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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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an increased majority. a low end welcome to arts and culture here's what's coming up. the cannes film festival draws to a close and our movie critic is back from the french riviera to bring us a little glamour that has looked at his favorite films of this year. and hung garion film director or you do tells us what it's like making movies under his country's authoritarian government. first though the cannes film festival is where the world's top stars and filmmakers get together to hobnob to make secret deals and to show off 1000000 euro gallons on the red carpet it's an exclusive 2 week party for insiders only luckily for us our film critic
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scott roxboro is there. there are 3 things you can always count on the. stars. more stars. and weather. well 2 of the 3 bad but the gray skies didn't dampen the enthusiasm of movie fans. in 15 years covering the cannes film festival this is about the cold and wet as i've ever seen it but at least the bad weather is a good excuse to stay off the beach and goes he's a loser. like play you just see alison. and. karen edgerton delivers an oscar worthy performance in the musical biopic rocket man the movie dips into the darker side of elton john's life but the sex and drugs take a back seat to the rock n roll. this
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year's can highlight the new film from the point terry shino i'm really honored to caprio as a faded t.v. cowboy brad pitt his stock man buddy it's official. who has been. both struggled to adjust the 1960 s. hollywood as a darkness in the form of serial killers the manson family looms in the background . but film fans are just here for hollywood stars in cannes art house cinema is king of the. american master terrence malick marked return to form with his slow burning drama about a conscientious objector who defies the nazis. and 82 year old director and original social justice warrior ken loach kept up the
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fight with this attack on britain's economy but just to have somebody on the phone with the side of the gun. and all eyes to mine so i never thought of the . fun times films fun to. put as much business. but it wasn't all old white men a few films and can actually resemble the audience queuing to watch them can has made a real effort this year to increase diversity to get more people of color and women on the screen and behind the cameras at this year's festival and it looks like it's paying off because we have one of the most diverse lineups in cannes history. only so that in the name is an album victor hugo's french classic gets an update ok for the age of the band leader ghettoes. the very 1st female african director and king competition brought
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a fresh perspective to the migration crisis. the one who can. hear everything everything the way. i need it. people on screen like she. everywhere. with its mix of hollywood and her house old masters and new faces can't future despite the weather looks bright. and the w.'s film critic scott roxboro is just back from cannes scott let me just say i'm so sorry that those clouds ruined your time on the french riviera with all those movie stars thanks for that i really think of hardship pay you saw i had to buy an umbrella. i could not be more sorry for you ok but other than that i can seems to have worked out for you so some great movies you got to party with elton john yeah yeah you saw
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the movie rocket man that was that was in cannes party afterwards john came on stage with the plays in the movie and together they saw rocket man better. ok. he's much younger guy he's actually her voice now they don't john does but i mean elton john's amazing show man i mean he just blew me away and they're just i don't croak in a way that's so i'd still be fast oh my goodness there are a lot of people who are pretty jealous of you right now i'm one of them i can't wait to see this movie rocket man now there's another big ticket movie that was at the festival open the festival a zombie comedy the dead don't die that looks pretty great is this one we should all go out and see i wish it was it's got a great cast it's bill murray told us when. adam driver but. one of my favorite directors of all time as got a fantastic concept is sort of a zombie comedy for the trump era. but sadly it's
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a bit too slow it's a bit too tame for my taste got some good jokes it's got some good ideas it's got he pops. but but sadly it doesn't really hold together it's not enough to make a good movie sadly this was a flop oh i'm really sorry to hear that now you mentioned diversity. in your report so there are only 4 female directors in the running for the top prize what's up with that yeah i mean for school actually quite a improvement on previous can see 12 but obviously that's that's not enough especially given how good the female directed films were this year i think really interesting to see how the the female gaze can change perspective also change even a very common genre very one that we're very used to seeing give us a different flip on and i saw that particular to film that one can this year. french french film called portrait of a wall of a lady on fire it's a period drama and we see a lot of those the past but this is quite interesting the way she portrays the
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women in this i think is different you see from a male director i mean it's gives a certain intimacy but without being sexually exploitive and i think it gives the film a certain edge and definitely gives these women. a depth of character they probably wouldn't have just real quickly what is your take from the cannes film festival this year topic there's a lot of great movies my favorite was a korean film parasite from the whole it's a story of a con man a young man who conses way into the rich family next door starts his life there's been twined with ayers things go very badly won't tell you anything more except it's an amazing piece worthy of hitchcock a true masterpiece that's my favorite this year ok so appears from korea that's one that's doesn't want to keep our eyes out for scott i can't wait to go to the movies with you again always so much fun chatting with you thanks very much. now here in europe more far right and nationalist politicians than ever before are
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expected to join the european parliament after this week's elections there are 28 countries in the european union and in order to get a sense of where they're heading we've been interviewing artists from around the continent today we're meeting some boats ho you do in hungary a country whose authoritarian leadership is openly anti e.u. . calgary has been part of the european union since 2004 but the prime minister viktor orban and his ruling fetus party the e.u. is the enemy it's not by accident there's no e.u. flag flying about hungary in parliament it's often been a source of contention m.p.'s from the far right party even threw one out the window the e.u. flag also plays a role in director sabotage high does no film a pro european activist tries to hang one up this scene was inspired by an event in real life in heidi's film the protagonist just suddenly confronted by police.
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shooting the scene in hungary but it would have been impossible feel awkward but it was. we'd have been denied permission right from the start for that. subtle child to have responded by shooting his film in romania with drama students and film students. a low budget production for the international market. is no stranger. in 2010 his film biblio tech screened at the berlin international film festival. i do doesn't want to be reliant on either state permits or state film funding he pays for his films himself and for good reason after a 2014 interview at the toronto international film festival in which i do spoke
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critically about hungary he received no more funding. everything is cleansed. now there's hardly any area which you could say is truly independent. certainly not in the artistic sector anymore. the government wants hungary's cultural institutions to strengthen the national identity or merely entertain the press in hungary has also become increasingly one sided. and those in the independent art scene find it difficult to secure a rehearsal or performance spaces sample chido is currently writing a new play which he will perform in this apartment the salon kugler is a gallery and meeting place for artists a place for the counterculture to exchange ideas just like back in the communist era hyde who has found his niche yet more and more hungry and see no future for
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themselves in the country half a 1000000 have left during or bunts time in office you know is going to win them said and he will shouldn't view europe as the messiah who will save them there's also civil resistance and it's these initiatives that those in power fear most. the young momentum party wants to see an open democratic hungary that will work with the e.u. and it is gaining momentum day by day. the italian artist carvel geos paintings are as dramatic as his own life was 4 centuries ago an orphan who later got in survive rawls and kept the company of prostitutes out of rajo lived on the edge but he holds a central place in art history is gritty realism and his extreme contrast of light and shade earned him legions of group news artistic followers call the kind of edgy steam we leave you now with his and their paintings at a new exhibition in munich and for more arts and culture you can visit our website
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at d w dot com slash culture so you send.
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find it burgling the tourist guide for germany's booming shuttle i love berlin. 50 nations 50 stories and 15 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. book now for planet berlin our good back series every week on d w. any coke is in germany to learn german. english benito why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south of the w e learning course nicko speak.

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