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march 7th 201740 kilometers outside of paris. it was a news item the chocked not only wildlife lovers a case no detective had ever imagined taking on. your height to die cooling of some home office to shift in congo you will treat things to a new zealand 20. mins a placid giant weighing one and a half tons had been found shot dead for is 2 kilos of horn a contract killing carried out in cold blood a short time ago they were calling is trying to figure out what weapon was used the
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truth might have been used to chop off the horn. the lamp a news family the owners a visit to were left in shock. some concept it's unthinkable that men can come into a see you in a western country and kill a rhino our colleagues in zoos across europe are also anxious will sketch no let us film of. who killed vince the rhinoceros who stood to profit from the crime this is an investigation into one of the most lucrative forms of trafficking in the world.
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in europe the french case was a 1st in africa it's routine. where one rhino was killed every 8 hours solely for its heart. the rhino horn trade was banned 40 years ago but in asia the horn sells at up 230000 euros a kilo as expensive as gold or heroin. was like the gold rush at the moment everyone's climbing aboard to mike these are not orders.
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it's a global market where horns can fetch a half a 1000000 euros each. enough to corrupt police officers judges and senior politicians and people think just look at it as just killing off. but the east coast national organized crime at the highest level over a period of 2 years we infiltrated the rhinoceros mafia in the process gaining the trust of poachers. especially when i said i'm not so much if they jump up. we came face to face with an implacable foe in a bloody war revealing a new branch of organized crime. one with appalling consequences the extinction of the rhinoceros appears to be merely a question of time. the
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principal front in the war against the horn traders is being fought here in south africa. the country is home to 80 percent of the world's rhinos. kruger park famous for its for rioting of wildlife and big game is also the main theater of this massacre 504 rhinos were illegally slaughtered here in 2017. this morning a new caucus has been discovered. the park has its own crime squad to carry out autopsies and investigations. this is an adult animal having a look at the feet the size of the one in excess of 1015 years old at least. so it was an adult. if you look at the way these holes were removed they're almost cut
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off with a knife is no damage really to there is but the front on it was taken off and x. was chopped off with it at. the crime scene and sealed off and documented like with a homicide. the rangers take d.n.a. samples collect the bullet casings and secure fingerprints and other forensic evidence and get used to a lot of things get used to the smell but you can never get used to that the slaughter of these animals because that's what it is it's on a daily basis think they face lot of them they kill them just for that's just. there now remain just 20000 rhinoceroses in south africa. and the country is losing
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over $1000.00 a year to poachers. unless action is taken the species will be extinct in 20 years. inside kruger park each ranger must keep watch over for. 30 square kilometers of course a daunting task and a dangerous one. the rangers are effectively soldiers. kollywood b.c. is one of the few who have the courage to speak out. most of these are you just feel that this indicates so probably go for their families their kids yes some of them. they live close to some of these it's indicates that killing their owners so i wouldn't want to be shunned so in my case i have made up my mind that
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i would show my face is as many tenderly as they can and didn't if somebody does something and i need to held them accountable. 3 of these rangers are on the front line of a war they have not been trained or equipped to fight. facing them is an invisible and ruthless enemy the forces of the market. the major has of aeration appetite for rhino horn the prime markets are china and vietnam. you know nori everyone knows where you can get hold of the commodity and the price is soaring.
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was. it in your legal flourishing business customers or from the elite of society. talking about it is considered taboo. or. just be. newsman has agreed to talk to us on the condition of anonymity he takes rhino horn as a miracle medicine. rhino horn is a gift from god we. it's one of the best remedies in the world so that's all ground down into a powder it cleanses the brain. sure i wouldn't compare it to the discovery of penicillin fire but it nonetheless saves thousands of lives so it is valuable as penicillin. the home is ground into
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a cauldron or simply rubbed it's mixed with water or alcohol and then drunk. all that my mother also takes to be drinking a little every day for the last 40 years i have been sick once. rhinoceros horn is nothing more than carrot in the same substance in human fingernails no credible study has ever proved its much acclaimed benefits and yet consumption has rocketed in vietnam over the last 10 years. works with the vietnamese office of a german development agency mindy's studied the phenomenon for the young sociologist the miracle product rhino horn is a stroke of marketing genius on the part of the traffickers somebody said that one of the high ranking. recover from cancer after bringing light
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on power but i only hope that it's out of you and in recent years where i want to try to ride on. it could have even enhanced actual points of mammals. and also i want to be. but according to the church. not from oration automatically to be a. rhino horn is in big demand among all segments of society it's become the must have big sensory for chic parties the reflection of a certain social status. if you want to move the local people to be a part of a high ranking officer no party no deal it is expensive party see what sort of expense it brings and run a whole part of a good. morning has become a symbol of power and corruption the perfect alchemy of crime.
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it's 10000 kilometers away in south africa that the gangsters operate aided by the country's situation of fragility. behind the modern western for assad born into south africans live on less than one euro a day. a quarter of a century after the official end of apartheid violence racial tensions and corruption are destabilizing the country. colonel johan used to of the directorate for priority crime investigation is all too aware of the situation. he heads a unit specially dedicated to combat ing rhino horn trafficking. your
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honest work has a shocking level of crime with 25 murders a day. unsurprisingly it's also the hub of the trafficking business. the majority of rhino horns passed through here on their way to asia. the horn trafficking trade is a nature of crime carried out in the shadows. the conspiracy of silence means that the police have to recruit informants. just. ok because of alice all of them but i think our sales are surveilling that this is a latino. colonel eurostar has received a tip off about a sale about to take place near the airport. the traffickers are in a hotel. ok ok we're going in so you can come
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now watch out they don't get away just. explain. just newly discovered. almost 6 of. the suspects have just left the hotel the horn was hidden in their pick up they were hoping to were in the equivalent of 5 years' salary instead they're now facing 10 years in jail. before they claim the horn is fake. we will do them it's just. you know that you don't least with the legal position of the final understand you know that . the 2 men will be tried in court but others will replace them they're just one link you know long chain. it's similar to talk trafficking and and
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following trafficking the concept of false national organized crime in ones the same people think this should look at it is just the killing off africa i know but we look at the total supply chain in terms of least killing it how do they get if i am sweeney date delivery to the transporters it is part of the supply chain that we need to disrupt because all of those places east just as important as with that there are no good q. organized crime spins its way with a network of middlemen on every continent. to foil customs controls the horns are transmitted through europe or america before reaching asia. more often than not they creep below the radar.
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just like the money the infamous rhino dollars. and the international community no peers powerless. in the hague in the netherlands the wildlife justice commission wants to change things like targeting the traffickers boces. the n.g.o.s founded in 2015 brings together intelligence experts the police and lawyers assisting governments in the war on crimes against endangered species. one of the commission's top agents is a man who goes by the name of mean. he works undercover and has managed to penetrate the inner circle of a rhino horn mafia again. my job was undercover investigators in the field are investigating a lot of crime streaking through the wall of traders understand that are clear trying to understand how the criminals operate catch the bad guys up to the wall of
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criminals behind the bars to do exactly what a lot of tradeable do what a criminal to. answer to so we will develop different kinds of profiles or the tools depending on the person coming on the conference depending on the mistress to be able to go through that. even mangus most dangerous missions begin on the computer he poses as a buyer and approaches the traffickers via social media such as facebook or we chat . his current target a vietnamese horn baron code named oak. if i open up subject oak you can see. all these pictures that he has been posting pertaining to the style of writing was he just posted this approximately 4 hours
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ago of 1.5 kilos right now one of his reach out is i'm interested in this number 20 rhino horn who can do a very quick calculation and it counts and it goes up to about a 110000 u.s. dollars for this phone right off here the profit margin is fairly high things business. meeting will soon be flying to be at 9. in the face of a week mobilization effort from the international community private initiatives are leading the fight. in south africa an army has been recruited for the purpose none of them is a police officer or
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a professional soldier and yet they've chosen to join the troops of vincent baucus a thorn in the side of the pro-choice but they're very good that they are going all the young guys may want to cash purchases that want to put arches in general. are just doing their job die to die why queue up tomorrow morning going to their field sleeping ocular bush is on a disk every 3rd bicycling these guys for 6 to 8 weeks are in charge and then the euro to go work for us every single day of the last century. a. lot to do a lot but the loser runs a private militia of $350.00 men. brothers most of whom are south africans but there are also recruits from the us and europe. since in so active duty as a soldier in angola. today he works for a wildlife preserves with his little army. of them when.
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they're in a constant state of alert as the horn trading increasingly resembles guerrilla warfare. in recent years poachers of killed up to 30 rhinos a week. the slaughter is gathering pace. to meet demand. from them all and i. hasten to counselors. this imagining down to kazakhstan. you dread to funk all. that another iran is going down but once that sun calls been might and you know the is a day dry not arm it's just work. and then you actually get one psych side to but even might be a bit too weird now you want to see what you can find to church of just.
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what if we are doctors and. or 3 years old 4 years ago this was obviously got other animals cough. it wasn't a king shock us and the good with degrees of defeat talk of what you want to know which isn't g.d. all guilt to shoot in mourning. with a crime like this the only witness is the bush.
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tonight the poachers are bound to be out on the problem it's full moon ideal like conditions for hunting. men since men set off and spread out. on. the stakeout the roads and inspect the fences. and most of our wrists there's been a struggle. these private sector rangers have the same powers as the police vincent arrested more than 20 poachers last year. surveyed streets against my children and threats against my wife's threats against me in small form grandmother
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i'm all the normal streets will kill you or will wreck you last will do this but i don't fear them. where you just get on with it or. how many vehicles aside sudden now it's true. but not the ones real concern for sure. the poachers have vanished into the night. for the rangers a sleepless night with no arrests to show for it. cost . to size or their ship is losing the battle. part is i think particularly.
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so you are we we are sorry. if you look at the bourse news here by sickly as far as your art can see you know right up to the rise and is what trees grow to cover so they could be anybody and that. we managed to meet to see elusive enemy. took weeks to convince to convince them to tell us about their lawns as killers. when we go into the bush will be us. and. beg for the food and another one is kinda x. to cut down on and on and decide in standard book it's. just a short. list to show that i. thought there was
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a professional he's already shot and killed 7 rhinos for each one he earned $5000.00 euros the equivalent of an average annual salary. and then of course i get happy when i see that i not see money is that there. is one above. to it nice things when their money's finish and then we go out again . some. where there was from with the sin in their weapons people killing. people. it's like maybe 10 or 15 people in the bank many many people involved. everyone can die. day full mana of things but i'm dying full all things that is not implanted.
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in the netherlands undercover agent main has been working for a year now on the vietnamese horn baron. you see until you are the one all these years that is all were made of the subject owners of my life you are friends you will be here which sells the lives of your. one year to piece together oaks network his customers suppliers sellers and competitors sometimes via social media we have seen that this subject has been posting a large quantity of road adult ones all analysis for a few that there are approximately 836 he goes on to change every 5 forms we have to work to be in contact with him and he has agreed to meet me next week and. honestly is our client. getting on the pricing approximately how much
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a cellphone bill. and estimation is 6500000 u.s.d. . the sting operation has given the green light making music heading to be at night where he'll try to trap folk. i wouldn't call myself an activist i'm not a deacon in fact i love to eat meat on a park a lot of other people are just you know make a little about her just to make her change of the world. many horns passed through 100 before reaching consumers elsewhere in vietnam or other parts of asia. meaning is set himself up in an in conspicuous neighborhood. there are a team will be helping him under cover. but just so you've obviously
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been a public site with the subject now for safety wise we'll cover you. will we will be unable and obviously we'll be following your location technical ways what those. but you know just paper the thing loss and certainly just to go to these trucks. ming arranges to meet oke at a cafe in one of the more upscale parts of town. the undercover agent has told him he's interested in buying 5 rhino horns a deal worth half a 1000000 euros. this will be their 1st meeting in person and he knows he'll be subjected to a few tests i think this drug is that if we are demanding a person to be able to manage stress very intense experience of the circumstances it's just a part of the job you have to cope with. some of these guys could be
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extremely dangerous we have found the evidence is looking for them to not products or what things are useful. meaning is in place at the agreed location. behind him his team films the scene in secret. after a few minutes ok arrives he's in his thirty's and dressed casually in bermuda shorts and flip flops so you know he's while i've treated. you as being in a business for about 3 years till. oh it's over right get out out some way to also go together with what he claims of intent holes are $3.30 kilo final holes on africa. overstressed order right st. he credits again if you're just. part of the over in it on
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the level of the network you have to have a trigger is considered to be relatively high. meaning passes the test and gains opes trust dealing can now begin with a high ranking gangster who puts out contracts on rhinos on the other side of the planet. the kruger national park has a week like its border to mozambique. for poachers an ideal date way and expect. some of them a few minutes into spent weeks secretly preparing for this trip together with the american n.g.o.s wild and free. a lot of the approaches inside africa come from these areas. but the guys who
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actually pull the trigger are recruited from the areas we going to. mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. weapons have circulated freely since a decades long civil war and a recent islamist insurgency. and crime syndicates have had little problem finding new recruits among those who have nothing. when you see how those people live. you learn to stand exactly why they're doing what they do and want wildlife in these areas. standard charge because people need food it's a simple as that. this try and i bet all some people call iran a war that's been going for 10 years and it's not getting better but nobody's a j.c. in the fight just our bodies speaking to the purchase and trying you know what do
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your needs why you dream what you fear. vincent stops at a village just across the border south africa with its supply of rhino horn is only a few kilometers away this is one of the poachers strongholds i. mean since it's come unarmed he's come to meet the community leaders. some of these men may have already encountered vincent at night deep in the bush. i'm certain the trappings of wealth are visibly evident. just look around us the turban we reach in we use i'll call on is the biggest and most as bold in this community. and then there's absolute poverty so where is the money coming to buy the alcohol and there's not this good whiskey any where does that
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money come from it comes from the ronald. vincent isn't here on a policing mission in any case he is no jurisdiction in mozambique he's just here to ease certain tensions morning everyone it's no secret that the reason we're all here to die is because of the run off but we have not come here to tell you not to part to rhino percheron or nothing thread is not our business we love animals and we love people we cannot expect communities to look at wildlife as we do. if they are not in a fitting from wildlife as we do our believe in this community we can fix that and china's things. the rhino dollars aren't appreciated by everyone here fast money spent badly has repeatedly caused tensions among the locals. there are no dollars a bring in prostitution. which is epping your quite big drug addiction it's the
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secret turns coming in it alcohol abuse. one solution would be to create real jobs for the poachers by developing tourism for example. vincent and its friends didn't come empty handed they've brought along soccer shirts and boots. soccer is the number one sport in mozambique. it's our guest in with the community studies show that play or sport leads to innovation and creativity so everything that we're trying to do. uplift and projects bring in jobs and micro financing and all this later on is starts with soccer because then you pick up self-esteem and you have teamwork and something to hope for. the wild and
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free n.g.o.s set up for tournaments the rhino cup. 3 months later vincent is back with the final. soccer won't solve every problem but a dialogue has now been established with the poachers village. disputes of these even. a man that are not. walked up to me should thank me and then in these are in language said to me i promise you my children want god to the kruger park it's our think that's the cherry on the top. from the start of our bodies purchase should be shot from killed it was our new one method to deal with the parts of the world when i was uncertain far to one another for the rest of our lars only to sit in tolkien's stop being rich warts and just and blinded for everything. get out from beyond our fences come and listen to going to start
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a lot more on a dream as in the dead shooting people slaughters. back in hanoi ming is having his 2nd meeting with. the trafficker had actually been planning to sell his horns to chinese buyers but evidently the goods are still an annoying. ok eventually agrees to show me the horns it's a risky meeting ming is going on his own without a hidden camera. we need him the next day just for security reasons we decided not to carry any cameras
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however i was able to take pictures of the products and factor when i arrived at the place. the forest was direct in white plastic sacks. people were actually a referendum. in taking them out of the box at the back. this is a picture of all the forces. in the house over here you can see in total 28 horns were. shown to me some of them are quite freshly of paint. probably the right notes which are not too long ago because i'm looking at the base of the horn still got the red last stains and cultivate even a bit of the flesh on them and in fact when i entered the room this was a very strong. mission
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ends here. because of my next one exposure within this network. it became very difficult for us to proceed. further we decided to pull out. before returning to the netherlands ming hands all the evidence from his investigation over to the authorities. 10 days later the vietnamese police seized the horns and arrested a man but himself managed to evade capture sadly crime bosses are more often than not untouchable.
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in south africa colonel you'll stay has high hopes for his next operation one of his most ambitious to date. yost and his team want to catch a very big fish a crime boss with personal control of 2 thirds of all poaching in kruger park. for this operation any lead police tactical unit has been called in. this morning 70 men will mount several raids of the suspects various known hideouts. the operation is now on and will strike at a number of addresses simultaneously of the police it's a go it's a go it's a go so it's our go for you to go to those photos as. the primary target is the bosses own luxury home. the punters think that nothing. but inside the team finds only the suspect starter.
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i don't want to. lose more modest building is used for physical transactions which is about the premises are empty. the. the crime bosses accomplices are caught red handed with rhino horns. they were on their way to the airport after having run the goods in aluminum foil. as for the prime suspect he's arrested at another of his remarks by colonel used to himself. his name is petrus my brutha
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54 years old also known as mr big. it's a very wealthy person uses his money well from within the community the community looks up team in terms of approval. offset and support i'll believe that he is very arrogant because he feels that he's untouchable i think the benefit for this operation. we took away some of his ad against them is off it's not local police that is dealing with him it's not the local people that he can't corrupt. all the feds he's contributing in the fight against crime we did we did not won the war yet. we stabilized the situation but obviously organized wrong he said we'll shoot up of john that you deal with so we you trying to stop it at one place it will lead up to the other one.
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in the ongoing war who will prevail the poachers or those protecting the rhinos. with only $25000.00 rhinos left worldwide will the men and women fighting organized crime have time to win the war before it's too late. 2 years on from the shocking events in 12 be the culprits have still not been identified. mizuno has a new. president called unesco a symbolic new arrival. of the crime syndicates today have the power to wipe out a species that is roamed the earth for 55000000 years. it's a fate threatening
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a range of other treasured animals to. the trafficking of wildlife and animal products is now worth $15000000000.00 euros a year the 4th most lucrative illegal trade on the planet. is quite as simple as it seems. to understand the world we need to take a closer look at. the experience knowledge.
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in a world flooded with images. these 5 photo artists prove that real life needs no shelter. i'm in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what with the world. around half a century. your world will be around true degrees warmer.
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inevitably sea levels rise by at least one century. we're going to have some climate impacts machar greater the more we see already. it's really frightening. why are people more concerned. little yellow. shorts may 31st. british prime minister to resign may has announced she will resign as leader of the conservative party on the 7th of june almost 3 years after the british people voted to leave the european union she's been under growing pressure to step down over her failure to get m.p.'s to support her brags that deal of mine.


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