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future despite the weather looks bright. you're watching the w. news next up as a documentary about europe's right wing populists expected to make significant gains in the e.u. elections make sure to stay tuned for that and don't forget you can catch all the latest news on our website that's d.w. dot com and you come 1st for me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for joining the w. . shifting powers the old order is history the world is real you know is in itself and the media's role is keep the topic in focus at the global media forum 29 change today one out of 2 people is online who are we following whom do we trust to beijing and
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shape the future at the georgia dome a global leader for 22 countries. the alternative for germany politician gabriel raul is him brussels the power center of the european union. so i have to see where i need to go. the road leads to the european parliament hile is number 2 on the f.t. list for the european elections it's very likely he'll be earning his living here soon his aim is to undermine the e.u. from within. that's our idea seems to be set in the gearbox and open things up a bit so that. rightwing populists are on the advance throughout europe together they are flexing their muscles more than ever. for millions of followers they offer hope. and the promise of being part of
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a movement. we made up we used to be a feared $500.00 now will soon be a ferrari that if. we take a look around europe who votes for the right and why in italy france germany and hungary and what kind of europe do the right wing populists want. in france shot in france the french 1st in italy the italians. are they united only because they see a common enemy. to . get over lets a colleague's show him around more than bake a migrant district in brussels he thinks it's the perfect place for his message he
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announced during the election campaign that he would actually move here the f.t. candidate love stunts like this is happening is that i wanted to move to more than beg so when i come home each day i can see why i'm fighting. i guess not all the streets among them back look like this. there must be a few corners where you can still live in safety of the trolley but. its style is 1st time in modern bake and he's not even trying to talk to the people there but he's quickly reached a verdict anyway. so many muslims in one place makes him a quick easy. but of course he says he has no beef with other cultures but while islam somehow is through a tough situation i feel the freedom we have enjoyed for decades is under threat that i feel threatened by too many immigrants who come from a completely different cultural background which i'm a very who have a completely different community of values and they live according to them so much
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of your white but the worst is the fact that they practice their peculiarities openly. i go i think i was also a good. while solution is simple isolation. he wants to adopt a tough stance in brussels no common european asylum system and no quotas for the distribution of refugees the a.f.p. actually wants to abolish the e.u. parliament but as long as it's there the f.t. will use it as a stage. if our borders were protected like the e.u. parliament i'd be a huge fan of the e.u. . after several others step down if the leader york martin is the party's only m.e.p. he's hoping for a new allies europe's right wing populists are spread across several political groups morton is trying to forge a grand alliance. as it's doubled up screaming in the end it's all about winning
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votes. it's easier with a large group than with a small one so simple as that we will be able to exert more political influence if we're part of the right wing conservative camp. a few days later my turn is meeting matteo salvini italy's interior minister and leader of the northern league the lady annoyed salvini has called for a new right wing alliance and although only 3 european politicians have accepted his invitation so far he's still attracting a lot of support. your. i'm also representing the french the austrians the dutch the belgians etc etc etc. italy is interior minister as a potential leader of a new right wing europe he's celebrated on it. as
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a shock to the old political elite. college tuitions talk like politicians but salvini is different he speaks the language of the people of all of us. by simone a couple of darcy is 37 years old and works as a caretaker in a municipal nursing home in matter in eastern italy he doesn't want to be filmed at work he's a well known laker supporter and his employer the city's leftwing mayor has his eye on him. he calls his fascists nazis and all that what he doesn't get is are not a racist i only have something against the criminals who come to my homeland. much about it's actually a tranquil place. but last year it attracted national attention after a nigerian was suspected of murdering an 18 year old italian woman.
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then a right wing radical went out and randomly shot it anyone with dark skin. legge abbas salvini was under no illusions about who was morally responsible for the violence the european union's refugee and migration policies were flooding the country with illegal immigrants and yourself even many migrants are to me renie don't let anybody out there already too many. saw the nice rhetoric went down well in much editor in the parliamentary elections but legate jumped from less than one percent to almost 21 percent of the vote and it's likely to take even more in the european elections and many recent surveys show the lega at over 30 percent and across italy. we go into the center of much of that is all down to visit somebody a medic at least shop she also supports the lega in addition to kitchen knives and
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razors she now also sells pepper spray because there are so many strangers in town . those africans i don't know if they bring the drugs from their countries but they sell them here other ethnic groups are not so difficult. i mean the indians for example a nice quiet people i mean. generalizations like these are doing great harm to many here social worker danniella muncie is a native nigerian and an italian citizen he's lived here for 40 years. so a few of them before racism is becoming more and more open in the past it was less visible now everything's exploded. fuck this but plenty of people also oppose it lunch with the montana is one of the guests is from mauritania
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he's the 2nd african refugee the family has taken into its home the fact that sullivan is government refuses to allow wesley boats to dark and persecutes aid organizations makes them angry. so look at love over salvini is only using fear fear of the stranger of the migrant but his scaremongering is a double edged sword so he also attacks anyone who disagrees with him and his policies including us your children or the montanas don't get any money for their hospitality they act out of conviction or him will stay with them for up to a year. in this really nice to be. worthy of what i ask you say you live with us. and i know it's true you're my 2nd family. for all of them. daniel is angry that the government is increasingly neglecting its responsibilities
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when for example they cut funding for language and integration courses for migrants it doesn't help society on the contrary. i support the slogans of the populists are working their way into the heads of people who don't have much themselves so the me and his crew have started a war by inciting poor people against other poor people. an apartment block just a few minutes drive away symbolizes poverty and social tensions hundreds of people from dozens of nations lived here many of them illegally most of the original residents have moved away. over the years the block has changed beyond recognition . salvini voter and labor member look at everyday lives on the 3rd floor he's one of the last italians here look as mother is visiting him today she bought the apartment 4 decades ago.
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it almost brick that it looked just wonderful here that even how can i put it it was like a fairy tale of a great story downstairs all nice and tidy in the evening we went down to the piazza there was music and we used to dance. it was really beautiful beautiful. then that then either that. today the apartments here have lost their value and nothing remains of the splendor of those bygone days. a lot of things have not worked here for a long time. prostitution drugs and a lack of security are the biggest problems lucas says. and every other country of the world the police will judge. all over you if you commit a crime it's just our country where people get away with that everyone in this house no matter what country they come from says the say. the police are more
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aggressive back home. before. interior minister salvini has already been here he said he would help the residents and even have the building torn down but that hasn't proved easy the ownership structure alone is too complicated. so be always full of love course we know that selby any is not a magician who can solve all our problems but at least he inspires decent people like us to change things one can all. look at and his mother don't think much of the european union italy pays in too much money they say and gets too little out of it a widely held opinion. only 44 percent of italians would vote in favor of remaining in the e.u. in a referendum fewer than in any other member state. when legace supporters seem on
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a capital c. walks his dog he can still see the damage caused by the 2016 earthquake he wanted more support including from the e.u. . bynum's from a board i felt badly treated like a son whose father won't give him anything so no i certainly do not see myself as a citizen of europe you know bent on the age of the. simone as boss mayor of all manner current timi acknowledges that the center left parties have gambled away a lot of trust in recent years but he refuses to resign himself to the rise of the right in his city. and yet he believes the answer to many questions is more not less europe. we must defeat this sort of ignorance and solving these terrible mater italians 1st. he said vinie. the mayor repeatedly invites us to information events highlighting the positive aspects of the e.u. but not many citizens turn up. there's more going on at the labor event and wine
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and pizza salvini has even sent a senator to stir up the party's grass roots for the european election campaign with great success. we have grown up the party is growing and growing i always say we used to be a feared 500 now will soon be a ferrari. rome in spring time and italy's right wing populist are trying to export their newly found self confidence beyond their national borders the legacy youth wing has invited its counterparts from around europe to meet in a hotel in the city center the instagram generation is out in force as young european politicians mount the podium to fire off what seen more like war cries them political speeches that's themselves and the true spiritual and political scavengers of our continent and these people to serve nothing else but to
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be overrun. the days stark asked. the french writes top candidate he may only be 23 years old but he's already got big plans. you'll be in to get to the current european union does not work because it cannot defend the peoples of europe the nations want to emancipate themselves. we the young generation of the right call for a europe of nations and we could soon be the ones to govern its europe together. the right wing populists in brussels are also dreaming of this german m.e.p. marcos behind it is one of the manipulators in the background at the e.u. parliament. there your behind is young eloquent and well connected he's linked up with populists from austria france and the netherlands. this is a party with
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a strong personality cult. these personal ties bode well for the new alliance. what i was. going to dodge a gritty yes we appreciate german thoroughness. marcos always does it well the voters important you can ask each other questions you always have to see if you can reach a compromise. used to be in the conservative c.s.u. but now he's got a career with the f.t. he too will probably soon be a member of the e.u. parliament his contacts are useful for the f.t. especially since the right wing alliance has come across some sticking points the italians debt policy for example annoys the head of the f.t. . if i think about fiscal and monetary policy i can imagine that those very areas where we're doing well with migration policy will prove problematic for our monetary policies of the. political scientist susie denison says such
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contradictions are currently still largely hidden by the election campaign she works for pro e.u. think tank and warns that populists could slow down the e.u. from within and what they're doing instead is trying to create this idea of a europe of sovereign nation and within that that means that the power lies at the national level if you take it away from the european level. and therefore they're not really interested in this more flexible more responsive europe that. the reform ideas of. trying to create so for them that is the advantage to paralysis in showing that the institutions don't work they are necessary and power is better off at the national level. according to surveys right wing populists can expect about a quarter of the seats in the e.u. parliament but what would cooperation look like and what about countries that violate the e.u.'s democratic rules and values. the agreement these sanctions
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is only going to get harder in an environment where the far right parties have a strong showing in these elections. and i think that that will be significant because if it becomes clear that actually the can't be the sanctions then the threat falls away and so i think we will see. a kind of an increasing recognition that the e.u. is quite toothless. hungary is one country that would be well served by a toothless e.u. . brussels is currently taking action against prime minister viktor or balance government accusing it of systematically undermining democracy and restricting fundamental rights. only troop hungry has changed it has become a radical right wing country. we are experiencing the rebirth of a world we have only known from history books literature or films. shortly
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before the broadcast of the political talk show cooked up for gosh. regular commentator shunned or to learn presenter eastbound devaney and the other guests are preparing for the weekly show under very makeshift conditions. last year they were all sitting in a fancy t.v. studio. then an oligarchy loyal to or a band took over the station and kicked out the government critical program. any moment now the show only runs on the internet and they soon won't be able to afford that either. we still have a lot of viewers but hardly anybody places advertisements with us anymore the companies don't want to make fun of the powerful and avoid us. the state advertisements in turn are distributed according to the political preferences of the government so we don't get them either that's how the un garion media landscape
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works now you've. got. more and more private broadcasters and publishing houses and hungary have been brought into or bands line as has state radio other media houses have closed down hungary has slipped to 87th in the world on the reporters without borders press freedom rankings. we have an interview with hungary's minister of state for relations she disagrees i wouldn't say in any event they are limited in the expression not to mention the social media you can put everything on the net what you want to express so this is a clear this information. is hungry just a victim of fake news many here see it that way including catalina hampel a fashion designer known in budapest. her shop in the city center sells traditional constants to both locals and tourists. she sees herself as
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a kind of cultural ambassador. to gather all of the clothes we sell meant to reflect hunger in values they history of our great nation the importance of hungary at that at these she. casually hampel is an orbit and fan as an entrepreneur she benefits from low taxes but it is not true. the government's economic policy that she approves of or bans feeder's party could make hungary strong again she doesn't think democracy is in danger. as america think about it or been has won 3 elections in a row and has a 2 thirds majority they had carians want him that's something you in western europe finally have to accept. illiberal democracy is as or about himself once called the form of government he aspired to are admired by right wing populist throughout europe and viewed critically by their opponents. canadian
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and my colleague mary of as a university rector and has been observing or been system for a long time and the liberal democracy is a democracy in which you have elections but you don't have an or any of the counter balancing institutions that balance majority rule taken out of central european university has itself become a plaything of or bounds policies last year it decided to move part of its campus from budapest to vienna as the government increased pressure or ban seize the universities founder hungary an american billionaire george soros as an enemy of the state declaring soros wants to destabilize hungary and europe for them. and for george soros and there's non-governmental organizations want to attract a 1000000 migrants a year to the european union or. if george
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soros didn't exist they'd have to invent him this kind of politics needs an enemy they've created an enemy the idea that george soros is responsible for the migration flows is a paranoid fantasy but it's a useful one it has no basis in fact but it allows them to mobilize their political base in this country. and that grassroots base lives mainly in the countryside. and dress for the cause is a wine grower about a 2 hour drive from budapest he says he's very interested in politics. and that he does government is the only one you can trust it follows a clear path because it's committed to longer in interest that's why we elected. you. andrus says he is proud of his white wines but also of his homeland what he likes about viktor orbán is that he is committed to hungary and families at
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against migration. the fact that virtually no foreigners live in the area does not detract from the fear. of it when the flood of migration reaches us were done for i don't know how well you know i'm gary in history but we've already stood against the tartars and turks we've defended europe against islam several times. of certain. orbán is also against muslim immigrants settling in hungary many of his supporters couldn't care less whether he joined salvini is new right wing alliance or not the main thing for them is his continued opposition to the distribution of refugees within the e.u. . a leg audition without even legal migration is in reality just a cover name for a population x. . change program in europe that's what the elections are about. population exchange
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a phrase straight out of the right wing conspiracy theorists handbook. but despite all the anger at the policies hungary is still happy to take agricultural subsidies and other financial aid from brussels. we drive home on the motorway is cold financed by the e.u. hungary receives more than $3000000000.00 euros from the e.u. budget each year. nevertheless a lot of hungary and live in great poverty and the young and well educated are leaving the country. blucher nudge is 19 years old and will graduate from high school this year if possible she wants to stay in hungary and study but a lot of people aren't making her life easy right now. for meg i'm subjected to repeated verbal attacks messages from strangers say i should die that i should have
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died in my mother's womb i'm trying to ignore all this yet i get that as a couple of the sounds that. last winter this blurred internet video made blanca famous. she was at a demonstration against or bonds policies and threats to the rule of law and she launched a foul mouth tirade against the government as a disgusting gang of thieves. she's been publicly hunted down ever since commentators and journalists close to few days have been reporting on her private life and even making fun of her school grades on television blanca says she follows the media circus with bewilderment and discussed most of the media don't mention that her protest has a serious background blancas father died of cancer in 2015 cents than she has mainly directed her scorn at the hungry and health system. is still trying to one
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x. and there are people lying on gurneys in the hallways and nobody cares. and then i hear of a government is once again building a stadium or a friend of the government has been seen with a furtive 1000 euro watch. that really makes you think that i could have them and i won't book of them but. every now and then a bubble bursts and hungary and people take to the streets to protest against labor laws the restructuring of the judiciary corruption and the system as a whole. vedettes you have failed in 3 important subjects integrity humanity and honesty. but the opposition is in the minority here their opponents who present brussels as an enemy have the upper hand they're likely to win further victories in the near future including in the european elections. back to essen and the rural
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valley in germany the home of f.t. candidate hisle the former miner spent 26 years in the liberal s.p.d. then he switched to the f.t. . the party has used his working class roots promoting him as the miner for europe . but others have sprayed his house with graffiti kyle doesn't see himself as a raw. when agitator and believes people here understand what he's talking about. but now they doing up there nothing they make sure bananas are crooked and cucumbers have got to be like this but for the people themselves. they have nothing left for them but the refugees will affect pensions they'll finally have to start closing the borders. but most of us know this will be all. but many questions go unanswered but i'll says he is fighting for little people in the if
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he's fractious social policy debate and he also avoids complex questions. he didn't i'm not someone who knows everything like a true professional politician i'm just learning i'm a hobby politician i'm a minor. hobby politician and number 2 on the party's m.e.p. list i talk to media coaches and reject that i need 3 points on each topic and everyone all think i'm smart but no i just be a talking dummy who practiced the answer i don't ever want to be that. if need be are always so while hurries from appointment to appointment students at the camp flint for high school have invited politicians to a panel discussion a lot of students took part in the climate demos. concert climate hysteria he says that mr ailes the a.f.d. denies climate change what's your opinion of the kind i like there's no evidence of
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manmade climate change whatsoever there's no evidence whatsoever that c o 2 is responsible in any way and the best thing is there's no evidence that one or 2 degrees warmer might not be quite beneficial we've had these warm phases before when rome was at its zenith it was much warmer yet we were no worse off. politics beyond all scientific knowledge. while tries again and again to dominate the podium with his ideas or. europe has never really worked that all the projects they take are never really work. they talk about peace security and prosperity. but only it's not true. why is that us and them with us when i have to directly disagree this is so
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wrong that not even the opposite is right we don't always have to say that everything's great i don't like all the government's policies yet i don't question the federal republic all the time but if. the child says he wants to encourage the students to think. but his statements draw some criticism yeah i mean yes and i think in some respects he may be right that not everything in the e.u. works but you can solve that by simply abolishing the e.u. or taking away some of its opportunities to do better. as the other productions of said the only thing we can do is strengthen that. there is still this feeling this disquiet something's going wrong if the officials call germany an opinion dictatorship whereas the party says its truth is the only truth this is eroded public confidence in democracy. well democracy looks different it would mean that you know exactly freedom of speech yes absolutely i've been freedom of speech
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should be the supreme good but you just can't have the wrong opinion that's how it is so the f.t. . no other party comes into question why not you know why there are too many arguments to go into in detail. but one of the most important ones. well try to sum it up. a lot of things aren't going right here. if you move. the feeling of not being understood by the powerful in france that's driven a lot of people out onto the streets. on saturdays the yellow vests always call for a man who calls resignation even illegal in northern france. the demo started in protest at the president's reforms now some are even talking about
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revolution. did he and his friends come regularly they want to see more direct democracy lower taxes and higher minimum wages they see the european elections in a purely french light. see. micron's party wins the european elections they'll say the french want me to continue i want to prevent that so i'm going to vote. yes i mean it that now my family can't really complain i'm a lawyer my husband is a computer scientist and we have a. child but we pay 40 much in taxes we're still making quite a good living but we have to be here because of everything else that isn't going well about the battle with some of them but they're still undecided who to vote for marina lappin would like to direct their anger to the ballot box with votes for her right wing populist party formally the fall nasional the national front now
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called the hot summer moments in our national rally. mcconnell is the perfect target for them pen and top candidate by delegate make a commitment to the party's grass roots. he says you know it's about the saying let's call. that's what many people in the name think too. it was once a prosperous steel and mining town but that's now history. the poverty rate here is more than 40 percent. just owns one of the bars that hasn't had to close. his regular customers keep him afloat they eat dinner together once a month but we call better times. that flow so in the eighty's or ninety's they tore this place down all these buildings. where you
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normally see them we're right here. all that area was using our company the sports field the district. all that belonged to the company. we were the richest here in the north. they have experienced a lot of change 1st economic and political demand used to be communist then socialist. but the left lost a lot of ground and left a gap to be filled by the right wing populist. in the presidential election a large proportion did not vote at all of the rest 57 percent voted for le pen. josepha openly says he supports her. but sadly this is discontent from across.
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the world is if you gave them a little more money they'd go to a restaurant with a big boost the economy can have a good time of the look even bosses of you leave their job to prove people can live on 80900 euro the same goes for pensioners. now we've been demanding purchasing power for 20 weeks. but my khans gone deaf he's not listening. cause opponents of the pen wants to capitalize on this discontent. many 1st of all we know of their manifesto preachers economic patriotism french goods french workers france 1st and leading candidate. demands that mike mentioned take a backseat because of the self-satisfaction although as i prefer to choose with the means of the state which are becoming more and more limited to help our poor are
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unemployed and our pensioners. it's common sense some call it all going for the boss but mcconnell is fighting back he wanted to reform france and remake the e.u. and present himself as a counterpoint to le pen and salvini. we live in a world of migration i don't believe in walls and. back in legal citizens meeting without all the presidential razzmatazz are still discussing the same issues ecology democracy taxes is too much work to see. the cause of an accused of being a president of the big cities giving people a voice at the local level is important and where. everyone has something to discuss here. but one issue still seems to dominate emanuel mark hall seen by his critics as the president of the rich since the abolition of the wealth tax.
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was refugee with some i think the abolition of the wealth tax is good others don't but maybe a higher tax would be levied on luxury goods that's really what the news above with up was for the problem is that we tax very little of the assets that consist of enormous blocks of stocks so people constantly make up to 10 percent return in share trading. the bottom. of it was mad can they say later now has to prove that he has got the message. his town hall dialogues have raised expectations and now his making concessions to the yellow vests. did that's bullshit i want to provide relief for people who work and significantly reduce income taxes we need to see how we finance whistles. mccance offer might have brought him a little breathing space but many think that's still too little. people
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enter now and don't feel his policies are aimed at them anyway a good 35 percent of the people here are without a job the right wing populist have conquered the city. of van sanzar also is fascinated by the social fractures it has photographed in and its people for a graphic novel he called it the roots of anger. was the matter is this what fascinated me was giving people a face and a voice people who would otherwise be made invisible. from exactly the right wing populists are also interested in those people they present themselves as attentive listeners whereas the socialist mayor is absent. in the national rally formally national front has always defended the french people
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we're not defending the international corporations or the e.u. we're defending the interests of france the people here in the village a very sensitive they understand that. that's why they choose us you know it was for both work and the little vote for. this is where they're trying to win over undecided voters and there are votes to be won here. no 2 for survives with our jobs and says he's neither right nor left wing the rally team wants to meet him. and. yes the member of parliament wanted to meet me talk to me in his office or why not. i didn't reject his offer i accepted all of those jobs at that. so the right wing populist are trying to expand their network in germany. like here in often borg.
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and a.f.d. meeting on the one side and counter-demonstrators on the other. there is great resistance to the f.t. . police provide a buffer between the camps the kind of look at this is where this is not a democratic project where everyone can feel at home this is a project of exclusion of selfishness and i'm demonstrating against it here today it was the end that. the f.t.c. says it wants to defend europe and brussels. its speeches are full of fear and path else as if our very survival is at stake. as it looks we are the last chance for our culture for democracy which was invented in europe for humanism for enlightenment we are the last chance for european freedom
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for you feel at all costs. are testing all of those who are destroying europe their names are young to man's shows druggy mckelvey but these are the destroyer. but european idea ladies and gentleman gave. him the right wing vision of the future is still rather fake and not only in germany right wing populist above all emphasize what or whom they are against if you ask them what they're for they often resort to slogans such as europe of nations. susie dunson warns against getting drawn in by what she sees as a trick. that framing of it being kind of a pen that says mccollum or no why do you sense of it being the macro nation of europe that says that. any i think is very much the way that the far right are trying to frighten these elections but i think that it would be a mistake but the pro european parties including back home so to work with that i
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think is far more important to sell the importance to mobilize european voters through the idea of what europe can deliver on the right wing populist have an easier job simply targeting the enemy in brussels which could pay off for them in the coming european elections. climate birdland little tourist guide for germany's booming capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis with our euro max series from. 15 issues 50 stories and 50 very personal chips from berlin to very best features.
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look no. 30 minutes on d w. to make sure you say. to yourself. don't miss out. an action packed life for. me. anything is possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie and kenya's dadar refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank
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you for watching. cinema stars may 27th on t.w. . the fact that. this is day to you news live from the land south africa swears in its president cyril ramaphosa pledges to battle corruption he takes office in a lavish no ration ceremony we hear from our correspondent about the challenges he faces also coming up. here as president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new emperor is 1st foreign guest. and celebrities
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gather on the red carpet one last time as the cannes film festival proles to its climax our film critic scott prosperous.


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