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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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stablished director. of special of you also has a pretty good chance of winning well we'll talk to you soon when the left we have announced the prize looking forward to it and. that's your news wrap this hour will be up next hour but next up is shift to living in the digital age i'm rebecca invent and thanks for joining us. an action packed life. anything is possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink on. this movie. refugee camp. his life story may have ground to a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams.
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thank you for watching. cinema stories may 27th. to the curious and. do it yourself work that. you can all subscribe don't miss out on. these custom made shift headphones created using a 3 d. printer and you could win these cool cans but more on that later isn't it incredible what you can make with 3 d. printed these days guns for example and even adi fishless human organs the potentials of 3 d. printing today on ship. 3 d. printers can produce amazing stuff replacement beaks for eagles platform shoes and
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even delicious looking pies and now 3 d. printers even use rays of light but more on that later in the show basically all 3 d. printers smell it and shape source material into a desired 3 dimensional form the material dries and your doc and the good news is 3 d. printers for home use reasonably priced as well. the 3 d. printer industry is booming according to industry experts void those 6 years ago companies in this sector generated 2700000000 euros in 2015 they made 4400000000 euros and last year a staggering 8100000000 now experts expect the sector to make an eye watering 20000000000 euros in 2020. to help protect the region's gorgeous corals from climate change the maldives have installed 3 d. printed artificial reefs. and the fashion industry is also making
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use of the technology creating shoes and accessories from scratch even major fashion brands are onboard sylvia is a pioneer in this field experimenting with various colorful synthetic resins she says anyone can use 3 d. printers as long as they select and use the input materials properly. and even the tenderness on how to use refine and combine different materials. to someone. belgian 3 d. printing company materialized for example has found a way to recycle plastic waste and turn it into glasses frames which by the way are fully recyclable. but also want to make sure that the sunglasses never become waste again so. some glass for a new pair we recycled the old frames. from. 3 d.
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printing test is revolutionizing the health care sector as well. for instance produces tailor made prosthetic arms that fit perfectly he was never quite satisfied with the other manufacturers artificial members. and maybe more of us will be living in 3 d. hauser's the 1st 3 d. printed buildings have already gone up in france and denmark as well as in texas where these icon homes are quick to build and cost only about $10000.00 euros to make. while mind blowing technology. this replica of a star was a robot was also made using a 3 d. printer but how does this technology actually work well there are many different printing methods and materials to choose from concrete and synthetic resin for example the 3 d. printer liquefies material and then print said layer through
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a special jet to do this the printer follows a digital construction plan sounds complicated it's not really. need to replace a chess piece or a screw no problem just fire up the 3 d. printer and make one a country d. printing method is fused deposition martling quo f t m. f t this is the f t m method. on the high school printer works a bit like a hot glue gun. we've got the plastic on this call. leading into this feeder you know it's connected to this tube which leads down here . and down here we've got a printer head or the plastic is heated up to 220 degrees celsius and then the printer deposits the material layer by layer creating a model of syria and the company. has another widespread 3 d. printing method. by s.l.
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a printer uses a laser in a liquid plastic which reacts to u.v. light. down here we've got the laser which is directed upwards through this tank. belief that the synthetic resin then hardens. up here is the bill plated which the resin will then stick to. close the lid and off you go. you can download 3 d. printing blueprints for your own using special software the more elaborate the software to quench your possibilities after the step the pre-print is translated into machine code. machines. can then be transferred to the printer using a. flash drive all. the pros of f.d.m. methods are that printing materials and maintenance are cheap. but plans are that
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surface textures can be rougher. and what you print won't be as sturdy. so not as durable is items made with s.l.a. as they are all tied to the advantages of s.l.a. printing are smoother surfaces and sturdy builds one of the disadvantage is that this technology is quite expensive in terms of materials and maintenance so while 3 d. printing may look simple it does require a fan of preparation. our custom made shift headphones for example when made on a 3 d. printer using 140000000 liters of synthetic resin the printing process took 12 hours and one of you lucky people could win them i'll just tell us what you think of our new show do you like the look how do you find our host and what about the topics let us know printing whatever you want sounds like the epidermis freedom but
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there's a dark side to this technology as well like blueprints for making your own firearms uploaded to the internet by the us gun lobby all you need to print a gun is a suitable 3 d. printer and 70 euros worth of aluminum powder so 3 d. printing is clearly a double as sort stuff and it is an engineer and innovation expert in knows a lot about this topic and. it's actually easier to buy a gun whether legally or illegally then to print one and. printing a firearm will give you a plastic gun that can shoot a single bullet and which is as dangerous for the shooter as for the target isn't going all the. there are 3 d. printers for metal but these are very expensive and also don't produce sturdy weapons but 3 d. printers do make it easier to read. individual parts and entire machines as well as
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create cheap knock off copies that could hurt manufacturers tremendously u.s. market research firm gartner projects that 3 d. printing piracy could cost companies up to $90000000000.00 euro. 3 d. printing is used mainly in industry for example for making customised items such as artificial limbs 3 d. printing also makes producing prototypes easier cheaper and more sustainable and it's useful for the spare parts market as well. as repairing this technology is used to make a lot of spare parts carry out repairs and with because spare parts needed in industry are difficult to come by and use lots of resources. at this point and so i think this technology will shape society because it helps industry become a more sustainable. 253 d. printing as part of a d.i.y.
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and repair culture. and i think society will be receptive to and foster this culture of hocked. but the german environment agency has warned that 3 d. printers use plastics that harm the environment and can emit toxic fumes during printing. some experts say the harmful side effects of 3 d. printing like poisonous emissions and more plastic will vanish over time and many tech pioneers believe that 3 d. printing could solve some of the world's most urgent problems making it a cleaner better place to live in although that means 3 d. printers than the ones you would use in your living room the future of 3 d. printing may have been written at the university of california plan research has developed a way to make 3 d. printing 100 times faster instead of layering liquid materials and methods.
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defined. method is still in its early stages but it's hoped it could be used in mass production someday. also based company celebrates his pushing the envelope of 3 d. printing head developing a method of printing the spine layering cells on top of each other through cell division the parent cell divides into daughter cells ease of and glued together and so forth the company has already managed to print many organs using this process. in the long term we want to establish something that helps keep people alive that's what motivates us. it's also regard 3 d. printing as a key space flight technology. rocket engines to be manufactured to fund lower costs than today a german company is already devising a friend for welding together ultra thin sheets of metal with $3.00 d. printers. space agency. is looking into using 3 d.
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printing robots to build entire villages. a business or even. mining or whatever to put them together on the same place and this is the idea of the more. astronomers hope that this technology could someday maybe even make mission possible. clever stuff futurologists things 3 d. printing has an additional advantage it brings people together in labs and hops to work with 3 d. printers and be creative as a team which is not all the fun but also great for the environment. it's about creating things for yourself or. being sustainable. and thinking about how to repair objects for night so if i toss one of them do you put your feet. up and just imagine you all vacuum cleaners stops working because
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a small plastic screw has gone missing instead of buying a new cleanup or taking the all one to a repair shop i just download the necessary data print it out and repair the old cleaning myself if necessary using a huge eupatorium wouldn't that be a great money saving idea using a 3 d. printer to repair things instead of throwing them away is a great way to boost sustainability but on the other hand product piracy and printing guns sounds pretty frightening so what do you make of 3 d. printing technology futuristic idea potential threat or just a gimmick tell us what you think on facebook or on d w dot com by glad you could join us and hope to see you again next week.
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i'd like to lose weight but could it diet. i have to exercise to slim down. what should i avoid. and how can i cook healthy meals we're focusing on how to move this weight and how to cook and eat healthy. in good shape next. kickoff like thank you for. people who can. get back to sleeping find them a good football family after 12 speak tabular season. next show momma from a level of. 60. degree
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it's a sex phone operator who works her masters thesis on the potato for her to read. not a turn on well if it's more residuals from a. list treatment the streets. will come to in good shape coming up. metabolic rate how much energy does the body need. yoyo affect what happens after a diet. and nutrition.

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