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biala guest. managed by from. news a lot from berlin the results in from the cannes film festival upon the door for best film has gone to south korean director of. comedy parasite we have more on an awards night full of surprises. south africa president's. pledges to battle corruption as he takes office in
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a lavish inauguration ceremony will he be able to live up to his promise and tackle the challenges ahead. and buying music when the domestic double get again after beating in the german cup find. a michael thanks for joining us the 2019 cannes film festival has come to a close with a star studded award ceremony the festival's top prize the palme d'or went to south korean director and hove for his black comedy parasite a prize for a parasite marks the 1st korean film ever to win the honor for best film at cannes the festival 2nd place award the grand prize went to french senegalese director of . atlanta i'm joined now by scott rock star from our culture desk on wow.
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my 1st thought. was this a surprise parasite all of the it was a surprise for me because this is the 1st time that the jury and i have agreed on what should win won the palme d'or going there many many years parasite was my favorite film this year usually means it wins nothing this time the jury agree with me finally they got it right no this is an amazing film it is the 1st time a korean film has won the top prize in cannes but june hole is a very established director well known in cannes he's been competition number of times before this film is really incredible it's sort of a sort of comedy hitchcockian thriller it's about a family of 4 family of a sort of a small time con artist who managed to con their way into a rich family's home and start working for them and so the 2000 has become intertwined and the film is so delicately done that you're not quite sure as the film goes on who is actually conning who is the actual parasite of the film's title brilliant new movie brilliant brilliantly done wonderfully executed and
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a really deserved winner it sounds like there's a thriller aspect story much thriller but also very very funny and beautifully shot i mean every part of this film works perfectly any other surprises at the festival the number 2 prize amount if you up that you mentioned. also a very very good film a surprise just because she's a 1st time film director and usually a 1st time directors don't have much of a chance to win top prizes and can but it's also a real 1st because this is the 1st time this instant she's the 1st black woman to ever have a film in competition in cannes and and it was quite impressive she's also an actress and that really shows in the performances that she gets out of our actors in this film it's senegal where she's from and it's sort of the refugee story but it's told from the other side not from the european side which is often the case here but it's told from the people who are left behind when they're the women who are left behind when their men try to flee all the atlantic to europe but it's just that it's also a supernatural. it's a bit of
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a ghost story difficult to explain in a couple of couple of seconds but very wary well worth watching and really shows a very impressive debut performance i mean for a 36 year old 1st time director to deliver a movie like this is really beyond belief and tony harris who certainly not a 1st timer won for best actor yes also deserved completely completely deserved. in pain and glory which is from. the spanish director this film is essentially of ours the life story is slightly fictionalized but it's the story of a gay spanish director who comes up through the sixty's and seventy's and becomes the international star blah. plays of our character and beautifully this wonderful sort of broken heart love story man that he used to love meets again 32 years later anyone who loves stones will love this movie and i mean i've always been
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a fan but he really reaches another career high with one of the reason why i opened this segment by saying wow is the fact that there was so much noise being made. and yet i see he is not in the winnings you know he was he was locked out this year. hollywood. caprio and brad pitt was a great great movie one of my favorites really shows and also at the top of his powers and this is 25 years since he won. the palme d'or for pulp fiction and launches for. amazing film really well received by the critics but maybe terms he was just too big he doesn't need another palme d'or it would be nice to get 125 years after he is clearly got started with with pulp fiction but i don't actually think he'll be upset by this because he's a huge fan of obama calls him the best director in asia so i think he'd be satisfied that he got the top prize thank you for adding color to the cannes film festival wrappings thanks so much. so rahm has been sworn in as
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president of south africa after being returned to office in elections earlier this month he's promised a new dawn for the country which saw 1st from high crime slumping economic growth and high unemployment and opposes presidency follows a corruption scandal that brought down his predecessor the inauguration took place in a stadium in pretoria with regional leaders in attendance. was an ecstatic reception for the false democratically elected president since the end of apartheid was more than $30000.00 people gathered to watch several am opposed to take the presidential oath the. war. was in his inaugural address he promised that his presidency would assure in a new. the challenge is not a walk on truth they are huge and they are real. but they are not
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insurmountable. they can be saw. an arctic stand here to say. that they are going to be sold. problems including rampant corruption a series of scandals forced former president jacob zuma to step down in 2018 and drum opposer took over as president he was returned to office in this month's election but vote has delivered the west africa results for his ruling african national congress party member pose in those restoring confidence is a mammoth task. through a man your father people do not work especially the youth. in recent times our people have watched a some of those in a home they have invested they are crossed they're starving not to the temptation
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of power and greater. corruption has strangled economic growth in south africa where unemployment tops 25 percent a quarter of a century since the end of apartheid it remains one of the world's most economically unequal countries there are high hopes for mammoth poza there's a big question mark over whether he can deliver on his promises his 1st test picking ministers free from the taint of corruption when he chooses his cabinet next week. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. of israelis have protested against legislation that could grant prime minister benjamin netanyahu immunity from prosecution israel's attorney general says he intends to charge netanyahu with fraud and bribery netanyahu won a 5th term in april. u.s. president donald trump has arrived for a 4 day state visit in japan the meeting is supposed to strengthen ties and trade
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relations between the 2 countries will meet with japan's prime minister and business leaders and will also attend a dinner at the imperial palace. malawi's high court has ordered a vote recount for roughly a 3rd of its districts in the country's presidential election the move comes after opposition groups complained of rigging in the may 21st poll the national electoral board suspended its results tally on friday after receiving some 147 complaints from various parties so. it's day 3 of voting in the e.u. pauline mentary elections malta slovakia and lot to head to the polls with the czech republic entering its 2nd day of voting most countries vote tomorrow with initial results expected late sunday night and of course we'll have full coverage of those elections both on air and online tomorrow. united nations maritime court says russia must immediately free ukrainian sailors it's been
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holding for months and release their vessels last november russia fired on and seized 3 ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula the confrontation was a major escalation of tensions between the 2 countries in the conflict over russians $24000.00 annexation of crimea after russia seize those ships ukraine appealed to the un's international tribunal for the law of the sea in hamburg. ukraine's deputy foreign minister argued her country's case and humbugged kiev had requested that the international tribunal for the north of the city make a ruling on the incident and the court's ruling came on saturday the russian federation immediately released the $24.00 detained ukrainian sylvia smith and allowed them to return to ukraine the tribunals also found that 3 confiscated naval ships must be returned to ukraine but whether russia will comply remains unclear moscow refuses to recognize the bodies jurisdiction the russian foreign
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ministry says that in november 28th seen the ukrainian naval vessels violated its maritime border in the sea if as of therefore according to the moscow ministry the case is an issue for the russian judicial system the ukrainian sailors in custody i currently facing a possible 6 year prison sentence in russia the ukrainian government however hopes that the tribunals ruling could persuade moscow to back down the whole international community it is for ukraine and that they will press on russian president to release our crew members and know that russia has until the end of june to comply with the tribunals rolling if the 2 countries can't come to an agreement by then the case could go on to a court of arbitration. by munich have just won the german cup final here in berlin after 3 victory against rb leipzig joining me to discuss the match tom de noise from de ford's how did buying victory pan out well they were made to fight for this
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victory to my lot so you've had some very serious really dangerous chances notes abusive posts and come very close to giving them a lead after just about 10 minutes. in fact so you had perhaps the best of the chances for the game certainly until the last 20 minutes they were wasteful in front of goal and as we know them ruthlessly clinical. and kingsley come on. and it's fair to say that in each of the 3 goes there was some serious individual brilliance involved. now the 19th german cup hard to win by munich from history and 12 and cup doubles some incredible statistics so it was wasteful as you put it but how would you describe what exactly made the difference for byron well i mean like i said lots of ways for. the complete opposite they were very cold in front of go they punished lot 6 for every mistake that the defenders made they didn't
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necessarily like i said have the best chances really in the game but whenever they got close they dispatched them very expertly you know. those game kings we come on can always be decisive in the game and at the back as well manuel neuer who we see lifting a cop behind us had a fantastic performance he made some very big saves. in the 2nd half as well as on in the. crucial moments a real captain's performance from manuel neuer so listen i mean byron has won the league yet again and yet there's speculation that their manager called dutch is going to be sacked today's event how did that change his job. and he made him a lot more safe in the job now speculation of his future has followed him throughout the season of course you know it started when. bruce you don't win but way ahead in the front of the front of the boom is legal but if he's going to be judged on results you'd have to say he looks very very safe and league and cup double for him personally it was
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a back to back german cups because of course he won the german cup last year against by munich with his then team front so he's a vengeance the defeat that he inflicted on his current club it would be very odd i think if he were to go and there's no serious indication anymore but that is going to happen so i think he's probably fairly safe going forward an emotional day on all sides. tom going to sports thanks so much thank you the spanish cup final also took place on saturday in favorites barcelona were beaten by valencia the underdogs scored twice in the 1st half after the break leno messi scored late in the match but the lengths you held on to claim a $21.00 victory winning their 9th copa del rey title. visitors are flocking to resume in mexico after a baby jaguar made her debut. states cute new star is this 2 month old female precious animal but she's not just adorable she's also an important success where
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does use breeding program for the threatened species expansion and the loss of habitat are the main threats to which is one of 6 feline species found in the country. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. south korea. becomes the 1st movie from that country to with the best film of the cannes international festival. this is news from berlin. be back with more news at the. different languages we fight a different that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom. global news that matters d. w. made for minds. sometimes
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i. think. we should.

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