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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 3:02am-3:15am CEST

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the compensation claims pile up over boeing's grounded 737 max but it's anyone's guess when the once popular air frame will get back in the air we'll give you the latest. also on the show europe goes to the polls will tell you what's at stake for european economies as the e.u. elects a new parliament. and like eating meat want to help the environment food scientists are creating lab grown alternatives we'll show you what they're cooking up. welcome to visit us i'm stephen beardsley in berlin thanks for joining us chinese airlines are losing money from the grounding of boeing $737.00 max and they want compensation and that's just the latest pressure on boeing which is facing lawsuits over fatal airline crashes in indonesia and ethiopia and losing orders on its once popular air frame exactly when the 737 max will take off again is anyone's guess.
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stranded on the way tarmac nobody knows exactly when the boeing 737 max will be allowed to carry passengers again thursday's gathering of air traffic regulators in texas reached no official conclusions for the u.s. federal aviation administration and others the only thing that really matters is that the model is safe. although boeing is working on a software update this will have to be certified by the regulatory authorities the european pilots association has already warned against too swift to return to the skies. in 2 crashes an ethiopian indonesia 346 people lost their lives in the last year a software bug in the 737 max appears to be the most likely cause and since march the global flight ban has been in effect china is calling every letter for compensation for the long grounding speaking on state television you so see action of chinese airlines laid out their grievances. go to groundings and deliver the
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liberties of the planes are causing serious damage to our company's businesses. it's on clear when operations will resume it's estimated that our companies will lose $580000000.00 u.s. dollars should the planes remain grounded through the end of next month i feel. the chinese pressure comes as the trade conflict with washington intensifies for the boeing 737 max to be given the green light to fly again in china boeing would need the approval of the chinese regulatory authority another strand of an increasingly complicated relationship. and let's go now to our financial correspondent in new york sabrina kessler sabrina we're now hearing that the u.s. financial regulator the f.c.c. is investigating boeing what's going on. so this probe is only the latest of boeing's and growing problems with their airplanes of the company is already facing some federal and also some congressional investigations
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as well as a criminal probe and now also the f.c.c. a wants to know more about whether there is something odd here and whether the company shared enough information now with their investors for this reason investigators are looking now especially at boeing's financial statements to make sure they sufficiently reflected and reported the possibility of facts from the airplane precious to their shareholders but so far the f.c.c. declined to comment on anything in the meantime of the f.a.a. said they expect at the grounding as all the as late june which boeing's share to rise more than one percent at the end of this week but the jury is still out and the air plans remain grounded the next week it's really looks to looking beyond boeing looks like u.s. markets are recovering from yesterday's losses but what's behind that. so investors are definitely sparked by a very long to trade for but there is still it gleam of hope president strong
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predicted a swift and to the ongoing a trade war including to our way in a possible a trade deal which put a soft attention see here in the next week for now ahead of the weekend thoughts the close life of the hire but having said that we definitely had a week off ruining the losses here on wall street and that mainly due to the ongoing the ongoing in this puter with china and the u.s. oil at its worst day of the year are dropping almost 6 per cent on the 1st day the tech heavy nasdaq has declined morning 2 per cent this week and the dollar is now a dollar roughly one per cent since a monday having the longest weekly losing streak since a year or so yet now ahead of the weekend the investors are in a better mood to. the tensions they are still there ok sabrina kessler joining us from new york thank you. here are some other business stories making news
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american firm space x. has launched a rocket carrying 60 satellites that is part of a multi-billion dollar broadband internet project a founder elon musk says the starling project will put 12000 such satellites into orbit to form a high speed network facebook plans to roll out its cryptocurrency early next year that's according to the b.b.c. which says the firm has been working with central banks on regulatory and security issues surrounding the launch the project is known within the company as global coins. and indian stock markets briefly hit historic highs today as pride that is certain a river modi's landslide victory traders excited the benchmark since crossed the 40000 mark for the 1st time. now over to the e.u. were britain and the netherlands kicked off the european elections by casting their ballots on thursday friday it's the turn for ireland and the czech republic with
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the troop with the remaining 24 member states following suit this weekend so what's at stake for e.u. economies in this election here's a primer from business magazine program made in germany the european union it's the world's largest single market with the 2nd largest g.d.p. just behind the united states and ahead of china and it has a common currency the euro but not all members benefit in the same way germany earns 3 times as much from exports within the e.u. as italy does the bloc doesn't have customs checks or tariffs within its borders everyone can live work and offer goods and services in any other country even so quality of life still varies dramatically with average hourly wages ranging from 4 euros to 43 and solidarity the british have had enough of migration from eastern europe while hungary the czech republic and poland are refusing to take in middle
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eastern and african migrants. the e.u. could do a better job of promoting itself for many it seems inaccessible technocratic and under the sway of lobbyists there has been some improvement rules on how crooked cucumbers must be are long gone and the e.u.'s administration is only about the size of a city like munich even so brussels still gets the blame for everything that goes wrong that's another reason why britain wants to leave but the european bureaucracy still has its work cut out for it as it aims for a common finance policy and more wage parity. with his centrally planned economy cuba is used to occasional shortages however a recent rationing drive by the government suggests things are getting worse last month president miguel diaz canel blamed the tightening of u.s. sanctions but cuba's economic woes go much further than that. queuing for chicken. has become a familiar sight on the streets of havana
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a staple of the cuban diet is an increasingly short supply subject to tight rationing by the island's communist government it's not uncommon to queue for days for the sought after food only to be disappointed. but you take only. 3 days in line for chicken and it ran out yesterday. so we came over to see if we could get any here. we saw the line of the said that there was chicken so we stared to see if we could get some. restaurant owners like guys alonzo have been badly hit by the shortages some of the unknown with nothing we're going through hard times which affects products on the menu many products everything that has to do it chicken eggs flour and cheese it affects all the dishes with these products. in this up and down u.s. sanctions here are not new but washington has tightened them recently in part due to the island's close ties with venezuela. while an easing of sanctions might
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relieve the shortages cuba has deeper economic problems growth stands at one percent. there are fears that the longer term economic malaise could hit the country's vital tourism sector hitting those reliant on the millions who visit every year. well the way for chicken ends of eventually for those curing the wait for meaningful economic reforms in cuba goes on. meat consumption is a contributor to climate change that's why food scientists are experimenting with alternative meats and even lab grown substitutes a few solutions were recently on show at the london food tech week take a look. lifestyle accounts for nearly 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions according to the u.n. . that's why some scientists like jews have a working hard to create alternatives to meet. the livestock is unsustainable but
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also their global population is growing so there is always made for more resources and better management of the series sources on the planet she auntie uses techniques similar to those used when creating human organs in the laboratory he says he now has maternity leave that feels and tastes like meat but meat this is one part of the problem another is food waste around a 3rd of food goes to waste around the world so one solution is linking shoppers with unsold items to help reduce waste. phonology is probably the way forward when it comes to tackling the place to feed it something that you have quality that can stay even. pressure on take out a the market and in the case 6 freeway. it love it happened efficiently speedily and it also makes it fun so maybe some high tech solutions could already
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be well on the away from the lab plates. and that's it for me in the business team i'm saving there's a blend is watching. shifting
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powers the old order is history the world is real organizing itself and the media's role is keep the topics to focus of the global media forum 20 munching today one out of 2 people is online who are we following do we trust to beijing or should the future at the georgia move for 22 countries. my 1st boss also sawing machine. where i come from women are balanced by the social influence even something as simple as learning home to write a by psychos isn't. since i was in the good i wanted to have them by cite the law and it took me as the months but they're. finally gave up and mentioned by me on my side that and returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for those than writing about. knowledge i want to meet those women back
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home for bones by then do the social norms and inform them of old dead basic rights my name is them out of the home and i work at the them. this is d.w. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes it's not ok to be game saves kenya's high cost a bill for kenyan l g b t activist says 3 judges reject a bid to strike down goals which criminalize homosexuality saying the bad does not contravene basic rights and they can it constitutional.

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