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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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really t.w. . this is deja news live from the south africa's flares in its president cereal from a poser pledges to battle corruption as you takes office in a lavish integration ceremony we hear about corresponding about the challenges he faces also coming up u.s. president donald trump arrives in japan for a special state visit as the new have gross 1st foreign guest.
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i'm rebecca riches welcome to the program cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in as president of south africa after being returned to office in elections earlier this month he's promised a new dawn for the country which suffers from high crime something economic growth and high unemployment oppose his presidency follows a corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor gratian took place in a stadium in pretoria with regional leaders in attendance. an ecstatic reception for the 4th democratically elected president since the end of apartheid more than $30000.00 people gathered to watch several ram opposed to take the presidential oath. was.
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in his new will address them oppose a promise that his presidency would in a new era challengers like a what country they. are huge and they are real. but they are not insurmountable. they can be sold. and are extended here to say. that they are going to be so all those problems are the legacy of president jacob zuma back in court yesterday on corruption charges the scandal forced zuma to step down in 2018 and ram opposed to took over as president he was returned to office in this month's election but voters delivered the worst ever results for his ruling african national congress party down that pose a nose restoring confidence is a members' task to mend your fault people do not work
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especially the youth. and recent talk. a while people have watched assad move goes in a home they have invested they are crossed they're starving not to the temptation of power and great to. cover up shin has strangled economic growth inside africa where unemployment tops 25 percent 25 years since the end of apartheid it remains one of the world's most economically unequal countries. that are high hopes for around the toes a but a big question mark over whether he can deliver on his promise is his 1st test picking ministers free from the taint of corruption when he chooses his cabinet next week. now to some of the other stories making news around the world the mayor of leone in france has condemned an explosion which took place in a central pedestrian shopping street yesterday calling it comprehensible the blast
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left 13 people wounded police say they're searching for a man one man in connection with the incident no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. u.s. president donald trump has arrived for a 4 day visit in japan the meeting is supposed to strengthen ties and trade relations between the 2 countries trying to meet japan's prime minister and business late is him also attend a dinner at the imperial palace you know. malawi's high court has ordered a vote recount for roughly a 3rd of districts in the country's presidential election the move comes after opposition groups complained of rigging in the may 21 poll the national electoral board suspended its results tally on friday after receiving some 147 complaints from various parties. it's day 3 of voting in the e.u. parliamentary elections it's the turn of malta slovakia and latvia to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting most countries a vote tomorrow with initial results expected late sunday night.
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and d w will of course have full coverage of those a you elections both on and on and on line tomorrow. you're. going to know what's become of it and what we would look like somebody. gets ready for an in-depth look at the european election. the key issues for european voters and how will the european election affect the rest of the. expert discussion this comprehensive reports voters to. the european elections on may 26th g.w. . it's been another deadly week on mount everest where at least 6 will climbers have died that means at least 9 mountain is have perished on the world's highest mountain since this is climbing season began guides are blaming some of those deaths on overcrowding and here to tell us more reports of my. high thanks
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for coming in what's tell us what's happening at the top of the world there so we have a photo of exactly what the situation was taken by nepalese climber in a mere bald porsche mog are we have a photo of his twitter feed which is where this was originally posted and what this photo shows is what's called the death zone on everest is right below the summit this is a huge line of i think it was around $200.00 people that had to stand in line for hours waiting to summit the mountain and when you're standing at those altitudes you're risking frostbite altitude sickness and those are 2 of the biggest killers on everest this is from a blog called everest today which is also a popular climbing blog a tour organizer on everest told a.f.p. of that there was one person who died because he was stuck in this traffic for 12 hours now here's the thing about everest you can't just show up and climate you have to get a permit in order to do so the nepalese government says they've issued around $400.00 permits this year and everest is actually on track to break its own record
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of how many people have a climb to the mountain this year but the other thing is that it's actually a very short season when it's relatively safe to be able to climb everest that's just april and may when people traditionally go but a spate of bad weather has kept people off the mountain and what happened recently was suddenly there was a bit of good weather that broke through and everyone just rushed for the summit resulting in this and now higher than average death rate it's a really incredible picture and know what you expect when you think about people climbing. what's of one of the possible solutions welcome people to to a combat this so there's been a there's a strong campaign starting now for the government to start limiting the number of permits that it can. is out per year the thing is nepal is a relatively poor country a quarter of its population lives below the poverty line and these permits cost $10000.00 euros each around there so this is a big source of cash for them but of course we're risking not only people dying of
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higher than average rates as we're seeing but also there's huge environmental damage that's happening because of all these people that are rushing up the mountain so a lot more pressure on the nepalese government to act in some way to solve this absolutely be interesting to see what happens there thanks so much for coming in. the united nations maritime court says that russia must immediately free ukrainian soldiers sailors it's been holding for months and release their vessels last november russia fired on and seized 3 ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula that promoted ukraine to appeal to the un's international tribunals for the war to see russia didn't immediately say how it would respond to today's ruling. the confrontation has marked a major escalation of tensions between the 2 countries in the conflict over russia's 24 tane annexation of crimea. a russian coast guard boat last november as it prepares to ram a ukrainian naval vessel captain can be heard shouting at his crew to stay the
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course. but the confrontation didn't stop there. russia called in fighter jets and helicopters and shots were fired wounding some of the ukrainian sailors the ships were impounded and the sailors arrested now 6 months on russian wrist ill holding both the ships and the 24 crew members both sides blame each other for the confrontation moscow says the sailors crossed illegally into its territorial waters with weapons on board and ignored repeated warnings to turn back the men are set to go on trial and could face up to 6 years in prison ukraine maintains its ships were in international waters the incident occurred in the narrow coach straight between russia and crimea at the heart of the dispute is russia's annexation of crimea in 2014 which most of the world views are illegal.
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ever since then tensions in this region have been high and dry bilateral treaty before the annexation both countries agree to share these territorial waters but russia says the agreement doesn't apply to military vessels ukraine disputes that and is demanding the immediate return of its ships and sailors. well formula one racing now women say this driver lewis hamilton has won pole position for sunday's monaco grand prix it's the 85th time the defending world champion will take the top spot on the starting grid will be joined by a teammate of terry but to us in the front row red bulls max fished up in qualified 3rd and ferrari's sebastian vettel for. well perceiving sunday is a formula one race in monaco is the formula 8 which held its so-called apr 8 here in berlin if the 10th race of the season for the series which the new uses comes with electric motors the tracks built around lives for much tempelhof airport and
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the race last under around 45 minutes brazil's new cars to grassy finished in 1st place and that means the audi driver is now 2nd in the overall rankings he was followed by sebastian bringing in 2nd and overall later on eric venue and. well the awards have been handed out at this year's cannes film festival with a few surprises among the winner is competitions being tough this year few films out of the $21.00 selected for 10 main competition hit a bum note with critics. joining me here to discuss that ole it from d.w. culture is scott rock's threat has just returned from can tell us what's going on at the at the awards right now well yeah i mean we're literally seconds from the final prize of truck check you know by photo see what it's come to get the door but so far it's been a huge number of surprises i mean films i would have never thought were going to win it was a great year this year but
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a lot who were on my list have won the bigger surprise so is the grand prix which is the number 2 prize which was just announced and it went to atlanta by. an actress turned director the big surprise about this is she's not only is she 1st time director she's the very 1st black woman to ever have a film in competition in cannes i think we might have some footage of this isn't this is terrence you know this movie which hasn't won anything at the biggest film in cannes still that's right and it's been really popular 10000 years it has been so i mean it still could with the top prize we know we've got we've got a few seconds to wait to see if that is but with atlantic. actually incredibly happy for i've met managed to be briefly in cannes. and this is a film about a bit about the refugee crisis it's set in senegal but it's a very different look at the refugee crisis you see it from look from the african side also the people who are left behind but another other big surprises this year
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emily beecham the british actor she took best actress for a film little joe which is an inch by an austrian director and it's sort of a retelling of the frankenstein story but with a female scientist surprising why she was on the right about is it didn't go down well with critics i liked it but it's a bit off putting is a bit it's a deliberately artificial and i think that's why it maybe didn't strike the right with critics but obviously with with the jury the other big winner that can else is the spanish superstar he won best actor for an amazing film by. the great spanish director and this is the film is called pain and glory and it's sort of an autobiographical story from a mode of our very just slightly fictionalized version of his old life with antonio banderas playing a fictionalized version of a lot of our over the last couple years he hasn't been has made my favorite films of his but this this one really is about a return to form and. and it's sort of as i say it's
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a sort of his whole history and it's one of the barest beautiful in this film i mean these places gay directors are very much like a lot of r. and and it's sort of looking back over his life as a filmmaker the lost love man that he was in love with who is now gone leaving him 30 years later truly beautiful beautiful movie and a tribute both the talents of a motor car and to bond and i'm still waiting and hoping to hear i don't know i don't know how we have our little happened there on the stage now sorry i'm just hearing that i can add love is a long. long story story. i don't know no no no i got the story i said ok i know we're going to meet him in me i miss him remain open man but i'm talking about. there is and why is that so surprising as well because i'm kind of and there's obviously very popular i mean. it's one of my favorite thank you for this film and it's not surprising that he won i guess this prize is a mode of our has been in. the cannes film festival he's never went on the top
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prize and those last couple of films people thought oh maybe fallen off his office past this is a real return to form and is really almost a career high for but there are so i'm really happy to see that he actually is going home with a with it with the trophy wife well we're hanging out to see who's going to let her go see if i want to come to this unfortunately now but next hour i will definitely get it thanks very much for that update and that's all we have time for tonight we'll bring you a winner in the next hour i'm rebecca raises here in berlin. what secrets lie behind these men. find out you know 1st if you spirit and explorer pass an eating cultural heritage science. d.w. world heritage 31650. i want
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to see you when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room.


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