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this is t w 5 from britain's prime minister says she has no choice but to quit she will resign on the 7th of june. i do so with no ill will but we didn't all this. to attach the opportunity to serve the country. through the maze failing to deliver it nearly 3 years after the u.k.'s referendum sealed her fate on the program sealed with a kiss after a 30 year struggle to becomes the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage.
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into towards the playoffs 1st back a 2nd division. will stay within reach of the german top flight. i'm phil gale welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may has announced that she will resign as leader of her conservative party on the 7th of june she's been under increasing pressure because of her failure to get a piece to support deal which lays out the terms of the you case departure from the european union speaking outside 10 downing street mrs may said she had tried her best to all of the result of the back seat referendum and she resigns on the conservative party will then hold a leadership contest some of mrs most colleagues have already announced their intention to stand she will continue as prime minister until that race is decided
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in an emotional speech she described the role as the honor of a lifetime. whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. and she was gone straight to d.w. correspondent barbara vessel in london welcome barbara what happens now. now to
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reason maybe saw her driveway early in the day from downing street in her limousine and she is truly going home to her constituency where she lives and she's surely going to take a stiff drink after having had a crying jag in front of the cameras off the nation she's supposed to favor scottish whiskey and she's rather going to need it after that she'll be back on the job on monday and she will continue to fullest job at least formally until the korean party has chosen a new leader that is supposedly going to be by mid july so then she will be what you call a caretaker government she can do anything really but she will sort of react to real emergencies and be there she will for instance agree to donald trump the american president when he arrives here in london for his visit in the 1st week of july and his whole family and she will go and travel to the d.-day commemorations
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a day after that in normandy those are the last official duties really of her time in office and after that it's off into we don't know but supposedly retirement and let's talk about a reaction that let's start with the opposition labor party would have a say. the labor party of course sees that the prime minister they have been fighting so intensely and so fiercely against for so long and whom they have tried to very carefully may be negotiated a compromise through in the last 2 weeks that all was new was not really going to be possible because her time in office was limited that was visible for weeks the labor party now of course sets out their political stall only one had something to do with to say about your resume and that was made was harriet harman who said that people should think about that she's issue men after all and she was
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a woman in what is still predominantly a men's world and she had a difficult job that in the end that is what the labor party of course say says she failed to do for jeremy corbyn he looks to the future. yes we want to prevent and no deal breaks it and we will do everything in parliament to prevent. but the reality is a new conservative leader isn't going to solve the problem. there has to be another opportunity for the people of this country to decide who they want government how they want the government to run what the long term structure is of that government i think we did a general election we don't need another tory leader installed by tory a please. let's bring in the president mr alex of forrest whiting we'll get to the big issue of bricks in just a moment let's start 1st of all with other political reaction yes it's been
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a lot of political reaction ticky on social media and i'll start with britain's and to e.u. populist nigel for raj the head of the brics it party he criticized both to recently and have created david cameron in his tweet he said it is difficult not to feel for mrs may but politically she misjudged the mood of the country and her party to tory leaders have now gone his instincts were pro e.u. either the party learns that lesson or it dies and then on to the former british foreign secretary boris johnson who as we know has already thrown his hat into the ring he has announced his intention to succeed theresa may he set a very dignified statement thank you for your stoical service to our country and the conservative party it is now time to follow her to come together and to live brics it which is obviously what he wants now to do or johnson who is a name that is quite familiar with in the u.k.
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and around the world recently appointed him as foreign secretary and then he resigned. he would seem to be the candidate to beat it does seem like that at the moment which is funny because a few months ago he was kind of written off as being a bit of a joke not being the best foreign secretary the u.k. has ever had however the thing about boris johnson is despite brights it he still cuts through on the politicians conned and he is well liked and particularly within the conservative party members remember 120000. some conservative party members will decide who the next tory party leader will be in a recent poll he talked to 34 percent dominic rob the person who was judge 2nd at 13 percent so it shows just how popular he is and just looking at night show for raj the man who on sunday when we get those results from the european elections it will be from his party that has done so well and really taken many votes in the
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conservatives many people feel that boris johnson is the man to take on. that even within parliament within his and posse it looks like boris johnson will be able to win over some support barbara fazel in london britain gets a new prime minister how does that affect the likelihood of the country leaving the european union on the 31st of october. who knows phil because the short answer to that question is nothing is changed he finds the successor to the reason may he finds the same of parliamentary divisions that's a reason may had to struggle was he of course finds the same. drawl deal on the table that the european union had negotiated with trees in may and the e.u. is adamant it's not going to open that again of course boris johnson if he'd become successor he will surely give it a try however in the end will come out exactly the same parameters that we have
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today and also we heard him already say during this day that by the 31st of october britain is going to be out of the e.u. deal or no deal so now we go where we seem to know where the journey goes because he is ready to sort of drag the country out no move no matter what and many already deplore that if he comes into office the likelihood there's going to be a hard break so it is rising by the hour bob rafelson who london alex 1st washing thank you. will get a job in reaction in just a moment 1st let's go to brussels and get the reaction from back from our bureau chief max hoffman welcome box so how is the news of cerise amaze imminent resignation being received that. we had a couple of reaction so far phil for example from him in one of my calls office so the french president who said they needed clarification quickly what the exit path
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of the u.k. would be going forward of course that's something we've heard before and as bubble that is the in london just mentioned the crucial question here is whether whatever was negotiated in the past weeks years really has is now ready to be thrown into the trash or not and there's an old code younger the head of the u. commission already said they were not ready to renegotiate this infamous withdrawal agreement that the war supremum which is legally binding so this might be might be a fight and off the record we've heard from from some of our sources in the european council that they said you know it's a shame how much time was wasted with the british in fighting in the last months that could have been used to actually negotiate something good time is really wasted look how much we've learned and if the prime minister does go once the prime minister has gone and another prime minister takes over ok you say that brussels
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says it doesn't want to fight but it may well have to have a different british prime minister may well look differently at the well is likely to look differently at this deal in the whole budget process. you know because if e.u. looks at it exactly the same way 3 some made the where the chances of success there back home it's really hard to say because the negotiation position brussels hasn't changed they they you know they're still at the better end of things and it really would have to be someone who's ready to what some here consider to be complete suicide economical suicide also known as a hard brags that here in brussels it seems that boss johnson and should he become prime minister would be ready to do that i don't know if the european union would blink in the end if they had someone like it like that sitting at the other end because of course the european union has something to lose as well but a lot less than the u.k. so in terms of the potential successors to theresa may out of brussels this is
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likely to maintain a diplomatic silence on this but did you think brussels is likely to have a preferred candidate it all may be one that they'd rather avoid in fact while i'm sure that you commission would have somebody they prefer if you gave them a list you know they could point to a name and say we would like that person better than the other one and most likely that person they would point to would not be board johnson because boris johnson is a very well known entity here and it's never gone to well he's been here in political function but he also was here as a journalist in the past and was known for his reporting on the you commission back then and of course the position he's taking at the moment saying that we will leave the european union at the end of october which is the current deadline for brags that no matter what if we have a new agreement or not so he doesn't seem to be afraid of our bags and that's not a position that you commission can like myself not to brussels thank you.
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teresa mayes resignation comes in the middle of elections for the european parliament which is being held across the block button voted yesterday a most countries will vote on sunday european conservatives are just starting their final rally in munich bringing together leaders from a number of countries. for very conservatives would defend your book i'm surprised at his party's he said the challenge of bracks it showed what happens when voters listen to the populists. cousin has been not listening to him at springer and how welcoming in munich will start with this resignation what have you heard in terms of reaction to her announcement thanks a lot of raised eyebrows and hearing these uncertain times the man who is also here this evening let it be known that she always work constructively with theresa may in fact we of course did see her come and check in with the chancellor usually
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without any public statements on when she was on yet another tour towards brussels to try and secure some more concessions to take back and actually get voted through in her own parliament at the same time the german chancellor that it be known that she would work with whoever becomes the next prime minister quite clearly wanted to make sure not to show any kind of preference and that she was hoping to see you know what if he breaks it and close ties is possible with britain so you can see germany trying to maintain the periods of noninterference but the same time of course is a preference here for britain to never leave you at all and so did all this turmoil in the u.k. is that likely to have any impact on these elections being held over the next few days. well clearly i mean if we're seeing the new party tonight so far is essentially the europe the bracks party soaring there in the appeal. wholes this will be
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a slap in the face of the european union and more concrete it will make the job of months with neighbors who seem to speak behind me at the top condit the man who hopes to become the next commission president that much harder because the math will be complicated with the brits going to vote and essentially strengthening what the right thing to thank you but suppose to be in you know in the right pretty much for granted european parliament so it's making life much harder for the other parties and one of the 1st things buffett has said coming in here today is that he would not leave this europe to go for populists it's quite clear that this is the fight that's being fought over these coming days now you know there amongst the conservatives they're just close their election campaign was speeches from i'm going to go as well as manfred. one of we've been here thank you they're about to be behind you might need to do that
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monthly these are is the barrier made sure to also bring the woman on food she succeeded on the mantle of the seat party. and could also become the next song so many see have pretty much in the frame there already and so we do expect to hear a lot about this struggle the fun begins now so listen that i'm going back also highlighted there's very few election appearances that she heads coming up throughout this evening but for now you can see there's also a distinct focus on a bit of an. relieve you terry perhaps i will come back to you when you have a go at karaoke i'm a fairly tough one thank you. some of the other stories making news around the world and your prime minister narendra modi is holding talks aimed at forming a new cabinet on setting a date for his inauguration latest election results indicate a landslide victory has given his a hindu nationalist party the b.j.
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an increased majority. only with producer harvey weinstein has reached a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct reportedly worth $44000000.00 the deal hasn't yet been signed mr weinstein is also facing criminal charges including right the trial in new york is due to begin in september. kenya's high court has upheld a ban on same sex relations the ruling is a huge setback for l.g. 80 activists who fought for our young reversal of the little legislation dates back to the british colonial era makes homosexual acts punishable with up to 14 years in prison. different story in taiwan which is made history by becoming the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage dozens of couples have celebrated by tying the knot but the battle for equal rights is far from over. alex and joe
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have turned a new page in their relationship. it's something they never could have imagined in 2017 when taiwan's top court 1st made gay marriage a constitutional right. engine darwin says the stamps are gifts from my sister when the constitutional court handed down its ruling 2 years ago i feel very emotional that it is finally coming true passing through the back and outs now which is you're going to use the stamps for the 1st time on the wedding document with the intensity of. the couple didn't wear tuxedos but a simple outfit with a bow tie in the iconic rainbow colors for them marriage is about more than romance . when we talk about marriage equality equality is crucial. this is the most important day in my life
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and for taiwan's human rights history. guys. if i didn't get married on the 1st day i would probably regret it for my entire life. it's also a kind of legal assurance for us. alex and joe were among hundreds of couples who tied the knot on friday but the new law only recognizes trans national partners from $26.00 countries around the world where same sex marriage is already legalized in other words all asian transnational couples in taiwan are excluded. leaders of the campaign for marriage equality said there are other problems with the law which may trigger further litigation if they're not rectified it. says too. much. include the county. and it just needs. a. nudge which.
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is perfect and might truth he's. likely. to see in a controversial referendum last year over 70 percent of voters agree to restrict the definition of marriage to heterosexual couples if they go cold just like about their big government legalize same sex marriage and that they with special law the opposition groups do criticize that as turning a blind eye to public oh pinion and they're not ruling out any possibility. other referendum against it much of time when a society clearly views gay marriage skeptically so the individual families joe regrets that his own mother didn't attend his wedding where they were pretty basic understanding and discrimination won't disappear now that the door of marriage has opened we still need to make a lot of effort to communicate change is a slow process. both alex and joe say that the key to true equality is not the law
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but education despite the rocky road ahead many a time one's newly wedded gays are optimistic and determined to carry on. it was indeed doubly new still to come a medical breakthrough in germany doctors to. bases for tomatoes with transplanted uterus is. the united states has filed new charges against wiki leaks founder julian assange says that kills him of violating the espionage act of publishing secret documents containing the names of confidential military and diplomatic sources it's an escalation in the calls again in the case against the song which some fear could also threaten traditional press freedom. the u.s. justice department's new indictment says that julian assange directed former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to illegally obtain classified information or any other grand jury the wiki leaks founder didn't release the sensitive documents
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that could have implications for us on his future already he spent 7 years in london so i could dorian embassy and the hope of avoiding extradition to other countries swedish prosecutors also want him in connection with sexual assault charges but assigns fear the u.s. could bring charges against him too when he was removed from the embassy in april and jailed for breaching u.k. bail terms the justice department revealed it was charging him with conspiring with manning to crack a defense department computer password. the latest charges go much further though free speech advocates say they represent a crackdown by the justice department on national security leaks that's the traditional news outlets worry to searching out and publishing classified information is part and parcel of their work those same concerns over freedom of the press under the obama administration let the justice department to pocket bringing charges for similar conduct. of the 1st time in germany doctors have delivered babies born to mothers with transplanted uterus as the 2 births happened
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in the time of 2000000000 and falling germany's 1st successful huge drug transplant in 2060 neither mother could have given birth without this new procedure. a groundbreaking birth for germany this is the 1st baby to have gestated and a transplanted uterus the end of a decade long psychological and physical journey for the mother she was born without a uterus or a vagina. 2 and a half years ago her own mother donated her uterus since then she had to take medicine to make sure her body didn't reject the new womb her eggs were artificially inseminated using her husband's sperm so the baby is genetically her own. professors of a book at the university of to begin has researched the topic for 16 years critics say the procedure is ethically dubious or worse he loved ones wanting to become a mother and have children is
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a completely natural need and since surrogacy is not possible in germany the uterus transplant was the only choice we had. and. how difficult in ma i think it's problematic to do everything medically possible to fulfill the desire to bear children because there's simply no like threatening disease here we should really be much more cautious because. the researchers now want to gain more experience and soon create a uterus transplantation center. thousands of young people around the world have demonstrated against the climate crisis as part of the global fridays for future movement of the campaigns initiators swedish activist aggressive totenberg tweeted these pictures from stockholm where students skip school to take to the streets young protesters also demonstrated in other european cities like milan italy and also in asia one ngo tweeted climate strike in seoul south korea are inspiring
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leading this urgent movement to take the future seriously of protests also took place in syria is footage of young demonstrators in the city of a county commissioner. in football the bundesliga regular season may be over but after finishing 3rd from bottom still got now have to fight to keep their place in the top league on thursday they faced a playoff against only on ballin who are the 2nd division to 3rd place team it was the 1st leg of a 2 game playoff and it turned out to be a threat. post stuart got struggle to make the home advantage count in the early stages but managed to score against the run of play just 3 minutes before half time honest i was just honest shots from box to box to set up captain christie and get one nil but the lead didn't last long. just 87 seconds later saleman abdelilah he showed excellent skill to equalize for an yone prompting
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wild celebrations that nearly knocked over the referee a nigerian with just his 3rd goal of the season what a time to score it. after the break stuart got brought on veteran strike a mario gomez who made an immediate impact an uncharacteristic run from the halfway line culminated in a lucky goal to make it $21.00 off to 51 minutes the bull deflected off the foot and head of on your own defender mob in feverish but he redeemed himself in the 68th minute. after a corner he scored a towering hedda some level the school's too old a droll that gives on your own berlin a great song set ceiling promotion in monday's return leg. this is day w coming up next to india the environment magazine a short while the back of the top of the top of course there's always the web site to follow the latest news and information around the clock that's t w dot com i'm
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going to.
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go india. from trash to trash. textile waste from garment production is cluttering the environment. in india bangladesh. a fashion label from a stony up is doing something about it with well thought out up cycling.
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here straight on to other news asia where in. quite a long drawn out combative and even violent election campaign draws to a close. to consult and affect one in 6 people in this world. join me british credited as we try to understand granger told. this me. on good afternoon asia. china berlin tourist guide germany is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series. like stories. i love even my position was against racism looks like the toughest race like me described as 50 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very
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best. an early start may 25th on t.w. . hello and welcome to eco india this week we get you up close with the communities who are often the 1st responders to some of the biggest ecological and social changes our planet is witnessing son darren who coming to you from mumbai in india .


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