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boost green energy solutions for. the misuse of global 3000 on g.w. and on the to. the but. there's good news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister to visit me and nonces her resignation she said she had been left with no choice but to go. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and ensuring gratitude to part of the opportunity to serve the country are a lot of. tourism me had been under pressure from our own conservative party over
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the failure to deliver bread said. hello and welcome i'm a guy cheema british prime minister tourism a has just announced that she will be resigning as leader of a conservative party on june the 7th in a speech outside downing street may said she had tried her best to ana the breakfast she's been under growing pressure to step down over ophelia to get m.p.'s to support of gregg's a deal leaving out the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union they will now be a conservative in leadership contest with some of our colleagues already saying they'd be trying to get her job until that grace is decided me would stay on as prime minister she called her job the ana. lifetime let's take
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a listen to what she said because i will shortly leave the job that it is being the owner of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. and for more let me a draw in our correspondence barbara visit is in london and with me in the studio i have of briggs's analyst alex forrest whiting welcome to both of you let me start with you barbara we just had to resume a statement she's funny said she's stepping down but not quite yet let me 1st sort of talk about her breaking down at the end and sort of. it's coming out in tears i mean the one of the big tabloids of the country already made
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a splash on wednesday was showing her on the for thursday it was showing her in her car being driven away from downing street and you could see sort of tears in her our eyes a bit blurry but if this is very similar to the city of the last pictures that were taken from 3 from her previous house or as a female prime minister. and lady and so that means that the country's hard hearts are now going out to her because there is a certain amount of pity for treason may many people here say it was an impossible job she had to do and she tried her best and if you failed that's quite clear but she tried her best and so this is this is a picture of the band of min sort of the 1922 back country committee how ending this woman to resume a out of office that is going to stay was the nation for a while so let me just make that remark as
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a 1st sort of thing that we should probably consider on the circumstances and that's right as she has given a date for when she's stepping down as they did the conservative party and that date is the 7th of june why did she pick that date and why didn't she and decide to step down immediately. she doesn't sit down immediately because she wants to go and dignity her party had told her that this was this friday was the last day where she could go off her own will after that she would be really pushed out now she has acknowledged that and she has now chosen this date but she wants to go with a certain amount of she was a dignified exit in the way she wants to receive donald trump for the state visit will happen during the 1st week of june here in london and she also wants to participate in the big meeting off european leaders in normandy in memory of d.-day so those 2 are the last big official events of her time in office and after that
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then she's going to turn around and open the door for the leadership competition she will however still stay in office until a new leader is chosen box of course everybody knows she is a lame duck during that time period and she can really achieve anything politically she just just going to be a caretaker right. alex and as barbara mentioned that you know the last emotional moments of address is what will stay with people on this speech she's been so stoic and resilient all this while and then suddenly in the final seconds of a speech today she was overcome by emotion yes and it is a surprise to see to reason may overcome by emotion because it's not something that we used to seeing particularly as she has stuck it out for so many months remember there was that vote of no confidence from within her own pontiff back in december so we have been looking at this 6 months or so and yet finally today was the day
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that she decided she had to name the day that she was going and the reason for that was that earlier this week she was hoping to put down breck's it deal a bill for that dale to parliament and she had said that she was compromising in trying to offer something to the lane. the party the main opposition party namely a 2nd referendum if that was what they wanted and that infuriated those on her own side particularly those who are pro breaks and want it to happen and so over this week it's been building up she had a resignation from her cabinet the leader of the house of commons andrea led some saying i can't do this anymore and the writing was on the wall she had to see that the chair of that backbench committee of conservative m.p.'s today who basically said you've got to go and that is why we have seen her make us emotional speech this morning right now we've been obviously she said. 5 done in house just
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a short while ago let's take a listen to what the reason he had to say just in the past hour i feel a certain today as i did 3 years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide i have done my best to do that a negotiated the terms of our exit and a new relationship with our closest neighbors protect jobs our security and our union i have done everything i can to convince m.p.'s to back that deal sadly i have not been able to do so i tried 3 times i believe it was right to persevered even when the olds against success seemed high. but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort. so i am today announcing that i will
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resign as leader of the conservative and unionist party on friday the 7th of june so that a successor can be chosen i've agreed with the party chairman and with the chairman of the 922 committee that the process for electing a new leader should begin in the following week. i have kept her majesty the queen fully informed of my intentions and i will continue to serve as her prime minister until the process has concluded. it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that i have not been able to deliver bricks it it will be for my successor to seek a way forward that on as the result of the referendum to succeed he or she would have to find consensus in parliament where i have not. such a consensus can only be reached if those on all sides of the debate are willing to compromise. let me now join and brussels.
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next what has the reaction been in brussels to to resume is announced that she's going to step down as party media. you know i'm read a sofa are we don't have a whole lot of reactions here things are still being sorted out and really it's as we said many times the ball is really in the camp of the u.k. so you have to be careful with what you do from a european union perspective because you can influence what will happen in the next weeks and not necessarily in a good way but i think we can split what people are thinking here politicians and lawmakers and also officials in the e.u. commissions in 2 camps 1st of all they regret that they still don't have somebody they can talk to in the u.k. that actually can make things happen back in the in the house of commons that can negotiate with them and after that after decisions have been made between the u.k. the e.u. actually make sure that this passes in the parliament of the united kingdom on the other hand it was clear that with the recent may things weren't going forward
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that's why lawmakers that's why the leaders at their last big summit about bragg's it decided to put take matters into their own hands and decide on a road map going forward and i think there may maybe even some here who hope that all of this what we're witnessing right now in the u.k. will lead maybe even to the reversal of the braggs a decision through maybe snap elections new elections or a 2nd referendum now let's do some is announcement that she's stepping on his prime mystic guns in the middle of the european elections now britain actually voted in those elections yesterday what impact has the crisis in the u.k. had on the campaign. where to start quite frankly i mean there's so much irony in all this that it's was the u.k. that opened up this these european elections where they already wanted to have been no longer part of the e.u. you remember the original date to leave the e.u. was the 29th of march so that is that is something that that many would have predicted here also brags it has been overshadowing many important campaign topics
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in the last weeks that were sort of a breather in the last days at least but think about youth unemployment climate change migration all these topics that are vital to the future of the european union and the times are off overshadowed by brags that it seems like this monster brags it is rearing its ugly head again and if it's just for one day this day we're theresa may announces her stepping down but there's one thing that's positive about the whole brags that saga for the rest of the european union if you look at the numbers if you look at the polls it has given people a sense what the european union actually is worth that it's doing a lot of good things for the people as well how the u.s. stood firm in their negotiating position i think many people like that and that's why numbers approval numbers approval ratings for the e.u. have gone up continuously during this period where the brags that saga was ongoing a massive funding dump is vast has been achieved thank you very much for that
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assessment let's return back to visit in london and to get out of this alex fuss whiting with me here in the studio by returning to you and i you have covered many twists and turns in the bigs that saga both from london as when as brosnan's what impact do you think will this resignation by tourism may have on the backs of justice. it could have a horrifying effect really and that is that we are back to square one we don't know yet who is going to succeed to reason may even though we do know of course that boris johnson is really scrabbling hard and doing everything to keep the nose his nose ahead in the competition if somebody like him if he or somebody like him makes it then there is the danger that 8 they're going to go back to brussels and say ok new leader in britain new game let's reopen the negotiations let's sort of go back
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and try all over again for a different sort of deal we also know that brussels has said numerous times the book is closed the deal is the deal what's on the table is a great finish but could they opt hold that if somebody new comes up was a that's a quite forceful approach question question one and the other point of course is that this could lead to how it breaks it somebody like boris johnson or one of his hardline political friends in office could just turn around say for x. it means breaks it slammed the door 2 in the european union and drag the country out that will be painful for britain as we know it will also be painful for the european union and it will have a big political and also economic fallout that really nobody who is sane in this whole game actually wants so those are the 2 things on the table and those are sort of not easy to just digest and nobody in brussels on the european side really wants
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not. bomba visit another let me now turn to you here what is your perspective on banks if anything does and they will be remembered as a briggs it prime minister and as one headline said it defined prime ministership and defeated yes and that has been a problem and that's what she didn't want to be remembered for she has a speech there when. downing street she did talk about the need for compromise as she tries to persuade have extremely divided party the conservative party look it's got to come together we've still got to get it over with we've got to do it and we can't sit back and this is the problem just talking about boris johnson we don't know who is going to be the next leader but he is certainly in the in the running and that is because he is seen by the conservatives as somebody who could take on nigel for raunch who is the head of the brics it party and that is what the conservatives i'm most worried about right alex ross why didn't thank you very much
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for your analysis and bob the reason london thank you for your reporting from london you're watching. you're watching the news coming to you from but then just to remind you that there is a man who has said she is going to be stepping down as leader of the conservative party and the prime ministership on the 7th of june up next is a documentary on the young 949 and the both a 2 part and chimneys that's coming up shortly for me and that she was unused to thanks to. her. shifting powers clearly is history the world is religion izing itself and the media's role is killin the topic in focus of the global media forum $29.00 cheney today one out of 2 people is a lot more we following him do we trust to beijing and shift the future that the joint you're going to leave the 20th century.
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germany 4 years off to the end of the 2nd world war balanced between devastation and new beginnings and of course facing some dramatic changes in the. beginning band playing and class and than fiction and. it is a good live. and. playing league players. play a. lot. i.
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believe. that. they come. the old germany was gone in the small town of la store from the rhine like everywhere else it was all about just getting through every day life. there wasn't much discussion if we passed a piano standing in the street would ask where should you go. and then we'd pick it up and carry it off. without fear of. hind shots was in the catholic youth organization. is in charge of the bar the main thing was to do something to act sports seminars and studying weren't enough we realized we wanted to have
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a say in things as well. the parish priest encouraged younger generations to look to the future and take things into their own hands. had already had political experience bad experience like millions of other young men he had been a member of the hitler youth years the the main issue for me and for my generation was not the nazis but what can we eat do we have a roof over our heads. how can we get through this day those were our priorities and where for our politicians as well. and their poor leadership. at the beginning of 949 another form a hitler youth returned to germany by train from a prisoner of war camp in the soviet union he's kept as had inspired his new world few hands more drove had lost his home and pomerania and his family had been torn
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apart but he had a burning desire. i wanted to make amends in the. when i had spent my imprisonment in the soviet union in the region around moscow where the front lines were. if. i saw a scorched earth open pretty easy hard shelled trees in the forest so that homes could be rebuilt i was like you bought. more drugs for other lived in hamburg but he went straight to the soviet sector of palin where he wanted to help build a new society. i understood that this must not be allowed to happen again lead in forces my side experienced war and not experienced fascism and that this is not life. even conceptually speaking i wanted a new germany the 1st though i had no idea about how it could or should be well you
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know it all skip like really spring in munich the giant statue of bavaria overlooks the light field of the tech easy and visa in the background the following kisha in the foreground at the fest visa which again lives up to its festive name this spring. munich had been the capital of the nazi movement still a jewish lawyer and his daughter decided to move back to their old house in the to resume visa in munich. fritz neulander had escaped the holocaust i had survived by hiding in the countryside. it's not for me. it was incredibly important for me to know that i definitely wouldn't be staying in munich one day and i didn't want to go back there because i didn't want to meet the people who had done this to us and i couldn't imagine that with email from him to 1st encounter and break up my view of munich here the streets here are bustling with life and
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there are still the ruins but the streets and squares are clear and reconstruction work is going on everywhere resources permitting at least. heidelberg had been largely spared by the war center of the old town was the university which stood ready to greet its large student population one of them was going to doormen he had served in the war and joined the student council. the so i believe he runs this this was a life like you can't imagine i had so forget about heating even in winter but we toughened up live on army with soldiers and service though. the situation was dire many students had so little money for food housing and books that the university was facing closure. dhamma guns on issues like this so we went on strike against closing the university
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any on done i know and then we set up the students help students initiative of the vote. in fact everyone got involved. and he referred me to goal of the modulation help to students to keep their free tables he wrote a fight you should get what you are these special places where students could eat for free as far as i know they showed so much solidarity it was incredible. the highlight was a demonstration on the main street in the us garrison commander brought up his tanks but the students didn't allow themselves to be count. this was not over because there was this open mindedness almost a joy that something like this worked and does what that was the type of democracy we loved and fought for the win for the villains under she a time. in the spring of $949.00 germany was
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a divided country split into east and west. you could feel that especially on the elba. who gets rides on partner 2 hours on sunday afternoons the authorities on both sides of the border would turn a blind eye to the law they were happy reunions either the families catching up and even interest on tea parties and i think that. in 1045 the 4 victorious powers divided germany into occupation zones the american british and french in the west and the soviets in the least and right in the middle of the soviet zone equally split into 2 you see if i think it was. the kind of a hit of $949.00 was the treats onesie a song it became the unofficial anthem of the strange western songs which had begun
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working closely together. yet the winners had never managed to agree on a common policy strong germany now the western powers will put in a trip so new zealand's on course to their own separate western german state egypt . the soviet occupation forces have been blockade in west berlin since the summer of 948 after the deutsche mark was introduced against moscow's express will whisper lynn had become a front line city in the cold war if you're playing god it is you people of the world people in america in england in france look at this city to shut. the aerial resupply of west berlin became a political p.r. success for americans and britons both here and in west germany the airlift lay the emotional foundation for a turn towards the west. we are that effect here from us air traffic from
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west germany to berlin steadily increases police and the eastern sector are increasingly risk. road traffic within the city i take it set up you know blocks on a sector borders and spam it's a nonentity is doing it right back in 1949 and saw the exchange rates it was absolutely clear this is no west was stronger than this and wanted to use the exchange rate to show off its strength and the soviets couldn't keep up my view it's good they were the losers which is why they piled on the pressure with. the new indian tocome off. drove who was already a member of the east german communist youth organization j now officially joined. the socialist unity party. the trying to mechanic was sent to a locomotive factory in the berlin suburb of henning still. there he was supposed
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to find recruits for the new system but traces of war and the nazi era was still to be found everywhere. so i became a mechanic against him in this case at a plant in endings don't know her own thoughts even in 1949 there were engines waiting for repair there which still had to keep the wheels rolling for the war banners in creek i'm tired of nature on this part of the work force where west berliners my name is of god martin he's and some the lads in the factory began calling me the russian horse because everyone had noticed out like he always argues i'm a bad mouth the russians these on their side getting your snow leave that's good to the host. it was a tough position to be in but hans madrasa didn't back down. he's been the i'm also a german like you 1st i'm from the you have
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a different idea of the world to mind but one thing is clear we're all germans yes the lawyer 1st knew post-war locomotives we. of the heading stork land it's a promising start to the new year it is not your 1st of our 2 year plans with honest. reconstruction was the most important issue in both eastern and western germany rebuilding houses and roads the economy and maybe even the state perhaps of 2 states. politicians in both east and west would busy trying to build support for their different solutions young people one else supposed to play an active role in political life but politics and parties had gotten a bad image under the nazi regime and people were loath to have anything to do with them anymore. mean that. there can't be a worse climate than the anti party climate post world war 2 of us going and i
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don't know how many 1000000 members of the nazi party had in. their war i don't know how many members an organization is affiliated with the nazis. there was one in every family i know were there and suddenly everything was wrong and ordered everything was criticized and rightly so i was asked many times how i could join a party again. since the autumn of 940 s. politicians from the state parliaments in western germany had been meeting at the pedagogical academy in bonn drawing up a democratic constitution for the new western state at the behest of the occupying power as. this lawyer plus it was like well those on top of the establishment and now the new establishment are rather against what i'd say we've had enough of the establishment separation and a subtle mention of it into the sea of people they don't care very much at all they
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had been defeated and it had no strength left and they didn't care about this or that law. he says because it's at the misc it saves. public view $61.00 men and 4 women in the parliamentary council were discussing the future. but chairman konrad adenauer also wanted to take the pinions of young people into account. the climate at heidelberg university had come and. then one day the postman turned up in the office of the general student committee. and thus he noticed today come i can still see the telegram from conrad i don't know are inviting me to attend the meetings of the parliamentary council as a guest was it a name accommodation or meals are provided by us but please bring badly and it would be debated to pressure me playing and. by then going to the dorm and was
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working regularly as an assistant to the parliamentary council in bonn which gave him direct access to high level politics. as shyness one morning i was walking along go to spend the other day on my way to the plenary session when our an hour drew up in his mercedes know i meet him at cedars for why it was raining and he pulled up next to me rolled down the window and said i take it you're going to find a recession it's a come on i'll give you a lift. otherwise you'll get wet and so on when they arrived he told the driver this young man here if you see him again give him a left in the name i meet. the common goal of the delegates was to build a functioning democracy for which the parties were working closely together. the social democrats most important man carlos schmidt had even been sent from britain burke to bone in place of a c.d.u. delegate.


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