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this is due to the news live from berlin britain's prime minister says she had no choice but to quit theresa may will resign on june 7th her failure to deliver breaks it nearly 3 years after the u.k.'s referendum sealed their fate also coming up it is day 2 of voting in the european elections more than $400000000.00 are eligible to cast their ballot turnout in the czech republic is said to be low
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voters care more about issues close to home than developments in brussels. and sealed with the kids after a 30 year struggle taiwan becomes the 1st place in asia to legalized same sex marriage. thanks. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us britain's prime minister has announced that she will resign as leader of her conservative party on june 7th theresa may has been under increasing pressure because of her failure to get m.p.'s to back her brags a deal which lays out the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union now speaking outside 10 downing street the prime minister said she had tried her best to honor the result of the brags that referendum when she resigns on the 7th her conservative party will then hold a leadership contest and some conservatives have already thrown their hats into the
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ring in an emotional speech to resubmit describe the role of prime minister us the honor of a lifetime. whatever our backgrounds the color of our skin or who we love we stand together and together we have a great future our politics may be under strain but there is so much that is good about this country so much to be proud of so much to be optimistic about. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love.
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well it was a teresa mayes failure to push to where bragg's a deal that ultimately proved her undoing she held on to the top job in british politics for longer than skeptics expected here's more. even when she tried to be cool to reason may couldn't help but look a little stiff her leadership style earned her the nickname mae bot and it was with the same robotic determination that she would try and push through bricks that. when made took over the premiership from david cameron britain had just voted to leave europe may has self had campaigned to remain in luton yet despite her own convictions she would make it her personal mission to deliver a breath sit still for the british people. following the referendum we face a time of great national change and i know because we're great britain that we will rise to the challenge as we leave the european union we will forge a forge
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a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world but forging that new role would prove much harder than anticipated made negotiations appear to be doomed from the start the e.u. loath to see the u.k. leave the union made it clear that there would be no cherry picking it soon became evident that the bracks of may could deliver was not the bracks that many in britain had voted for. and attempt to get a stronger mandate for her bracks a vision backfired spectacularly tough to make or snap elections in june 2017 she ended up weaker than before short of a majority in parliament and forced to make a deal with the hardline northern irish the u.p.a. in order to govern but maybe wouldn't be deterred smiling through gritted teeth she carried on with the task of pushing through bracks it come what may bricks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it bricks it needs for exits i'm very clear bricks it does mean bracks
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it's. empty phrases drawing ridicule from the opposition all we care is even more bizarre sandbox remember when we. ads were actually means breaks it then we had liberal breaks it and now we have ambitious managed divergence. and she got flak from within her own ranks with several of her key ministers resigning over the breakfast issue or. finally against all the odds and after months of negotiations london and brussels agreed on a draw for exit deal e.u. leaders approved it but may fail to drum up enough support for the deal at home. at the last minute she was forced to call off a parliamentary vote after it became clear that she would not get the deal through . a desperate last ditch attempt to meet european leaders followed
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to try and get some concessions to make the deal more palatable to her critics but to no avail just as members of her own party seize the moment to challenge her leadership but may survive the vote of no confidence amongst tory m.p.'s. a fight over her deal in. 3 times it went before parliament and 3 times it was rejected by m.p.'s. it was postponed and meant britain had to take part in the european parliament elections muster talks between the opposition labor party and mates conservative governments seeking a compromise over breaks that broke down plunging the country back into uncertainty may's final attempt to repackage her grex a deal fails. in the end it was too much for may to survive. all right well beyond the london and nowhere was
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a teresa mayes announcement watch more closely than in brussels our correspondent teri schultz is standing by there for us terry did her resignation come as a surprise there. not at all i think other e.u. leaders all of them politicians themselves may have been more surprised if she tried to hang on past this point you know we've heard time and again that she was likely to resign there have been other announcements that tomorrow will be the day to reason may announce her resignation as she's been called on to do by her own party by her own parliamentarians so i don't think anyone here was surprised that she decided finally to go still terry how did it go down among the leaders. well let's not forget that other e.u. leaders would like nothing more than for brecht's it to be called off so that the departure of to reason made by no means makes it more clear what the what the u.k. is going to do they want clarity and with her leaving and nobody having any idea
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who's coming in next it makes the situation even more uncertain and that's what's bad for the e.u. side as well so tonight we heard president ammonia mccaughan coming out and saying that we urgently need a clarification of what the u.k. is going to do while chancellor merkel sounded a bit more calm and saying what we really need to do is ensure that this process goes ahead in a smooth way let's listen to her. britain's departure from the european union is a major turning point regardless of what happens now in britain the german government will continue to make every effort to achieve a good partnership with the u.k. an orderly exit and good cooperation in the future. and. that we are successful in not. killing. terry does very much raise the question how does this change of leadership in london affect the brics a process. that depends completely on the u.k. but the e.u.
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wanted to get out early today and make clear to whomever is in the running to succeed to reason may that they should not think that they're going to reopen negotiations with the other e.u. 27 we heard a statement from european commission president jiang klobuchar that says he you know to resume a was a courageous woman and basically now let's get on with bricks it asked time and again at the daily briefing today of the european commission whether there was a chance the negotiations would be reopened the spokesperson said absolutely not we've got our agreement it has all been approved last november so basically what the brussels side would like to see is that somebody steps up and takes to resume his place and somehow gets this deal through the british parliament so that it can move ahead on the basis of the withdrawal agreement that's already been agreed but terry looking at the reality of british politics right now the new prime minister who could very well be a hard line progress to tear so with the e.u. now accept the possibility of a no deal bragg's it. that's true that is
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a possibility and i mean the new deal bracks it has always been there and it's not up to the e.u. side to determine whether there's a no deal bracks it as far as they're concerned there is a deal and it's simply up to the u.k. to accept it so while a new deal breaks it may look more likely and we even see some of these potential candidates running on the promise of a no deal bracks if it doesn't get reopened again brussels is basically just going to be sitting here waiting for the u.k. to tell them what it wants to do all right our reporter teri schultz for us in brussels thank you terry. well the announcement from the british prime minister comes as the key election has gotten underway voters in the netherlands and the u.k. have already cast their ballots voting in the czech republic is taking place today and on saturday amid a turmoil and czech politics many voters are more worried about what's happening in their homeland than developments in europe. those working at prague's polling
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stations are not expecting a huge onslaught of voters only 18 percent of czechs voted in the last year a peon election 2nd only to slovakia with its 13 percent turnout the turnout is not expected to be much different this time around to our city people don't think the european election is important unlike national or local elections. i'm not going to vote on of i don't want to hear it anymore they have all disappointed me so no vote for me. i just don't. check politics is getting turbulent tens of thousands of demonstrators have been protesting weakly against prime minister andre bobbish they fear judicial independence is under threat and hope brussels will respond but prime minister bobbish and his movement have the best chance of victory has been campaigning against brussels in supermarkets he claims checks are being treated as 2nd class europeans because the foodstuffs sold here are of poor quality in
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a campaign video he says we are not the trash bin of europe with. the pirate party is also hoping for success they could become the 2nd strongest party in politics their message of a fight against old clique's is coming across well with young voters. or european conservatives have been holding their final rally in munich bringing together leaders from a number of e.u. countries most member states will be voting on sunday including germany but the election campaign won by angle of articles conservatives have come under pressure from an on expected source. now with this source a group of you tube influencers now this group of more than 80 young people are not normally known for politics but they're so worried about germany's future that they've called on voters to boycott germany's main parties and vote for different ones instead that it all started with a video posted by a young music producer that gained 8000000 views in less than a week and the whole thing is shaken the political establishment our reporter
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william no a craft has been looking into this for us william what does this video statement all about tell us about that yet this is a big deal happening in germany on top of these 8000000 views of this video from a few days ago where this you tube the so-called you tube influence or reach so talked about climate change education war all these major issues accusing the government of i'm going to merkel the conservative c.d.u. party and even their junior coalition the s.p.d. the center left here in germany of basically failing them a failing their future and things going in the worse direction under their rule now we have this statement that focuses just on climate change bringing together not just retail but more than 80 of his fellow you tube stars to get young people awake and aware and out to vote in this week's this sunday's european elections we have a clip of it of it here i'm going it isn't this is very. this is can also be. business as can feet at least you can pretty
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about not the music of the she had to put incidents are still. officially still has a clear way to get us on the team. to still miss. pacino is an inspiration but i keep his dr. johnson 100. and. speedy. so see the you know c.s.u. that's basically the angle of michael's parties no no s.p.d. the center left these establishment parties who've been really ruling germany for years in fact for many of these you tube ers and their audiences for almost their entire lives so they've really only known agel america and only known the conservatives and their message is you have failed us you have forsaken us you have given up on our future by especially by not tackling climate change in fact making
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things worse they cuse them of putting them in being in bed with major companies and major polluters ok so this is a pretty big mess as well you know we're talking about 80 you tube influence influences across germany who are calling on young people to essentially not vote for these parties how big of a deal is this for these parties from michael's conservatives for example well social media doesn't play traditionally a huge role in german politics like you might see in the united states or u.k. or other western democracies of the fact this cause such a huge for such a huge backlash among the established parties trying to figure out how to respond to this message and that's kind 1000000 views in germany a population of 80000000 people 10 percent of the population is a big deal and the fact that read so and these other you tube stars are not known for their politics they are entertainers they put up silly videos on you tube they get a few 100000 views now and then so big social influencers but on the entertainment side now they have completely changed tracks to be deliver a very serious message on politics to their very young very very young viewers many
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of whom might be too young to vote and the hope is that they might influence their parents and grandparents who are more likely to be voting or able to vote to vote for their future because it's the young people who are going to have to live with the effects of climate change where older people pensioners might not be around for it and so what you're seeing here is maybe the beginning of a young awakening a political awakening when it comes to climate change which is something that established parties like to talk about being a good thing but as we see now in the case the. bank of america's c.d.u. they might be careful have to be careful what they wish for yeah just quickly you think this could have an impact on the european elections are going to see here this weekend well we've seen the polls going in favor of the greens which is the climate the party of climate change and although this particular video doesn't advocate for any particular party they are saying climate change should be your number one your number one issue when going to the polls so we'll have to see on sunday what germans do all right our reporter william lacrosse looking into the
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story for us thank you so much. so how are conservatives in germany reacting to this call from your troopers to boycott their party as michelle i just asked the man who is running to become president of the european commission favor so if it's been eventful day in europe but also in germany there's a new you tube video out where dozens of you tube us are now calling on young people not to vote for the conservatives the social democrats basically the established parties but also putting into that block at the far right a 50 you didn't mention that during this event here today what do you make of this i'm doing european black campaign and my interest is to care about the future of europe in a dream and the concrete projects behind and that is what is in my sent in the center of my campaign and we are in favor strongly in favor of border control we want to protect the economic strength of veteran free trade agreements and we've had to clarify the cherokee question that i'm not in favor of that turkey's joining
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the european union citizens of central city bay that everybody can comment and so there's no doubt about this we are in a free democratic society everybody is free to comment this but we fight for would be religion but your own c.d.u. c.s.u. union has been struggling here for the past days in germany taxi get to grips with the message that and actually the not seen numbers of several 1000000 people listening to you tube so do the conservatives have a problem in actually addressing that kind of debate of the european people's bodies idiocies in germany we're doing campaign here out in the street we have thousands and hundreds of thousands of of members inside of our party they're going out in the streets in the next days and they are telling to people please go to vote 1st of all and please support so you would see assume that it would be our doing and then the result is the results it's in a democratic way and what i want to work work for and fight for he's a democratic you're a very everybody is allowed to position himself by you tube via our media whatever
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which way but finally people decide and that is what we respectfully. now also we've learned that a reason may is due to stand down what kind of impact do you expect that to have on the vote on sunday the decision of the recent maze again a signal of uncertainty a signal of what you get when you vote for the i do so for populists and nationalists who have no idea about the future but they only want to destroy the european idea that is the outcome and that's why my main message is having breaks it in mind don't follow the populists try to strengthen zeus who believe in europe but want to want to reform europe to give europe a new spirit a new direction to open a new chapter of europe that is what i want to do. all right man fred baber speaking to our chief political editor of misconduct there now a climate change has also brought hundreds of thousands of young people on to the streets around the world today they skipped school to press political leaders to act against global warming swedish teenage activist gretta to embark founder of the
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fridays for future movement thank supporters in stockholm it's the 2nd global coordinated wave of school strike action. was. thousands of people pulled onto the streets in new zealand's capital wellington and in melbourne australia there demanding more action on climate change now. with basically way to demands or wanting a more ambitious eric up next we're also wanting the government to clarify management why. this is more of a problem with the suits. in germany there were similar scenes thousands of schoolchildren gathered in front of the plant in book 8 and benetton as hugh peat elections get on the way the students are demanding that you do more to protect the climate. it's up and. i
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would like to see all political groups of the newly elected european recall a mentor across party lines to actually put climate policy on the agenda because clean up what it take up to get of that from a few months ago friday's to future started with one person in sweden. now it's a global movement and governments around the world have 3 lies to have to take the protest seriously but according to the students stand still room for improvement conservationists dazing out call is an extremely important issue and it has to be implemented it's a project we actively have to go through with. a worldwide climate strike is planned for the 28th of september when people of all ages are expected to join the fight for climate protection. these i'm proud to says they really have succeeded in bringing climate change on to the agenda especially right now in the middle of the european elections many of them are not 18 years old yet they can't go to vote but
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they want to influence the adults around them and that has been happening. now anti-terrorism authorities are investigating an explosion and the french city of president has described the incident as an attack the blast happened in a busy pedestrian street in the center of the city at least 13 people were injured none of the injuries are said to be life threatening french police are searching for a suspect who was caught on security cameras leaving a suitcase at the scene shortly before the blast. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has announced he is sending 1500 troops to the middle east to beef up defenses against iran the move comes after the pentagon said that iran was waging quote a campaign in the region and was directly responsible for attacks on oil tankers in the gulf earlier this month. hollywood producer harvey weinstein has reached
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a provisional deal to settle multiple civil cases against him for sexual misconduct the deal is reportedly worth $44000000.00 but it hasn't yet been signed weinstein also faces criminal charges including great. and kenya's high court has upheld a ban on same sex relations the ruling is a huge setback for activists who have fought for the law to be changed the legislation dates back to the british colonial era and makes homosexual acts punishable with up to 14 years in prison. that's a different story in taiwan has made history by becoming the 1st place in asia to legalize same sex marriage dozens of couples have celebrated by tying the knot but their battle for equality is far from over. alex and joe have turned a new page in their relationship taiwan's top court 1st made gay marriage a constitutional right and 2017 but they had to wait until this month before
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legislation was passed allowing them to tie the knot. engine darwinists izzy's damps a gift from my sister when the constitutional court handed down its ruling 2 years ago i feel very emotional that it is finally coming true passing through the back and hearts noses you are going to use the stamps for the 1st time on the wedding document was the moment in the ceiling right here the couple didn't wear tuxedos but a simple outfit with a bow tie in the iconic rainbow colors for them marriage is about more than romance . put into this when we talk about marriage equality equality is crucial. because this is the most important day in my life and for taiwan's human rights history. guys aren't here but if i didn't get married on the 1st day i would probably regret it for my entire life.
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it's also a kind of legal assurance for us. alex and joe were among hundreds of couples who tied the knot on friday but the new law only recognizes trans national partners from $26.00 countries around the world where same sex marriage is already legalized in other words all asian transnational couples in taiwan are excluded. leaders of the campaign for marriage equality said there are other problems with the law which may trigger further litigation if they're not rectified. says. knowledge. include the county. and it does need. a. nudge which. is perfect and my truth he said. in
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a controversial referendum last year over 70 percent of voters agreed to restrict the definition of marriage to heterosexual couples. despite the fact that their government legalized same sex marriage and that they were special or the opposition groups do criticize it as turning a blind eye to public oh pinion and they're not ruling out any possibility. other referendum against it much of time when a society clearly views gay marriage skeptically so to individual families joe regrets that his own mother didn't attend his wedding the way we're. understanding and discrimination won't disappear now that the door of marriage has opened we still need to make a lot of effort to communicate change is a slow process. both alex and joe say that the key to true equality is not the law but education. despite the rocky road ahead many of taiwan's newly wedded gay couples are optimistic and determined to carry on. reminder now for
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our top story at this hour british prime minister theresa may has announced that she will resign as leader of her conservative party on june 7th that comes after heavy criticism from within her own party after she failed to get support for her breakfast deal thank you she will remain a caretaker prime minister until a new leader is chosen that could take several weeks. coming up next our show eco africa will look at an effort to light up uganda out with solar power and that's in just a few minutes on. eco
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africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only earn their living collecting elephant dung. here in queen elizabeth national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species.
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next d.w. . i'm still curious and. do it yourself more. than. you tube channel. and don't miss out. germany's. non-constitutional 17. there's no foraging for journey. around. on scene these basic tents. this is.
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restraint on the other news asia where hinder part of a long drawn out combative and even violent election campaign draws to a close. to the ultimate effect one in 6 people in this world. join me to try to do it as a reply to understand brain dead local. district. auditor bruno's asia. welcome to a new edition of eco africa the environment magazine co-produced by channel 7 vision in nigeria details being germany and crazy in south africa i'm now time we have to live fossett park in lagos nigeria hello to all our viewers again and hello
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to my colleague the in south africa a and t. and hello to everyone and these illegals are coming.


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