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26 on. you. tube. this indeed of news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister to resign announces the resignation she said she had been left with no other choice. i do so with no ill will but with an almost sounding during gratitude to a caucus the opportunity to serve the country. to resolve it was under pressure from our own conservative party over
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a failure to deliver bricks it. was sounding the alarm on the climate emergency school children and teenagers from more than a 120 countries to take to the streets to demand action from political leaders to save the planet. and feed with a kiss after a 3 decade struggle taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage. i don't welcome. good to have your company british prime minister tourism has announced she will be resigning as leader of a conservative party on june the 7th in a speech outside downing street may said she tried her best to honor the bricks of result she's been under growing pressure to step. down over her failure to get
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m.p.'s to support her of break the deal laying out the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union. they lobby a conservative leadership contest with some of a colleagues already saying they will be trying to get her job until that greece is decided maybe we'll stay on as prime minister she called the job the honor of a lifetime whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future. our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill
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will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. so to resume announcing her resignation for more on the story with me in our studio we have objects that analysts alex are sweating went next and in london we have correspondent barbara vessel barbara let me start with you that was an emotional and to her address from tourism a. yeah goodbye under the cheers and that will certainly be one of the enduring images off trees amaze time in office because at the end she all of a sudden showed her humanity this politician who had been so stoic so zeus jabbered so really lentulus and through suing her goal of as she always called it delivering bricks it never really showed that he was she was involved she didn't react to
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insult she didn't react to humiliate us here in parliament behind us she just carried on and but at the end you could finally see that all this had gotten to her that it was close to her heart and that she was feeling pain and that she finally felt that she had failed and that is a very bitter feeling when you leave an office office like that and so this will certainly get close to the hearts of many people in britain because there is a certain amount of pity for her many people thought she was not to the job and also that she did not do a good job it was difficult tasks and she didn't do it well bought for her to be leaving like that will talk to many people and it has been an emotional end and it's turning to you now to some he's been a facing pressure for quite a while now going through very difficult times why did she make the announcement today well it has been building for several months as he said and this week in particular she had crossed
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a line if you like with her party because she wanted to put forward her brakes it bill to parliament but she had made extra concessions to the opposition to the labor party including the possibility of a 2nd referendum and the. also promising closer ties with europe and that was really disliked she saw the resignation of a cabinet minister this week andrea lets him andrea let's him a bracks a tear had always remained loyal to to reason made throughout this period but she's clearly had enough and then finally have backbenches calling on her to go again she had to go and see the head of that group the 1922 committee who basically said you need to go with dignity you need to say when you're going now right now we have law on what will this means for braggs it in just a bit but 1st let's take a look at how to reason ms premiership untraveled. even when she tried to be cool to reason they couldn't help but look
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a little stiff in her leadership style her the nickname mayport. and it was with the same robotic determination that she would try and push through briggs it. when major go over the premiership from david cameron britain had just voted to leave europe may have self a campaign to remain in the e.u. yet despite her own convictions she would make it her personal mission to deliver a briggs a deal for the british people following the referendum we face a time of great national change and i know because we're great britain that we will rise to the challenge as we leave the european union we will forge a forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world. but forging that new role would prove much harder than anticipated may's brags that negotiations appear to be doomed from the start of the e.u. close to see the u.k. leave the union made it clear that there would be no cherry picking it soon became
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evident that the present many could deliver was not the break that many in britain voted for. an attempt to get a stronger mandate for. bragg's of vision backfired spectacularly off to make cold snap elections in june 2017 she ended up weaker than before short of a majority in parliament and forced to make a deal with the hardline northern irish. in order to govern. but may wouldn't be deterred smiling through gritted teeth she carried on with the tasca of pushing through brags that come what may bricks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it breaks it needs for exits i'm very clear bret's it does mean bracks it cut empty phrases drawing ridicule from the opposition all we get is even more bizarre soundbites remember when we had breaks it means breaks it then we
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had liberal breaks it and now we have ambitious managed divergence. and she got flak from within her own ranks with several of her key ministers resigning over the break that issue. finally against all the odds and after months of negotiations london and brussels agreed on a draft break the deal. e.u. leaders approved it but may fail to drum up enough support for the deal at home. the last minute she was trying to call off her column entry to vote after it became clear that she would not get the agreement through. for tomorrow. a desperate last ditch attempt to meet european leaders followed to try and get some concessions to make the deal more palatable to critics but to no avail.
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mutinous members of her own party seized the moment to challenge the leadership. pass that may survive a vote of no confidence amongst tory m.p.'s. the dogood fight over her deal ensued and briggs it was postponed in the end it was too much for may to survive. still with me correspondence bob levey still in london for the parliament and in the studio with me alex for us why did alex now people have been waiting for the small for a while it's finally happened there's been a flurry of reaction on social media yes it's been a huge reaction and i'm just going to show you a couple one is britain's opposition leader jeremy corbyn leader of the labor party and he tweeted to reason may is right to resign she's now accepted that the country has known for months she can't govern and nor can her divided and disintegrating party whoever becomes the new tory leader must let the people decide our country's
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future through an immediate and general election something he always calls for and then secondly the former british foreign secretary boris johnson who's already thrown his hat into the ring a very dignified statement from theresa may he tweeted thank you for your stoical service to our country and the conservative party it is now time to follow her to come together and deliver rex it which is what he is clearly still calling for and talk about just a few months ago people. had written him off that's right they felt that he was not a good foreign secretary and that he became a bit of a lot of things stop particularly in many european capitals but he's somebody who never goes away he's still proving very popular with the conservative party membership remember they are the ones who will ultimately decide the fate of who becomes the next leader and secondly many are now realizing that perhaps he is well known conservative figure who can take a niger for niger for raj really brought about this this bret's it situation he's
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the leader of the party he's likely to do extremely well in these european elections results on sunday and many are now thinking that possibly power is johnson is the person who can save the conservative party from him right down into you know bob when you think of terrorism a you think of bragg's it was just her departure mean for brakes if you've covered the story extensively for us from london. the problem is was brek said that even after the trees may has left nothing will have changed the conditions in brussels are the same there they say this is the deal it's on the table we're not going to reopen it so in london what can the successor to maisie in may's office may it be boris johnson or maybe somebody else what can they really do differently the majorities and parliament are what they are so they will not change
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overnight and he will not overnight sort of gain the support of the g.o.p. for instance the northern irish party without changing anything dramatically in the deal which he can do so it really is a catch 22 he needs to make changes in order to pass the deal and he can't really make those changes because russell does against it so was the obvious way out of that situation a hard for exit so many are now expecting that boris johnson are in other side. sesar of the 2 may might probably just take the easy way out and just slam the door to the european union and walk away and sort of not care about the economic and political consequences in the 1st instance that of course is going to cause a lot of pain on both sides of the channel particularly in britain and it will be very difficult to sort of live down that decision so nothing good in the near future with regard to bracks it's flawed the man or woman who follows to reason may
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an office. visit outside the british parliament in london and analyst alex ross whiting a big city analyst thank you both very much for sharing your perspectives with us. so we heard what barbara had to say about briggs of so how is it going down in busses i put that question to did use a bit of buses back off line and i asked him if there'd been any reactions to news after these amazing resignation we've had some reactions by now from leaders in the european union they're not really saying anything about the course forward so you have for example the german chancellor are going to macro who's acknowledging acknowledging that this is in with respect and still hoping for an orderly brags that so nothing's really changed there you have leo varadkar the prime minister of ireland who of course his country has the most to lose from in order to bragg's it and basically saying that there are a lot of things that will with stan brags that because the 2 countries are close
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partners the only one who was a little more precise so far was the french president and mother when my call one of his spokespeople said that they needed clarity about the future brags of course of the u.k. as quickly as possible all right you might say we've heard that one before and it is true but it tells you something that a certain urgency is felt once again here in brussels and this all of this comes in the middle of european elections britain actually voted on those elections in those elections yesterday what impact is this political turmoil in the u.k. had on the campaign. yes it is again overshadowing some of the topics that europeans actually think are important if you look at the list in the polls what europeans want to talk about you have unemployment jobs youth unemployment especially some say it's migration some say it's climate change and it's not bragg's it but still this is a topic as you can see right here as we're sitting here talking about this and rita
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drags it always makes the news and overshadows everything else but there is one good point for the rest of the european union it seems to have forged everyone a little closer together than before that at least if you look at the brutal ratings for the e.u. in the $27.00 so all the countries except for the united kingdom then the appropriate all ratings for that you have gone up continuously across the board ever since bragg's it happened right max off on the deal these brussels bid she thank you very much. as i mentioned to resume is announcement comes in the midst of the european parliamentary elections with voting now in its 2nd day pulls in island of the czech republic of opened islands main parties have campaigned heavily to cement the nation's place in europe as uncertainty continues to loom over brags that no voters in most of the other even member countries will cost them ballots on sunday. now look at some other stories making news around the wild indian prime
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minister in the rain the more these holding talks aimed at forming a new cabinet and setting a date for his inauguration that's following his speaking reelection victory in the country's election the latest results show these hindu nationalist b.g.p. with a larger majority than in his 1st. california tech company space x. has launched a rocket carrying 60 satellites set to provide internet service from space the starlink network is the latest project from space x. found 11 mosque in total he plans to put strath 1000 satellites in orbit for the high speed network. schoolchildren have kicked off a while by protest a mining action on climate change it's a 2nd coordinated global demonstration by the fridays for future movement coopers in australia and new zealand got the protests really with their bid to pressurize
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politicians into taking more decisive steps to stop the was born when the young people around the world joined in the mass workout as the day progressed. and joining me now from brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin is own correspondent walter just so what's happening there right now in berlin and elsewhere. well as you can tell a lot is happening right behind me the live banners just started by this if you see today is a very happy and jolly event we came here early and i was absolutely surprised how organized this event has become the band has been set up early speakers there's even a helpline for people who might feel uncomfortable in the crowds i spoke to louis he's 13 and he told me he's been coming to every event on every friday but today is very special to him because it is the international crowd as for future movement so 1500 cities all over the world and he is very excited to be. at the
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demonstrators complaining that politicians aren't listening enough watching him back on these protests really having on politics do they matter. oh absolutely i mean we can keep in mind that we are in the middle of the european elections and people like louis well they're miners they can actually go out and vote and he told me i can cast my own vote but i will influence the adults around me to cast theirs and do that in a constructive way for climate and peace and also have been influenced we can see that in the campaigns in the last few weeks even the conservative parties have been talking about climate change and that way yes. definitely have made an impact so there's every indication that these protests will keep going if so how tell us more about that. so. we have this week spoken to the people here and they have come then to come other organizations have
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been inspired to join the parents the future has been great at scientists if you just been created and while i talked to one teacher who publicly supported their students to come saying well they might misspell regular lessons but then i mean one thing what it means to actually be participate in democracy today and that's the problem it's very important. right to test the water and the heart of blood in front of brandenburg gate thank you very much. it's been a 3 decade fight for equality but on friday taiwan made history by becoming the 1st base in asia to legalize same sex marriage the 1st game men and this been women have been tying the knot have a look at the historic day for taiwan sealed with a kiss these couples are among the very 1st to tie the knot on the day the island's landmark decision to legalize same sex marriage came into force taiwan became the 1st place to legalize same sex
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marriage in asia placing it at the vanguard of the growing gay rights movement in the region it's a momentous day that many couples have been waiting a long time for. ok today i can candidly tell everyone in front of so many people that we have got married when we're homosexual i feel that we are so lucky or have seen. hundreds of couples have been seizing the 1st opportunity to tie the knot some 300 pairs are expected to register today. this registration office in the capital taipei was packed it's the culmination of a 3 decade fight for equality the way to came a week after lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage to. spight staunch conservative opposition the new law still contains restrictions not placed on heterosexual couples including that same sex couples can currently only adopt their partner's biological children but gay rights groups say they are willing to accept this partial equality in the hope of winning those remaining legal battles later
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for now they're celebrating a hard fought victory. 3 all climbers have died and every step in the death toll on the once biggest peak this week alone to 72 indians and a 65 austrian lost their lives and mountaineers have long been complaining that the mountain is becoming too crowded and bottlenecks are developing risking lives. over there has also been causing major problems. joining me via skype from southwest in germany is a leading german climber raf dimwits you have now you've attempted to climb everest 1st of all explain to us why we're having this sudden spate of deaths on the mountain we have a very difficult season this year. very few weather windows so far on this on.
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just the 2 the 2nd one is still ongoing and on the north side on the tibetans are there is only one level in those. areas same time a lot of people are concentrating just on the same day mostly on the same day to climb the mountain and reach the highest point and that makes the speed of the climbing very slow there is even some queuing on 2 days ago there were people waiting for more than 2 hours on the summit ridge and all its 1800 and this makes the whole thing blurry really low and very very dangerous and why is it so overcrowded there have the authorities been just handing out too many permits. well this is one reason you cannot give the responsibility only to the government for handing out too many permits it would be a possibility of course on the new policy side also to reduce the amount of permits like it was done on the chinese side but it's mostly also a kind of self responsibility of the climbers that they decide not to go on the
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most crowded day that they are a little bit more patient and that they wait for an hour for a 2nd or for a certain weather window and only then start climbing the mountain where have you yourself have been on everything it's the highest mountain in the wind just how dangerous is it even without these current problems that we're seeing. at the base of everest on the south side you have to cross a really dangerous ice fall it's about 600 meters high in the ice or a pleasure is coming down and it breaks up in crevices in the hours and sarah and this is the 1st really dangerous part everybody who wants to climb everest should be aware of that he's taking a huge risk just crossing this icefall and there is no other way. then further on there is not there are not so much object if dangers but just the sheer
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amount of people climbing everest makes a danger in its own because as i already described the people are slowing down themselves some of them are some of the climbers are running short of supplemental oxygen or even running out of stockmen you oxygen and once you have been relying on the oxygen and suddenly it stops are you going to have enough anymore it's really dangerous and we learned of people die just from a lack of the not an oxygen that's her thought the biggest problems they're mountain climber rough and doing of it thank you very much for sharing your insights with us ended up here sure. now they've been called the oscars for wax about integration and cultural diversity the civis media prizes were handed out of the ceremony in at the german foreign ministry among the winners was a film based on true events about anti semitic attacks in a secondary school here and then. a celebratory gala evening at the foreign
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ministry. but the stories that won this year's serious media prize have serious subjects anti-semitism and the right wing extremism and increasingly harsh atmosphere. for prizes have already been awarded including for best newcomer lookouts not tots for his short film kippa. oscar do you go anywhere to pray with your family yes to the synagogue. oscar is adjusting to a new school after other students learn he's jewish he doesn't get a moment of peace. what do you think you can just walk on out hey guys what did i do to you know him and his schoolmates bullying him while school officials look the other way anti-semitism in a berlin school based on real events that's for sure and that's what. it would be great if the audience empathised with the protagonist and could put themselves into
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this peer pressure situation in this system i didn't the school. of course it's a story about anti semitism but it's also about bullying in general and civil courage and the lack of it. another winner it was a you tube movie called scoring girl's mind based on a project by took her take on the story she's a former professional soccer player who's been training girls for the past 2 years most come from refugee families. as well this was a gracious gift for me is seeing how these girls can develop in 2 years. for example who started when she was 13 now she's the captain of the teen. minds a film aims to show that integration can succeed that's also the goal of the service media process. here's a recap of the top story the. u.k.
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prime minister to resign his announced that she would resign as leader of the conservative party in june the 7th it follows massive criticism from within our own party after she failed to get support for her bread. up next do you want to know some extra kiddos was still with us because in good shape is coming up with advice on. safety i'm.
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i'd like to miss weight but when it diet me was. going to have to exercise to slim down. more can eat what should i avoid. and how can i call good healthy meals we're focusing on how to numerous weight and how to
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cook and eat healthy. in good shape next on g w. i mean a. raring to eat. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. the literature list 100 german street. sometime in the 26. the world. half a century. your world will be around 2 degrees warmer. inevitably sea levels rise at least one meter in this century.
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we're going to have some impacts we turned. the. ball. player. why are people more concerned. starts may 31st. coming up. how much energy does the body. affect what happens after a diet. and nutrition studies.


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