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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 24, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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so you know next here on deep w d w business africa's president says a i'm still game more at the top of the hour of the day. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds history on the
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other news asia where hinder quite a long drawn out combative and even fraudulent election campaign crosstalk close. to consultant effect one in 6 people this was. joining me krishnaji as we try to understand the actual. history. of the new stage of. mixed messages u.s. president donald trump lays down the lower over china's huawei. way something that's very dangerous you look at what they've done from a security standpoint from a military standpoint it's very dangerous but he also says issues with a tech company could be result in a broader trade deal with china. the e.u.
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faces an uphill battle in negotiating new trade deals with africa brussels has promised a partnership of equals. and the compensation claims pile up over boeing's grounded 737 max but u.s. regulators say they need global consensus 1st to get the passenger jet back in the air. i mean physical and let's do business while way has become a bargaining chip in the u.s. china trade war trump laying out his cuts saying a trade deal could include the tech giant but the american president's comments directly contradict his chief diplomat mike pompei or the secretary of state saying the trade issues are not linked he accuses the chinese company of lying about its ties to beijing financial markets were fairly muted friday investors torn between fears of a more protracted trade dispute and hopes the world's 2 largest economies would reach a deal soon it's a trade dispute that's playing out on many fronts including in rural america
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flanked by a group trump described as being with him from the beginning the president announced this concession to u.s. farmers so today i'm announcing that i have directed secretary perdue to provide $16000000000.00. america and ranchers are all comes from china also in the firing line in this conflict chinese tech equipment giant huawei this week washington's decision to place the company on a trade blacklist made the headlines the move means major u.s. companies including google will no longer be allowed to work with the firm but the u.s. directing its i are in so many directions trade experts say there is only one possibility for a resolution at the moment those 2 bullets flying in all directions you know i said bullets flying over to china but i also see bullets flying over our to the bullets flying over to japan i think there is it's fair to say that the us the japan and
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many other countries have concerns about certain chinese practices the question is how what's the best strategy to deal with this and how do we discipline this better than my sense is that we better do this in a collaborative manner we better do this where negotiation and so that you need to have people sitting in that they will and for that we have a table called the world trade organization but getting trump to that particular table is likely to prove an uphill battle whether he's appeasing u.s. farmers affected by tariffs or cracking down on chinese tech giants this is a president who deals with trade conflicts one by one so far collaboration has not been the name of the game. the u.s. china trade dispute is that into south africa's economic woes the government cutting its growth forecast from 1.7 to one percent it says rising protectionism in the world's top 2 economies could negatively impact its own south africa remote from recession at the end of last year but it still faces many challenges including
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record high unemployment. european union officials have offered africa a partnership of equals but at the moment it's far from it the current trade deals restricts many african economies from what they can export to the u. while opening huge new markets for european businesses brussels is drawing up a new agreement but negotiations with african states are proving tricky. protests before the e.u. commission headquarters in brussels in april hundreds of african farmers gave vent to that anger here calling for an end to e.u. milk exports to africa european milk they say is frequently adulterated and is destroying their livelihoods to be supported by senegalese politician juliet 8. we have enough problems in africa without having more public health issues added to them and then there's the problem that european policies with subsidies over
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production and many other things basically creating dumping african countries shouldn't have to accept this exploitation. that's right that's what he said. senegal is one of the least developed countries in the world and it's heavily dependent on the e.u. as a trading partner. under the everything but arms agreement senegal can export fish for example to e.u. countries base quota free and duty free. and this is something the e.u. wants more african nations to benefit from in future it says the agreement encourages trade and investment which will in turn help fight poverty but so far the e.u. has only one regional agreement with southern african states and transition agreements with a series of others including ivory coast gonna madagascar and zimbabwe but talks about further partnership agreements are proving tricky the e.u.
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could be in for a bumpy ride. as officials draw up new trade deals new opportunities are rising for businesses 1800 german s. amazing are already involved in africa. represents these small and medium sized enterprises and building ties with africa now most german companies you've told me are in south africa or northern africa what about everything in between yes it's a big question that's why it's very important to support these private investment so that this countries were not covered by german prizes are investing there that's why it's a very good idea from the german government to make this compact with africa this is. given from the german initiative in the g 20 and. it promotes investment private investment in countries which are not
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obviously favored countries are primarily countries where german enterprises make it business how do they take their picture how do you choose which african country to to win best to actually. africa to people the countries themself has to say i want to be part of these. initiatives and you have to commit himself in making you with reforms maybe financing are in infrastructure so you are free to choose and the g 20 actually has a list of what a dozen countries that are making those changes that are becoming more attractive. also the world bank has its own list as well doesn't it yes and i can mention that . so in the top 10 ranking of the countries we are making the most business 6 are from africa i mean 6 countries are from africa means that there are
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a lot of changes for our german enterprises and for others what about the advice that you give to s m e's 2 small or medium sized enterprises there are a lot of already involved in africa i guess they could be a lot more they could be a lot more and they just have to to make market analyze this to see in which countries they want to do they want to do business and in which region also because africa is also very well organized region so you have said that you have seen that for instance and they just have to see with their product that was they want to to deal we've where it's the most so they need local partners they need to do their homework also tell me from the other point of view what's your advice to africans or germans good countries good companies to do business with also it will be that's why it's very important also to have a good firm works and ace in this in this case very important because it is the following agreements to continue agreements and it is
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a bilateral based agreement nowhere lateral yes yes where also african countries can provide from some advantageous and also open the door to some products of exports to come in europe and markets so that's why it's very important to have this trade agreement so that it is a 1st step to make long term investment governor thank you very much for coming in today i thank you. well ivory coast is trying to counter a big decline in global cash prices they've fallen from above $2000.00 a ton last year to less than $1500.00 in recent weeks i would pose is the world's top producer of the not but it's no longer granting new applications for cash to export authorities plan to seize any produce business is attempt to illegally export appliances here west africa as supply outstrips demand. here is some other business stories making news american tech company space x.
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is launched a rocket carrying 60 satellites to provide internet service from space styling is the latest project from foundation on monster he plans to put 12000 such satellites into orbit to create high speed network. there are reports facebook plans to roll out a crittur currency early next year the b.b.c. says the tech firms been working with central banks on regulatory and security issues surrounding the launch the project is known within the company as global coin. the costs of grounding boeing 737 max are shooting sky high more airlines are seeking compensation and surprisingly the playmakers ship prices also up there are reports that passenger jet could receive approval next month to return to service some american carriers have already shuttle flights for august. stranded on the web tarmac nobody knows exactly when the boeing 737 max will be allowed to carry passengers again thursday's gathering of air
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traffic regulators in texas reached no official conclusions for the u.s. federal aviation administration and others the only thing that really matters is that the model is safe. although boeing is working on a software update this will have to be certified by the regulatory authorities. the european pilots association has already warned against too swift a return to the skies. in 2 crashes in ethiopia indonesia 346 people lost their lives in the last year a software bug in the 737 max appears to be the most likely cause and since march the global flight ban has been in effect. china is calling ever louder for compensation for the long grounding speaking on state television is so session of chinese airlines laid out their grievances that. the groundings and delayed deliveries of the planes are causing serious damage to our company's businesses. it's on clear when operations will resume it's estimated that our companies will
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lose $580000000.00 u.s. dollars should the plans remain grounded through the end of next month. the chinese pressure comes as the trade conflict with washington intensifies for the boeing 737 max to be given the green light to fly again in china boeing would need the approval of the chinese regulatory authority another strand of an increasingly complicated relationship. nice in business with you it's friday my weekend starts now i'll see you next week.
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