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why are people more concerned. with. shorts may 31st. oh. this is date of the news live from birth in south africa swears in it president cyril ramaphosa pledges to battle corruption as he takes office in a lavish inauguration ceremony we hear from our correspondent about the challenges he faces also coming up. here as president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new emperor is 1st foreign guest. and then suck up by
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in munich battle it out we'd like to shoot in the german cup final it will also be this one song for to it by an international superstar was. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program cyril ram opposes been sworn in as the president of south africa after being returned to office in elections earlier this month has promised a new dawn for the country which suffers from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment and opposes presidency follows a corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor you know gratian took place in a stadium in pretoria with regional leaders in attendance. from opposed to address the issues around corruption that the country and his party have been facing our people have a lot. some of those in whom they had invested the cost
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has not been not to the temptation of hard won and reaching. the challenge is not knowing what country they are huge down to you. but they are not in some mountable. correspondent to increase she's covering the you know gratian and sent us this rap of the ceremony president cyril ramaphosa used his inauguration speech to mainly spread optimism and hope remember more than every 2nd young person in this country is unemployed and if you talk to young people on the streets this is something almost everybody will complain about. the slow economy grows the economy of south africa is currently glowing growing slower then the population and drum up also has been emphasizing that he wants to fix that he wants to get you investors in the country to create new jobs the 2nd big issue in the
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country is of course the issue off corruption many people you have the feeling that it's got rampant on the watch of former president jacob zuma where you could clearly see corruption in all levels of governance and people have the impression nothing is done against it from up with a promise to address that and he said that once again today in his inauguration speech he says he once and i think kill and corruption free south africa the big question here is can he really do with it can he reform his own party you. see has been in power for 25 years and many analysts have the feeling that it's got more and more into corruption that there's more and more corrupt elements in the party and it's going to be extremely difficult to really fight that from up whatsoever keeps on saying that it is possible he wants to reform is spotty and he wants to rid south africa of corruption. now the some of the other stories making news around the world at least 20 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a private school in the indian city of sarratt
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a fire is believed to have been started by an electrical fault in the air conditioning officials say police have filed charges against the school owners. the world's most expensive medicine has been approved for sale in the u.s. so yes mark is produced by swiss drug maker novartis a trade spinal muscular atrophy of the leading genetic cause of death in infants no ranters has faced criticism for the price with $1.00 time treatment costing some $2000000.00 euros. and state 3 of voting in the e.u. parliamentary elections it's the turn of malta slovakia and latvia to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting most countries vote tomorrow with initial results expected late sunday night. and to the u.k. now where outgoing prime minister to resign may says she'll also regret she'll always regret failing to secure a deal for her country to leave the european union yesterday may announce to step
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down on june 7th after she was unable to convince a deeply divided parliament to back her withdrawal deal premiership literally ended in tears the country i love but almost as soon as to resume a accepted the political stage the shock waves could be felt in europe e.u. leaders said that her resignation did nothing to change the e.u.'s position on the brics it withdrawal deal already agreed but the withdrawal agreement is not up for i don't think the u.k. one said the question will be you were going to go really go shake the political decoration. is very much on offer and which is also the basis of all the talks in the region all of the event was closed the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier quickly showed his positive regard for the pm in a tweet expressing his full respect for may's determination and for working for an orderly be. drawl from the e.u. but some tories were almost as quick to throw their hats into the ring to lead the party including front runner boris johnson who wasted no time in saying no deal was
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a possibility in october some reacted to that in consternation at to how things could now play out. but if that's the undertone circumstances are hard briggs it appears to be a reality that is nearly impossible to stop the british government the british parliament are solely responsible for a no deal exit from the e. and its consequences. but the e.u. country with perhaps the most to lose by a chaotic exit is art and irish prime minister leo variety had this warning obviously as anyone can see british politics is consumed and will be consumed by greater for a very long time that means that we now enter a new phase when it comes to break those kind of face that may be very dangerous one for ireland while the race for the next leader is on europe is well aware that he or she were to be chosen by the british people but by the conservative party
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members that means north point 2 percent of the country the tory party members who are predominantly male with an average age of $57.00 will decide who leads the u.k. into this next crucial face a united nations maritime court says russia must immediately free craney and sailors it's been holding for months and release their vessels last november russia fired on and seize 3 ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula has prompted ukraine to appeal to the un's international tribunals for the law of the sea russia didn't immediately say how it was going to respond to today's ruling confrontation marked a major escalation of tensions between the 2 countries in the conflict over russia's 2014 annexation of crimea. a russian coast guard boat last november as it prepares to ram a ukrainian naval vessel captain can be heard shouting at his crew to stay the
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course. but the confrontation didn't stop there. russia called in fighter jets and helicopters when shots were fired wounding some of the ukrainian sailors the ships were impounded and the sailors arrested now 6 months on russian wrist ill holding both the ships around the 24 crew members both sides blame each other for the confrontation moscow says the sailors crossed illegally into its territorial waters with weapons on board and ignored repeated warnings to turn back the men are set to go on trial and could face up to 6 years in prison ukraine maintains its ships were in international waters the incident occurred in the narrow coach straight between russia and crimea at the heart of the dispute is russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 which most of the world views are illegal. ever since then tensions in this region have been high and dry bilateral treaty
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before the annexation both countries agree to share these territorial waters but russia says the agreement doesn't apply to military vessels ukraine disputes that and is demanding the immediate return of its ships and sailors. u.s. president donald trump has arrived in japan for a state visit concept to spend 4 days in the country to cement bilateral ties will meet with japan's prime minister and business leaders and attend a dinner at the imperial palace where he'll be the 1st state guest of japan's new emperor his visit comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions with china and north korea. correspondent michael penn's in tokyo and he joins me now michael donald trump's already addressed business leaders what was his main message to them. well his main message is that is to repeat his long term contention that the trade relationship between japan and the united
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states has long been tilted in favor of japan unfairly and that he's going to be the person to make the trade balance the trade arrangements between the 2 countries fare which is his contention not that many experts agree that that's the case a similar message to one he's had in other countries and his change will to attend the g. 20 summit in a socket just 6 weeks why this visit to japan now. this particular visit the timing has everything to do with the the new emperor in japan not a veto naruhito needs to start receiving official guests from overseas and as a symbolic matter both the japanese and the u.s. side would like the u.s. president to be the 1st person to to have one of these official visits as
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a symbol of the strength of the u.s. japan alliance and from the point of view of prime minister all day he's very much pitching this as a great honor and he's using it to try to flatter the president and part of as part of his long term campaign to keep a positive relationship between the 2 he mentioned that strength and prime minister japanese prime minister shinzo abe and trump have been saying a lot of each other lately what does that tell us about the relationship between the 2 countries. mainly it tells us that the abbaye administration is desperate to have a very very strong and personal link with donald trump when when donald trump was 1st elected. in the japanese government did their analysis and i said the key to keeping this guy under control to some extent is to flatter him and took turns make a personal relationship and to get on his good side and that's basically what they
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have been doing ever since he was elected president it's. been courting trump as you say what have they got now what's he gotten out of it you're doing fantastically well well mainly the way whereas trump may have come to office you know having japan high on his list especially in trade issues to go after this is actually turned out to be much slower process so me mainly what has gotten out of it is to blunt the force. trumps demands on japan and to kind of keep him at bay for a couple years now hoping that he can ride out the storm through the entire trump presidency michael penned in tokyo thank you very much for that. thank sports news now and 2 of germany's top teams go head to head in the cup final later today in berlin when this league champions by munich face leipsic issue finished 3rd in the league this season and most recent encounter ended in
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a scoreless draw and this cup final also promises to be another closely for battle . it's one of the biggest games on the german football calendar but the cup final means more than that far you and robin and from chris bury the vi and legends have the chance to win one last medal in their final game for the club where they've already collected a combined $28.00 major trophies the only current cup holder involved in the game is their coach coco that he won last year's final with frankfurt and by and sixpence he wants his own success last season to be a warning to buy and i doubt anyone expected anything of my frankfurt side we finished in may 8th by in which champions now it's 1st against 3rd at 30 in there so we can't turn up to the game and say we have an easy opponent midst and. for ralph ranks are the light think it's a 1st ever cup final the club that only came into existence
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a decade ago has now reached the top of the german football ladder but they're still underdogs against by and kept in valley orbited believes the team will have to show all of their best qualities to come out on top. that's as well we need to show the things that have set us apart this season an incredible compactness unbelievable dynamism speed especially in attack and a lot of courage. whether bryan's heroes get a triumphant send off or the like secret court a maiden success all comes down to 90 minutes in berlin. well visitors a flocking to a zoo in mexico for a baby jag you a made her debut last carlos states a cute new star is this 2 month old fame outcome but she's not just adorable she's also an important success for the zoos a breeding program for the threatened species farm expansion poaching and the loss of habitat of the main threats to jag us which is one of 6 failand species found in the country. i remind her of the top story we're following for you cyril run
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opposes being sworn in as president of south africa in a balanced ceremony to promised a new dawn for the country which suffers from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment. that's still a news wrap this hour next up is reported looking at the dangers facing trade which suffers from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment. that's the news wrap this is our next stop is reported looking at the dangers facing journalists in mexico for headlines of top of the hour i'm rebecca in thanks for joining me. earlier. tourist guide for germany. i love berlin.
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