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welcome to in good shape coming up. metabolic rate how much energy does the body need. yoyo affect what happens after a diet. and nutrition studies should you really listen to what they say. hello and welcome to in good shape the world population is expanding weight wise and as a regular viewer of in good shape you know that this could be dangerous to your health because every kilo you've got too much is dangerous so today we're focusing on how to lose weight and how to cook and eat healthy and this is why i'm here in cologne with dr stefan look and your nutritionist as a food scientist so why is it so difficult to lose weight it's very funny to have
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this tasty sweetness and this kind of food which makes us funny and there are a lot of marketing strategy from the industry to let us eat more than we need it's all about motivation we are trying to motivate you to cook and to eat healthy that's what we're going to do today. i know it's very difficult to lose weight and to eat healthy so you could read all the new studies and research papers and follow the advice of the researchers but the next day the new study. andrea's 5 fare is all too aware of the contradictions in food science meat is unhealthy one day the next it's good milk maybe. according to one study
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a must according to another opinions are also divided on bread. this is definitely a problem that studies reach such different conclusions about the health benefits of various foods if the studies are only small in scope with maybe 30 participants you can get incidental findings really that differ from the next group of statistically it's inevitable for because of the differences between people and in mention. but there are other issues too even with largest surveys often participants are required to give information about their eating habits or health stretching back over long periods of time but who can remember exactly what they are 8 months ago let alone years. more precise studies require participants to keep an up to date protocol of what they're eating the problem here is that it can be time consuming and the longer the study last the
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more the participants are likely to lose interest and give inaccurate responses. then there are those who tend to cheat there are unwilling to admit to the audit intelligence here and then. evaluation results is also a complex business such as offense often have very different eating habits involving all kinds of foods based on this flood of dr the scientists then have to ascertain which foods are healthy or unhealthy. results can vary greatly depending on the method used. interventions studies tend to produce better results but there are also more expensive here each participant receives exact instructions for what to eat the german institution of human nutrition has teamed up with billions sherry take clinic to carry out a study of this kind the scientists are investigating high fat middle. trainee and
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food adapted to german tastes they're comparing that with a low fat diet along the guidelines of the german nutrition society. one group is told to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and along with whole grain products a moderate amount of jerry produce lean meat and fish. the other group is eating a high fat low carb mediterranean diet with pulses knott's fish and plenty of vegetable oil. 500 people are taking. the scientists want to know which diet helps to keep the test subjects physically and mentally fit for longer. the doctors do regular blood tests for things like blood sugar lipitor and inflammatory marcuse which provide information on chronic illnesses the tests also show whether the individual has been sticking to the diet. throughout the entire study the
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doctor who's a monitoring participant health. the study will not be complete for another 3 years but well conducted extensive studies carried out by hospitals still have one drawback most of the participants have some kind of prior health issues such as high blood pressure increased levels or excess weight they may therefore respond more quickly or more noticeably to a change in diet than a healthy person would. do the results still apply to healthy people endocrinologist and dress 5 1st says yes and they always do sort of swim for or don't diet it's not that you become terminally ill overnight but what you eat particularly when you reach middle age affects your health risks when you're 5060 or 72 percent like 1st world diseases generally developing and diet also affects your weight of course. so in a nutshell nutrition studies are complex and provide results that are
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scientifically useful that said many do appear to indicate that a mediterranean diet has health benefits and eating plenty of vegetables is good for the hosh along with vegetable protein nuts and whole grain products unfortunately the results for other foods are often contradictory. so keeping up with the latest food craze is probably not worthwhile israel any scientific basis behind trends that write about certain foods while demonizing others. it's good to keep that in mind when you hear the next recommendation for the ultimate super food. well on 2nd thought it's not that difficult to lose weight you just have to eat less and run more in the know it's very difficult because when you use energy or carbs nutrition means that you deal with. body and the eating behavior
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is controlled by our brain so when you are eating less are you a deal or you are being forced with the deal with less energy you cause the same consequences as preventing less and both things are essential for survival so as a result this process can be successful in every case but how can you do sweet when you have probably low carb diets can be a solution but as you may know a low carb diet means to eat less energy and people who joined this diet yes they try to eat a minimum only a minimum of carbohydrates and. if the question is does that work the. brain when the brain notices they are that there are only a few cups then this is the command from the pain to the middle of
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a body to slim and people slim but this success is not of a long continuance because the people have munchies but why do we have munchies our brain needs about 120 grams every day to be able to function and work so we knew where we less carbs so you get the munchies so 120 grams of carbohydrates is very easy because i left the brat know this or those cups are very small you need a complex form of carbs a fiber rich form of like whole grain bread the blood sugar level from whole cream bread is continual way to 4 rising ok so so it's not about only the amount of carbs or even more it's more about the repertoire but the package you have the package the fiber that stops blood level. for the munchies and they have
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no munchies with a whole grain carbs so what about soft drinks i know those are bad for you so i would skip them and i would go to some kind of hutus ok but you have to look at this here the sugar 60 grams per 100 grams and this has only 10 grams you have to be careful when you consume fruit juice because there's also a lot of power hydrates but there are nutrients in it and in soda there are no instruments at all that's right i understand that you have to take care about a couple hydrates yes i have to take them in a slow releasing one with all the contradictions and all the complex forms of it so what about protein can you just stick to a formula to hide where the former diet. has a lot of a lot of protein but you have to know other protein in the body is the body can produce carbs and sugar from proteins but the blood sugar level
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rises high so the body missing the sign to slim so you have not the success in the long distance you have not the success when you choose or when you make the formal diet with high protein so we don't stick to family guy to me have some real food to can take for this low fat. low for me like chicken breast of you can take as a turn or 2 of beans lentils chick we are told food or odes you know so this of the protein source to cover the need of protein and then the main part of oil production. our way to temples where tables deliver to means minerals and also n.g.o.s don'ts and fiber all metabolise for good health
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and this is them. the main part when you. when you award elko and. you can do nothing wrong and this diet will be successful for long term perfect so i'm looking forward to it before we cook we have to take a look at our energy at the basal metabolic rate which is essentially the form of energy you burn over the day when you do nothing. catron and renamed from the fryeburg university sports institute a testing how the body utilizes energy how much energy to we take in and how do we expend it. the basal metabolic rate of b m r is the energy our bodies require just to maintain all basic functions during the course of one day. it works rather like one of the old type light bulbs energy it's taken in an expended
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. light exercise increases b.m.r. it's a combination of many factors so each person has their own metabolic rate. when people go on slimming diets for many weeks the body loses weight but it also means that to starvation mode to manage the reduced energy available the basal metabolic rate falls but it stays low even when we start eating normally again that's why people put on weight faster after a diet it's called the jojo effect so how can we lose weight permanently that's a question freiburg universities professor daniel kearney is seeking. we know that long term weight loss only functions when we also exercise exercise builds muscle mass and raises the basal metabolic rate and we also burn calories while we're exercising and that helps balance our energy account over the whole day . every movement uses energy but most people
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overestimate their kind of expenditure. exercise is always worthwhile but don't overestimate the effect of a single session you have to exercise continually and make it part of your daily lifestyle then it has a much more noticeable effect overall what's your exercise builds muscle mass the extra muscle mass boosts the base or metabolic rate they're going. to muscle transforming fact into muscle works best with high intensity interval training. in high intensity interval training you have short intervals in which you do very strenuous exercise followed by short breaks after each break you launch back into the high stress phase that means no long breaks to recover that means the whole thing is very intense with high calorie expenditure it's something common to all forms of exercise regardless of whether you're riding
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a bike jogging or lifting weights you can do it with any kind of sporty he says we do if you're. in weight lifting that means about 30 seconds maximum weight then a 50. 2nd brake after 5 repetitions catching goes to the next machine this form of exercise boosts the metabolic rate because the body has to supply the muscles with a lot of energy and oxygen in a short space of time the cardiovascular system adapts to the training as well as let it performance improves and the effect on your body is increased but there are some things to be careful about. but that is even harder here what we've seen with these 2 is that it's a very intense and strenuous type of exercise and that means i should already be reasonably fit to begin with my pressures also be well acquainted with the apparatus i intend to use for high intensity interval training or i can easily overdo it and enter myself and it's important to know that although anyone can do
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it and principle not everyone responds the same way the physical effects and adaptation are a function of our genetic makeup it's not like everyone will have exactly the same success on. the body also uses more calories when resting after a session of high intensity interval training it needs to regenerate the muscles and replenish stores of energy and lowering the body's temperature also requires more energy. so now we're going to cook mediterranean style fried vegetables with chicken action and action. first we make the sauce with bell pepper. so what do you usually use is it important you can choose which you want
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but my favorites are the leg juice and. the car. coverage of the coverage you know and. i think of the onion richard tables they are a lot of and and a good with a bullet for our health. and using lentils actually you have cooking lentils here illegally and you have a new alone tells us that about a. lot of where your ball protein in a high among you can use it as a protein source excellent protein source and it's history very good so if you don't want to eat some meats you can go for the lentils that as
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a target if. it's essential to use then the other patients will get grain. so the source makes them all. the nice color yeah yeah the color of healthy and there's no artificial coloring and they also i mean it's amazing isn't it usually with all those products you can buy in some kind of convenience stores they always put full artificial colors are actually not good for your health this is really food if you make it from scratch. and then you actually get it's like like a meditation actually it's mindfulness you know. so it's not not only good to eat it but for good to prepare it you know it works so you ended lower pressure actually there are studies that say if you cook yourself cooking itself loads of oppression before we take the wedge of trouble in we grilled. chicken to take grape seed oil why don't you take on the boil yeah because this all here has
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a lot of essential fatty acids we need them and we will make a reduction reduction diet we go with the. down and so we have to take here for the quality of the lunch or is it good or all of that's up to you the continued out of the lunch can make it there not. the violence is the important thing the whole much energy you have taken in the whole day oho much of the last so it's not important that you skip carbohydrates say in the evening or so right so what's the next step the. rest. of. the vegetable becomes all knowledge. then. you just wait. while we wait if to say something albert einstein once said an empty
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stomach is not a good political adviser and this is why our department they always feed us before we are allowed to answer emails. on an upcoming show we'll be looking at skim our skin is our largest organ and it protects us from the elements what can we do to keep it in good shape and that includes how much makeup is ok to use send your questions to in good shape but d.-w. dot com please write skin in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. if you want to lose weight in the long term you not only have to change your eating habits you have to work out too with cardio training and with resistance training and this is the only way you can prevent weight cycling. the need to be so knows the yoyo a fact only too well when she 1st tried dieting 10 years ago she only wanted to
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lose a few kilos after that she went on many diets has been my from and i started at $75.00 kilos then bit by bit it was $95.00 right now it's. to 70 but in between the highs got higher and the lows lower. it's a common story without professional advice diets often end in disaster. it can be frustrating but even more seriously the constant ups and downs are bad for the heart according to a us study this also applies to people who aren't particularly overweight to begin with and only want to lose or gain a few kilos. as a washington the surprising thing from this study was that fluctuations and weight crease the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks in people of normal weight as well margarita who would have been the stand as someone who treats obesity i'm frankly alarmed how would this affect someone who is very overweight
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with a b.m.i. over 40 or even 50 for instance my thoughts which would account for. as i think you know yo dieting is not healthy cardiologists aren't alone here metabolic specialist also agree on this point. in which. the american study shows that heart problems can occur when people put weight back on after a diet nutrition expert morton shoot explains how the brain actually brings about harmful weight gain it's good for us that fatty tissue wants to store more energy which happens primarily around the abdominal cavity abdominal fat is where we store energy best $95.00. studies show that the yo yo effect can lead to people gaining more visceral fat when they put the weight back on earth that's the dangerous fat if you're fat. the fat stored in our abdominal cavity is the last fat that we lose when we go on a diet. that's because it's part of the brain's energy reserve but when you put
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weight back on that's the 1st place it goes. the visceral fat is not a nurse it functions like an organ producing hormones and sell signal in proteins that lead to inflammation and some inflammatory processes can even lead to the buildup of plaques in coronary arteries which can cause a heart attack. when stephanie to the snow again 25 kilograms after dieting she sought help partly out of fear for her health. you know arthritis which gets worse for example or high blood pressure the kind of health issues that could interfere with caring for my children or with my job. that's worrying and it's why i had to act. in the weight loss group here at the village homes book our hospital they teach
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people that weight loss only works by retraining the brain. just like learning to differentiate between foods that make me full but not fat and ones that make me fat while leaving me hungry. another key to success sports strong muscles burn more energy but they also help to reduce inflammation. well to vison does mention we know that people who exercise are at lower risk of heart attack even if they are overweight japanese sumo wrestlers are a great example they may be overweight but they're in peak form and for that reason they almost never have heart attacks. so instead of yo yo ing try spending more time at the gym stephanie to be thinner now stick to a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. so if you want to lose weight you have to exercise that's right if i exercise
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a lot i'm getting hungry so ok to cope with bad well that's normal you have lost energy you have lost water and you have to bring it back to the body you have to drink and you have to eat and you have to eat carbohydrates in a complex form because that's what the body has lost in the sports but the sports stress the stomach so you have to either the menu in small pieces so if you want to stick to this healthy diet how can you stick to it in the long run it's easy to be mindful and your have to respect your food and when you do that you get another. another point of view to the to the to your menu to you food and then it's better for the long term but what about all those little. treats here with gummy bears coming to take well they're not good but they're tasty. so do the voice of them all to get them to consume new ones only once in a while but not too often so we skip the got me beers you know be stick to healthy
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food you know we can eat so see again next weekend and so then let's all try to stay in good shape now it's time to get in yeah thanks for cookie thank you great part of the tasty.
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to tell the whole story in a single picture. in a world flood of images. these from photo artists prove that real life needs no shelter.
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her. own life from the region it's from and it is itself a living organism. but what happens most loyal is exploited. and contempt. how long can this process continue to feed she manage a. movie soon be the last august. 45 minutes on. i'm secure that the they were not hard and in the end is a me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars and the what's your story ready. i mean when i was a women especially in victims of violence and. take part and send us your story we
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are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. thought you are not a very little or nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. because society is becoming increasingly antiseptic. i am.

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