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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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126 g.w. . this is deja news live from berlin south africa swears in its president cyril ramaphosa pledges to battle corruption as he takes office in the lavish inauguration ceremony we hear from our correspondent about the challenges he faces also coming out u.s. president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new emperor is 1st foreign guest. and the screenings are down the jury has deliberated and is about to announce the winner of the palme d'or any time now fresh from cannes our film critic scott roxboro will be here to
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look at who might take home the coveted palme d'or. i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in as president of south africa after being returned to office in elections earlier this month he's promised a new dawn for the country which suffers from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment from opposes presidency follows a corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor inauguration took place in a stadium in pretoria with regional leaders in attendance. from the pose address the issues around corruption that his country and his party have been facing i want people to have launched some of those in whom they had invested they are
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crossed that's not man not to the temptation of hard won and reaching. the challenge is not on what country they are huge. but they are not in some mountable. correspondent adrian krishi is covering the inauguration and sent us this round of the ceremony president used his inauguration speech to mainly spread optimism and hope remember more than every 2nd young person in this country is unemployed and if you talk to young people on the streets this is something almost everybody will complain about i'm employment the slow economy grows the economy of south africa is currently glowing growing slower then the population and drum up also has been emphasizing that he wants to fix that he wants to get you investors in the country to create new jobs the 2nd big issue in the country is of course the issue off corruption many people have the feeling that it's got rampant on the watch of former president jacob zuma where you could
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clearly see corruption in all levels of governance and people have the impression nothing is done against it from up with a promise to address that and he said that once again today in his inauguration speech he says he once and i think kill and corruption free south africa the big question here is can he really do with it can he reform his own party you. see has been in power for 25 years and many analysts have the feeling that it's got more and more into corruption that there's more and more corrupt elements in the party and it's going to be extremely difficult to really fight that from up whatsoever keeps on saying that it is possible he wants to reform his party and he wants to rid south africa of corruption. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 20 people have been killed after a fire broke out in a private school in the indian city of surat the fires believed to have been started by an electrical fault in the air conditioning officials say later file
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charges against the school's owners. the world's most expensive medicine has been approved for sale in the u.s. so yes it is produced by a swiss drug maker novartis trade spinal muscular atrophy the leading genetic cause of death in infants of otters has faced criticism for the price at $1.00 time treatment costing $2000000.00 euros. a united nations maritime court says russia must immediately free $24.00 ukrainian sailors it's been holding for months and release their vessels last november russia fired on and seized 3 ukrainian ships of the crimean peninsula. it's day 3 of voting in the e.u. parliamentary elections it's the turn of multiple slovakia and latvia to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting most countries vote tomorrow with initial results expected late sunday night. and d
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w will of course have full coverage of those a new elections both on air and online tomorrow. u.s. president donald trump is in japan for a state visit trump will spend 4 days in the country to cement bilateral ties he shared tool to make the japan's prime minister shinzo ave and business leaders and to attend a dinner at the burial palace will be the 1st state guest of japan's emperor of his visit comes against the backdrop of increasing tensions with china and north korea . correspondent michael penn's in tokyo and he joins me now michael donald trump's already addressed business leaders what was his main message to them. well his main message is that is to repeat his long term contention that the trade relationship between japan and the united states has long been tilted in favor of japan unfairly and that he's going to be the person to make the trade balance so
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the trade arrangements between the 2 countries fair which is his contention not that many experts agree that that's the case a similar message to one he's had an album countries and he change will to attend the g. 20 summit in osaka in just 6 weeks why this visit to japan now. this particular visit the timing has everything to do with the the new emperor in japan not a veto. needs to start receiving official guests from overseas and as a symbolic matter both 3 japanese and the u.s. side would like the u.s. president to be the 1st person to to have one of these official visits as a symbol of the strength of the u.s. japan alliance and from the point of view of prime minister all day he's very much pitching this as a great honor and he's using it to try to flatter the president in part of as part
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of his long term campaign to keep a positive relationship between the 2 and he mentioned that strength and prime minister japanese prime minister shinzo abe and trump has been saying a lot of each other lately what does that tell us about the relationship between the 2 countries. mainly it tells us that the abbaye administration is desperate to have a very very strong and personal link with donald trump when when donald trump was 1st elected. in the japanese government did their analysis and i said the key to keeping this guy under control to some extent is to flatter him and to make a personal relationship and to get on his good side and that's basically what they have been doing ever since he was elected president states. been courting trump and you say what have they got now what's he gotten out of it you're doing fantastically well well mainly delay whereas trump may have come to office you know
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having the japan high on his list especially in trade issues to go after this is actually turned out to be much slower process so mainly what has gotten out of it is to blunt the force of trump's demands on japan and to kind of keep him at bay for a couple years now hoping that he can ride out the storm through the entire presidency michael penned in tokyo thank you very much for that. some sport now on a german professional baseball player is having the same isn't of his life in the us max kept originally from berlin plays with the minnesota twins this season he has a batting average of 200 $70.11 home runs and his team's not only top in its division but is also has the highest winning percentage over old data got an exclusive interview with the 26 year old man who's played his part. max kepler is currently
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one of the top players in major league baseball he's got some of the best stats in the leak he's hugely popular and his team is riding high but it wasn't easy getting to that point. kepler says at age 14 he decided to pursue baseball over soccer and tennis 1st playing in local leagues in germany once he made the move to rookie ball in the u.s. he then experienced a steep learning curve people throughout harder so i just. don't know i thought oh yeah the game was just a lot faster than say in general. so yeah it took me i say a month a couple months to adjust to it the 1st it was overwhelming or at home to see you know a lesson everyone's you just watch and learn so it's everything other like a spy engine to try to make the most of it he's now played 3 seasons for the minnesota twins with this one looking to be his best ever he's also determined to
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make the game more popular in germany not an easy task all i can do is you know go over there in the winner's you know to some camps so how do the kids and you know tom how great the game is and hopefully they you know fall in love with it over at soccer tennis which is you know overshadowing baseball for shows over there. that's the culture you know it's hard to make a change and that's been the culture for the know hundreds of years. his positive attitude is also very much appreciated by his team's fans. than. step will be to qualify for the world series which looks highly likely should that be the case whatever minnesota support or opponents will be kepler will be aiming high. they can film festival is coming to an end with the final awards ceremony set to get underway shortly the race for the festival's top prize the palm door remains why open with new arrests movies vying for the award competitions
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being tough this year a few films out of the $21.00 selected and main competition hit a bum note with critics scott roxboro was lucky enough to be at the events and he joins me now or not at the event of the night tonight but you've been there all week yes tell us about how that's what's going on this competition's been a strong it has been a phenomenally strong year i've been going what 1516 years now the can it was the world's the worst weather of scene in can employ one of the best selections i mean it's had problems last couple of years this year was a real banner year i think there's 4 or 5 films that easily win of the top prize tonight and and it was really interesting to see because you had a real mix of old talents new faces yes really big big films like went here and who knows once upon a time hollywood starring brad pitt and leonardo di caprio capital plays a fading t.v. star brad pitt's his stuff and double takes place in the 1960 s.
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actually exactly 1900 $69.00 just the year that the manson family the serial killers the manson family wrecked havoc on hollywood and some people say transformed america and so that's the moment it takes it takes place so you got those huge sort of the only would a presence in cannes this year because of what cannes also known for very small our host film socially aware films one of my favorites this year was from the great british director ken loach who's famous for social realism this year he was there with a film called sorry we missed you which is a look at package delivery employee who is. struggling to make things work in sort of the british economy in a sort of crushed by this is the heart breaking i bawled my eyes out. those are 2 my favorite but just shows you sort of the range of what i can hide off of issues so really strong stiff competition but do you have a. couple would you have a particular favorite one that you think might take home the prize it's difficult this year it's a very very difficult to pick there's no real standout front runner my personal
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favorite i think has a really good chance tonight is parasites korean film director of the whole it's a sort of on a hitchcockian thriller it's about a poor guy who sort of cons way into a rich family who lives next door and he and his family start getting into twined with this rich family until it's not quite certain who's actually conning who really powerful sort of social drama incredibly exciting and no one last point was a fan of this director he calls them steven spielberg of asia i completely concur i've been really happy if parasite goes home tonight some fantastic lineup but they've been some criticism this year with the lack of diversity not enough female feel like it's going to tell us a bit more you know this is always been a problem with they've been the well behind the need to curve this year they tried to do a bit better they had 4 female directors and competition out of 21 films still not that great the 4 films however a really really good one i think could come home with the go away with the vast
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film called portrait of a lady on fire by a french director and this really shows you how a fuel 1st act and can and then live in a jar of this is a period drama period drama sort of a an erotic thriller you see this kind of you a lot before the way she does it is completely new and is really a female female perspective on it the way the characters are shown the way the even wave where the sexes show on the street is quite different what we've what we've seen before i think porch of lady on fire is a really good chance that if she does win it will be only the 2nd time a female director has won in cannes of tyrants. wow that's incredible you know about all the diversity at the festival. we have there was a multicultural josey a bit more of that as well i mean one of the other we had this year it's amazing even to say of the 1st time a black woman an african woman has had a film in competition who's from senegal called at zante which is a look at the refugee crisis but it's also. a story very interesting
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this year is from of course an old stablished director of. special director of you also has a pretty good chance of winning well we'll talk to you soon when the after we have announced the prize looking forward to it and thanks. that's your news wrap this hour will be up next hour but next up is shift to living in the digital age i'm rebecca riches in the end thanks for joining us. action packed life. anything is possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie. refugee camp. his life story may have.


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