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i am. this is judy of the news coming to you live from berlin britain's prime minister a minister to resign me and nonces a resignation saying she had been left no other choice. with no ill will but with enormous and ensuring gratitude to a part of the opportunity to serve the country. to.
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me it was under pressure from our own conservative party over her failure to deliver it. also coming up with a kiss after a 30 year struggle time won becomes the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage. and sounding the alarm on the climate emergency school children and teenagers from more than 120 countries take to the streets to demand action from political leaders to save the planet. hello and welcome. british prime minister to resign he has announced that she would be resigning as leader of a conservative party on june the 7th in a speech outside downing street may said she had tried her best to honor the brave . she had been under growing pressure to. stepped down over her failure to get
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m.p.'s to support. the deal which laid out the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union. they lobby a conservative leadership contest with some of our colleagues already and on saying they want the top job until that race is decided me will stay on as prime minister she called the road the honor of a lifetime take a listen whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill
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will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. journey me now from london it is obvious correspondent barbara ways and barbara to isn't me doing it to me a wasn't a person to show emotions today we got a glimpse of her feelings what does this resignation mean to her do you think. for her of course this means failure nothing else because she knows that she doesn't really leave a political heritage to countries throughout her time and government has been so absolutely immobilized by breck's it that nothing much got done she has no big successes you know passing new laws through column into our making you know so sure are the reaffirms it was all sort of turning around and in the end she couldn't
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deliver it those were her words so often she had promised that and we finally saw the feelings off trees and made the woman who had always seemed so i'm touchable and so i'm touched by the potions she suffered at the humiliation she suffered from own party particularly so this is the enduring image that will probably stay from her time in office to resume a living in cheers and at the end showing your frailty and her humanity. well put barbara and we'll get more reactions to her resignation in just a moment but 1st let's take a look back on the highs and lows of terror is the mean time as prime minister. even when she tried to be cool to reason may couldn't help but look a little stiff her leadership style earned her the nickname mae bot and it was with the same robotic determination that she would try and push through bricks that.
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when made took over the premiership from david cameron britain had just voted to leave europe may has self had campaigned to remain in the year yet despite her own convictions she would make it her personal mission to deliver a breath sit deal for the british people. following the referendum we face a time of great national change and i know because we're great britain that we will rise to the challenge as we leave the european union we will forge a forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world but forging that new role would prove much harder than anticipated made negotiations appear to be doomed from the start the e.u. loath to see the u.k. leave the union made it clear that there would be no cherry picking it soon became evident that the bracks of may could deliver was not the bracks that many in britain had voted for. and attempt to get a stronger mandate for her bracks
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a vision backfired spectacularly tough to make or snap elections in june 2017 she ended up weaker than before short of a majority in parliament and forced to make a deal with the hardline northern irish the u.p.a. in order to govern but maybe wouldn't be deterred smiling through gritted teeth she carried on with the task of pushing through bracks it come what may bricks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it bricks it needs frex it i'm very clear bricks it does mean bracks it's. empty phrases drawing ridicule from the opposition all we care is even more bizarre soundbites remember when we. marriage for actually means breaks it then we had liberal break search and now we have ambitious managed divergence. and she got flak from within her own ranks with several of her key ministers
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resigning over the breakfast issue for. finally against all the odds and after months of negotiations london and brussels agreed on a draft breck's a deal e.u. leaders approved it but may fail to drum up enough support for the deal at home. at the last minute she was forced to call off a parliamentary vote after it became clear that she would not get the deal through . a desperate last ditch attempts to meet european leaders followed to try and get some concessions to make the deal more palatable to her critics but to no avail just as members of her own party seize the moment to challenge her leadership but may survive the vote of no confidence amongst tory m.p.'s. a dogfight over her deal ensued 3 times it went before parliament and 3 times it was rejected by m.p.'s. it was postponed and meant britain had to
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take part in the european parliament elections muster talks between the opposition labor party and mates conservative government figures a compromise over break that broke down because lunging the country back into uncertainty may's final attempt to repackage her bracks a deal fails in the end it was too much for may to survive. so barbara finally the moment is here today is the man has been forced to step down and this week the reaction to her resignation has and. we must hope that she doesn't read the most of them because many who are now talking about her having stepped down damning her was faint praise her maybe the success of boris johnson for instance he talks about series i'm a being a stealthy kill and patient woman and his party called the injuries
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a man's personal nemesis the bricks of a hardliner jacob riis mog he says nothing in office became her like the leaving office ouch is the only thing you can say that the leader of the lib dems says that she all of us try to make the wrong compromises which isn't very complimentary either only one of the labor women harriet harman reminds people off driesum a being a human being and a woman in the dominant leaving millions world trying to do a very difficult job and the labor leader jeremy carvin of course insists this occasion he tries to set out his political intentions and his political will. yes we want to prevent and no deal breaks it and we will do everything in parliament to prevent. but the reality is a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another
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opportunity for the people of this country to decide who they want in their government how they want the government to be run what the long term structure is that government i think we did a general election we don't need another tory leader installed by tory or place. so that banner of us of course the leader of the labor party again calling a for a general election this march and the return of the speculation right now but are there any hints who could become to reason is successor. it is amazing because by the minute they seem to be more cherries standing up and saying let me do it let me have the job the latest we heard was that even great him brady the forman off the committee of the backbenchers who finally brought to reason made down is now standing as his successor jeremy hunt the foreign minister is among them dominic robb the form of brecht's it minister who had stepped down after over
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his disagreements was to reason me about the shape of great city and then of course we have the front runner boris johnson who can hardly wait and was sort of like scrambling are ready to get going and to get throw himself into this leadership competition which will begin immediately after treason may has stepped down on june 7th however which is in officially and behind the scenes already going on for days so far it's just supposed to have the nose for the nose in front because the party grassroots they like him and he has some support in the party but you never know with conservatives the party is a rather snake pit when it comes to the choices of personnel and we might yet be surprised right barbara visit sunny in front of the british parliament in london a real pleasure to talk to you.
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that may not be up to date but some of the stories making news around the indian prime certainly the most of these holding talks aimed at forming a new cabinet and setting a date for his inauguration this follows his speaking victory in the country's election the latest results show of more of these hindu nationalist party the b.g.p. has gained a larger majority than in his 1st. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has reached a provisional deal to settle money. civil cases against him for sexual misconduct the deal is reportedly worth $44000000.00 but it hasn't been signed yet weinstein also faces criminal charges including rape his trial in new york is due to begin in september. in breaking news from kenya the high called there has ruled that same sex relations will remain a criminal offense the ruling is
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a huge setback for activists who had fought hard for a reversal of the law it dates back to the british colonial era and makes almost sexuality punishable with 14 years in prison. in. the united states has filed new charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange they accuse him of violating the espionage act by publishing secret documents containing the names of confidential military and diplomatic sources it's an escalation in the case against assad which some fear could threaten tradition of press freedom as well. the u.s. justice department's new indictment says that julian assange directed former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to illegally obtain classified information or any other grand jury the wiki leaks founder didn't release the sensitive documents that could have implications for us on his future already he spent 70 years in
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london 2nd dorrian embassy in the hope of avoiding extradition to other countries swedish prosecutors also want him in connection with sexual assault charges but a song's feared the u.s. could bring charges against him too when he was removed from the embassy in april and jailed for breaching u.k. bail terms the justice department revealed it was charging him with conspiring with manning to crack a defense department computer password. the latest charges go much further though free speech advocates say they represent a crackdown by the justice department on national security leaks that's got traditional news outlets worried to searching out and publishing classified information is part and parcel of their work those same concerns over freedom of the press under the obama administration let the justice department to block it bringing charges for similar conduct. have died on everest sticking the death toll on the was highest peak this week alone 272 indians and a 65 austrian lost their lives monson is have
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a long been complaining that the mountain is becoming too crowded and bottlenecks are developing risking lives poor weather has also been causing major problems. joining me via skype from southwest in germany is a leading german climate of deal of it's enough now you've attempted to climb everest 1st of all explain to us via we're having these sudden spate of deaths on the mountain. we have a very difficult season this year there were very few well windows so far on the east side of well just the 2 the 2nd one is still ongoing and on the north side on the tibetan side there is only one where the windows. loris same time a lot of people are concentrating just on the same day mostly on the same day to climb the mountain and reach the highest point and that makes the speed of the
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climbing very slow there is even some queuing on 2 days ago there were people waiting for more than 2 hours on the summit ridge and now it's 1800 and this makes the whole thing blurry where it's slow and very very dangerous and why is it so overcrowded there have the authorities been just handing out too many permits well this is one reason you cannot give the responsibility only to the government for handing out too many permits it would be a possibility of course on the new policy side also reduce the amount of permits like it was done on the chinese side but it's mostly also a kind of self responsibility of the climbers that they decide not to go on the most crowded days that they are a little bit more patient and that they wait for an hour for a 2nd or for a certain weather window and only then start landing mountain their view you're 35 be on everything it's the highest mountain in the one just how dangerous is it even
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without these current problems that we're seeing. well at the base of everest on the south side you have to cross a really dangerous ice fall it's about 600 meters high and the ice over pleasure is coming steeply town and it breaks out in crevices in hours and sarah and this is the 1st really dangerous art everybody who wants to climb everest should be aware of that he's taking a huge risk just crossing this icefall and there is no other way. then further on there is not there are not so much object if dangers but just the sheer amount of people driving arrest makes the danger and it's all because as i already described the people are slowing down themselves some of them are some of the climbers are running short of supplemental oxygen or even running out of oxygen and once you have been relying on the oxygen and suddenly it stops are you going to
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have enough anymore it's really dangerous and very often people die just from a lack of the not an oxygen that's where they thought the biggest problems their mountain climber raffa doing with thank you very much for sharing your insights with us on the w. sure. well in kenya there's been a setback for gay rights in taiwan there's been a milestone it's been a 3 decade fight for equality but on friday today taiwan made history by becoming the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage the 1st gay men and lesbian women have been tying the knot have a look. a historic day for taiwan sealed with a kiss these couples are among the very 1st to tie the knot on the day the island's landmark decision to legalize same sex marriage came into force taiwan became the 1st place to legalize same sex marriage in asia placing it at the vanguard of the growing gay rights movement in the region it's
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a momentous day that many couples have been waiting a long time for. ok today i can candidly tell everyone in front of so many people that we have got married were homosexual i feel that we are so lucky to see. hundreds of couples have been seizing the 1st opportunity to tie the knot some 300 pairs are expected to register today. this registration office in the capital taipei was packed it's the culmination of a 3 decade fight for equality the wedding came a week after lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage despite staunch conservative opposition the new law still contains restrictions not placed on heterosexual couples including that same sex couples can currently only adopt their partner's biological children but gay rights groups say they are willing to accept this partial equality in the hope of winning those remaining legal battles later for now they're celebrating
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a hard fought victory. schoolchildren have kicked off a one by protest to manning action on climate change it's a 2nd quarter native go a demonstration by the fridays for future movement pupils in australia and new zealand got the protest rolling with their bids to pressurize politicians into taking more decisive steps to stop global warming and the young children around the world joined the masses who caught as the day progressed. and joining me now from brandenburg gate in the heart of berlin is own correspondent walter to so what's happening there right now in berlin and elsewhere. well as you can tell a lot is happening right behind me the live banners just started by this if you today is a very happy and jolly event we came here ali and i was absolutely surprised how organized this event has become the band has been set up early speakers as you know
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how the people who might feel uncomfortable in the crowds i spoke to louis he's 13 and he told me he's been coming to every event on every friday but today is very special to him because it is the international crowd as the future movement so 1500 cities all over the world and here is very excited to be. at the demonstrators complaining that politicians aren't listening enough what in fact are these protests really having on politics do they matter. oh absolutely i mean we can keep in mind that we are in the middle of the european elections and people like louis well they're minors they can actually go out and vote and he told me i can cast my own vote but i will influence the adults around me to cast theirs and do that in a constructive way for climate and peace and also have been influence we can see that in the campaigns in the last few weeks even the conservative parties have been
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talking about climate change and that way yes they definitely have. made an impact so there's every indication that these protests will keep going if so how tell us more about that. so. we have the spoken to the people here and they have commenced to come out their organization have been inspired to join the parents to future has been great at scientists if you just been created and i've talked to one teacher who publicly supported this duty succumbed saying well they might miss that regular lessees but then i mean one thing what it means to actually be participate in democracy today and that's the problem is very important. rides a test of also in the heart of blood and in front of brandenburg gate thank you very much. for the 1st time in jail new doctors have delivered babies born to mothers transplanted the uterus is the 2 births happened in the town of tubing and and follow on from the 1st successful uterine transplant in germany in 2016 the
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mothers the both born with are to you chris a recognition and could not have had given birth the new procedure the 2 of to begin to did a swedish doctor who performed the was 1st year and. a groundbreaking birth for in germany this is the 1st baby to have gestated and a transplanted uterus the end of a decade long psychological and physical journey for the mother she was born without a uterus or a vagina. 2 a half years ago her own mother donated her uterus since then she had to take medicine to make sure her body didn't reject the new womb her eggs were artificially inseminated using her husband's sperm. so the baby is genetically her own. professors of a book at the university of to begin has researched the topic for 16 years critics
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say the procedure is ethically dubious or worse one should wanting to become a mother and have children is a completely natural need and since surrogacy is not possible in germany the uterus transplant was the only choice we had. and. i think it's problematic to do everything medically possible to fulfill the desire to bear children because there's simply no life threatening disease here we should really be much more cautious. the researchers now want to gain more experience and soon create a uterus transplantation center. to us forces in the bundesliga as regular season may be over but after finishing 3rd from the bottom struck on still have to fight for their place in the top flight they faced the 2nd divisions 3rd place team in in the 1st leg of a playoff on thursday and it turned out to be a thriller. stuart got struggled to make the home advantage count in the early
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stages but managed to score against the run of play just 3 minutes before half time honest i was just honest charge from box to box to set up captain christie and get one nil but the lead didn't last long. just 87 seconds later the saleman absalom he showed excellent skill to equalise through an yone prompting wild celebrations that nearly knocked over the referee the nigerian with just his 3rd goal of the season was a time to score it. after the break stuart got brought on veteran strike a mario gomez who made an immediate impact and uncharacteristic run from the half way line culminated in a lucky goal to make it $21.00 off to 51 minutes the bull deflected off the foot and head of on your own defender marvin feed the fish but he redeemed himself in the 68th minute after a corner he scored
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a towering hedda to level the schools to old a droll that gives on your own berlin a great chunks at sealing promotion in monday's return leg. he watching the danny is coming to you live from but and here's a recap of the breaking news which is coming in kenya's high court has ruled that same sex relations with the mean a criminal offense the law did backs to the british colonial era and makes homosexuality punishment with up to 14 yes in prison. of course to bring you more on that story as soon as a becomes available and here's a recap off the top story the feel you get wrongness of terrorism may has announced that she resigned as leader of the conservative party on june the 7th it follows heavy criticism from within her own party office she failed to get support. with the european union tourism is says she will remain as skeptical prime minister
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until a new leader is chosen a process that could take several weeks. up next we have more on the marathon indian election on to d.w. news asia do stay with us for that if you can from me under thought she is by for now.
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eco india. * from trash to tread. textile waste from garment production is cluttering be involved. in india
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bangladesh. fashion label from a stoning up is doing something about it with well thought out up cycling. 60 minutes. history on the other news a shop where a hindu. but a long drawn out combative and even father and election campaign draw stuart rose. color for one in 6 people in this world. join me british comedy as we try to understand their goals. this make. our lives of their newspapers. sometime in the 26 to you my great granddaughter people. move the world to liking your life in around half a century. the world will be
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a true degrees more. inevitably sea level rise by at least one meter in a century it's really frightening. why aren't people more concerned. to yellow. stars move through 1st on d w. this is the. coming up on the program a resoundingly victory for india's prime minister to render bodi he and his hindu nationalist party win outright majority in general elections but will move to deliver the inclusive india he's promised. that's what many of india's young people want to know. is in delhi asking if things will get better or worse
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for them under 5 more years of modi.

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