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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2019 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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i am. this is g.w. news live from berlin and it's day 2 of voting in the european parliament elections voters in the czech republic and ireland go to the polls to know what could be the most important to you elections in 4 decades that's after british voters had their say yesterday in a poll that could hasten the resignation of the british prime minister theresa may . also coming up he's won a landslide victory now india's prime minister must make good on his promises after a divisive campaign there is a modi pledges to unite the country and quote unleashed its potential.
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i am. i on. my ass waiter welcome to the show check and irish voters are heading to the polls today on the 2nd day of the european parliament elections czech voters have until tomorrow to cast their ballots with arlin closing later this evening meanwhile the u.k. has also voted in the european parliament elections despite the fact that it was supposed to have left the you by this stage lawmakers there have so far failed to reach a consensus on a withdrawal agreement but as we report the topic of bragg's that has dominated this campaign it's an election that the majority of britons didn't want to have anything to do with but it's also an opportunity for many to have their say on briggs it. a lot of people i think will be fed up of voting for people obviously
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this is a vote that should never have happened. given what's happened over the last 3 years and this is my own is going to water it down and water it down i'll file another referendum and i certainly that will be twisted. and the result of trying. very angry and brags and party leader nigel farage is poised to capitalize on the sentiment he hopes such voter frustration will translate into votes for his party and he's feeling pretty confident. you will if you want breakfast you got to vote for except we did it once they ignored us so we're going to tell them again and this time they will realize that it isn't just the votes we get today it's what we want to get of the general election that could cost them all their jobs so they get a listen to what people say they will be simpler. but not only those politicians in
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favor of a hard break that are expecting to win more votes both the greens and the liberal democrats are also expecting to gain support liberal democrat leader vince cable said a vote for his part voters seem to. this time they're a bit unsure of the position in the hedging their bets but such is the green party for the 1st time for a few years because i voted for breaks it i want i want to carry through i think parliament at the moment have made a bit of a hash of things. although their intentions are good. but i want some clarity so voted for labor i thought that was the best party to remain in the european union even though the policies of labor are very clear yes i thought it was best to avoid having a private party and i wanted to be sure that i sent
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a message to westminster that we should stay in the european union that it's just nationalism and folly to the. as for prime minister to resume a this could be her last appearance as the country's political leader we're joined now by our correspondent there get lost in london so big it is the day after the european elections these elections that to reason may was adamant the u.k. wasn't going to hold so does this spell the end for her. it's really widely expected that she will at least announce her departure today she has tried to negotiate the deal with the european union she has succeeded in that but then she failed to get this deal through parliament through parliament that is very divided and that is how failure she was unable to to rally people behind her and now she's really a figure that seems utterly alone she's abandoned almost by everybody by most of her cabinet it seems by most in her party so almost
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a tragic figure and really she's not going to last very much longer the expectation is that she might take over as interim basically as until a new leader has been found but that she's announcing that she will step down and these elections as we said were supposed to happen in the 1st place what's the mood been like in the run up to this vote. the big parties are really taking the hit it's nigel faraj brags of party he's been surging in the polls we don't have any we don't have any results just yet because voting is still underway across europe so that we will have to wait until the rest of the votes are cast in the e.u. but we know that the big parties are going to take a beating because voters are fed up and niger frosh presented a message to make bricks it easy he says well this deal with the european union
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that's reason mekon get to palm and we don't really need it we can also go without a deal and this is something that resonated with a lot of it is they fear that breaks it isn't going to happen oh they've just had enough and they just want to move on which of course is going to be difficult in any instance because if there is no deal is also just the beginning of a long complicated process of trying to well established new relations with the european union a new trade relations with the rest of the world but it's a signal that voters just don't want anything to do with gregg's it anymore and quickly if you can there were some reports yesterday that e.u. citizens living in the u.k. were being denied a vote do we know more about this why did that happen. well yes under the has to hash tag denied my vote many people took to twitter and the reason seems to be a quite complicated registration process for european citizens to vote in the u.k. so many reports that people didn't get the necessary paperwork in time there's
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going to be investigations but i think it's going to be too late nothing can be done about it and there are really many people who are very angry and frustrated that they couldn't cost of 8. already i get lost for us in london thank you so much . well the 1st indicators of what the european election results will look like is the netherlands exit polls and in a surprise result pro e.u. parties looks set to win the most seats surveys in the netherlands taken before the vote show the right wing populist form for democracy party led by this man kerry both day running neck and neck with the ruling conservative liberal party they're now set to take 4 seats each compared to the socialist 5 official results are not due to be released until the end of polls on the end of close of polls on sunday. and let's bring in a bad to the god who is monitoring the dutch side of the elections for us in amsterdam van to talk us through what the exit polls are saying so far there are
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any big surprises there yes of a very big surprise it's the social democrats call the results a miracle because they double the share of the vote from 9 percent in the last elections to 18 percent in this election and funds to moments the leading candidate the leading social democrat was cause overjoyed although he was not he was complaining in spades and on the other hand the right wing populist parties didn't get as much votes as predicted by the post as the democracy forum only got 3 seeds predicted 5 or even 6 and overall the liberal party's won the little bit and right wing pop has lost a little bit and that is against the trend in europe as we saw before the elections started a lot of these right wing parties are predicted to be making gains is this now set
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a trend or will it have any influence over a voters in other countries. well it's still exit polls we don't know yet the results would only be published on sunday after all $28.00 member states would have voted. it's too early to call it a trend the overall polls say that the right thing puppet is gain seats in the european parliament around 20 or 23 percent and the mainstream parties will lose and today the czech republic and island are going to the polls but they these are totally different stories in every of the 28 member states a different story and a different campaign is going on so it's very hard to predict what in the end will be the outcome as you mentioned czech republic and ireland are voting today force other nations over the course of the weekend what are we looking for and what can we expect well the last polls will close in italy in front
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on sunday night at 10 pm and then all of the results will be tallied and the polls so far say the right being pumped is well when it's a big fight between the liberal and it is liberal democracies about the right wing has been not take over they've been but not be strong enough to really influence the european parliament but the social democrats and the conservative really all together lose it will be much harder to form majorities in the future parliament than take out for us in amsterdam thank you so much. and i will bring you some of the other stories making news around the world the united states has issued 17 new charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange the australian is in custody in london after being evicted last month from the ecuadorian embassy. is seeking his extradition and the new charges go way beyond the initial indictment they include receiving and publishing classified information. hollywood producer harvey
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weinstein has reached a provisional settlement. cases against him for sexual misconduct the deal is reportedly worth $44000000.00 but it hasn't been signed yet weinstein also faces criminal charges including rape his trial in new york is due to begin september. taiwan has become the 1st country in asia to legalize same sex marriage with the new law taking effect on friday several couples tied the knot and dozens more legally register their relationships as marriages at government offices across the island this comes after a 3 decade fight for equality. indian prime minister narendra modi is preparing to hold talks on forming a new cabinet following his landslide win in the country's elections vote counting is also set to be completed in the next few hours 1st results modi's hindu nationalist b j p party is likely to secure
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a larger majority and he had in his 1st term. it is now into a mode of triumph elected for a 2nd term as india's prime minister the head of the hindu nationalist d g p party bask in the adulation of the crowds. but in his victory speech struck a modest tone. you know i've always said that this election is not fought by the majority it's not fought by the hopefuls. it's not front by politicians this election is being fought by the people of this country the. voting in the world's largest democracy took place over 6 weeks as incoming election results showed that the incumbent prime minister would remain in office people gather to cheer their own world and new leader. modi's victory crushed hopes of a political comeback by the gandhi dynasty rahul gandhi head of the congress party
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and modis election rival conceded defeat early on thursday. you know what i have clearly said during the campaign that the people of india are the mandate and they have given an order so 1st of all i would like to congratulate in their andhra modi. congratulation also came in from another rival pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted that he looked forward to working with modi for peace in south asia the 2 countries came close to war when pakistan based militants staged a terror attack in the disputed kashmir region. critics had accused modi of exploiting those tensions to gain votes but replying to khan modi also claims a desire for peace in the next 5 years will show if modi really does make good on his words and we're going to be joined now by his new mission just while in delhi as a new mr this was a resoundingly win for the governing b j p it seems poles were expecting it to fall
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short of an overall majority was this election about the issues or was it about narendra modi. well definitely resoundingly in one that was actually bigger than the one they had in 2014 which was historic in itself so clearly the mandate has completely supported now dreams are more of the and then you also about what's what was this election about an arrangement of the i think it's pretty safe to say yes over the course of the selection of the scene as a referendum on the prime minister and the last 5 years office daniel and when you actually look at the campaign in the has done it has centered around the prime minister and around writing up national security sentiment there was a standoff between india and pakistan or you had the skill and the decisive action by the prime minister who were seen as a decisive action actually shored up his support significantly the opposition raised issues of the highest unemployment in 45 euros the formal crisis possibly
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corruption within governance but none of these issues seem to have stopped or damage the prime minister is coming back with an even larger landed and on the flipside it was also a stunning defeat for the opposition congress party rahul gandhi lost the long time family seat it was a product is this the beginning of the end for the gandhi dynasty. well that question has been raised before but it has never been as development as it is right now the indian national congress was only marginally able to seize its seat count 20 to 2014 they vent out they went all out on the campaign reeling the issues that i just mentioned they even put out a strong manifesto but none of these messages seem to have appealed to the water and that question has been movies repeatedly by a political bias by on this as well as people in the media that is it time for the president of the international congress are you gandhi to reconsider to perhaps
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even step down after the congress itself to think about its trail of wins given that even with 5 years even with the potential to governments and de mint they have pretty much entirely field it's also worth noting that regional parties that was also expected to play an important role have also not done well in this election they've actually done worse than they did back in 2014 so a complete drought of the opposition by the doing. so the modi had as we said a decisive victory but he's got a lot of challenges facing him for his next term what do you think is going to be the top of his agenda. well i'm afraid there are actually no challenges to the prime minister nuri and more of the government i did mention far more distress i did mention high unemployment the economy has been floundering in different ways but none of this seems to matter because the man did that he has been awarded seems to say that the last 5 years have actually been great let's get more of that so why of course these are issues the government has
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to address he has talked about needing an inclusive government leading a government that does the drys is above cost politics and religion politics we will have to wait and watch what exactly the government chooses to focus on will they address the issues that have been resolved when they are being criticised or going to just take this mandate to plow on ahead with just about a free hand in whatever they wish to do they have almost a 2 thirds majority in parliament and proving their coalition so of course a very strong hand and we'll just have to wait and watch exactly how they select the how they choose to exercise this feat this trust this mandate that they have been awarded. correspondent nischelle just well in delhi for us thank you so much. and now to our series marking the 70th anniversary of the german constitution this week also known as the basic law it came into effect in may 1989 after being drawn up under the supervision of the allied powers in trying fundamental values like
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human rights freedom and equality for all its aim was to ensure that after years of nazi dictatorship and the destruction of the 2nd world war the new germany would be built on a solid democratic foundation 40 years later when west and east were brought back together the constitution was adopted in the reunify germany. and over the past 2 days we've been looking at how ordinary people make use of the basic law today we focus on the debate over homeschooling which is illegal here in germany attending school is compulsory and homeschoolers can face fines and even jail time but some parents are fighting that role saying the constitution protects their children's right to personal freedom. i wish everyone could learn how they like and school wasn't compulsory.
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doesn't go to school german law says she has to but she signs to constitution. and national income if it is a separate and develop individually at school everyone has to do the same thing and they have to. act everyone goes at the same speed. i felt limited and that i wasn't allowed to decide for myself what i wanted to learn depending on how i was feeling. like. the 14 year old has been schooling herself for 2 years with books apps and internet groups she's not alone around 2000 german children refused to go to school they call themselves free learners but the state says they're truants molly helen is convinced she'll graduate high school if she doesn't actually have to go to high school you know what you get i'm more motivated
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to learn at school it was always like now it's german and i look at this again if you really put your mind to it and said a laptop then it's amazing to say it can actually be fun and i had never thought about school. that bottle. at her home in a small village on the north german coast molly had been designed herself what she wants to learn and when that includes playing music with the rest of the family. now the family and mother has already paid fines for not making her go to school authorities have even threatened her with jail but she's got a lawyer and is determined to support her daughter's decision. it is a. we have these basic rights in the freedom to develop our personality but then come the school laws they restrict those basic rights even if i think this is the
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best for her for her personal development i'm not allowed to decide as a mother i could go to prison that was upsetting i always saw myself as a normal respectable citizen child protection services and the threat of jail were not normally part of my life. the family is refusing to bow to the pressure and say they'll move if they have to to a country where free learning is allowed. i think every person should have their own freedom and should be able to decide for themselves. when you have that freedom you ask yourself oh what am i going to do now and then all sorts of parts and. for more on this let's bring in undress hunka a family affairs lawyer here in berlin sundress in that report we saw maria helen and her mother invoking the german constitution do they actually have
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a legal basis to do so they certainly do there are 2 fundamental rights the constitution article 4 and article 6 article 4 is the the right of faith and conscious in article 6 is. right about custom parental rights. and of course article 4 guarantees to live according to your own beliefs and to raise your children according to your beliefs so they do have a standing in the basic law according to those 2 fundamental rights on the one on the one side is the constitution also says care and upbringing of children is a natural right of the parents why shouldn't parents be able to take their kids out of school if they think that that's better for them. if you ask with regard to the constitution because 2 fundamental rights collide we have on the on the one hand we have article 4 and i'll take a 6 on the other hand we have article 7 that says that the entire school system is
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under the supervision of the state and those fundamental rights collide with each other and the state has to create a reasonable balance but between those 2 rights and. sold the state law which is every state has its own school or says that you have to send your children to school they must attend school because the state wants to guarantee that they become self responsible citizens and they want to integrate all kinds of people into the society into the so-called pluralistic society but parents can be. with losing custody of their children possible jail time fines why is the german law so severe in this regard. imprisonment and losing custody are the most extreme measures the state can take though there's just there's a kettle of actions the state can take and of course the state will address the parents 1st and try to find a solution with them before threatening them with losing custody or imprisonment
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normally the state will find the parents for not enrolling the children to school the state of sorts it's so was strict on this matter because it believes that it wants to prevent societies from. developing and. once to prevent children from. not being a part of the society not to be. used to interact with other people of a different heritage of a different faith that's why the status was so strict on this matter and finally on a personal level sense it's the the 70th anniversary of the german constitution how do you feel about this this anniversary i'm i regret that we have this constitution i was born and raised in the g.d. of former g.d.r. so i'm. you know i know that a lot of the freedoms that we have are not for granted and appreciate the the effort of forefathers put into that constitution and developed it has family
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affairs lawyer here in berlin thank you so much for joining us thank you. the german cup final takes place on saturday with bae in munich bidding for a domestic double after wrapping up the bundesliga title last weekend but their opponents and their lives that have their own story to tell critics have often labelled them a fake club because they didn't exist until 2009 but their rapid rise could now herald their 1st major silverware and one player in particular has been interop to their journey. of the light 6 biggest celebrations today followed their promotion to the bond as leader in 26 dane they're hoping to eclipse that this weekend in their very 1st german cup final leipzig face by in munich just days after the 10 year anniversary of the club's founding capping their tremendous rise from the 5th division energy drinks company red bull owns the club much to the anger of many fans of rival german teams but they've concentrated on buying young promising
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players rather than expensive established names denmark's use of pilsen who joined at 19 when the club was in the 3rd division is a typical signing. i would love a lot of opportunities to go to other clubs and division but i knew that's. one tier i would play every time and i would put them both in the best for me this season blossomed into a top forward scoring a career high 15 bonus league goals as likes it finished 3rd and again qualified for the champions league pilsen as witnessed the club's growth 1st time and. went up to the post with no go so. many fans in the stadiums in the 1st. 15. no we're playing for full steam every time winning their 1st major trophy would be
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a no the big change for the large sink installed in the semifinal win over how they'll be looking for more goals when the red bulls clones wave bye and. you're watching news last from berlin our international talk show next. hour and thanks so much for watching.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week. just are in the making say something predicting a big surge for far right parties in this weekend's europe and russia will a video scandal in all strip us wanted people to think twice before voting for the . final push for
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a good short fling. quadriga next. year a big idea but what's become of it and what will it look like tomorrow. dublin gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections across. the questions that matter so what are european voters hopes for the new parliament what challenges fly ahead. can't wait to long because the sense that the people in power are coming away with not doing anything to fight the kind of crisis the mob and the european election the fact of the rest of modern. mexico
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discussions have to go up close friends or hearts who have to stick out citizens and voters 1st hand. g.w. has it all. an election on may 26th d.w. . hollow and a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of europe and our focus is on this weekend's elections to the european parliament where it has been widely assumed that populist far right parties might grab as many as a quarter of all the seats in the parliament.


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