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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2019 10:45am-11:01am CEST

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botts we begin with a look back at the life of british writer and illustrator of children's books judith who's died aged 95 she was actually born here in berlin but fled the nazis with a parents in the early 1930 s. a most famous book remains the tiger who came to tea but there were many witty and lovingly illustrated books like the whole series on the cat was always getting into difficult situations is. judith kerr's career as an award winning author started with a bedtime story she invented for her daughter she didn't wrote down and illustrated the tiger who came to tea which was published in 1968 and has since sold millions of copies worldwide but it was a less whimsical book for young adults that really launched her career when hitler still pink rabbit is a semi autobiographical book based on her own childhood experiences.
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judith's kerr was born in berlin in 1923. other alfred kerr was an influential theatre critic of the weimar era and her mother julie occur was a composer alfred who was jewish was vocal in his opposition to i don't have. a police. with. them then him up. and they're trying to kill killing all passports who must get out immediately. no knew his name i've always wondered what happened to him but he saved. me because my father. dead and caught the next train our to. alfred kirk fled to prague in
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march of 1933 judith her older brother michael and their mother also secretly left their home in an affluent suburb of berlin just before the secret police tried to seize their passports they met up with alfred in switzerland the family later moved to paris and finally settled in london in 1035. her throat when hitler still pink rabbit which became the 1st book in a trilogy to try to explain to her children what her own childhood had been like but it was published as west germany was just starting to come to terms with its nazi past and the book ended up being read by generations of german schoolchildren is just published. i think in 74 at a time when the germans hadn't yet really. managed to talk to their children about the poss that obviously it was difficult and.
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this was an easy way cuz. nothing awful happened to us. you know they had to leave it to school just part of the kingdom and then they had to write. me about that because i hated to i thought also simple cause i think i thought you should just read them and the through st. jude it's current went on to publish more than 30 books including a beloved series based on her family's can. she recently said that her greatest fear was not being able to work and indeed far from slowing down in old age she kept on writing and drawing. at the time of her death she had begun promoting her next book due out in june. what a wonderful lady and working to the end but new book by the way is cold the curse of the school rabbit there's also going to be a movie out later this year when it stole pink rabbit. now take
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a look at this this is a piece created by walt's banana a multimedia company based here in the us in what you are watching it's called how 2045 and rob them may tell you more about it that's still the found out and creative director of what's been there and the man you actually seen done saying that because he's here with me in the studio christian the cab better known as being thank you for joining it was the 1st of all briefly tell us how that piece came about is a piece about. man and then complete it's to the environment so we were imagining how could it look like 2045 in accelerated future this is 2045 in the future ok yeah now you're a computer scientist and a choreographer that is a fascinating and interesting combination but how did that come about i think i
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started both just playing is its time to learn to code from a loved one thanks to that i was just playing around at the same time. to germany where the wall came down and i was directly into this very inclusive close shelf just space. ok let's talk about our sufficient intelligence because i know that fascinates you now and we've got a recent piece here called narcissists which is and i quote artificial intelligence reflecting on its own existence that sounds constitute an ai looking at itself which would you say that yes i look at it i think i would say that it isn't a groom is able to describe what it sees in sentences now this is the a group of them that is just made and we thought what could this group them look at what is the thing that you continuously look at but never fully understand so we placed
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a mother bought into camera in front of the row inmate this is a group in the machine of a boat its own existence what am i but i mean do you think the machine owes it exists can it be very i mean you called it narcissus or not says go but nonsense is in english perhaps or from the latin. can it be vain can a machine be bank can it have emotions i don't know if it could so the machine does not have intention and i don't necessarily know what bennett you are not says this but what i do know is that we speak very often just like me right now about ourselves and this is what he can do to. you really think so. yes ok now my father couldn't imagine as a child meant landing on the moon i couldn't imagine as a child the internet existing we've got ai and technology
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moving so fast today your very creative so speculate for me what unimaginable things are soon going to be possible i think being visionary today is more complicated than ever because i think i couldn't really tell next year it's that fast technology is changing but i do believe that within the next 2030 years we will see an existence of digital existence that we can ask any question and it will respond. to and and it will be right what it is do you think that's good i can tell that's too complex yeah yeah let's have a look at one more piece this is called pig of our visa and now unlike any other pieces are saying which all had contemporary music on it this has classical opera why we were asked to actually to open the could top last and actually show outside
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engines what is played inside the palace so everyone is invited on the marketplace in front of the place like a clue to the last who says rest and just see what happens there every protos different. code for every sentence he says because what he says there is so beautiful he speaks about the rooms wondering the world and searching for help ok this is a facet already been fascinating more still stuff thank you meo christian the clan thank you very much for being with us today thank you. to brixton right up in the north of italy and a festival of lights and water it's just the 3rd year that the festival has taken place but it's no longer an insider tip with more and more visitors arriving each year they come to one office from all over the world can do by combining light with water using the cultural treasures of this beautiful old town as
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a backdrop. the water of my festival transforms the sleepy alpine town of brixton into a moving canvas a playground for artists imagination it's also about raising environmental awareness springtime here in the out just means flowing streams of freshly melted snow ice melting ice is the follow up to the installation monologues which are just stefano called going to stage 2 of the finest vietnam both works are commentaries on the global climate crisis. why why about ice because i'm talking about we talk about the camera changer that we are losing all the glass sure. the festival uses lots of electricity and water but the organizers say sustainability is a high priority. sustainability
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is also the subject of this projection revolution by british artist alex robotham who now lives in italy. examined the history of hydro power and its use its. inspiration come from this region here we produce a lot of. energy using higher interest in. it and we should be using the power in this way because clean energy. the light design is from the french company spectacular layout are also among international artists presenting at the festival they've set up 3 installations.
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this one is called the water the light and the moon it was. if by like designer you . see the installation as an opera and for acts as a symphony. and we present the 4 elements influenced by the phases of the mood it's an arrangement of reality and fantasy from the constructor it was. nearly $80000.00 people came to see the festival last year that's about 4 times the town of pixels population even more visitors are expected to see. the water light festival harnessing creativity to raise awareness of resources and how we use them . now one of them or most people are going every it looks great more on the web sites d.w. dot com slash culture i leave you now though with pictures from the british museum
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in london which currently has the largest exhibition of manga art ever being displayed outside japan for now are bought. and.
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1949 groundbreaking if a gem in history. to germany stakes a match with nasty different political systems of people on either side it's a radical new beginning one front of the head of. g.m. . 9491 team gemini's 15 w. . quadriga the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week disaster in the making say some predicting a big surge for far right parties in this weekend's euro deduction will a video scandal in all strip us white people's of think twice before voting for the . final push for
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a good short wave. quadriga 90 minutes on d w. europe a big idea but what's become of it and what will it look like tomorrow. d w gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections asking the questions that matter to her european voters hopes for the new parliament what challenges lie ahead for way too long the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the current crisis to help move the nerve to an election next to the rest of the. expert discussion this. is a reformist voters 1st champions dublin has it all missing
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the european elections. 26 g.w. . played . this into w. news live from berlin the future of british prime minister theresa may hangs in the balance may has been under pressure from with print in her own conservative party over her failure to deliver pregnant waiting for her to make a statement outside 10 downing street. also coming up in state she was voting in the commercial european parliament elections voters in.

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