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and now i want to reach all of those women back home who are bound by their duties and social norms and informed and accorded basic rights my name is the amount of people and they work due to. this is g.w. news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes it's not ok to be game so you can use high court a blow for kenyan l g b t activist says 3 judges reject a bid to strike down goals which criminalize homosexuality saying the bad does not contravene basic rights in the kenyan constitution. and eritrea 28 years since gaining independence from neighboring ethiopia will need some young eritreans to flee what they say is
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a brutal dictatorship. i'm christine wonderwall come to the news africa i'm glad you're choosing day in kenya as high court has unanimously refused to strike down laws which criminalize gay 6 in a packed courtroom the 3 justices justify their decision say the fission is had failed to prove that the provisions are discriminatory now kenyan l g b t activists brought the case all doing that the kenyan constitution for binns discrimination directly all in directly against any person on any ground law dates back to the british colonial era and makes homosexuals punishable with up to 14 give is in prison now one of those the petition is is the activists.
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she joins me now from nairobi welcome to g.w. africa co you a present in that courtroom just your reaction to the decision today. ok hello christine. i'll creative's disappointed about the decision that was made today in the courtroom. the hearing we're having was about basically security as q you know community and in our society. we live under constant threat if not actual violence over went and there are cultural thing if it went our way would have been able to give us some sense of security in that it would have been validated attacks on our part. carried out in the belief that we are somehow wrong and. contrary to the law of man and of nature. so the fact that he didn't go away was incredibly disappointing incredibly discouraging and. something i really
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didn't hope to see right. now we are what does this mean for the l.g.b. see community in kenya and perhaps address the issue of homophobia in the country. it's not just something that needs to be tackled from a legal perspective is it but in broad society how reflective is this judgment of what kenyan society thinks about l g b t community. well which means for the l.g. beauty community is that we have to keep fighting we have to keep going and. we have to keep occupying our space and showing people are here monita so that they understand that we are just like they are that we are equal in our humanity we are the same and we're no real threats to them just by being who we are. when it comes to cancer 30 days a certain sense of homophobia like i said it's a very patriarchal community so. this idea of queerness of being other of being
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different. elicits your notice and in many in many situations you are threatened because they do try to. it's not something that's normal so it's a threat they feel like they feel threatened by our presence because it's so foreign to them and so that's that's a threat that we receive from society in that they try to control us in that sense . ok that's. the at sophist qaida in nairobi thank you. thank you. eritrea is celebrating 28 years off nationhood today the east african country gained its independence off to a 30 year long war with forces from neighboring ethiopia and that ended in 1901 but
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the 2 sides only signed a peace deal last year peace all too often eritrea the chance to rebuild but human rights watch says the record remains one of the worst in the world. now eritrea is a one party state and it's only had one president who's ruled the country since independence in 1903 is say as of working as a form of freedom fighter he presents himself as a modest man but stands accused of severe human rights violations his country has never held elections has no constitution no official budget and 0 chris wheaton's eritrea is also one of the world's poorest countries and every citizen is compelled to do a form of national service for a minimum wage and sometimes for years. the best and a brutal government all the reasons that a 5th of all eritrean citizens live abroad that means the small country of 5000000
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makes one of africa's biggest migrant group in the world community in berlin. 6 o'clock in the morning and little head is on his way to the christian orthodox eritrean service at prince philip was church. a place of serenity and they remind of home for the 29 year old refugee who hasn't been in his birth plan 3 for more than 9 years. in mind of how much back home when i was young my father always took me and my family to church here i get to meet all my eritrean friends. after a hard week at work i come here at the weekend and not does me good. in here and this. is one of $60000.00 eritreans living in germany many of them fled a brutal military dictatorship back home in churches like these are crucial meeting points about half of the area trains abroad are christian the service is over new
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helps tidy up then heads home to a refugee center which is about 2 hours away by bus. on the way together with his friend he tells us his escape story. this month. first of all from eritrea to ethiopia. from that you sit down and sit down to egypt. you get from egypt to israel. about from israel to rwanda from rwanda to uganda. after uganda juba in south sudan from sudan to libya from libya to italy and then to germany. germany. around the world wasn't something he wanted. i had no choice because every trade is ruled by a brutal dictator and that's my escape cost me years of my life because i couldn't go to school last study. and brutality was even waiting after
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date is gay from eritrea. yeah. they. and they would do this eritrea's frequent internet bans mean. i often can't even get in touch with their families back home to check up on how things are going. the ones that insist in the. us why they want to. use the internet and what they want to know the people in this one is the issue in the group for months month i call my family on the phone now and again. but i don't talk about politics or how dictated to them. has little faith that there will be a regime change in eritrea any time soon he hopes that germany will not close the
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door on him. for more insight on the country often shrouded in mystery eritrean. miska joins me now and i thank you so much for coming on today talking about eritrea celebrating 28 years of independence what does the country have to show for it. while you know 28 years has been it's was a very. concentrated period of. you know there is fans paid a lot of sacrifice to get to this where they are and during the 28 years air tran's tried to rebuild the country. and the consequence has been that people went back because there's there was a kind of a vision it wasn't a country but it was a vision which people were fighting for and apparently. the with
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in 1908. brought in new conflicts into the neighboring regions and a but also divided society between those who were you know like very patriotic and others were looking for more peaceful. period and was economic prosperity so and this this conflict has been. one of the major issues in their turn society towards prosperity ok so their relationship with with with neighboring ethiopia but with since had a new prime minister. made who's extended a warm hand to eritrea how has that changed the dynamics. changed a lot because the conflict between ethiopia and eritrea was not solved for many reasons because. the people of he'll try and utopian you know the world community knew exactly the reasons of the conflict it was each person and food was
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a broader conflict plus ever i saw that was one of the major reason why we didn't you know like come up with a new solution so and new the new leadership in ethiopia brought a new dynamic and it was a new start to go towards their leadership and like. you know off for a brand new peace but we're still talking about a country that young people often. we've got a report we see young people running away from this country calling at the leadership. a brutal dictatorship and why is that the case and how is this regime able to stay intact well one of the major problem in eritrea was the militarization of the society because every trans when there are when they finish the school when they are 18 years old. to go for the military service which is a consensus or people go actually voluntarily to military service but. the
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law is not implemented because. the low ses 18 months is an obligation that most of the young people stay for more than 1015 years in military service so most of the people do not have their perspectives how to continue with their lives and how to have a qualification for the labor market etc to respond to most of the people are actually without any perspectives which has a consequence to leave the country and look for better perspectives i'll say the country. ok that's eritrean origin list. miskin there thank you for your insight. and that is we will leave it to 48 m.p.'s if they are you can catch one all stories on our website and facebook page have a level weekend and see you next time i thought about.
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the sound of the whole region. and welcome to northern live area. no other region on earth has this many beers and breweries. but on our travels from by what's over a bum bag to cobalt blue discovered so many other pleasures. but . the. next on the t.w. .
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