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this is news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister to me and now says her resignation she said she's been left with no other choice. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and ensuring gratitude to catch the opportunity to serve the country. the reason me was under tremendous pressure from our own
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conservative party over the failure to deliver. also coming up it's day 2 of voting in crucial european parliamentary elections voters in the czech republic and ireland go to the polls in the board could be the most important elections in 4 decades. plus is one a sweeping victory not india's prime minister must make good on his promises after a divisive campaign pledges to unite the country and unleashed its potential. telling of a warm welcome to. british prime minister to resign has announced that she will be resigning as leader of a conservative party on june the 7th in a speech outside downing street may said she had. tried her best to honor the break
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that result she's been under growing pressure to step down over her failure to get m.p.'s to support her breaks a deal laying out the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union will now be a conservative leadership contest with some of our colleagues already saying they'll be trying to get her job until that race is decided may will stay on as prime minister she called the job the honor of a lifetime. whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future. our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the owner of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill
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will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. so that was a terrorism a talking just a short while ago and for more of this story with me in us to do is a briggs it and his alex forrest whiting and in london we have bob reason barbara let me start with you that was an emotional end to her address from theresa may. yeah and that is something in this image of the voice breaking our interest cheers sort of more or less running and that is the image that will stay probably in the memory of the nation because. as much as many many in britain criticised the reason may as much as they always said she's not up to the job she's simply not good
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enough not strong enough she's not a clever enough player of party politics on the other hand what the but people really hate to see is this woman being hounded down by a gang of predominantly min and that was really what we saw now the tory party ganging together up against a reason may and sort of pushing her out of office in the end and so they and her showing emotion after so many months and here is an offer. wish she was very stoic where she seemed to be made of steel where her where her sort of given name was the made box because she was so on movable and tended to repeat herself that you see the human being for a reason may come as quite a shock to many britons and there is going to be a certain regret about the fact that her end had to be like that. ride. why did she make this announcement today and why isn't she stepping down straight
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away because she's given the date of june the 7th the reason why she's made the announcement today is that the pressure has been building for months and months and particularly this week has been huge anger within her own party because she was supposed to be pushing a bellow breck's it bill to parliament and that bill was now offering more concessions to try to win over labor m.p.'s the opposition m.p.'s including the possibility of a 2nd referendum and a closer relationship with the e.u. in the future over the so-called customs union and her m.p.'s really disliked it on both sides we then had the resignation of a cabinet minister andrea let some somebody who has been loyal to her she's a bracks a tear she's been loyal to to reason may through out this period she then said i've had enough i can't do this and we know that the election results for these european elections are going to be catastrophic for the conservative party and everything
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has been building to that so that she was then told by the head of the conservative backbench committee you've got to go and that's what she's decided but she's putting it off until june because between all this there is a visit from donald trump don't know trump is coming to the u.k. for a state visit and because of that reason mate needs to remain as prime minister and doesn't want to the the waters to be counted any further so they're allowing her to do. that and also the d.-day celebrations which will be marked as well during that time that is why waiting and which is often obviously a very important celebration for britain now we have more on what all of this means for braggs it in just a bit but 1st let's take a look at how to raise amused him a ship untraveled. even when she tried to be cool to me as a maid couldn't help but look a little stiff and leadership style earning her the nickname mayport. and it was
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with the same robotic determination that she would try and push through briggs it. when major go over the premiership from david cameron britain had just voted to leave europe may have self a campaign to remain in the e.u. yet despite her own convictions she would make it had personal mission to deliver a bird's a deal for the british people following the referendum we face a time of great national change and i know because we're great britain that we will rise to the challenge as we leave the european union we will forge a forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world. but forging that new role would prove much harder than anticipated may's brags that negotiations appear to be doomed from the start of the e.u. close to see the u.k. leave the union made it clear that there would be no cherry picking it soon became evident that the present many could deliver was not the break that many in britain
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had voted for. an attempt to get a stronger mandate for had dregs of vision backfired spectacularly off to make old snap elections in june 2017 she ended up weaker than before short of a majority in parliament and forced to make a deal with the hardline northern irish. in order to govern. but may wouldn't be deterred smiling through gritted teeth she carried on with the task of pushing through gregg said come what may rex it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it bricks it needs for exits i'm very clear bret's it does mean brackets her empty phrases drawing ridicule from the opposition all we get is even more bizarre soundbites remember when we had bricks it means breaks it then we
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had liberal breaks it and now we have ambitious managed divergence i and she got flak from within her own ranks with several of her key ministers resigning over the break that issue. finally against all the odds and after months of negotiations london and brussels agreed on a draft break the deal e.u. leaders approved it but may fail to drum up enough support for the deal at home at the last minute she was faced with call off a parliamentary vote after it became clear that she would not get the agreement through. for tomorrow. that desperate last ditch attempt to meet european leaders followed to try and get some concessions to make the deal more palatable to her critics but to no avail. mutiny as members of her own party seize the moment to challenge her leadership. hopes pass that may survive
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a vote of no confidence amongst tory m.p.'s to. the dogood fight over her deal ensued and briggs it was postponed in the end it was too much for may to survive. so an event for a few years for tourism me as prime minister our correspondent barbara risen and alex for us watching us today with me talking to you live in the reaction on social media to do is i'm is resignation a lot of people saying yes there has been a lot and we're just going to choose a couple here firstly from britain's opposition leader germany corbin he's the head of the labor party and he has tweeted to reason may is right to resign she's now accepted what the country's known for months she can't govern and nor can had a divided and disintegrating party who ever becomes the new tory leader must let the people decide our country's future through an immediate and general election
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and this is what he always calls for and next we hear from the former british foreign secretary boris johnson who's already announced that his intention to stand and he says a very dignified statement from 2 reason may thank you for your stoical service to our country and the conservative party it is now time to follow her to come together and deliver rex it and you might think that is a bit difficult to do to come together and deliver given how divine to parliament and the party conservative party is over this and you mentioned byron johnson the former foreign secretary and some people had written him off just a few months ago yes that's right because many people thought he was a disastrous foreign secretary and he wasn't well liked a well thought of particularly within europe but this is the thing about boris johnson he always manages to stay there and to and to be a comeback kid he has proved in a recent poll of conservative party members to be extremely popular 39 percent of
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them put him as their 1st choice the next the 2nd choice dominic only 13 percent and remember it's those conservative members who will decide who the next leader is 812-0000 of them secondly the big issue here is nigel for raj he is the leader of the party he's the man. really brought bricks it about and he is a big threat to the conservatives many voters now voting with him rather than that party and now the conservatives including m.p.'s believe boris johnson is the only one who could really take him on and he turned to you know bob many will describe a terry's army as the dregs of prime minister but she failed to deliver and she says she regrets this what will her resignation mean for breaks it. what her resignation means for breaks it is is there's a big chance that we are back to square one and that is something that might be particularly dreaded in brussels because the new prime minister is very likely
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we might save also from what we heard from ali and what the conservatives many of conservators here think it won't feel bound by any concessions she has made so far and boris will certainly go back to brussels and say ok folks let's open the books again let's renegotiate i want this and that and the other and then we'll have to go through this whole rigmarole again brussels repeating no the deal is the deal it's on the table it's not to change bill so take it or leave it leave it the ball is in the british court all the things that we've heard like dozens of times before and then bars will probably go back home and say ok they are not going to play ball this is me we slammed the door on the e.u. and he might be heading for hard for exit without egremont that is something that nobody who is saying really wants because of the economic consequences he might
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well do it just punt chip kelly just sort of catch and get back to the tories all those frustrated wrecks and voters who think that this is a really smart idea just turn around and walk and so there might be a further time or a time of trauma a coming out something russell's absolutely has never wished for. trying to bomb a vision standing outside of british parliament and breaks it and alex forrest whiting with me in the studio thank you ladies both famous for analysis and assessment so how is all of this going to go down in brussels did obvious brussels bureau chief axel fund joins me now so we know that at the reason may is resigning as prime minister by the 7th of july how is this news gone down then max. we've had some reactions by now from leaders in the european union they're not really saying anything about the course forward so you have for example the german chancellor i'm going to makkah who's
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a good knowledge of knowledge in that this is and with respect and still hoping for an orderly brags that nothing's really changed there you have leo varadkar the prime minister of ireland who of course his country has the most to lose from in order to bragg's it and basically saying that there are a lot of things that will with stand brags that because the 2 countries are close partners the only one who was a little more precise so far was the french president and mother when the call one of his spokespeople said that they needed clarity about the future brags of course of the u.k. as quickly as possible all right you might say we've heard that one before and it is true but it tells you something that a certain urgency is felt once again here in brussels and this all of this comes in the middle of european elections britain actually voted on those elections in those elections yesterday now what impact is this political tellme on in the u.k. had on the campaign. yes it is again overshadowing some of the topics that
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europeans actually think are important if you look at the list in the polls what europeans want to talk about you have unemployment jobs youth unemployment especially some say it's migration some say it's climate change and it's not bragg's it but still this is a topic as you can see right here as we're sitting here talking about this and rita brags it always makes the news and overshadows everything else but there is one good point for the rest of the european union it seems to have forged everyone a little closer together than before that at least if you look at the brutal ratings for the e.u. in the $27.00 so all the countries except for the united kingdom then the appropriate all ratings for the e.u. have gone up continuously across the board ever since brags it happened right maxwell 5 the devil is brussels beer chief thank you very much. well as i just mentioned tourism is announcement came in the midst of the european parliamentary elections on the 2nd day of the election check and irish voters are
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heading to the polls or 400000000 voters across the 28 member states to vote and most countries will be going to the polls on sunday check voters have until tomorrow to cast their ballots with pose an island closing later the sea islands main parties have campaigned heavily to cement the nation's place in europe as uncertainty continues of a breaks it may invite turnout could be an issue in the czech republic with only 18 percent voter turnout in 2014. and germany is one of the countries which is going to vote in the european elections on sunday and so far chancellor merkel is mostly stayed out of the campaign some say this is because americans presence why damage the prospects of a party the christian democrats as well as that of her successor who is the head of the party now. chief political editor michelle reports.
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europe's most powerful woman also used to be the poster girl for her conservative c.d.u. party in elections but it's history this time angela merkel left the e p p's widely unknown top candidate monthly to be about mostly out alone to face the public and it was merkel success c.d.u. party leader and a great come combo of many already see as potential next chancellor who took on the heavy political lifting in the talks. in their talks in search of for us conservatives right wing populist are not potential coalition partners we don't want to and we won't work with them. with nothing less than the future of europe at stake this raises the question where was. busy governing is the sort of answer within each of you summit in romania a climate dialogue in berlin and
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a trip to africa merkel focused on big picture politics. one of her few appearances with the e.p. peace talk candidate month was in croatia where she took a stance against nationalism. part 2 to small hatred chism and the e.u. and contradictions nationalism is the enemy of the european project we must make that clear in these final days ahead of the polls. and social democrat top candidate tells us merkel's absence is also a symptom of party divisions think it's honest that you have the european candidates on the in the campaign and not the national figures on the other hand you see that the conservatives really split europe's longest serving any. insists there was simply a division of labor from chancellor and party leader share responsibility for the results no ducking away. and america and i think they had come canberra know that
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their current division of power between the chancery and the party headquarters can't last forever though publicly both say they are determined to continue until 2021 when merkel's final term as chancellor officially ends these e.u. elections will tell us more about the chances of getting it. to also succeed. here in the chancery and about the stability of the current. led government itself but they're an important test for both. now let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world hollywood producer harvey weinstein has reached a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct the deed is reportedly worth 44 $1000000.00. but it hasn't been signed yet weinstein also faces criminal charges including rape his trial in new york is here
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to begin in september. taiwan has become the 1st country in asia to legalize same sex marriage with a new law taking effect from today several couples tied the knot and dozens more legally registered their relationships as marriages at government offices across the island and this comes after a 3 decade fight for equality. turning out to india where filing a signaling they're more these preparing to hold talks and forming a new cabinet following his sweeping win in the country's elections votes counting is also set to be completed in the next few hours 1st results show more these hindu nationalist b.g.p. is likely to secure a larger majority than it is 1st. the lion returns never and remote he celebrated his hour of triumph in new delhi before delirious supporters while claiming victory he urged them to put the bitter and
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divisive campaign behind them. how we have to look ahead we have to take everyone together even people who oppose us will take them with us we have to work for the benefit of this country. the. indian papers were bursting with his i demurred he's landslide win some calling it i'm now moment others saying he's hindu nationalist wave had become a tsunami. it was a crushing blow to india's most powerful political dynasty role gandee head of the opposition congress party lost the seat of a matey which he's famous family had held for 4 decades. i want to see that. is not the be for me to go into the peoples of these men did today is the day their. new prime minister has been elected and today is the day him all the best
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and. only he would look after the interest of his don't be taken. congratulations also came in from neighboring pakistan prime minister imran khan tweeting that he looks forward to working with modi for peace in south asia. modi has promised a more inclusive india over the next 5 years but he might also see a mandate to push his hindu 1st policies even harder. schoolchildren have kicked off one wife to a test demanding action on climate change is the 2nd quarter needed global demonstration by the fridays for future movement pupils in australia and new zealand got the protest building with their bid to pressure politicians into taking more decisive steps to stop global warming other young people on the road xpect joined in the mass. today.
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and joining me now from brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin is own correspondent walter to say what's happening there right now in berlin and elsewhere. well as you can tell a lot is happening by behind me the life banners just started by this if you see today is a very happy and jolly event we came here ali and i was absolutely surprised how organized this event has become the band has been set up early speakers is even a help line for people who might feel uncomfortable in the crowds i spoke to louis he's 13 and he told me he's been coming to every event on every friday but today is very special to him because it is the international pride it's the future movement so 1500 cities all over the world and he is very excited to be. at the demonstrators complain the politicians on listening enough watching him back on
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these protests really having on politics do they matter. absolutely i mean we can keep in mind that we are in the middle of the european elections and people like louis well they're minors they can actually go out and vote and he told me i can cast my own vote but i will influence the adults around. me to constantia and do that in a constructive way for climate and peace that also happened influence we can see that in the campaigns in the last few weeks even the conservative parties have been talking about climate change and in that way yes they definitely have made an impact so there's every indication that these protests will keep going if so how tell us more about that. so. we have speak spoken to the people here and they are convinced to come out their organization have been inspired to join the parents the future has been created
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scientists if you just been created and well i talked to one teacher who publicly supported their students to come saying. they might misspell regular lefties but then i mean one thing what it means to actually be participate in democracy today and that's the problem it's very important right to test the water and the heart of blood and in front of brandenburg gate thank you very much. here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you you can prime minister has announced that she will resign as the conservative party on june the 7th it follows massive criticism from within her own party after she failed to get support for his grace a deal with the european union mrs cheever demean and skeptical prime minister until a new leader is chosen and of course is that putting 7. and don't forget you can always get the job the news on the board is done later after moving things over from the apple store that will give you access to all the
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of. a mysterious disease. that split. the bulb up trees of so that regard all at all some of them are over 2000 years i. was talking to my cousin scientists. the south african research has set out to find the
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a long drawn out battle and even violent election campaign draws to a close. the. gulf in the 1st one in 6 people in this world. join me prefer to do it as read try to understand why india go from here. district. governor news asia. hello and welcome to tomorrow to day you week a dose of science. coming up. back to the moon the new race to earth's nearest neighbor. satellites affect almost every area of modern life.


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