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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2019 5:02am-5:15am CEST

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when will boeing's grounded 737 max return to the air global regulators meet in the u.s. to discuss just that and why the americans were the last to ground the jet. also on the show deutsche of box board faces off with investors were angry over the lenders corporate and legal woes how bad is the mood we'll tell you how investors reacted. and the head of the european parliament elections what's on the mind of europe's youth well jobs for one to bring your report from paris. welcome to d business i'm stephen beers in berlin thanks for joining us the boeing 737 back has been grounded for 2 months following fatal crashes in indonesia and ethiopia boeing has yet to present a critical software update to american regulators who say they'll need some time to certify the plane they're under pressure from global airlines bottom lines demand they get the plane back in the air. the boeing 737 max will remain on the
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tarmac until the regulator is convinced the aircraft is safe the 737 max was grounded following the ethiopian airlines crash in march just months after a similar liner disaster in indonesia in all 346 people were killed. the f.a.a. is meeting over 30 international air regulators including china the e.u. brazil and canada to discuss a software fix a new pilot training. both crashes were blamed on faulty technology boeing says it has upgraded the software to make it safe the f.a.a. is still waiting for boeing to formally submit the patch for approval. financial pressure on boeing is growing global airlines who bought the fuel efficient long range aircraft had to cancel flights and scramble to find replacements on routes flown by the 737 marks. air china and other carriers are demanding substantial
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compensation. and let's talk now with our financial correspondent in new york jose luis de haro who is in the f.a.a. is now saying late june is the earliest the 737 max could be recertified what does that mean for boeing well of the deal for a boy will keep growing and i mean that to $1000000000.00 taken inside the 1st quarter to deal with these matters that are going to fall short some analysts at a cost of around $5000000000.00 because not only this is hurting the company internally in terms of a slowdown in production delays or any order of cancellations it's also affecting airlines around the world which are already claiming a boeing 2 food bill are quoting designs to make that industry over $44000000.00 for every day that $737.00 max is a ground it does is a model for many airlines especially the ones that depend on these model to renew its current fleet. already for compensation they have done china say 3 biggest
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airlines let's not forget that china was one of the 1st countries to ground the jets globally and now he's also we know of a trade and take conflict with the united states there's a getting beyond boeing it's been a tough day on wall street tell us what's going on. well wars that seem to be seeing steve in the markets are realizing that this is not going to improve anytime soon both tensions in tech industry are making investor never about what yet to some economies the thing that once the u.s. consumers which import 2 thirds of the economy start feeling the heat and pay more for some product consumption and confidence will take on top of that we learned that the u.s. manufacturing activity grew out of the flow with september 2009 small as he. helped to leave the investor spirits as a they get more and more worried that the possibility of president trump and he
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calling i know the truth by the end of june is pretty limited right now all laws all those trade negotiations was a louis saha joining us from new york and here's some other business stories making news. while prices also fell sharply on thursday due to fears of prolonged trade tension between the u.s. and china festers fear that if you could weigh heavily on growth on global growth rather u.s. light crude fell nearly 6 percent below $58.00 per barrel. u.s. president donald trump is providing an additional $16000000000.00 in aid to farmers hurt by his trade policies to washington introduced tariffs on foreign products china and other countries responded with retaliatory tariffs focusing on u.s. exports. popstar rianna has unveiled her luxury fashion brand with new owner l v m h and paris is the latest brianna's business ventures which include
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cosmetics and launch re the collection offers a range of clothing shoes and accessories. the criticism is growing and it's getting more pointed at georgia box annual general meeting thursday in berlin investors accuse the firm's leaders of mismanagement and sinking germany's flagship lender who shares hit an all time low the bank's woes stem from its 4 decisions its legal problems and its under pouring under performing divisions yes or from chief executive christiane saving is even tougher cuts. it's done a good time to be a doctor bank shareholder anyone who invested 1000 euros 12 years ago now has just 70 that's a loss of 93 percent and some people here think they know who's to blame. because they want the bad guys to pay the whole board you've got it's a negative mood here we want fundamental change. c.e.o.
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christiane's evening is trying to put a brave face on the disaster pointing to the banks modest earnings last year. deutsche bank. bank back into profit we've all achieved our goals and laid the foundation for a sustainable profitable bank often deep so i know enough to be tough and bank but many shareholders say that with so much upheaval they don't even recognize the bank anymore and the problems continue to mount just this week it became known that i.t. systems have faulty programming and that cash flows to major customers sometimes cannot be monitored added to that suspicions of money laundering perhaps even for the business ventures of donald trump. nothing came of the plans to merge with rival come out spang. and the investment banking business has been an ongoing disappointment at least it faces downsizing but with the lender planning to cut
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costs shareholders have even less understanding for the fat bonuses management still dishes out some 1800000000 euros went to employees of the investment division last year alone in contrast the total dividend paying to all shareholders amounted to only $230000000.00 euros. youth unemployment in the european union fell last year around 10 percent compared to the previous year it's great news for the younger generation but there are still about $5800000.00 people between the ages of 15 and 25 without work job opportunities and with that people's prospects are not the same across europe far from it young people in germany have the best chance of finding a job that's of course europe's largest economy and youth unemployment there is 5.6 percent and here's something that might surprise you france is the 2nd largest economy but the youth the youth unemployment rate is almost 4 times that of germany
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at 20.2 percent that accounts for more than a 1000000 young french people. these activists don't think finding a job will be much of a problem for them thanks to the european union. the little village of commercial here is a part of my life a friend of mine as for example currently doing an internship in germany as part of the exchange program erasmus and there are many other e.u. initiatives for young people the e.u. is really important for us that's why everybody should turn out to vote. present. but it's not always easy to convince people of the value these activists say this is also down to the current election campaign to get this all fixed it in the election campaign is a catastrophe all the politicians talk about is nationalism and identity they forget the important things like youth unemployment that's a real shame we are europe's future could imagine. many see the e.u.
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as an abstract idea this group is participating in a job seminar there paris most of them haven't graduated from school and have never heard of exchange programs like iraq's mess they feel left behind by the e.u. and are not planning to vote here only $400.00 euro edition we have to fend for ourselves all right enough it's our only chance to find a job which the e.u. isn't helping us or to an easy politicians don't care about us in social measure. i'm a small village with 300 inhabitants. you can see the european logo on all our official buildings but that doesn't mean anything to us. the only programs that might possibly help us a local initiatives. so that. this economist says young people are wrong to expect too much from the european union its room for maneuver is
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limited you know what 10 percent a little can only provide money through structural funds but its programs are not targeted at specific countries demographics all classes it's up to national governments to implement concrete programs france has the extra difficulty that its birth rate is quite high and it needs to create even more jobs for the young. the young europe fans think that e.u. programs are still helping them increase their chances on the job market and that the u.s. should be widened out to win over more young people. on the i want to take or leave point this is so much creativity here we could easily keep up with the start up paradise of silicon valley where young dynamic and have potential but the e.u. needs to give us more support to develop that potential. but it's not certain programs like these would also benefit those who haven't been to university unemployment among non-graduates is up to 4 times higher than those with
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a university degree. it's a form in the business team. let's watch a. hijacking
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the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us forces them to whack. in countries like russia china church people or childhoods or something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond this you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the fear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. finding this point golf and i'm working.
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with the different. languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech freedom of press. giving freedom for global news that matters w made for mines. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes to kill or not to kill it has lifted a ban on elephant hunting but not everyone agrees we'll hear dog humans for and against the controversial lyrics. and we'll also hear from the kenyans hoping the country's high court will strike down goals that her make a mistake when a sea of cried.


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