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the boob. tube. the below. 0. this is g.w. news live from berlin and it's day 2 of voting in the crucial european parliament elections voters in the czech republic and ireland go to the polls in what could be the most important election in 4 decades also coming up he's won a landslide victory and now india's prime minister must make good on his promises after a divisive campaign there under modi pledges to unite the country and quote unleashed its potential. plus a medical 1st here in germany to mother gave the birth to the country's 1st babies
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born from the transplanted uterus and the procedure has shaken up the medical world here and raised some complex moral questions. on my ass waiter welcome to the show check and irish voters are heading to the polls today on the 2nd day of the european parliament elections in total over 400 a 1000000 voters across that used 28 member states are eligible to vote most countries will go to the polls on sunday check voters have until tomorrow to cast their ballots with polls in ireland closing later this evening ireland's main parties have campaigned heavily to cement the nation's place in europe as uncertainty continues over brags that meanwhile turnout could be an issue in the czech republic where only 18 percent. voters turned out in 2014.
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and we're joined now by our bureau chief in brussels max huffman max great to see you more countries voting today ireland and the czech republic or go to the polls what are we expecting well the campaigning in ireland has been rather sleepy and of course they have one dominating topic being the e.u. member state that has the most to lose from the u.k. potentially leaving the european union so brags that that was more or less the dominating topic and it seems they might have a surge of the green party but you know since it's a small country they don't have a lot of seats so it wait won't make a huge difference the more interesting country today is definitely the czech republic because we have right wing populist that want the czech republic to leave the european union and they're quite successful they're called s.p.d. don't confound them with the social democrats in germany it's a completely different animal and since the czech republic is the country in the
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european union where the approval rating for the e.u. is lowest they might even get more than the polls suggest at the moment which is hovering around 11 percent so this might be the chance for the right wing populist that were rather disappointed in the results from the netherlands where they didn't make any gains this might be their chance to redeem themselves for the 1st time during these european elections there's been a lot of speculation about how the right wing parties are expected to do overall in europe what is the latest on that. i think it does it really hasn't changed that much although we have those disappointing results for them in the netherlands it's still they're still poised you know depending on how you counted to have more than 100 seats in the european parliament which is quite a lot there are 2 countries i think are really interesting in this respect 1st of all france where there's a neck on that race between money and depends. on us and formerly known as the
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foreign lesson and money michael so the french president's party lot have pubic all mushed it looks like the pen might pull it off and become the strongest party for the european elections in france and then also the aftermath of the video scandal in austria so how will the freedom party that used to be part of the government until last weekend fare there will they lose a lot of points because of the scandal or not so these are interesting questions but overall you still have to expect that the right wing populous will do well and probably be the grouping or the group that will win the most seats compared to the last elections and of course this election is dominating the news in europe right now the for someone watching in the rest of the world what should they take away from this. all right so this is directly for you watching us all over the place not in europe europe is still the biggest market in the world with more than 500000000 people what happens here affects almost every region because the european union is one of the champions of free trade so asia for example where there are new free
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trade agreements there will be repercussions because the european parliament decides a lot of those things so will europe remain an open society will remain a region that wants to have free trade with the rest of the world and if you're watching from africa you know that migration is a huge topic here in the european union and depending on what the you are in which way the european parliament goes how they regulate migration the european union will have affects in africa for example where you have a lot of people that want to come to the european union. cross in brussels thank you so much germany will take its turn in the european elections on sunday and so far chancellor angela merkel has mostly stayed out of the campaign there is concern however that marco could damage the prospects of her party the christian democrats as well as her successor to the head of the party. europe's most powerful woman also used to be the poster conservative c.d.u.
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posse in elections but that's history this time going to america left the e p p's widely on known top candidate monthly to be mostly out alone to face the public and it was magical successor c.d.u. posse leader and it couldn't come combo of many already see is potential next chancellor who took on the heavy political lifting in the talks. in search of well i ask conservatives right wing populists on not potential coalition partners we don't want to and we won't work with them. with nothing less than the future of europe at stake this raises the question where was. busy governing is the sort of answer within easy you summit in her mania a climate dialogue in berlin and a trip to africa merkel focused on big picture politics. one of her few
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appearances with the e.p. peace top candidate man quit bebo was in croatia but she took a stance against nationalism. part 2 to small patriotism and the e.u. aren't contradictions nationalism is the enemy of the european project we must make that clear in these final days ahead of the polls. the social democrat top candidate tells us merkel's absence is also a symptom of in a party divisions think it's honest that you have the european candidates on the in the campaign and not the national figures on the other hand you see that the conservatives are really split us longest serving any. insists there was simply a division of labor that he believes from chancellor and party leader share responsibility for the results no ducking away. and get a makeover and it could come can by one know that their current division of power
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between the chancery and the party headquarters can't last forever though publicly both say they are determined to continue until 2021 when merkel's final term as chancellor officially ends these e.u. elections will tell us more about the chances of an exhibit. to also succeed or here in the chancery than about the stability of the current final american led government itself but they're an important test for. a big idea what's become of it and what we would look like to. get ready for an empty european election. the key issues for european voters and how will the european electorate rest. x. for discussion comprehensive reports voters. european elections on may 26th. and alice take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world hollywood producer harvey weinstein has reached a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct the deal is reportedly worth $44000000.00 but it hasn't been signed yet weinstein also faces criminal charges including rape his trial in new york is due to begin in september. california tech company space x. has launched a rocket carrying 60 satellites set to provide internet service from space the starlink network is the latest project from space x. founder mosque in total he plans to put $12000.00 satellites in low orbit or the high speed network indian prime minister narendra modi is preparing to hold talks on forming a new cabinet following his landslide win in the country's elections vote counting is also set to be completed in the next few hours the 1st results show modi's hindu
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nationalist b j p is likely to secure a larger majority than he had in his 1st term. it is now into a mode hour of triumph elected for a 2nd term as india's prime minister the head of the hindu nationalist d.g.p. party bask in the adulation of the crowds. but in his victory speech modi struck a modest tone. you know i've always said that this election is not fought by the majority it's not fought by the hopefuls. it's not fought by politicians this election is being fought by the people of this country the. voting in the world's largest democracy took place over 6 weeks as incoming election results showed that the incumbent prime minister would remain in office people gather to cheer their own world and new leader. modi's victory crushed hopes
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of a political comeback by the gandhi dynasty rahul gandhi head of the congress party and modis election rival conceded defeat early on thursday. i have clearly said during the campaign that the people of india are the mandate and they have given an order so 1st of all i would like to congratulate near and remoting. congratulation also came in from another rival pakistan's prime minister imran khan tweeted that he looked forward to working with modi for peace in south asia the 2 countries came close to war when pakistan based militants staged a terror attack in the disputed kashmir region critics had accused modi of exploiting those tensions to gain votes but replying to khan modi also plans a desire for peace the next 5 years will show if modi really does make good on his words and we're going to be joined now by just well in delhi as a new mr this was
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a resoundingly win for the governing b j p it seems poles were expecting it to fall short of an overall majority was this election about the issues or was it about narendra modi. well definitely resoundingly in one that was actually bigger than the one they had in 2014 which was historic in itself so clearly the mandate has completely supported now dreams or more of the in venue also about what's what was this election about an arrangement of the i think it's pretty safe to say yes over the course of the selection of was seen as a referendum on the prime minister and the last 5 years off is daniel and when you actually look at the campaign in the the has done it has centered around the prime minister and around writing up national security sentiment there was a standoff between india and pakistan you had the skill and the decisive action by the prime minister we were seen as a decisive action actually shored up the support significantly the opposition
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raised issues of the highest unemployment in 45 euros the final crisis possibly corruption within governance but none of these issues seem to have stopped or damage the prime minister at all is coming back with an even larger monday and on the flipside it was also a stunning defeat for the opposition congress party rahul gandhi lost the longtime family seat it was their product is this the beginning of the end for the gandhi done to see. well that question has been raised before but it has never been as development as it is right now the indian national congress was only marginally able to seize its seat count 20 to 2014 they vent out they went all out on the campaign reeling the issues that i just mentioned they even put out a strong manifesto but none of these messages seem to have appealed to the water and that question has been raised repeatedly by. by analysts as well as people in the media that is a time for the president of the international congress ari gandhi to reconsider to
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perhaps even step down after the congress itself to think about its relevance given that even with 5 years even with the potential to violence and governments the sentiment they have pretty much entirely feel it's also worth noting that regional parties that were also expected to play an important role have also not done well in this election they've actually done worse than they did back in 2014 so a complete drought of the opposition by the doing. so modi had as we said a decisive victory but he's got a lot of challenges facing him for his next term what do you think is going to be top of his agenda. well i'm afraid there are actually no challenges to the prime minister nuri and more the government i didn't mention far more distress i did mention high unemployment the economy has been floundering in different ways but none of this seems to matter because the man did that he has been awarded seems to say that the last 5 years have actually been
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great let's get more of that so why of course these are issues of government has to address he has talked about needing an inclusive government needing a government that does the dries is above cost politics and religion politics we will have to wait and watch what exactly the government chooses to focus on will they address the issues that have been resolved when they are being criticized are going to just take this mandate to plow on the head with just about a free hand in whatever they wish to do they have almost a 2 thirds majority in parliament and proving their coalition so fossil very strong hand and we'll just have to wait and watch exactly how they selected how they choose to exercise this free of this trust this mandate that they have been awarded . correspondent nischelle just well in delhi for us thank you so much. the united states has filed new charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange they accuse him of violating the espionage act you published secret documents containing the
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names of confidential military and diplomatic sources a soft supporters call the charges a threat to press freedom. the u.s. justice department's new indictment says that giuliana songe directed former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to illegally obtain classified information. the wiki leaks founder did release the sensitive documents to escape being extradited to sweden on rape charges a song she was granted asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london where he stayed for 7 years before the embassy even did him in april because of disputes the ecuadorans then allowed london police to arrest a songe he is currently serving a 50 week jail sentence for breaching bail sweden is also asking authorities for him to be arrested on the rape charges and extradited to sweden. previous u.s. charges accused of conspiring with manning to crack a defense department computer password free speech advocates say the case is part of a wider crackdown by the justice department on national security leaks it's got traditional
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news outlets worry to searching out and publishing classified information is part and parcel of their work on those same concerns let the obama administration justice department to block it bringing charges for similar conduct the new charges raise immediate questions about media freedom. for the 1st time in germany doctors have delivered babies born to mothers with transplanted uteruses the 2 births happened in the town of giving in and followed on from the 1st successful uterine transplant in germany in 2016 the mothers were born with out uterus as a rare condition and could not have given birth without the new procedure its name at tuning in included a swedish doctor who performed the world's 1st uterus transplant. a groundbreaking birth for germany this is the 1st baby to have gestated and a transplanted uterus the end of
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a decade long psychological and physical journey for the mother she was born without a uterus or a vagina. today half years ago her own mother donated her uterus since then she had to take medicine to make sure her body didn't reject the new womb her eggs were artificially inseminated using her husband's sperm so the baby is genetically her own. professors of a book at the university of to begin has researched the topic for 16 years critics say the procedure is ethically dubious or worse. wanting to become a mother and have children is a completely natural need and since surrogacy is not possible in germany the uterus transplant was the only choice we had. and. i think it's problematic to do everything medically possible to fulfill the desire to bear children because there's simply no life threatening disease here we should really be much more cautious. the researchers now want to gain more experience and
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soon create a uterus transplantation center. for more on this let's bring in professor dr sarah brooker from tubingen university she is one of the doctors who perform the transplants dr broker thank you so much for joining us 1st off congratulations on a successful procedure let's start by talking about what are the risks and the difficulties from a medical perspective for a woman for a pregnancy and childbirth from a transplanted uterus. while thank you very much for possibility to her arm eliminate this real success and what we know we work together with our transportation team here in tipping and and we know the whole data which mets were instrument developed and games are and there is a huge database from where i'm who have been transplanted in the past
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needed it kept me on needed a liver and who became pregnant and there is a database for a from about $20000.00 children will want to after a transportation of a different oregon under in us oppression so we know that there is. not a real great risk during the pregnancy of course there could be some line a risk that the patient could care for the the frightening moment caught have slightly higher risk for getting diabetes during the pregnancy or hypertension back in all the other cases and in that case this would be have the 15th and 17th spay be delivered after uterine transportation in the who are so our up and are pregnant didn't have any difficulties are we so they had are totally normal
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pregnancy of course for ask the pregnancy was not normal but for the mother of self it's so talk to me. that some critics have come forward with at the core problems with this procedure what do you say to them. while of course it is the bait to pull of course if you are not from our side and have no idea what kind of patients you have in front of you of course this is the something what is the fatal because transplantation not only you combine it with life threatening conditions but on the other hand side a lot of transplant patients say us that you are either transplant of an organ because of life threatening conditions or your transplant or an oregon utah mean in my eyes the burden patients have and it is wonderful that those patients have a high burden when they are in florida in the age of 1415 years old that they are
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born with out of the china and without due to risk so they are already suffering so that they don't feel like a woman and they are suffering once recreated the new year with china finally they can feel like you want to have normal sexual intercourse. but there at the nipple of trained me beginning of 30 they see and realize that they will never have their own cheering for an interim army there is some are going to see it not along want and adults and it's rare very rare very hard although they know in that puberty already that the only chance they had in the past was abduction for china but it is nearly impossible to adopt a child so this is the only way they really can get and they get their own genetic biological children where does germany rank right now compared to other
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countries in terms of the research and practice in your area. while our own much this is we have been the you know i don't know if you know you're a transplant but we are the only country in the whole of those 100 complaints combined in europe to understand who performed and who has allowed to resolve to a church or an awful different stance fantasia's so be out right where we are very high and this makes us all as already happy and i know max brainstorm since many many years since more than about 10 years the course i went to him he had wide me to governor brewer to train the new yorker china procedure and then it was logical that he trained us the uterine transplant patient and the rest so happy that we were really fast get the success of success for pregnancy and how the church for dr
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sarah broke into being and thank you so much for being here a match. and in sports the german cup final takes place on saturday with by munich a bidding for a domestic double after wrapping up the bundesliga title last weekend but their opponents have their own story to tell critics have often labeled them a fake club because they didn't exist until 2009 but their rapid rise and now herald their 1st major silverware and one player in particular has been integral to their journey. of the large 6 biggest celebrations today followed their promotion to the bonders league in 26 dane they're hoping to eclipse that this weekend in their very 1st german cup final leipzig face by in munich just days after the 10 year anniversary of the club's founding capping their tremendous rise from the 5th division energy drinks company red bull owns the club much to the
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anger of many fans of rival german teams but they've concentrated on buying young promising players rather than expensive established names denmark's use of pools and who joined at 19 when the club was in the 3rd division is a typical signing. a lot of opportunities to to go to other crops and the division but i knew that's. one tier i would play every time and who could do both in think was the best for me this season has blossomed into a top forward scoring a career high 15 bonus the good goals as like 6 finished 3rd and again qualified for the champions league pilsen as witnessed the club's growth 1st time around our performance and. went up to the 1st big no go so. many fans in the stadiums the 1st game was. 15 for. no we're playing for full steam every time winning their 1st major trophy
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would be another big change for the leipzig pilsen stored in the semifinal win over how they'll be looking for more goals when the red bulls la clones with diane. the late northern ireland footballer george best is a manchester united legend regarded as one of the best to ever play the sport he now has his own statue unveiled in his hometown of belfast a lifesize figure is not universally popular some say it looks more like singer lionel richie event george best who died in 2005 at age 59 others say it looks worse than the infamous christiana ronaldo statue which was unveiled and subsequently pilloried in 2017. you're watching t w news still to come in business news tensions between the u.s. and china and sure a new face with the secretary of state might pompei o accusing the c.e.o. for way of lying that story and more coming up your business with monica jones
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right after the break. you're watching b.w. news on my actuators thanks so much for watching and stay tuned.
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in. 1949 groundbreaking a gem in history. to germany's state some lunch with bhansali different political systems to people on either side it's a radical new beginning one from the head of. g.m. . 9491 yet to germany's 45 minute.
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history on the other do they shoot up the dreaded vendor. when a long drawn out problem budget and even farther delay could get free and drugstore closed. just indulge in a fresh one in 6 people in this world could. join me british manage it as read try to understand what indirect local hero could. do street. on the eve of the new stage of. my 1st boss moses sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by the social influence in something as simple as learning how to write them by psychosis and. since i was a little girl i wanted to have those by cycle of my home and it took me me as the months but there's. finally the game bought been mentioned by me and i say this but returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more afro creates cargoes than
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rising unbiased as knowledge i want to meet those women back home to my bones my visiting team and social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the hook and i work at z. to. food. the todas getting tough hopes of a fast end to the u.s. china trade war on women linked as the u.s. accuses you are way off of lying we talked to the executive director of the international trade center about the implications for europe. also coming up boeing on the federal aviation administration want global consensus to get the 77 knots flying again but that's could take time absent every many players on both stops and talks. on to the long still being that.


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