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plane plane . this is d w news live from burlesque south africa swears and its president sarah runs up close up pledges to battle corruption as he takes office in a lavish inauguration ceremony we'll hear from our correspondent about the challenges we face and also coming up. u.s. president donald trump arrives in japan for a special statement that as the new and current 1st foreign guest. and celebrities gather on the red carpet one last time as the cannes film festival draws to its climax are still in critic scott roxboro defines
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a downpour as he tells us to mind when a company town door. thanks for joining us. cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in as president of south africa after being returned to office elections earlier this month has promised a new dawn for south africa the country suffers from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment his presidency follows a corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor you know curation took place in a stadium in pretoria with regional leaders in attendance. earlier i spoke to our correspondent on the increase in cape town i asked him what message sarah has for the country's disillusioned voters remember more than 6000000 of young
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voters did not even registered although they were eligible to vote in this election so there's a lot of frustrations especially amongst young people and try to address them try to tell them well we're still working very hard to make this nation a better place he promised that he's trying everything to end poverty in this country within a generation but he also did not only try to spread team isn't for the people also as africa he also used the opportunity that more than 20 african heads of states where there to address african issues for example he said that he wants a free trade area between cape town and cairo and this is something you to hear from him because it was the biggest 2 economies in africa nigeria and south africa that have been blocking such a free trade zone in the last year so this might be a new direction the fight against corruption was an essential part of rum opposes campaign rhetoric and he addressed the issue in his inaugural speech let's have a listen. i want people to have launched a some of those you know home they had invested their cross their star man go to
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the temptation of kawan and reach. the challengers not a walk on through things are huge and they are you know. but they are not in some own terrible. talking there earlier today. and will he be able to clean up his hard reputation that is the big question here will he really be able to walk his talk many people have their doubts because the a.n.c. has been in power for 25 years and it moved from a liberation movement into a party that many people here see that has a lot of criminal elements a lot of people who try to enrich themselves in the past remember during the time of former president jacob zuma corruption was rampant in all levels of governance and when the new president ramaphosa took over more than
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a year ago he promised to end that he promised to also go after people in his very own country and he emphasized this again today in his own or gratian speech that he wants to free this country off corruption but the key question is will he really go against his own people will he really walk his talk or is it's just the same things that we fit in the past from other heads of states in the country so this is what south africans are really keenly waiting for to see if you will take action and very soon we will actually see 1st results because he will advance his cabinets in the next ace. terrorising life pictures of the inauguration and they're. also said that huge challenges await which ones is he likely to tackle 1st. absolutely i mean the big issue when you talk to young people here is the economy and unemployment more than every 2nd person in south africa is unemployed and when you talk to people here this is the answer you get all the time the president needs to fix the economy it has been growing slower than the population and that clearly
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is a problem so he has to walk on that and he promised that this is going to be his priority . cleese joining us from cape town thank you very much. so britain our outgoing prime minister tourism a says he will always regret failing to secure a deal for a country to leave the european union yesterday may announce a resign on june 7th after she was unable to get a deeply divided parliament to back her withdrawal deal premiership literally ended in tears serve the country i love but almost as soon as to resume a accepted the political stage the shock waves could be felt in europe e.u. leaders said that her resignation did nothing to change the e.u.'s position on the brics it withdrawal deal already agreed that it's all agreement is not up for i don't think the u.k. wants the question will be we're going to go to negotiate a political decoration. very very much an offer which is also the basis of all the
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talks. of eventual slopes the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier quickly showed his positive regard for the pm in a tweet expressing his full respect for may's determination and for working for an orderly withdrawal from the e.u. but some tories were almost as quick to throw their hats into the ring to lead the party including front runner boris johnson who wasted no time in saying no deal was a possibility in october some reacted to that in consternation at to how things could now play out. but if that's the under those circumstances are hard drugs it appears to be a reality that is nearly impossible to stop the british government the british parliament are solely responsible for a no deal exit from the e.u. and its consequences. but the e.u. country with perhaps the most to lose by a chaotic exit is on and prime minister leave arrives this warning obviously
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as anyone can see british politics is consumed by regulation and would be consumed by bracelet for a very long time that means that we now enter a new phase when it comes to regulars on the face that may be very dangerous one for them while the race for the next leader is on europe is well aware that he or she who waiting to be chosen by the british people but by the conservative party members that means north point 2 percent of the country the tory party members who are predominantly male with an average age of 57 will decide who leads the u.k. into this next crucial phase. if the 3 of voting and the e.u. parliamentary elections today it's the turn of malta slovakia and latvia to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting and one of the world's largest democratic exercise is over 400000000 people are eligible to elect european parliament members most countries including germany france and italy will be voting tomorrow the 1st official results will be announced late sunday night.
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u.s. president donald trump has arrived in japan for a state visit trump is set to spend 4 days in the country to cement bilateral ties with japan's prime minister and business leaders and attend a dinner at the imperial palace where it will be the 1st state guest of japan's new emperor is visit comes against the back of increasing tensions china and north korea. and more let's talk to correspondent michael penn in tokyo michael don't you just gave his 1st speech in japan addressing business leaders what was his main message to them. well of course he's emphasizing the toughness on trade issues which is been something that before him really going back to the 1980 s. he 1st got this idea in his mind that japan was using unfair trade practices against the united states and and this is something that through the decades has
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never really diverged in his own thinking so you know he feels that during his presidency he wants to be the person who solves this issue as he sees it and to make a fair trade relationship between the united states and japan was looking chumba scheduled so much and the g 20 summit and osaka and only 6 weeks why this visit now well this visit so now is. basically a social and symbolic visit it's not really one where a great deal of substance is expected to be decided the main issue in involved here is the is the intro meant to the new emperor. he needs to receive a state visit or and symbolically speaking to have the u.s. president be the one to come 1st or something the japanese want and prime minister using this to very much flattered that you go trump which has been his strategy
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basically since the troubles of acted to keep telling him he's a great leader he's important that japan needs him and this is the way that the obvious ministration seeks to achieve its own policy objectives. has been courting for quite some time has he gotten anything out of it for his country. well it's mainly an issue of damage control you know trump and this trade issue is a is a primary example of this trump basically wants to make demands of japan that the japanese don't want to give and so he's trying as hard as you can to stay on trumps the good side so that trumps demands don't become too onerous and to try to blunt therefore so in a sense it's japan feeding trumps ego in order to not feel the force trumps demands on the japanese nation michael mann in tokyo thank you very much thank you. the cannes film festival is where the world's
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top stars and filmmakers get together to hobnob to make secret deals and to sell us 1000000 euro gowns on the red carpet it's an exclusive 2 week party for insiders only lucky for us our film critic scott roxboro was there. there are 3 things you can always count on the. stars. who are stars. and whether. well 2 of the 3 bad but the gray skies didn't dampen the enthusiasm of movie seems. to be in 15 years covering the cannes film festival this is about the cold and wet as i've never seen it but at least the bad weather is a good excuse to stay off the beach and goes he said movies. like
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play you just see through. here in edgerton he delivers an oscar worthy performance in the musical bio pic rocket man the movie dips into the darker side of elton john's life but the sex and drugs take a back seat to the rock n roll. this year's can highlight the new film from 20 parents you know i'm really honored to caprio as a faded t.v. cowboy brad pitt his stock man buddy it's official but it. has been a. struggle to adjust the 1960 s. hollywood as a darkness in the form of serial killers the manson family looms in the background . but film fans aren't just here for hollywood stars in can art house cinema is king of the. american
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master terrence malick marc. return to form with his slow burning drama about a conscientious objector who defies the nazis. and 82 year old director and original social justice warrior ken loach kept up the fight with this attack on britain's economy. but just to have somebody on the phone with the gone. and all eyes to mine so i never thought about how it's done on my shoulders mind to. put as much business. but it wasn't all old white men a few films and can actually resembled the audience queuing to watch them you can has made a real effort this year to increase diversity to get more people of color and women on the screen and behind the cameras at this year's festival and it looks like it's paying off because we have one of the most diverse lineups in cannes history.
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only so that in this lame is an album of victor hugo's french classic gets an update look for the age of the band the ghettoes. the very 1st female african director in cannes competition brought a fresh perspective to the migration crisis. welcome whatever can. have been a careful didn't remember the main living not that. i needed to see black people on screen like shoot everywhere. with its mix of hollywood and art house old masters and new faces cannes future despite the weather looks bright. you're watching the news next up as a documentary about europe's right wing populace expected to make significant gains
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in. e.u. elections make sure to stay tuned for that and don't forget you can catch all the latest news on our website that's w dot com and you come 1st for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for joining the w. shifting powers the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role is to keep the topic in focus have a global media forum 29 change today one out of 2 people is online who are we following whom do we trust to beijing.


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