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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 8:30am-9:01am CEST

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they have at the back of. the sing along down to a step. from super. to. advantage cause they put it into active exercises that i think about that deafening don't come especially. on facebook in the. jam and so frayed devaney. oh and welcome to drive with the d w car show coming up comfy and sporty them are c b c l s. g for rugged terrain there wrangler rubicon. and the new improved s.u.v.
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from honda a charming sport. that's at times a contest to louie's couple isn't surprised that s.u.v.s have been trending in recent years with its h r v sport honda has put together a quick and compact s.u.v. that we can't wait to try out. one of the most frequent criticisms of the previous h r v's was their leg that's why honda fitted the chair he scored with a more powerful turbo charged gas engine from the civic sport despite already having sold 93000 units europe one night the h. r.v. sales numbers still have room to grow that's where this sports series comes in. its black elements are only available in the sport line and give the exterior a striking and dynamic appearance the new 1.5 liter v. tech turmoil engine is packed with 134 kill. the wants and makes the sport model
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more powerful and enjoyable. the $470.00 leader trunk provides plenty of space for luggage. and of course honda is proud of its new model. moto senior engineer at honda europe says the sport not only has an athletic style it also offers a fun and dynamic driving experience. the new performance damper technology very quickly counteracts oscillations from the chassis the same way sports cars like the n.s.a. this makes the vehicle much more stable and quicker to respond to the driver's actions which in turn improves handling and that. import what. we're trying out a 100 page every sport with a sick speed manual transmission
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a compact and she can reach a maximum torque of 240 millimeters in 1900 revs per minute and spring from 0 to 107.8 seconds with an impressive top speed of 215 kilometers per hour. but. says the electromechanical power steering makes taking a curve feel like driving on real way traction and with 134 kilowatt you're always racing ahead. the interior also facts of punch for example with a 7 inch touchscreen and the honda connect infotainment system. with red leather lining and dark textile covers the dramatic color contrast is a striking detail that makes the interior feel sleek. he is
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also practical to has found a way to create extra storage space with what he calls magic seats. with its new turbo charged engine and performance standard technology honda has injected the h r v with sporty the stable chassis a new engine can handle tight curves and swift highway journeys with the heat and with a big price of $30000.00 euros and a wide range of custom add ons it's a serious contender in the compact s.u.v. market. luis's hyundai has corrected all the flaws of earlier models the hyundai board has more dynamic roadholding and is more fun to drive.
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the mercedes c.l.s. is now in its 3rd generation and just like its debut 16 years ago the 4 door coupe a style sedan prides itself on extravagant design combining sporting this with much and comfort so what's special about the new model. a sedan coupe a sedan isn't sure what to call it it's got 4 doors considerable trunk space and is super sporty for mercedes and while there are sporty mercedes most of the comfort oriented sedans aren't that sporty who pays. but this one is very comfortable and sporty it seems like the engineers have really struck a good balance here. let's start with the design the 3rd generation comes with a wide radiator grille and slender headlights the grill is tapered from top to bottom. so it looks more like an e m g g t n n or as class. there's c.l.s.
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is almost 5 meters long it's a coupe a like silhouette brings the new models greg hoy efficient down to 0.26. today we're testing this c.o.'s 350 deep with all wheel drive the 6 cylinder diesel engine generates 210 kilowatts of power and leaps from 0 to 100 in just 5.7 seconds the c.l.s. 354 matic starts at around 68000 euros in germany.
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as much as points each car maker has a weapon of choice in their engine arsenal. both have one and that they install everywhere and for mercedes it's the 3 leader diesel engine and that's a reasonable choice this engine offers actually driving performance the acceleration is not bad at all the engines economical and since mercedes installs it everywhere it's not that expensive. sporty seat configuration keeps the driver in position perfectly. as is quite impressed with the comfortable seats which even pump themselves up and take corners the outer cushion inflates to stop him from squashing into the door. nice off cock identified. through a lot of that. he also draws our attention to one of the lecture e s. and on this
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panel hitting them you can hit the armrest in the door and the one in the middle which must be particularly pleasant in the winter but the i'm going to miss. the interior has the finishing of a true business sedan like this widescreen is perceived he calls it made up of 2 screens side by side. and the new steering wheel really underlines the premium or say nice feel. for c.v.s. has 3 different suspension variance to offer for the c.l.s. as standard the chassis comes with steel comfort suspension and 18 inch wheels for a surcharge you can also add an adjustable damping system or air suspension for the
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2 nonstandard variants the driver can switch between comfort mode and the more rigid sport not. a car designer recently told my tears that night was the new chrome and you can work with lights not only on the outside but inside the car too infotainment settings have an option to switch the interior to ambient light. that's not exactly new though since. nearly every car maker now offer excellent ambient light but what is special is the effects. you can now choose multi-colored lights which can even be animated. when the song he actually finds then a little bit weird because there's everything from purple to turquoise before you.
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i could only choose from 3 or 4 colors in my office is a big fan of the wide selection and of course it's not necessary sense just like this thing in the glove box but this is real proof you. don't put it behind you yours though this is for the car you know with then one con you can also add an optional set of interior sense to him but then add some fragrance. it certainly is good damper the car those c.e.o.'s take. time to go. after all these extraordinary discovery since time for much as his final verdict of a new c.l.s. . he really likes the material of course for a car and this price range should expect everything to be taped up and everything is as. he likes the leather the all kind tara details in terms of the workmanship
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this is actually upset that he can't find anything to complain about. the tree leader diesel motor offers plenty of power and energy efficiency the c.e.o.'s is a top of the range car it's all true sporty comfortable and provides an excellent driving experience it's just the price tag that's maybe a little high but then driving a mercedes as always happens perhaps. yes have you know this is tensing disco disappear the smartest and most elegant model the czech company has to offer this is the station wagon and she wants to find out just how roomy it really is. the front design is stylish and balanced. the 3 head and tail lights extend out to the sun ice which along with his sweeping
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lines down the side of the carney long gated appearance the supreme station wagon is 4.86 meters long. there's lots of space to play with and the designers have used well. the wheel base is 2.84 meters and he says that benefits the rear passenger as she thinks the leg room is exceptional as well as the space. yes above her head she even managed to packer be back. in. the station wagon can fit every 660 leaders into the trunk and if you need more the back seats detach an automatic way hold down that boosts the trunk space to nearly 2000 leaders around 200 more than a superb sadam. for
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the superb school offers to gas and one diesel model into performance levels. the more powerful diesel model gets from 0 to 108.4 seconds and has a top speed of 224 kilometers an hour the dynamic suspension system adjusts the dampers and steering to suit the situation which adds to the overall comfort and safety. says testing the most powerful diesel model with 140 kilowatts and a 7 gear dual clutch transmission she's really impressed with the road holding and she points out the various driving styles to choose from in sport mode and is says the maximum torque of 400 newton metres gives the car a really sporty feel there's also an equal mode which can see you a lot of fuel. this is the
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2nd best equipment lying called style and it's fairly understated almost reserved but you can still find everything you need to feel comfortable on a longer journey. practical details like this one of trash can in the door and the electrically adjustable seats are examples of house a perfectly this approved combines comfort with people's everyday me it's. the passenger seat. and also we move forwards from the back seat to provide extra leg room. i need to finish things this skoda is really great value for money and offers abundant space which doesn't just make it a family friendly car that adults can also sit comfortably on the back seat and the truck is so big you could even climb in and relax here. that
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some of the next. school to already has its next innovations in the pipeline with a brand new facelift coming up soon for this super it'll be the 1st skoda model to receive the new full l.e.d. matrix headlights with dynamic lighting features and a 158 kilowatt plug in hybrid engine. must know one thing cars like these can never be is clean says our car test i hold guys in over real shapes not crossovers are meant to be taken off the beaten path let's see what it can do with us. first things 1st alex into the countryside this is where the wrangler now in its 4th generation feels most at home
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and it never could say no to our good old fashioned mud fight this original american off router has been a time honored brand since 1987 and its history reaches back even further than that . so i see by no no shows what this jeep wrangler can manage it can muscle its way through streams and rivers and climb over rocks steep slopes and trees that's because this car is based on the u.s. army truck willy's and back then it was built to be. you think it's indestructible and easy to repair won't this on the sly sort of tell you. the wrangler is powered by a 2.2 leader turbo diesel or a 2 liter turbo gas engine both versions use and hear automatic transmission today we're taking the 147 kilowatt diesel for a spin. that's what 200 horsepower i know says it can launch from 0 to 100 in just
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11 seconds but 812-2130 kilometers an hour it's more comfortable. the lead is designed for the iconic s.u.v. has stayed true to its we need each of the front main headlights are now in quickly that we need each and the characters to grill with 7 air vents the box he will wells and the exposed door and hood hinges all make it easy instantly recognizable as a jeep wrangler. the. ones that i know explains how this jeep wrangler rubicon got its name from the legendary rube a contrail in california it's one of the most difficult off road tracks in the world between lake tahoe and georgetown locals have been hurting their cattle sheep and turkeys from their summer to winter past year since about 880 some drivers on the roof of contrail clearly wanted off more than they could chew and had to leave
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their rigs behind to mcduck the landscape. inside the cheap wrangler has also kept tradition with its forerunners except now it's also got a 7 inch display on the instrument panel and an $8.00 inch touchscreen. both gears ships are massive so it's always easy to select the right dr mode no matter how rugged the terrain. this was the line. says you could even fish for trout stream out of your window in the vehicle can wade through water up to 77 centimeters deep the engine takes in air from the top to prevent it from choke out. for low friction surfaces you can switch on the wranglers permanent 4 wheel drive system with a lowered ratio or even rougher trails there's an end dish and a permanent 4 wheel drive system that multiplies engine torque traction problems
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not with the jeep wrangler. in one hopes opinion this is what a jeep wrangler should look like old uncompromising and irresistibly old school it's impressive where ever you take it and it's versatile the roof comes off in just a few easy steps the doors are removeable and you can fold the front windshield and you can even drive and has a stripped down version. in normal driving conditions the driver can select between rear wheel drive and automatic 4 wheel drive the multi-plane clutch continuously and not a medically distributes torque between the axis which makes the jeep wrangler suited for long hauls as well as every day driving.
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our classic car expert christoph bowers tooling around the northern italian province of trentino in a porsche on the virtually empty road to the flat to a level one a he finds it hard not to fall in love with a 911 target. deposit says the porsche 911 is the sports car part excellence and now as ever its shape is immediately recognizable here target stands for the removeable roof. which normally sits between the windshield and the roll bar. the targets roll bar was the brainchild of company chairman ferry porsche and his son ferdinand alexander porsche who designed the 911 the rollbar was made to protect the convertibles inhabitants in case the car flipped over. but its appearance drew mixed reactions and some even joked a targus brush nearest the steel roll bar reminded them of pots and pans and had
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them reaching for their dish plots still over a quarter of the 911 is produced at the time were targets. unfun says that christopher says that at 1st the target was a quick fix the us was porsche's biggest market then and still is today but in the 1960 s. and m. vicious lawyer named growth nader launched his unsafe at any speed crusade to get dangerous cars off the roads especially convertibles so porsche quickly developed a safe convertible with a roll bar and the target was born christofias the name was well chosen it harks back to the target florio endurance races held on sicily and target is an old word for shields clever hot dogs and you might get something that must. be. the target has been rolling up assembly line since 1065 and like his predecessor the 356 which
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had always been available as a convertible the 911 only came as a coupe a when the model was 1st introduced in 1963 up no it's not nor stuff tells us porsche started fitting the target with panoramic glass rear windows in 1969 before that there was a plastic wanted zipped open the problem was you often couldn't shut it again as the plastic shrunk at the low temperatures but he says this 1973 model has a different weak spot open to achieve better weight distribution the oil tank was mounted just. the head of the rear axle and filled here and the on the so you can guess what happened much some owners or the dash station attendants filled it with gas causing major engine damage just a year later the oil tank lid was history. because harmonious shape has made the porsche 9111 of the world's most beautiful and timeless sports cars the targets rollbar and the wrap around rear window continue
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the flowing line seen at the front. with a centrally placed tech ometer wings that are visible from the driver's seat and ignition to the left of the steering wheel the target boasts all the classic features of a $911.00 at the mention its rear engine a porsche trademark. this 911 t. has the weak is very into the 6 cylinder 2.4 leader engine which was fitted into the model starting in 1972. 1 that isaac kristof says these days 130 horsepower sounds more suitable for a family car than a racing sports car but not here as this is
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a porsche after all the engine revs willingly and accelerates quickly going from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 10 seconds and it can hit 200 kilometers per hour so you can still drive it with confidence today. even the highway police appreciated the car's combination of fresh air and driving performance the 100000th porsche ever made was a 912 target equipped with a blue light for the police about inverting back that's where stuff says fans. where the $911.00 strangling is 2nd to none the rear engine delivers endless amounts of traction when it came to thrills like power steering and e.s.p. superb fullest he calls it the perfect recipe for it and it was driving pleasure but compared to modern i'm 11 scoring stability is limited so when you enter a curve quickly and suddenly take your foot off the gas the rear end can slide out to get a lot of stick then you must quickly countersteering to get back on track but the
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way. but such driving challenges and the inevitable through the sound of the air cooled boxer engine are the ingredients that have made the classic 911 such a success story again. that every star says the 911 is the most successful super car of all time like no other could balance a sporting of this with everyday practicality and with a 911 target for she added a trendsetting security concept he says the car's the perfect synthesis of hedonism and rationality of open air feeling that state and safety that makes the 911 target a true milestone and automotive history. in 1982 another porsche started to give the target a run for its money the $911.00 convertible after a 16 year break the sports car maker returned to making open top vehicles without
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rule bars still the target remains in porches right up to this day. and the next time i'm driving i had back our house the new hyundai i 30 fashed back again. and that piece will drive in the full 90.
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i'd like to do is wait a minute diet while. i have to exercise to slim down. more can eat what should i avoid. and how can they cook healthy meals we're focusing on how to numerous weight and how to cook and eat healthy. being
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good shape coming up d.w. . to tell the whole story in a single. trance their mission. in a world what if image. means for our photo artist's. real life needs no. w. . europe a big idea but what's become of it and what will it look like tomorrow. w.
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gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections asking the questions that matter on our european voters' hopes for the new parliament what challenges lie ahead from way too long the politicians and the people in power have come their way with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis helluva nerve intellectual effect of the rest of the. expert discussion this. is a reform. voters 1st hand view g.w. as it all is in the european elections on may 26th on g.w. . sometime in the 26th. my great granddaughter. what would the world be like in your lifetime in around half a century. your world would be around 2 degrees warmer.
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inevitably sea levels rise by at least one in the century. we're going to have some climate impacts maternal greater than what we see or maybe. that's really frightening book. club. why are people more concerned. little yellow bird starts move to 1st t.w. . british prime minister to resign may has announced she will resign as leader of the conservative party on the 7th of june almost 3 years after the british people voted to leave the european union she's been under growing pressure to step down over her failure to get m.p.'s to support her brags that deal by.
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us president donald trump has announced he is sending 1500 troops to the middle east to beef up defense against.


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