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this is the w.'s lie from birth that britain's prime minister says she has no choice but to quit she will resign on june the 2nd. i do so with no ill will but with enormous gratitude to attach the opportunity to serve the country i know. through the maze failure to deliver breakfast and nearly 3 years after the case referendum sealed my fate also on the program sealed with a kiss after 30 years struggle taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to legalize
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same sex marriage. in an exciting point just think of class 2nd division badminton stroll with street got their next match will decide what you think join germany's. footballing. i'm phil gal welcome to the program british prime minister theresa may has announced that she will resign as leader of a conservative party on the 7th of june this is may has been under increasing pressure because of a failure to get m.p.'s to back that deal which lays out the terms of the u. case departure from the european union's speaking outside 10 downing street she said she had tried her best to on of the results of the present referendum when she resigns on the 7th the conservative party will then hold a leadership contest some of her colleagues have already announced that they will
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stand she'll continue as prime minister until that race is decided in an emotional speech the prime minister described the role as the owner of a lifetime. whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. and commentators have been fond of
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saying that recently i was in office but not in power and it was a failure to pursue a brad said deal that ultimately proved her undoing she held on to the top job in british politics for longer than skeptics including many in her own party had expected but her decision to stand down was seen as inevitable. even when she tried to be cool to reason may couldn't help but look a little stiff her leadership style earned her the nickname mae bot and it was with the same robotic determination that she would try and push through bricks that. when made took over the premiership from david cameron britain had just voted to leave europe may has self had campaigned to remain in here yet despite her own convictions she would make it her personal mission to deliver a breath sit still for the british people. following the referendum we face a time of great national change and i know because we're great britain that we will
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rise to the challenge as we leave the european union we will forge a forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world but forging that new role would prove much harder than anticipated. negotiations appeared to be doomed from the start the e.u. loath to see the u.k. leave the union made it clear that there would be no cherry picking it soon became evident that the bracks of may could deliver was not the bracks that many in britain had voted for. and attempt to get a stronger mandate for her bracks a vision backfired spectacularly enough to make cold snap elections in june 2017 she ended up weaker than before short of a majority in parliament and forced to make a deal with the hardline northern irish the u.p.a. in order to govern but maybe wouldn't be deterred smiling through gritted teeth she carried on with the task of pushing through bracks it come what may bricks it means bricks it and we're going to make
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a success of it bricks it needs frets it i'm very clear bricks it does mean bracks it's. empty phrases drawing ridicule from the opposition all we care is even more bizarre soundbites remember when. we had were actually means grex it then we had liberal breaks it and now we have ambitious managed divergence. and she got flak from within her own ranks with several of her key ministers resigning over the breakfast issue. finally against all the odds and after months of negotiations london and brussels agreed on a draft breck's a deal e.u. leaders approved it but may fail to drum up enough support for the deal at home. at the last minute she was forced to call off a parliamentary vote after it became clear that she would not get the deal through
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. a desperate last ditch attempts to meet european leaders followed to try and get some concessions to make the deal more palatable to her critics 30 to no avail just as members of her own party seize the moment to challenge her leadership but may survive the vote of no confidence amongst tory m.p.'s. a fight over her deal in. 3 times it went before parliament and 3 times it was rejected by m.p.'s. it was postponed and meant britain had to take part in the european parliament elections muster talks between the opposition labor party and mates conservative governments seeking a compromise over breaks that broke down plunging the country back into uncertainty may's final attempt to repackage her brecht city or fails. in the end it was too much for may to survive. let's get more on this from tom
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nottle he had seabird and bureau of the weekly news magazine the economist welcome to d.w. people within the country and indeed outside are going to look at this rather puzzles and ask themselves will i will a new british prime minister change the landscape i think that's a reasonable question whoever it is who succeeds to resume a conservative leader and prime minister will very quickly find themselves confronted by the same difficulties that made life so hard for to reason may they will find a european union that is not prepared to make any substantial changes to the with george agreement they will find parliamentary arithmetic at home that makes it almost impossible to get a deal through parliament and so they may find that they're going to have to take a rather radical step whether that's trying to push the new deal asking for another election possibly even a 2nd referendums because the fundamental reality despite all the drama hasn't
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really changed and so. we're in uncharted waters now a new prime minister brussels of course is going to say no nothing changes but when it comes down to it if a new leader of one of the major powers within the bloc says look this house to change can you see any concessions being made. i don't think that the situation is any different from the one that reason may have found herself in the sense that the withdrawal agreement including the dreaded northern irish backstop that is not up for renegotiation in case that message hadn't been made clear dozens of times before it was reiterated today by mark with the dutch prime minister whoever it is who find themselves meeting a british negotiating team in brussels is going to run up against that that said the political declaration the 2nd part of the brics it deal which sets out the terms for the future relationship it is always been made clear from the e.u.
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negotiators that that can be changed and so for example if boris johnson or dominic robb or michael gove or whoever it is who ends up taking over from to reason may want to adjust that to make it indicate they have a different vision for the future relationship that's certainly something that could be renegotiated but that has always been the case bragg's it has consumed a lot of time and energy has it done much damage to the block. interesting question up until a few months ago i would say no because if the e.u. is good at doing anything it's good at compartmentalizing problems and putting officials in charge of it and leaving the politicians to get on with other things and that's exactly what happened during the 2 year article 50 process that was given over to michel bonnie and his team they negotiated a deal and the rest of the e.u. got on with this business i think that is now starting to change most obviously with the british participation in the european elections the numbers in what is
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going to be a very finely balanced european parliament. the presence of british m.p.'s there could change the balance they could for example complicate the question of how the parliament elects the new presidents of the european commission so i think we are starting finally to see the nightmare of brics it starts to infect the everyday business of the european union and i think when the dust settles in britain when we have a new prime minister mr singh to think about whether there's going to be yet another extension to breaks it that is going to be uppermost in the minds of e.u. leaders good talking to you thank you for joining us tom not all of the economist. well as we've just been hearing the prime minister's resignation comes in the middle of elections for the european parliament which are being held across the bloc but voted yesterday most countries will vote on sunday the european conservatives are holding their final rally in munich as we speak bringing together leaders from a number of countries their lead candidate for president of the european commission
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for the very best so the conservatives would defend europe became survivors of this party he said the challenge of breck's it shows what happens when voters listen to the populists. the customer has been not listening to him and that springer and how welcoming in munich will start with this resignation what have you heard in terms of reaction to her announcement thanks a lot of raised eyebrows and here and these are tons of americans also being thank you let it be known that she always work constructively with theresa may in fact we of course did see her comment check in with the chancellor usually without any public statements when she was on yet another tour towards brussels to try and secure some more concessions to take back and actually get voted through in her own parliament at the same time the german chancellor that it be known that she would work with whoever becomes the next prime minister quite clearly wanted to make sure
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not to show any kind of preference in that she was hoping to see you know what are the brics it is close ties it's possible with britain there are so you can see germany trying to maintain the periods of noninterference but the same time of course is a preference here for britain to never leave the view. and so does all this turmoil in the u.k. is that likely to have any impact on these elections being held in the next few days. well clearly i mean we are seeing the new party is not so far since the. euro. the press posse soaring there in the opinion polls this will be a slap in the face of the european union and more concrete it will make the job of months with neighbors who so to speak behind me at the top condit the man who hopes to become the next commission president that much harder because the math will be complicated with the brits going to vote and essentially strengthening. the
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right thank you but supposed to be you know in the ready pretty much for granted european parliament so it's making life much harder for the other parties and one of the 1st things buffett has said coming in here today is that he would not leave this europe to go for populists it's quite clear that this is the fight that's being fought over these coming days now you know there amongst the conservatives i've just close the election campaign i was speeches from i'm going to go as well as my friend. one of we've been here thank god they're about to be behind you know it's the world that's the monthly fee is that the area thank made sure to also bring the woman food to succeed you don't get a makeover because of the seating process. and it's also become the next song so
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many see have pretty much in the frame that already and we do expect to hear a lot about this struggle of the kids now so listen that i'm going back to also highlighted there's very few will actually appearances that she heads coming up throughout this evening but for now you can see there's also a distinct focus on a bit of an alright world we'll leave you to it perhaps i will come back to you when you have a go at karaoke i'm a fairly tough one thank you. you're ugly guy do you want to be comedy and what we would look like. dolly gets ready for an attempt to. european elections are the key issues for european voters and how will the european election affect the rest of the. expert discussions comprehensive reports and voters' futures. for european elections on may 26th on g.w. . i will have
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world indian prime minister narendra modi is holding talks aimed at forming a new cabinet and setting a date for his inauguration latest election results indicate that a landslide victory has given mr modi's hindu nationalist party the breaching and increased majority. of the would produce a harvey weinstein house or breached a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct reportedly worth $44000000.00 the deal has not yet been signed and he also faces criminal charges including rape his trial in new york is due to begin in september . kenya's high court has upheld the ban on same sex relations the building is a huge setback for l.g.b. team activists who have been fighting for the law to be changed the legislation dates back to the british colonial era and makes other sexual acts punishable with up to 14 years in prison. meanwhile taiwan has made history by becoming the
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1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage a dozens of couples have celebrated by tying the knot but the battle for equal rights is far from over. a historic day for taiwan feels with a case these couples are among the very 1st to tie the knot on the day the island's landmark decision to legalize same sex marriage came into force taiwan became the 1st place to legalize same sex marriage in asia placing it at the vanguard of the growing gay rights movement in the region it's a momentous day that many couples have been waiting a long time for. ok today i can candidly tell everyone in front of so many people that we have got married where homosexuals i feel that we are so lucky or have seen . hundreds of couples have been seizing the 1st opportunity to tie the knot some 300 pairs are expected to register today. this registration office in the capital
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taipei was packed it's the culmination of a 3 decade fight for equality the waiting for came a week after lawmakers voted to legalize gay marriage despite staunch conservative opposition the new law still contains restrictions not placed on heterosexual couples including that same sex couples can currently only adopt their partner's biological children but gay rights groups say they are willing to accept this partial equality in the hope of winning those remaining legal battles later for now they're celebrating a hard fought victory. here is marking the 70th anniversary of the german constitution this week also known as the basic law it came into effect in may $949.00 after being torn up under the supervision of the allied powers as it tried to fundamental values like human rights freedom and equality for its aim was to show that after the years of nazi bowl of the destruction of the 2nd world war the new germany was built on solid democratic foundations 40 years later when west
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germany and the communist east were reunited the constitution was adopted across the whole federal republic. now over the past few days we've been looking at how ordinary people use the basic law today we turn to the debate over homeschooling which is illegal here in germany attending school is compulsory and homeschoolers can face fines or even jail time but some parents are fighting this saying the constitution protects their children's rights to personal freedom. i wish everyone could learn how they like and school wasn't compulsory. my whole long shelf doesn't go to school and german law says she has to but she signs the constitution.
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and i sure can miss it as he said and if people can't develop individually at school i love most everyone has to do the same thing and they have to feel the same everyone goes at the same speed. i felt limited and that i wasn't allowed to decide for myself what i wanted to learn depending on how i was feeling. like the 14 year old has been schooling herself for 2 years with books apps and internet groups she's not alone around 2000 german children refused to go to school they call themselves free learners but the state says their truants molly helen is convinced she'll graduate high school if she doesn't actually have to go to high school. what you get i'm more motivated to learn at school it was always like now it's german they will look at this again if you really put your mind to it and said the laptop then it's amazing to say can actually be fun and i had never thought about school. apostle.
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that her home in a small village on the north german coast helen decides herself what she wants to learn and when that includes playing music with the rest of the family. nothing helen's mother has already paid fines for not making her go to school authorities have even threatened her with jail but she's not a lawyer and is determined to support her daughter's decision. obviously the want to rush to harm we have these basic rights and the freedom to develop our personality but then come the school laws they restrict those basic rights even if i think this is the best for her for her personal development i'm not allowed to decide as a mother i could go to prison that was upsetting i always saw myself as a normal respectable citizen child protection services and the threat of jail were
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not normally part of my life. the family is refusing to bow to the pressure and say they'll move if they have to to a country where free learning is allowed. and i think every person should have their own freedom and should be able to decide for themselves. when you have that freedom you ask yourself oh what am i going to do now and then all sorts of pots and. let's have a closer look at this or that under is that he's a lawyer for family affairs you know welcome to you so in the report re so how did mary mary have led and her mother were invoking the german constitution is there any legal basis for them to do that is there is
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a legal basis they can invoke article 4 which is the fundamental right of faith and conscious and article 6 which addresses parental rights so unless they have a they have some ground in the basic law and so i will be the 1st people to do this because i find it hard to believe that this has been there for that long and has been challenged before it has been challenged before us and the supreme court. has decided homeschool cases and have the night the right to homeschool your child ok so the supreme court says no but people still exercise their fundamental right to have another go at it the constitution also says they care about bringing of children is the natural right of the parents so some people are going to look at this and think well. doesn't that go against the ossicles seem to be in conflict with each other if a parent decides that no i want to do this differently absolutely we have on the
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one hand we have article 6 as you have mentioned and we have article 4 and then we have article 7 that says the end of school system schol be under the supervision of the state and what the case law the supreme court tried to do is to find a reasonable balance between those 2 rights that's why they use when addressing this issue as parents they use like a very low fi and. financial fine later if the parent or the parents repeatedly refused to work together with the state they threatened them with other actions as losing custody or parts of custody for example but there's a long way before we lose a long way to get a road and do you would tell me just now that this is a hot topic in germany the notion of home schooling i believe it is because people have tried to bring this before courts and to get the allowance or proveable
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to homeschool the children it has been denied by the local courts district court family courts and then the higher regional courts and the supreme court so i believe it's a it's a hot topic yeah i mean why do people is it that germany has bad schools or is it what does that tend to be a trend amongst the people who are seeking to challenge. they try to avoid the public school system i mean those because they believe that some for example religious perspectives are not met properly by the public school system so they seek other theories or methods to. put knowledge into the children so to speak but of course the constitution also allowed for allows private schools article 7 subsection 4 specifically addresses this and says that there is a ride. or a right is guaranteed to establish private schools but they need approval from the
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state. to look at the thank you. family lawyer here to have it. fencepost disney has a regular season may be over but after finishing from the bottom a stroke got now have to fight to keep their place in the top league on thursday they faced a playoff against ballin who have a 2nd division 3rd place team it was also the 1st leg of a 2 game playoff and it turned out to be a threat posed stuttgart struggled to make their home advantage count in the early stages but managed to score against the run of play just 3 minutes before half time on a starter sternest charge from box to box to set up captain christiane get one nil but the lead didn't last long. just 87 seconds later saleman absalom he showed excellent skill to equalize for an yone prompting wild
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celebrations that nearly knocked over the referee the nigerian with just his 3rd goal of the season was a time to score it. after the break stuart got brought on veteran striker mario gomez who made an immediate impact and uncharacteristic run from the halfway line culminated in a lucky goal to make it $21.00 after 51 minutes the ball deflected off the foot and ahead of on your own defender marvin feverish but he redeemed himself in the $68.00 for minutes after a corner he scored a towering header to level the schools to ole. a droll that gives on your own berlin a great songs that ceiling promotion in monday's return leg. is a reminder of our top story u.k. prime minister theresa may hasa not she will be silently to her conservative party on june the 7th that follows heavy criticism from not within her own up to after
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she failed to get support for her present deal. but she will remain a secretary prime minister until a new the the fish chosen in the next few weeks. this is d.w. coming up next t w news asia with extended to coverage of that in just election comes i'll be back at the top of the hour i'm going to.
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a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with others i'm a fan of the salon i know a good quality here when i see ads and it's a good story when i hear. my name is elizabeth schall and i work at steve's. shifting powers the old order is history the world is really good i think itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus of the global media forum 2019 today one out of 2 people is online more we follow do we trust debate and ship the future at the touch of the mood going to be a full 20 moment in. history on the other news asia where hinder part of a long drawn out combative and even violent election campaign draws to
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a close. just indulge in the 1st one in 6 people in this world. joining british energy as british try to understand brain dead local hero. district. gov news page of. this is d w news asia coming up on the program a resoundingly victory for india's prime minister here when w.d. he and his hindu nationalist party win outright majority in general elections but will need to deliver the inclusive india he's promised. that's what many of india's young people want to know.


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