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thank you for. similar stories being told you so. don't. you. this is g.w. news life from berlin a tearful farewell and a thank you to top of the opportunity to serve the country. britain's prime minister of tourism may well resign on june 7th her failure to deliver threats that nearly 3 years after the u.k.'s referendum sealed her fate also coming up. u.s.
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president dollars from travel to japan for a special state visit as the new emperor earth's foreign guest will find out what to expect from our correspondent in tokyo. thanks for joining the outgoing british prime minister tourism a says she will always regret failing to secure a deal for the u.k. to leave the european union may announce shall resign on june 7th almost 3 years after the british voted to exit from the bloc she was unable to get a deeply divided parliament to back her withdrawal deal i will shortly leave the job that it is be the owner of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will but with enormous
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and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love an emotional end to a turbulent time at the top to resume a came to power promising a break to deal and spent over a year negotiating one i have done everything i can to convince m.p.'s to back that deal sadly i have not been able to do so i tried 3 times. so-called break the treaty has many voters resigned to whatever comes or just fed up. it doesn't change the numbers it doesn't change the mess we're in and that parliament can't make a decision even if we get progress prime minister what are they going to do that's going to change things about trying to nation gets a leader that's been the liberal people vote for. may's difficulties in office what
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compounded by infighting within your own party boris johnson was a foreign minister and one of the greatest tormentors and he's now considered the leading candidate to succeed here as prime minister though there are often surprises as the party picks its leader. whoever becomes pm will face pressure from the brig's a party led by nigel for the brand new group is expected to win big in the european elections you won't break it you got a good fix we didn't plan for it will do this so we're going to let you have this. so you can revise it it isn't just the votes we get it's what we want to get at the general and the people who. might will carry on for the coming weeks preparing to pass brigs it on to whoever is lucky or unlucky enough to get a job. was very inventive money's a pro e.u. activist and the vice president of the lobbying association european movement welcome to the so nearly all commentators agree that tourism a is the latest
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casualty of the brics fiasco but isn't she also the victim of a relentless you know it's not of all artifice it's all made in by britain that's made disaster if you want to say that the european union keeps calm and carries on . it looks likely that may be replaced by a more pro a hard for x. leader what does the e.u. say though that some of the leaders have already stepped out saying that the withdrawal agreement that is on the table right now will not be renegotiated so where do we go from here i guess that they can keep calm and carry on with a wait and see we have to see also the european elections no running across the continent so they have to weigh dollars for a new commission 30th of october as the deadline for a no deal extension what. this known deal scenario is certainly one that the
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e.u. wants to avoid but leaders coming in possibly not so eager on avoiding this scenario how does the e.u. deal with that they can't just keep calm and carry on. nobody wants and no deal. so it but of cause that is the decision of the u.k. government whatever's going on that can be even new elections so nobody knows really what is going on in the west and so these states so what are we going to have is for sure commission member states of the e.u. would $27.00 who will have a clear line what can harm the e.u. as such so they will try to avoid the e.u. break that and the rights of movement is just one example of the anti e.u. sentiment that's that's growing and the entire block. how strong is citizen support for the. you know the last results for projections from someone in the netherlands
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show that there is so much more why a pro e.u. approach so the the real fret is there of course but in the end of the day i guess that is specially press of late people thinking about what it means when you get a lot of the e.u. moves a lot of. others euro skeptic governments and italy and hungary how does a new plan to deal with that in the future. nobody of these mentioned governments wants to leave the e.u. the e.u. is a democracy which is also scrambling on the right policy that about climate change policy the right for migration policy of course these other things what everybody has to deal with but nobody wants to leave the you need a strong part of and know to act to elect a new commission president that comes next and that makes the stronger when the people go to vote and also vote for constructive parties. while the polls are
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indicating that the breck the party for example will be the strongest force in british elections. how strong can that parliament really be if a big part of it is made up of euro skeptics it's not a big problem which is made up of 2 big part of my point of view of course but this is not at all a blocking majority or anything abruptly minority if you will and that is that the european elections will show that in many countries the center will hold very strong and already the netherlands showed 1st good indications and when you go to ireland of another wave everything is a project to predict and this is not clear yet but we're going to have something that has yet to can deal with with democratic parties and a real fight about the right policy and that would make the anti european parties much more calm pentagon pro-u. activist the vice president of the european movement thank you very much. you're.
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going to watch me come over and what will it look like somebody. gets ready for me to look at european election. which is for european voters and i'll leave the european election to the rest of the. experts discussion comprehensive record holders. european elections may 26th. now some of the other stories making news around the world. lawyers for defeated indonesian presidential candidate beyond so have submitted a lawsuit to the constitutional court challenging the results of the april 17th election they repeated earlier claims that there had been widespread cheating and favor of incumbent president djoko the dodo. the world's most expensive drug has been approved swiss drug maker novartis can now sell sold jensen in the
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u.s. it treats spinal muscular atrophy the leading genetic cause of death and since no bard as has faced criticism for the prize with a one time treatment costing some $2000000.00. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in algiers and other algerian cities for a 14th week they're calling for a planned presidential election to be delayed until independent institutions can be set up to oversee it this after 2 decades of authoritarian rule. as do in mexico central state of class skylab has a new star this baby jackal are the 2 month old female cub is a big hit with visitors but she's also an important success for the zoo's breeding program for the threatened species. u.s. president donald trump has announced he's sending 1500 troops to the middle east to beef up defenses against iran this comes after the pentagon said that iran was
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directly responsible for attacks on oil tankers in the gulf earlier this month the trumpet ministration also announced a major arms sale to saudi arabia citing the threat from around. the trump and 1st lady malani at trump have just arrived in tokyo for a 4 day visit to japan security has been tight ahead of the trip trump will need what the newly and around emperor never hito trump and his wife will be japan's 1st state guest since now he tells and throw meant on may 1st the white house at the visit comes at a historic moment in japan. for more let's bring in our correspondents. in tokyo following this visit sonja donald trump is the 1st foreign politician to be received by japan's new emperor what signal does that send. this is the next chapter in the. romans for a prime minister i would this is
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a great chance to emphasize yet again the u.s. are as an important. president. and he's really go all out enabling the meeting with the new and of course the goal to give that they've made it possible to attend smaller tournaments on the floors and everybody else and all of this is really to court and to charm. north korea trade what will be the main topic on the agenda. well of course north korea is important and it is on the agenda for japan and the abduction issue is of course a major topic but i think the main focus will be on trade and treated unfairly in the past because that expected some exceptions for all the tariffs.
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trump has complained about the trade imbalance with their parent and they are they want to start negotiating a trade deal so i think the main focus of this meeting will definitely be trade or sea life pictures right now. arriving in japan how important is this country for donald trump. for him it's a possibility especially at this point in time to show that his aides are policy is not a total failure look and speak because the trade deal with china fell flat recently with north korea where things seem to be going well we all know that the meeting with him was cut short so it's now a good opportunity for trying to collect points at home where he's also under pressure for the trade deal with trying to that's not going well that's been hurting the american people so it's also
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a way of maintaining pressure on china if they manage through that's really all the trade will over i don't really see this happening at this point in time so i don't expect a very specific outcome during that 40 meeting. can tell can't thank you very much welcome. a big weekend in motor sports ahead formula one's flagship brace the monaco grand prix takes place on sunday with a special tribute expected to the late who died this week it's also the indy 500 north america's big event while here in berlin the new kid on the block has its latest race that's formula the series using only electric cars began in 2014 and has been growing in popularity ever since cars will race around berlin former temple holds a report today one of the fans of formula is 2016 formula one world champion nico rosberg he told exactly how it differs from formula one.
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and if that formula one is the gladiator sport the ultimate mugs the sport formula is the technology of the future it's what i call my kids develop their electric motors it's much more relaxed it's easier for families to get close to the rice it's not as noisy so it's much more child friendly also the rice comes to the people because it's in the city so it's easier for people to come along with this so they're very different beasts but of course formula one is still king. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you kate prime minister to resign may has announced that she will resign on june 7th as follows heavy criticism from within her own party after she failed to get support for her break the deal with that you. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store i'll
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give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as 1st notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. app to send us your photos and videos. or watching t w news i'm nicole phillips next up our documentary film the last harvest don't forget you can catch all our stories on our facebook page and our web site that's d.w. dot com. shifting powers the old order is history the world is religion ours in itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus of the global media forum 2019 today one of 2 people is online who are we following do we trust your preacher and shift
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the future at the church of the a global leader for 20 years to.

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