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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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evidently sea level rise by at least one meter in this and. we're going to have some climate impacts mature greater than 0. it's really frightening. you are. why aren't people more concerned. it's been 31st. the terminus getting shopper hopes of a fast and to the u.s. china trade war on women playing as the u.s. accuses you are way of implying that. also coming up the e.u. wants to be a leader in key technology but fails to create the right environment critics say.
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welcome to do business i want to get jones and berlin good to have you with us so yeah the tone is getting shot up between the united states and china and chinese take from hallway is caught right in the middle of it u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe said the c.e.o. of your way is lying over the company's ties to beijing the u.s. government put huawei on a trade to blacklist last week banning u.s. companies from doing business with it a market reaction has been negative for us hopes of a successful resumption of trade talks between the world's top 2 economies decline . you are way hasn't been out of the headlines very often recently but this week found itself at the very center of the ongoing trade conflict between the u.s. and china several u.s. firms including google restricted access to while away in order to comply with the u.s. barring order foreign companies such as japan's panasonic are considering doing the same u.s.
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secretary of state mike compare says wow is dishonest about the extent of its ties to beijing that's just false to say that they don't work with the chinese government is a false it's just the way c.e.o. and that at least isn't telling american people the truth nor the world several chinese government spokespeople spoke out against the u.s. moves. don't know what i'll do you know the use of state power by the united states to suppress chinese companies and it has not only seriously damaged normal commercial cooperation between the firms of the countries but has also caused a serious threat to the security of global industry and global supply chains china resolutely opposes this. since trade talks between beijing and washington started to flounder the trade dispute has increasingly look like one as much of a technological progress as anything else. the u.s. hopes the pressure on while we may yet prove a powerful bargaining tool in the overall trade negotiation if it gets going again
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but as the rhetoric gets more heated through action from the markets gets clearer stocks slumped globally on thursday and analysts say it will get worse before it gets better. all right for more let's cross over to a financial markets correspondent in frankfurt. meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump says he could imagine show away being part of a used china trade deal even though she away is quote very dangerous what do we make of that. well it's a little bit of a good cop bad cop game here that he seems to be playing one a kind i think it is really just that it is a game and all in all it looks a little incompetent the thing is here is the way is as dangerous as president trump makes it sound if there are dangers from a military perspective as you also said because they allow spying then that problem cannot be solved by just going to cooperating huawei into
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a major trade deal then it has to be dealt with and so that doesn't really go together that well it looks a lot more like what we've seen over the last couple of months. president trump is just winging it is just doing his trade deals here with no coherent plan and that is exactly what has the markets worried here in frankfurt but of course even more so on wall street because we have seen over the last couple of months every new tariffs gets answered with a counter-terror of what happens now if you'll ban companies in their businesses does that get a similar reaction from beijing that is what a lot of the tech companies are worried about apple for example all the major chip makers intel ball converso because they have major business of course with china already lost only take companies taking the hit tech companies obviously are mostly affected by that but they're not the only ones this company is if you just look at
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some of the american companies in the dow jones it's caterpillar there's boeing or so a lot of these companies that are very much depend on exports and a lot of their business is of course exports specific to china they would be affected just as much right last continent from thank you so much. in a stroke of irony those currently hardest hit by the u.s. china trade conflict are some of donald trump's most loyal supporters fama us now the u.s. government has signed off a $60000000000.00 aid program but many farmers say all they want is a return to normality. domin paths once and all 6 generation farm is here in iowa their main crops us soybeans and maize they also have cattle but since china began retaliating against the u.s. government's levies on chinese goods business here has slowed significantly.
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china is a huge customer there they have a lot of people in china and they say they were taking one row of every 3 rows that we plant of soybeans that's a lot of soybeans that they were taking so to lose that market last year has hurt us and i think will hurt us for a while and yet these loyal trump supporters who still believe his policies all the right way to go as does nearby fellow pharma dave wilson. china's been a bad actor on the world stage you know they've they've manipulated currency they've manipulated. the allowance of imports into the country so they've they've done a lot of things that manipulates the trade beyond terror of some other barriers so i think we will be better off when this finally gets resolved but it's it's a period of time for a beginning and it's it's painful right now. usually 60 percent of us soybeans a sold to china now there's nowhere for the crops to go so even prices haven't been
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this low for a decade and is unlikely to be much upswing until the u.s. and china find a way through. and out to some other business stories making the news. hundreds of my dollars employees in the u.s. walked off the job on thursday demanding better workers rights and higher paid protesters say they want a minimum of $15.00 per hour the global fast food company however says it's on able to said wait and wage rates as more than 90 percent of its restaurants are franchised pops arianna has unveiled her luxury fashion brand with a new veto on l.v. and h. in paris fenty is the latest of freon his business ventures which include cosmetics and laundry the collection offers a full range of closing shoes and accessories. from a facebook has revealed it removed more than 3000000000 fake accounts between october mobs that's twice as many as it's took down during the previous 6 months as
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the majority were removed before they became active users the figures come as the social network tries to tackle attempts to influence elections through its platform . now britain and the netherlands kicked off the european elections by casting their ballots on thursday today is out of ireland and the czech republic with the remaining 24 member states following suit this weekend let's take a look at what's at stake. the european union it's the world's largest single market with the 2nd largest g.d.p. just behind the united states and ahead of china and it has a common currency the euro but not all members benefit in the same way germany earns 3 times as much from exports within the e.u. as italy the bloc doesn't have customs checks or tariffs within its borders everyone can live work and offer goods and services in any other country even so quality of life still varies dramatically with average hourly wages ranging from 4
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euros to 43 and solidarity the british have had enough of migration from eastern europe while hungary the czech republic and poland are refusing to take in middle eastern and african migrants. the e.u. could do a better job of promoting itself for many it seems inaccessible technocratic and under the sway of lobbyists there has been some improvement rules on how crooked cucumbers must be are long gone and the e.u.'s administration is only about the size of a city like munich even so brussels still gets the blame for everything that goes wrong that's another reason why britain wants to leave but the european bureaucracy still has its work cut out for it as it aims for a common finance policy and more wage parity. citizens hope that they will shape the future all the block the social justice climate change or new
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technologies the e.u. proclaimed it wants to be a leader in key technologies like artificial intelligence but introduce europe painfully behind competitors in the u.s. and china and some critics say the e.u. has no mother but itself to blame. larger networks faster speeds new calls for regulation the next e.u. parliament has its work cut out for it when it comes to digital transformation but more than cables and hardware a new mindset is needed that's according to professor christoph mind he said of the hasso plattner institute in potsdam germany which educates students in i.t. and has designed cloud schooling and health records projects in germany and the us my now believes europe is too concerned with technologies evils and that it slows tech progress by focusing on process in this they start to create something and sense and see whether it works and then the debate where we works and we're not so they have the systems they have something in place we have nothing in place but
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have all the arguments but make it difficult for why it's good and then it becomes much more difficult to design something. but with the also have it already so here we need another attitude it's the e.u. says regulation is fundamental to creating a digital union it passed a new law protecting copyrights this year and implemented a controversial data measure last year that law g.d.p. are sought to give users more control for mine all data people shouldn't be roped off but allowed to converge. busy in a sense in society we need to regulation but not in the traditional set we sing and now we make it for the next 100 years to digitalisation and the learning process is so fast that we need to be much flex more flexible so what we have in europe with the basic idea falls the data protection. ideas from the last century for europe's
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next parliament a fundamental challenge to its approach to technology. well it's expanding to the seas australians can use the app to order. 1st ride sharing software cost a $1000.00 for our trip through the great barrier reef it will take 2 passengers of the time. needed to dive paths down 20 meters but you'll have to get in quick because the so-called scuba will only take 20 dives. looks like fun that's your business update here on d w for me in the m. berlin thanksgiving just.
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how about taking a few 6 you could even take a chance. don't expect happy ending. us.
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just make. sure we had it in. the point of a long drawn out. and even violent election campaign cross-talk those. difficulties underfed one in 6 people in this world. join me to try to do as we try to understand where the hero. here's me. on their news page. yes it's time to. welcome and coming up on today's show. find time stickle images from multimedia who will join me here in the studio. and the whole italian town as a backdrop for
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a festival of lights and the. box we begin with a look back at the life of british writes an illustrator of children's books judith who's died aged 95 she was actually born here in berlin but fled the nazis with a parents in the early 1930 s. a most famous book remains the tiger who came to tea there were many witty and lovingly illustrated books like the whole series on monk the cat was always getting into difficult situations his mole. judith kerr's career as an award winning author started with a bedtime story she invented for her daughter she didn't wrote down and illustrated the tiger who came to tea which was published in 1968 and has since sold millions of copies worldwide but it was a less whimsical book for young adults that really launched her career when hitler still pink rabbit is a semi autobiographical book based on her own childhood experiences.


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