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has it all. meant 26 d.w. . plan. to play. play play. live from for lent a tearful farewell and the thank you to pass the opportunity to serve the country. britain's prime minister tourism mayor will resign on june 7th her failure to deliver directives nearly 3 years after the u.k.'s referendum sealed her fate also
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coming up. u.s. president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new 1st foreign guests will find out what to expect from our correspondent in tokyo. and soccer in bahrain munich battle it out with life stage and the german cup final it will also be the goodbye game for 2 bahrain international stars honkey believe and our involvement. thanks for joining us. the outgoing british prime minister terry's amaze she will always regret failing to secure a deal for the u.k. to leave the european union may announce shall resign on june 7th almost 3 years after the british voted to exit from the bloc she was unable to get
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a deeply divided parliament to back her withdrawal. i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love and emotional and to a turbulent time at the top to resume a came to power promising it breaks a deal and spent over a year negotiating one i have done everything i can to convince him to back that deal sadly i have not been able to do so i tried 3 times. so-called break that pretty good as many voters resigned to whatever comes just fed up. it doesn't change the numbers it doesn't it's you don't change the
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mess we're in and the parliament can't make a decision. if we get progress. what are they going to do that's going to change the. nation it's a leader that's going to. may's difficulties in office we're compounded by infighting within our own party boris johnson was a foreign minister and one of her greatest tormentors and he's now considered the leading candidate to succeed her as prime minister though there are often surprises as the party picks its leader. whoever becomes pm will face pressure from the brig's a party led by natural for the brand new group is expected to win big in european elections you won't press if you've got a bug fix it we didn't want played so we're going to get this. they don't realize that it isn't just the votes we get it's what we want to get at the general election because the. money will carry on for the coming weeks preparing to pos
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brigs it on to whoever is lucky or unlucky enough to get her job. a short while ago i spoke to bandage among he's a pro e.u. activist and the vice president of the european movement a lobbying association promoting dialogue about the e.u. between politics and civil society i asked about the growing worry about a no deal breck's it so nobody knows really what is going on in westminster these states so what are we going to have is for sure commission member states of the e.u. would 27 who will have a clear line what can harm the e.u. as such so they will try to avoid the. brics that and the brics that movement is just one example of the e.u. sentiment that's that's growing and the entire block. how strong is citizen support for the e.u. . you know the last results for projections for someone to another learns show that
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there is so much. for your approach so the the real threat is there of course but in the end of the day i guess that especially brics it made people thinking about what it means when you get a lot of the e.u. a lot of. others euro skeptic governments and italy and hungary how does you plan to deal with that in the future. nobody of these mentioned governments wants to leave the e.u. the e.u. is a democracy which is also scrambling on the right policy that applied to climate change policy the right for migration policy of course these other things what everybody has to deal with but nobody wants to leave the u. we need a strong positive and no 2 act to elect a new commission president that's comes next and that makes the stronger when the people go to vote and also vote for constructive parties. while the polls are indicating that the brake the party for example will be the strongest force in the
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british elections. how strong can that parliament really be a big part of it is made up of euro skeptics it's not a big problem which is made up of 2 big part of my point of view of course but this is not at all a blocking majority or anything abrupt the minority if you want that just that the european elections will show that the many countries the center will hold very strong and already the netherlands showed 1st good indications and when you go to ireland don't have another wave everything is a project to predict and this is not clear yet but we're going to have something that has yet to can deal with with democratic parties and a real fight about the right policy and that would make the anti european parties much more calm vented to mancow you activists the vice president of the european movement thank you very much. it's day 3 of voting in the e.u.
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parliamentary elections today it's the turn of malta slovakia and latvia to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting in one of the world's largest democratic exercise is over 400000000 people are eligible to elect european parliament members most countries including germany france and italy will be voting tomorrow the 1st official results will be announced late sunday night. it's now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 20 teenage students have been killed in a dozen more hospitalized in a fire that broke out in a tutoring center in the western indian city of sewer a building fires are common in india because of poorly and for safety regulations. south africa has been holding inauguration ceremonies for president sarah ramos who was returned to office in elections earlier this month has promised a new dawn for south africa the country suffers from high crime slumping economy growth and high unemployment. kenya's high court has upheld
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a ban on same sex relations the ruling is a huge setback for l g b t activists who have fought for the law to be changed the legislation dates back to the british colonial era makes homosexual acts punishable with up to see 14 years in prison for the us president donald trump has arrived in japan for a state visit trump a set to spend 4 days in the country to cement ties with japan's prime minister and business leaders and attend a dinner at the imperial palace where it will be the 1st state guest of japan's new emperor as visit comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions with china and north korea. for more let's talk to correspondent michael penn in tokyo michael don't just gave his 1st speech in japan addressing business leaders what was his main message to them. well of course he's
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emphasizing the toughness on trade issues which is been something that before him really going back to the 1980 s. he 1st got this idea in his mind that japan was using unfair trade practices against the united states and and this is something that through the decades has never really diverged his own thinking so you know he feels that during his presidency he wants to be the person who solves this issue as he sees it and to make a fair trade relationship between the united states and japan was scheduled to attend the g. 20 summit and osaka and only 6 weeks why this visit now well this visit so now is. basically a social and symbolic visit it's not really one where a great deal of substance is expected to be decided the main issue involved here is the is the interim into the new emperor. he needs to receive
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a state visit or and symbolically speaking to have the u.s. president be the one to come 1st or something the japanese want and prime minister using this to very much flatter the ego of trump which has been his strategy basically since trump was elected to keep telling him he's a great leader he's important that japan needs him and this is the way that the administration seeks to achieve its own policy objectives. has been courting for quite some time has he gotten anything out of it for his country. well it's mainly an issue of damage control. and this trade issue is a is a primary example of this trump basically wants to make demands of japan that the japanese don't want to give and so it's trying as hard as you can to stay on trumps the good side so that trumps demands don't become too onerous and to try to blunt
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therefore so in a sense it's japan feeding trumps ego in order to not feel the force trumps its demands on the japanese nation michael penned in tokyo thank you very much thank you. a big weekend in motor sports and formula one's flaxen race the monaco grand prix takes place on sunday with a special tribute expected to the late mickey lauder died this week it's also the indy 500 north america's biggest event while here in berlin the new kid on the block has its latest race that formula the series using only electric cars began in 2014 and has been growing in popularity ever since cars race around berlin's former tempelhof airport today one of the fans of formulae is 26 in formula one world champion nico rosberg he told exactly how it differs from formula.
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formula one is the gladiator sport the ultimate motor sport formula is the technology of the future it's where car makers develop their electric motors it's much more relaxed it's easier for families to get close to the rice it's not as noisy so it's much more child friendly also the race comes to the people because it's in the city so it's easier for people to come along. so they're very different beasts but of course formula one is still king. till germany's top teams go head to head in the cup final later today here and berlin when his league champions byron munich face lights finished 3rd in the league this season their most recent encounter and scoreless draw and this cup final also promises to be another closely fun. it's one of the biggest games on the german football calendar but the cup final means more than that for all you and robin and from chris bury the vi and legends have the chance to win one last medal in their final game for
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the club where they've already collected a combined $28.00 major trophies the only current cup holder involved in the game is their coach. who won last year's final with frank bynes expense he wants his own success last season to be a warning to buy and. i doubt anyone expected anything of my frankfurt side we finished in may 8th foreign which champions now it's 1st against 3rd at the beginning so we can't turn up to the game and say we have an easy opponent midst. for a rough run mix of the light saying it's a 1st ever cup final the club that only came into existence a decade ago has now reached the top of the german football but they're still underdogs against by a captain video and believes the team will have to show all of their best qualities that's a come out on top. but we need to show the things that have set us apart this season an incredible compactness unbelievable dynamism speed especially in attack and
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a lot of courage. whether by ns heroes get a triumphant sendoff the light secret court a maiden success all comes down to 90 minutes in berlin. but. in minutes and what are we trying to make history we'll of course keep you up to date on this here on day w. before we go a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you think a prime minister tories are making has announced that she will resign on june 7th follows heavy criticism from within her own party after she failed to get support for the brakes a deal with the european union. can forget you can always get t.w. news on the go just download our out from google play or from the app store that would give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d.w. app to send us your photos and videos. are watching
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next up as shift living in the digital age plays a special on 3 d. printing and sure to stay tuned for that and i don't forget you can catch all the news on our website and steve dot com until fairly for me on the entire team here until and thanks for trying to tell the. the and. action packed life. anything's possible.


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