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becomes the 1st movie from that country to win the palme d'or for best film at the cannes international film festival this is the news from berlin i'm like local i'll be back with more news as always at the top of the hour coming up next world story a look at some of the stories behind the new story straighten. up today don't miss our highlights. program. d.w. dot com highlights. an action packed life. anything's possible as long as our coffee and his friends can drink. his movie theater in kenya as dot dot refugee camp. his life story may have ground to
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a halt. 27 years ago but there's no holding back his dreams. thank you for watching. cinema starts may 27th on. on this edition of world story. refugees in jordan. and apps to prevent sexual violence in india but we begin in germany where article one of germany's basic law states that human dignity is inviolable dominant blow believes a life lead in dignity means being able to wash even if you're homeless. also.
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going to the toilet taking a shower there normal things for everyone but how can you do this when you're homeless it's not so simple. dominic clone lived on the streets for 10 years always on the move looking for something to eat somewhere to sleep he says it was a life without dignity. dominic was 16 when his mother threw him out the streets of st paoli became his home the red light district of hamburg. when we beat each other up for a sleeping bag it's a fight for survival and then there's a sadistic violence and contempt where people come in they don't treat you with dignity but like dirt. and on and on they pee on your sleeping bag or batter us
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something there might not be a tomorrow maybe someone will set me on fire beat me to death like you end up living just for the here and now and trying to stay alive. yet dominic's got his high school diploma and volunteered in a clothing to pay for refugees people even worse off than him he sees this kind of thing all the time place wake up a sleeping homeless man and tell him to move on. this is also a question of dignity cool among us who sits down somewhere at lunchtime expects to be approached by 3 police officers and you see how they put on gloves because they're disgusted that's no way for people to treat each other. dominic is working to offer homeless people some dignity he's collecting donations to pay for a shower bath a bathroom on wales with a dressing room full of clean clothes he learned what hygiene can means for person
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when he was living on the streets. body and soul go hand in hand at some point if you're physically dirty you turn inwards and feel in the end that you yourself are dirt has a lot to do with dignity and feelings of self-worth these are things that are lost on the streets i hope this bus can help taking showers to people who need them. dominic got his life in order he's 30 now and for the 1st time his existence is fairly secure he has work he has goals. and he has friends most importantly he says it's up in the hall no i haven't a heart aren't you and i appreciate what that means for me it's a luxury to be able to sleep in my boxer shorts or to wash myself whenever i feel like you know i need a shower well it's not. that many people have
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dignity and that's inviolable and that should apply to everyone washing is a large part of that. next we're going to jordan where over 2000000 palestinians live in refugee camps their situation is worse and considerably since the u.s. stopped all its funding to the united nations palestinian refugee agency. 27 year old died in listening rooms the refugee camp or he was born and raised it was once his job to clean the streets here but now the garbage is left on collected she was one of around 47 taishan laborers employed by the united nations relief and works agency for palestine refugees were underway for short to keep the camp in jordan clean. in 2018 the trumpet ministration announced it would seize all funding to the agency so it has had to let employees go including sanitation laborers like
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ali. the u.n. agency was able to raise new funds from some 40 other countries but still needed to reduce its hold budget by $92000000.00 us dollars last year. really has asked us not to reveal his identity his refugee status doesn't allow him to work outside the camp his job was his only source of income to support his family of 6. but. there are now only 10 workers left to clean a camp with a population of $30000.00 as a result of the camp is experiencing a garbage crisis. i am the camp is lacking in everything. the sanitary situation's very bad and should every day i have to clean the street myself. we knew of to a different camp because it is the largest refugee camp for palestinians in jordan with a population of over 100000 many families have been in the camp for generations here
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sanitation is not the only problem residents of houses with makeshift roofs like this one are especially vulnerable in the winter months. mohammed a father of 2 says he hoped under a law would help with building expenses but they always cited a lack of funding he was forced to go into debt to pay for this metal cover. about how i'm a grown up i can handle this but i was worried for my children all night it would carry them from one room to the other so that the rain would not fall on their heads i had to put buckets all over the house i had no other solution. to the solution he found is by no means sustainable water still gets through the house poses many health hazards and the children are at risk of electrocution from uncovered wires. says that when the summer months hit the roof will make temperatures inside the house unbearable he says he feels abandoned with no other
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option but to hope for a better future. india is considered the most dangerous country in the world for women over 100 rapes are reported your every day you want to bring north from delhi have now developed an app to help protect women from sexual harassment and violence. figures of harassment on the faces who come forward with their stories over 4000 instances detailing sexual harassment of women have been shared on an online platform called safe city these experiences are marked on i'm up. in this case in the heart of india's capital delhi it did happen to me. but to the north did not mean victory it never could. still. always be. safe cities founder al summary disserve hopes the
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platform will help educate women about their rights having a platform where you can anonymously share your story can be liberating also when you read another woman's story there's solidarity and there's resonance because you suddenly realise you are not alone in your experience but she wants more by highlighting how dangerous public spaces are for women the hope is that authorities will make cities safer studies say delhi is one of the most dangerous cities in the world for women by evening the streets are almost exclusively a male domain the roads are often dimly less and there's little police presence of tauruses have commissioned the safety pin startup to list danger zones in the city employees evaluate hundreds of thousands of photos the platform is also used in hanoi whereas aims to make metro stations safer safety pin has developed 3 alps there's also my safety pin where users can race has safe they feel in
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a certain place. the areas are scored enabling newcomers to a city to determine which streets to avoid the company has also made an opp which allows users to have themselves tracked by g.p.s. . we are very clear that only a woman kid asked someone to track so nobody can take a decision to track someone so we're very careful that we don't become a stalking of. the apps are there on the technology behind them keeps improving but the real test boils down to how women feel walking india street. and our last stop is money if you've got a locked door broken phone just take it to the cell phone market in the center of the capital bamako where an expert will fix it for you the markets creating jobs in
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the crisis ridden country. anyone looking to buy a cellphone in mali's capital bamako will likely head straight to the mosque she had to telephone. no one knows exactly how many dealers and workshops there are here but it's somewhere around 2000 crowded together along the road. mamadou camera sells new smart phones at his stall he says the place isn't just full as it used to be the double bubble of political crisis in the country is making our business worse people have less money and if they do have money they buy other things not phones but it wouldn't it be that would love to but don't. molly is one of the poorest countries in the world but mobile network coverage reaches almost 100 percent of the population anyone who can afford one has a cell phone. opposite mama to use there's a stand for 2nd term phones business is better there. has already checked out
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a few dealers but hasn't found the right one yes. woman. i'm looking for a 2nd time phone for a lady i don't have much money and sex this street is the best place to get 2nd. so what i did. he brought him hide around no relation has a small range of things but mainly used i phones they're more expensive but they look impressive and they're a lot cheaper than the new ones across the way. with the i phones come from the us or france people often trade their old ones in so i buy them after they've been repaired. the repairs are done in one of the yards along the road it's where artemus see the bear has his workshop cracked screens and broken circuit boards even the most hopeless cases are brought back to life here i repair cost the
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equivalent of a she sends to $20.00 euro's depending on the job. towards the sun from my repair all brands samsung i phone android but it's only possible if i can get the replacement parts here in mali from oprah's school for 2. locked phones are also taken care of in the repair shops sula months a debate has. that can guess any phone up and running again. i must say did telephone provide statuses of talks in bonn moscow and despite the country's crisis these jobs are relatively secure as africa's cellphone market is the fastest growing in the world.
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story. in a world flooded with images. in these for our photo archives prove that real life needs no frills. eco africa. these people used to make money by hunting elephants. now only they earn their living collecting elephant dung. here in queen elizabeth national park in uganda. their work plays an important role in protecting this endangered species. in 60 minutes on the job. i'm not laughing at but
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well i guess sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with a bunch of unthinking consider german culture. you don't seem to think that is grandma's they all believe it's all about who they know i'm rachel join me to meet the japanese on the gulf coast. because society is becoming increasingly antiseptic. alan keyes may give this one.


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