world cup on its own with any risks now reduced. in the 1st leg of the bundestag as relegation play off between stood guard and union berlin has ended in a 2 all draw should regard truth 1st blood with honest donors setting up captain christian get not who made it one now but union hit back immediately with the man obtained by equalizing with the help of action. another heavy deflection pushed
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and got ahead again with mario gomez making it to one but on levelled once more with martin frazier he's heading home a corner the 2 teams will face off again in berlin on monday. up next business with stephen beardsley i'm sorry kelly thanks for watching the. letter we were proud we knew we wanted her out in the 1st american something in our lives will experience hardship but listen. it could be green. very green. says blue. yes.


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