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was working regularly as an assistant to the parliamentary counsel in poland which gave him direct access to high level politics. as the shyness one morning i was walking along go to spend go on laying on my way to the plenary session when i don't know or drew up in his mercedes no meet him at sega's for why it was raining and he pulled up next to me rolled down the window and said i take it you're going to find a recession it's a come on i'll give you a lift see red otherwise you'll get wet and so on when i arrived he told the driver this young man here if you see him again give him a lift in the name i meet. the common goal of the delegates was to build a functioning democracy for which the parties were working closely together. the social democrats most important men carlo schmidt had even been sent from britain burke to bone in place of a cd delegate. it's more
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kind of financial part-i there was no interparty political hostility apart from with the communist party. cause there was always a run on reiman who was at that time the communist party's faction meter made inflammatory speech is full of any alogical jargon which she certainly rejected you shall go. on there were up killing. and so did the occupying powers the british even had max reiman of arrested. the angst for the income of his was the fear of communism the fear of the east was already there especially among the many people who had come from the east of and had already experienced communism and fled from it and from common this was good florence and. jewish aid organizations had settled in munich smooshed rasa and around them lots of small stalls in shops servicing a large black market. holocaust
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survivors from eastern europe who were waiting to travel on to israel or the us sold some of the russians they received in their transit camps. the american occupiers turned a blind eye. so i saw him that he is your dishes leave jewish life was bustling there you could almost say it was a small town there were restaurants and a synagogue so it was like a real jewish village and of course there were many small stalls where they traded . and a lot of people not just jews came to buy things they couldn't get elsewhere to come and see to us a call for it was a good thing that the people there could earn a little extra money. that is at the mention could get turned this is the 1st of $215.00 come. back. and plan. been found. and found. a.
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life in the west and zones of 949 was still tough but people wanted to enjoy themselves again even though the past was still very close everywhere. in a. plane to catch a major sporting event after a 15 year break points women starts the 1st german 6 day race and munich. yesterday starts would begin hans ruman one of the nazi regimes favorite act as a return to his role as the crafty little man his comedy the secret of the red cat became a hit in western germany. meanwhile a cinemas in the east and sun we usually showing more serious fare many celebrations of soviet successes. society in the soviet zone was being
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systematically politicized in the face of some resistance including at the locomotive plant in had in store for. the act of a go in his speech director berger emphasized that the 2 year plan can only become a reality through the work of us all of all the willing forces of our zone are now in the process of building a new better life for themselves through their own planned work. your gun is here the youth organization try and george are you going to made up around 20 percent of the company's staff so and so there too we were the organized part of the youth and not the majority who could march through the companies singing big let's build it songs they closed overview that mushy and gone. back at the parliamentary council in bonn the student going to a dorm and was experiencing firsthand how policy's a made and not just as a spectator spawn and of honor he commands a middle. the exciting thing was the launches of the monarch feel as was there he heard
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a lot of things you didn't hear in the official sessions and according to him no i don't now i came by and sat down at my table and suddenly asked me what was happening with the students on the mission why they were so a political but also so engaged in what you do saw and so on go she had read a i told him some things and he said can we talk about this in a little bit more detail with fusion leave. out now invited the student to his home in room on the other side of the rhine for a good meal and a bottle of wine. and guns are they on track c.n.d. said goods and medicine can you write down what you told me and bring it to my office tomorrow if possible him or make you small mention instagram and that became the basis of a speech he made shortly afterwards he could solve gotten out. by it i don't heloc as shift on the 13th of october 1048 has gone down in history by
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the end of the shift henniker had my 24.4 cubic metres of coal instead of the standard $6.00 cubic metres on. the s.c.d. try to use the activist movement to boost the economy in the east and tend of mine ahead of cash into a great propaganda hero you will know when you cast off and as we were young activists and we also want to hand tickets for me to my great great efforts to do a good job in my workshop and to forget recognition yes but it wasn't the cd controlling that it was you putting your back into it so others accepted you and said no he's one of us good in it in most hmong they get through. but when it came to politics it was often hot for the young activist and his colleagues to find common ground in these and far in these issues there was always a distance. one that was of course anticommunist. undue community plagued by.
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the a c. d. party headquarters determined life in the east and the s.c.d. was doing what stalin the leader of the soviet union decided stalins most important man in berlin was volatile. officially he was only a 2nd rank politician but he was the one holding the reins. the powers he wanted to control public life and especially the economy of the soviet zone the leipzig spring fare of 949 was the shop window. yes for the 1st time since the end of the war the technology fair has returned with its former glory that the b.m.w. eisenach stand. to be and be the baby m w 2 later 80 horsepower and a dream in blue and there's a 130 horsepower racer or even faster spirits with 3 carburetors. a
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delegation from the henning store locomotive works also traveled to this there they were chosen according to political criteria and the. party leaders were always talking can we win him over for him is he talking in our favor or against us. for the past year the s.c.d. had been trying to counter the increasing alienation between east and west with a major campaign for unity and a just peace the people's congress in berlin's admiral palace was to represent all germans in reality the make up of the delegates had been manipulated and with everything in the east demanded stalin remained the decisive figure in the background. on what give us our unity give us a just peace. whisper lynn was still under blockade by the soviets and had to be supplied from
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the. things began to hate throughout the city. through. this we went across to west berlin and sang americans go home home we were followed of. and we were convinced that those following us to the sponsorship because we had some americans go home that they were the ones who wanted to drive a wedge between us and. the us headquarters in frankfurt had long since abandoned the idea of a united germany the western allies wanted a new west german state but on their terms politicians had to navigate a tricky path. more let alone after months of negotiations by the parliamentary council in frankfurt complete agreement of the basic law of the future west german constitution has been reached yet jesus guns are good say the one with all this blathering of the military government would in that was discussed in the official
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meetings in veiled terms. with hints on dog and for not often are often described here at the border money should firstly because they didn't want to make it with to clear to the public to avoid increasing the population's opposition to what they're doing is bottom of i mean no chris is actually in this world and they didn't want to do the occupying powers any favors by making it such a big issue this one's easy cause no one so i'm telling my mocked. the germans was still dependent on their occupiers but the president of the parliamentary council was thinking ahead odd and. i don't know if. it's better if we compromise with them become sovereign and free ourselves from this permanent occupation approval procedure and so far it was the guns getting new exact leave what he was doing us he knew that if we do. go with the west now with the english french or american this summer when we had no chance at all i'd say your only
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chance for germany to come back again it was with the west is just myth then this other for me i don't know it was the americans mass and so it was part of american policy. take and i can us post a separate post office handles daily incoming mail many of the letters deal with the question of what the flag of the new german state should look like. here is the design of a 13 year old girl here we can make you a flag committee is discussing the various proposals. the western allies wanted germany to be a federal state to avoid power being concentrated in the center not all delegates like that and there was something else worrying them. many members asked several times whether we were doing the right things with the home because in making a constitution for an federated entity of an we were basically cementing the division of germany for faso for untitled start. the name of the document is the
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basic law not constitution it was adopted on the 8th of may $949.00 exactly 4 years after the end of the war. it's a complicated document and was only supposed to be provisional only the communist and the various c.s.u. parties voted against it. ladies and gentlemen the basic law has been passed with 53 votes in favor and 12 votes against. the relationship between east and west was shifting. the my mail 111949 i don't 3 minutes before midnight on the border between the british and soviet zones everything is ready for when they lift the blockade. the adoption of the basic law prompted the soviets to lift the blockade on berlin the division of j. many now seemed inevitable. otta
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now flies to west berlin i found. the parliamentary council. is filled with deep gratitude for your struggle for your suffering for your patience which has now led to victory. i. whisper lynn breathed a sigh of relief the island in the soviet zone can now be supplied by land again crosses began dropping and shops filling up. the basic law was solemnly proclaimed on the 23rd of may 949 the parliaments of the federal states all had to give their consent before it could come into force it was. conscious of his responsibility before god and mankind inspired by the will to
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preserve his national and state unity. it was preceded by a preamble referring to german unity. the 1st articles to follow with those that guarantee fundamental rights a church song was sung at the ceremony as there was no national anthem at the time . for me the fundamental rights were actually the decisive factor in what the parliamentary council did at that time the cone to those fundamental rights they were the be all and end all and he called for if the fundamental rights of the freedom of the citizen and self-determination that is and the freedom of opinion and all that are guaranteed in the us then things can't go wrong again and condiments a few quotes here. the east responded to the founding of the federal republic with
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a propaganda offensive for german unity and the election of a 3rd people's congress. back it tending to a fiasco for the s.c.d. and some heavyweight manipulation was needed before it could claim the necessary 2 thirds of the vote at the beginning of june the party called invited members to attend the f.t. j.s youth parliament ne us and i take the other d.j. carl marched out marching through the streets of leipsic where a total of 200000 young people met for a mass rally. the against the divide as for unity was heard a lot in lot 2 but it was really just a real god action there would now be 2 german states the s.c.d. was betting on saving face and showing which germany was the better one who was truth oh well russia spoke sort of hanukkah both of them talking about their find to stop what was happening in the west and those guns and the whole thing going to congress all in leipsic which was called the hall of the rising sun rise dissolved
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all over again and then on the. dom that was also implying the message the west is going and we will have the right. son. in lloyd's doff a few kilometers up the rhine from bone the 20 year old apprentice hein shots had become a professional politician. as district secretary of the c.d.u. he organized events and took care of the contributions of the members he had a great is why i had a small moped you always had to push started you couldn't kick started work on the concrete so i drove through the district to see if i could collect my salary. in the end but i also had the advantage that it gave you a chance to get to know people and talk with them the logic as knew he did. before long the c.d.u. office had arranged to come find shots to use in the bundestag alexion campaign and
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when the announced candidate was to light shots would give the election speech instead. of off it was a catholic place of war no meeting on sunday morning after high marriage when we went into the church and then into a hall with 820130 seats backwards. you couldn't see across the room because everyone was smoking no woman but all her kind of. pseudo showed up the boy wants to talk. then i gave my 50 minute speech rules and then there still has to be a discussion does anyone else want to say anything it's wrong ok we're all voting for the c.d.u. on sunday 80 percent absent. election time in the young federal republic and it's summer which you would want to make the most of.
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at the end of july big things were happening on the cultural scene the good surprise was awarded to thomas mann in fact 1st. thing here after an absence of 16 years thomas mann and his wife have returned from america for a visit to germany italy. u. conn the welcome or not but i would have told my life this merged if i had only paid homage to the genius of away from home and avoided germany in the process even if i but the east with separation cast its shadow in 1949 there were 2 good surprises thomas mann received the 2nd one at an elaborate ceremony in volume in the east the poet kept his distance and gave the same acceptance speech a 2nd time east german t.v. was jubilant. if i lived by the award i'd also go to prizes
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to thomas martin on one of frankfurt on my nights and one weimar would up the show made the indivisibility of german culture clear in the most beautiful ways i looked thomas man's books were once burned in germany and he remained guarded in both frankfurt and. the papers covered my visit with kindness and ceremony like from a rule book there weren't any abusive letters either as there were in the west only a flood of welcoming graduates or a telegram. political and cultural organization. while democratic governments of west germany have a tough fight against reactionary nationalism and reawaken naziism. in the east it is the bush roddie zire for freedom and the democratic rule of law and the dissatisfaction with konami conditions which work against the popularity of the
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regime. of course all criticism is banished to the private bend orals fears. in fact national socialist beliefs had not disappeared in munich the nazis cult sites had been demolished but when the newspaper the soup tortured social talked about the jewish question reactions were frightening saying why don't you go to america but they can't usually there either they've had enough of these bloodsuckers. and this image is most anti semitism was never dead. and it was never dead he told. the publication sparked a demonstration of outraged jewish refugees in phoenix more. than munich riot police quickly way to during the holocaust survivors suddenly felt as if they were facing the nazis again the american military place was only able to calm the situation with difficulty.
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meanwhile bone was preparing for the 1st bomb to start the election nothing to go by sure on these are the sounds that echo all across part as if it's just one large construction site here with a newborn just house building in the center just holes. working against the clock the pedagogical academy was expanded to become the scene of parliament the small town on the rhine officially became the capital of the federal republic of germany last night and west german. he has elected its 1st parliament while the run up to august 14th still saw a fierce propaganda war election day itself was calm and all 3 western zones. the result the c.d.u. came in 2 points ahead of the s.p.d. with 31 percent a total of 11 parties entered the new bundestag on the 7th of september 1949.
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the allied military governors were present at the ceremony it was then that the basic law the ground gazettes came into force. this was followed by the election of the federal president and a week later the election of the federal chancellor the young man from lloyd stuart watched it'll happen don't give a group region are there are seats outside the pedagogical academy so you could watch what was happening and hear what was going on through loudspeakers. fairlawn for him it because when it came to electing the chancellor both sides would neck and neck would now cd you take the prize. they come up with your version none of us knew so we were curious about the result. that and it worked. however the leader was wife it's been an odd now used his casting vote
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to clinch the election a week later he was sworn in as the 1st chancellor of west germany. but. we've all measurable in a. sure don his dog has given him. the following day the new chancellor made his way up to the hotel petersburg on the other side of the rhine this was the residence of the high commissioners the representatives of the western powers the new federal republic was far from sovereign it was still under supervision as was written in the occupation statute. the document was signed by the 3 allies and then handed to the federal chancellor. the 3 allies were to step on the carpet. the chancellor was supposed to stand in front of it an act of symbolic subordination that adenauer didn't care for.
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the boehner plan while the barn parliamentarians debate the high commissioners who created this facade dictate west german politics this government in bondage contravenes international law and must not be allowed to speak on behalf of germany pushed it only carries out the will of the high commissioners. now it was east berlin stern on the 7th of october 1949 the faults rat all peoples council a subcommittee of the people's congress met in the form in ministry building and declared itself a provisional parliament. come to the people's chamber has unanimously elected the constitution of the german democratic republic and just as unanimously passed the law on the formation of the provisional government you'll. also girls of all became the 1st east german prime minister but the real power was still with moscow's men volatile british the german democratic republic was coming into being in the same
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hole way hitler's germany capitulated just. up the figure we intend to wage a determined struggle against the spirit of fascism and militarism that plunged the people into 2 world wars because. the soviet military governor a great. it's obvious that you know the soviet government has constantly tried to prevent the division of germany which was only deepened by the puppet run government that you the soviet government recognizes the efforts of the german democratic forces to take the restoration of german unity into their own hands as legitimate the s.c.d. control the new east germany from the very outset common electron lists and a block system turned the other parties into me extras president vilhelm peak was unanimously elected president of the republic he was congratulated by the youngest member of parliament priced monica. on the
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evening of the election. if t.j. later every konica organized a gigantic march of tens of thousands of young people a short while ago there was still calling for unity now there was celebrating their own state. people shot is the message of general secretary stalin was the most important act of international recognition and culminated in this sentence the foundation of the german democratic peace loving republic is a turning point in the history of europe of all parts i. mean of all the of was if it came to an armed conflict i was aware that my brother was in the west and i was in the east this division went through whole families. there was a feeling i had to know what that was a problem for us but were the future be like you through. the amazing year 949 came to an end with the germans intruding on the same
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territory as 2 separate states. the success of democracy in the west and an end to the division within just how the. today all germans are represented in the same democratically elected parliament and the division is a thing of the past. the bundestag meets in the old reichstag right where the berlin wall once divided the country. 949 legacy also contains a message for a future generations. the visas london bly experienced how this country was lying on the ground and nobody thought that it could ever rise again. you have a lot to thank your ancestors for months living in a country today where you can move freely where you have unassailable democracy sigman in every day but you have to defend it you have to cherish your country and
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be ready to stand up for it at all times over into. a mysterious disease. dense with. the bulb up trees of south africa are. some of them are over 2000 years of. the sudden demise causing scientists. a south african research has set out to find the
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cause. to oral tradition. and action packed life. anything is possible as long as up to coffee and his friends can treat. refugee camp. his life story. 27 years ago but there's no holding back history. thank you for. starts may 27th free on w. .
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this is news coming to you live from berlin and britain's prime minister to me and now says his resignation she said she had been dealt with no other choice. i do so with no ill will but with enormous gratitude to catch the opportunity to serve the country i had no. reason.

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