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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm CEST

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every resource needs for. life. in 45 minutes on t.w. . if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. to the surface to. the streets. this time i'm visiting up a franconia in german funk in all those very varied landscapes castles fortresses
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and historic towns characterize the area we mustn't forget the franks themselves with their coziness and especially their fear. my 1st stop is the shuffle back mountain also called the franks. a short climb up to the top and franconia lice at my feet. below me is bunched up to. the bunch every conference center and the fields in hiding and or the 14 holy hell purse. overflowing is known as a region given to pleasure per capita there are more butchers pastry shops and breweries here than anywhere else in the world that's why franco new cuisine and
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the beer are all my agenda today i'll also be visiting by a boy and cool book and here's what's also on today's show. music and celebrities we show you why the bio boys fist of all is so special. our of your video takes us to mexico. and we follow musician jason weeks to his. favorite places in austin texas. schoolbook is one of its largest cities more than 41000 people live here 1st we'll take a short stroll through the city to the markets where one of the most beautiful squares in the various. services.
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on top of the historic town hall you can see st rishis the patron saint of cool book. the people here call the saint up there god was the man because the length of a thick innocent should be the same as the famous who was god forced but if i take a look at it i don't see any similarities to you. we continue on to even book for a long time cool book was one of the capitals of the duchy of sex a cool book and cool to the city was a meeting place of the european aristocracy the british royal family also has its roots here. if you don't book tell us was the city residents of the us and on top of this hill you'll find there castle fortress one of the largest and best preserved fortifications in germany.
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co book fortress its majestically almost 200 metres above the town defensive walls cannons and i endorse made the fortified council impregnable. it survived all sorts of attacks on finance and still evokes the atmosphere of the late and renee some serious. the beginnings of today's complex state by. back to the 13th century the council's heyday came 300 years later. in the 19th century the jukes of coworkers established an important part connection in the castle. it includes a large armory. and
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a collection of carriages and slates. the nearly 2000 historical glasses are especially impressive. you can also view the rooms where the dukes and their staff lived for instance the private tutors room and the smoking lounge. the hunting room with its inlaid wooden panels is spectacular. on your tour you'll find traces of 2 important men one was a gifted painter court artist lucas khanna the elder because a house is more than 40 of his paintings. the other man had a masterly way with words protestant reformer martin luther in 1530 he spent 5 months in the council.
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cowpoke fortress is popularly called the crown of franconia its nickname is no coincidence widely visible from afar it dominates the region so a visit to the castle is worthwhile not only because of its many our treasures but also for the view it come our. way. big topic is that beer the region has the highest brewery density in the world the 1000000 inhabitants have about 200 breweries and more than 1000 different beers to choose from many circular walks leap from beer to have superior to. the franconian switzerland the breweries are especially close to each other the community is even mentioned in the guinness book of world records the circular rolls here is 14 kilometers long takes about 4 hours and connects 4 breweries.
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the 1st stage leads to the start up brewery. they have dark beer. but if it fits in with things in general i prefer light but this stark one is really delicious. breweries hikers pass you get a stamp in it for every brewery you visit and when you have all 4 stamps you get a certificate as a franconian honorary beer drinker here's our stamp to start with. but. equipped with a hiking pass i continue to the county boy. and the guy choice brewery so each
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period tastes different from sweet to smokey to tart they've got everything i look . in the brewery restaurant i meet your queen christina i have a few questions but 1st of all we order a beer and something to eat. and i'd like an officer and roast pork to get with it. i'll have to chew. while we wait for a meal you can take a look at the surroundings this is located in what's known as franconian switzerland and there you'll find caves castle ruins and bizarre rock formations. franconian switzerland picturesque river violence alternate with woodlands and limestone cracks. villages national and the countryside
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like this one. in the portlock valley. the bizarre rock formations are especially popular with climbers. there are also long. so trials for hikers you go up and down hill through sinkholes and pass council rooms. and. there's a mysterious place hidden in the forest here possibly a pre-christian cult site. regularly caves guided tours of the natural wonders in franconian switzerland. also that though we have a high in the druids grove these are basically a labyrinth of rocks. and was probably originally
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a cave system. in prison for now there's no roof to the cave anymore so you can see all the rocks and it's definitely quite a rarity. office with a gun safe in itself fun. as a you have almost this was a cia during the late jurassic period and that's where the name franconian giora comes from this feeling that there was many 1000000 years ago and these layers of limestone were deposited in the sea. to discuss how the rocks originated. and it's just those rocks that gave the region its name because it reminded people of a swiss alpine landscape crags valleys caves and small hamlets bits of switzerland in germany but franconian in character.
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but of. another beer. and like dogs are somewhat sucked back of what is this beer the opening from god and all when i dream king annabella from the alphabet of riverina which is a 6th generation family run business one i love this. one is something light and color in the glass and it's lovely delicate creamy head it's really a treatment small we should try it out so absolutely i'm off about the war. yeah. like. i'm sure it would agree thank you if i could. how would you describe recalling cuisine several different idea good question franconian in cuisine is hearty as it is so it is includes me then dumplings are
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served to accompany it. often it's actually cooked to have been sourced because like this one sport this. is what we often find a partner. pork roast is also a hearty dish that lines your stomach for the next beer just short of the beer cream what's your actual job day in day out talking on screen again has it been missed i'm not a big queen 24 hours a day actually i'm a full time teacher absolution after school is over and at weekends and during school holidays finished i travel through my realm is big queen in here. and now throughout germany to raise the region's profile and spread the word about its high quality beer and. indeed it and also i have already had a bureau to aid you as an expert might have a tip on how to not get too confused if you know what i mean. as written is as money it is important to line your stomach eyes with
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a dish like sauerkraut. there's a saying that you shouldn't drink beer before 4 pm but that doesn't apply in a overflying can offer i'm going to the hardware people often drink beer at morning get togethers. but you don't want to drink on an empty stomach. if i now while the s. an event where i have to drink several bin is what i've been off and i think water in between to thin out the alcohol. i know works well. it was to put in in. thanks and before i forget it i've got my hiking pass and there's still a stamp missing finished and i think if you get that for me. to toss and you're connected to list them what's missing but a certificate is right you know you're certificate and a friend sent me an honorary. congratulations that's for what in order the i get my pleasure this certificate makes a great mental but even better is
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a vacation video and that's what we look for from constance has sent us he's been to mexico thank you vish here's your video. i. don't. like that.
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back in front i go to bomb barrack i have booked a city to a. production yard most god has a hello and welcome to bung them into our guided tour bumbag is a town with more than 1000 years of history and it became a unesco world heritage site 25 years ago school one day itself is simply coming to the cathedral with me now so good. so visit we're now in bombast cathedral the 1st cathedral here was commissioned in 1004 by the emperor haile lace
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and his wife when he go into who were later canonized to go into. what's here now is the 3rd cathedral from the 13th century it was billed as a pilgrimage church rather than the parish church so the focus is on the tomb of the saints. so of us what you see here is the only marble piece in the church on the lid are the recumbent figures of the 2 saints. on its side are legends surrounding the imperial council of oxen's and. the cathedral is especially famous for this figure. so rancid and here from here you have a lovely view of the back horseman what was so unusual about it and well 1st it was the 1st life size statues since antiquity if the writer were standing up he'd be about my size one meter 65 and about the average height for his time as i'm outside . whom he reprints remains
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a mystery. bombeck was billed as a center of ecclesiastical power built like rome on 7 hills the city is therefore also called for. the cathedral square was the political heart of come back to this day there are maginnis is in buildings such as the idaho and the noir is the difference. down in the valley citizens settled in today city center so mission it's here and now we're at the own town hall we've just come from the cathedral and episcopal town district and when we cross the river we'll be in the middle class island district the town hall was meant to link both parts of the town and that's why they built it in the middle of the river. and then 1st of all just giving bum back another landmark. as you know you can send us your travel videos but we also love to visit you and this time we met the musician jason
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wins in texas he shows us his favorite places in his hometown austin. go go go you're lonely star you shine go go go don't look back now we got this go go go you're lonely star you're shy. hey all welcome to austin texas i'm jason williams a singer songwriter in town and i can't wait to show you around. welcome to zilker park 340 acres of fun right in the heart of austin and one of my very favorite places to spend a day. this
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is dirty $63.00 right in the heart of downtown austin when you're a college kid a local or tourist you're going to come here there's more bars in the stretch that anywhere else in america and live music day and night. you don't have to go to a bar to find the great music it is right here on the street but you gotta come to austin it's the only place that is. this is the texas state capitol the seat of all our government and texas it's as
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big as a country you've got to have this kind of room more than $3000000.00 visitors a year come just to check the place out. austin is the home of the creative class of texas and nothing shows that offer better than the hope outdoor gallery this place is different every single day for my music i draw inspiration from all over the city and nothing does that for me like the whole badge or gallery some of the best in the world paint here and then but i'm really gets covered up with graffiti.
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for the end of our day together in austin i thought we'd come someplace you can only see here this is the congress street bridge the home of the mexican free tell that in just a minute 1500000 of them are going to sweep across the town. well this is my day in austin i hope you had a great time and hope you come down soon. my last stop in overtime to inspire lloyd. the city's best known for one person michele bachmann the composer moved here in
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872 and built the man she beat up on feet for himself and his family today it's a museum and you can even visit that's great. by a boy wagner was able to realize his. long cherished plans for his own festival hall at 1st he was interested in the murky opera house. it's one of the most beautiful garage theatres in the world and is a unesco world heritage site. it's recently been renovated and it's back to its former glory. wagner want it more so he had his own opera house built every here from the end of
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july to the end of august wagner offense from all over the world come to the famous by a wide festival. loudness fest in the house pool festival theater in by hoyt. every year celebrities and v.i.p.'s grace its red carpet. it's as much a part of the festival as richard wagner's music. does is probably mainly because of this there's his acoustic sound because it's a unique all frantic venue. this theater was built by and for richard wagner well over 100 years ago now and it's still standing in the same place and basically functions just as it did in the 19th century view. that must be a major part of its fascination for us and that's when i was. the pyrite festival
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is a media event the british era parents prince charles queen sylvia of sweden and german chancellor angela merkel have all been hand. celebrities and journalists back now would have loved it. the festival keeps up with the times. from 2008 to 20111 production a year was publicly screen john festival square. since 2009 there have been children's versions of the wagner's operas. and since 20121 production a year has been streamed live to cinemas. but the many valid no love as there is nothing better than being right there in by right.
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this is something whole package is fabulous the atmosphere and of course the theater itself it comes in what if i can't put it into words it's just a feeling. that's what's wonderful about music and art i think rip you emotionally . fast you don't want to miss that and you and you and you have to learn wagner and that's that you have no options you know you have to you have to do it. by rights and peeled remains unbroken some people accept years of waiting for a ticket just to be part of the glamorous weldon's richard wagner. my visit to offer has come to an end in the center of by a void here at the new pelisse with its romantic or just garden. that's from overflowing with its 1000 types of beers historic cities and beautiful landscapes very important for the region are also the people themselves they are
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considered hospitable and visitors like me feel comfortable here see you next time . the be. the being.
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above its tightening its grip across the globe. for energy it's expected to double in the next 20. 5 above what technology are available. the beer resource needs from.
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life because it's above 15. that spong t w. e takes a personal leave us. with all of the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. love. becomes more than football online. and action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie in 10 years dada the refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th on g.w. . you're a big idea but what's become of it and what will it look like tomorrow. d w gets ready for an in-depth look at the european elections asking the questions that matter for european voters hopes for the new parliament what challenges lie ahead the wrong way too long because the sins of the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the kind of crisis now move the european election affect the rest of the. expert discussions. reports
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voters 1st hand. double and as in all cases the european elections. 26 g.w. . played. this is day to day news live from the south africa's swears in its president cyril ramaphosa pledges to battle corruption as he takes office in a lavish in over ration ceremony we hear from our correspondents about the challenges he faces also coming up here as president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new improved 1st foreign guest.

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