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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2019 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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this is d.w. news from berlin i'm michael okuda don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app for the full player from the apple store to get the latest news from around the world thanks for joining us. the book. i got. more of. what secrets lie behind me is more the behind in an immersive experience and explores fascinating world cultural heritage sites the d.w. world heritage 360 the theme. of the one out of 8 people suffering from hunger. well food
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program is fighting hunger worldwide to. join the fight. but you know. as a reporter in mexico one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the world. she's one of the few reporters left in last month she's in a state. where chapels drug cartel reign supreme. death threats are part of her daily life. and in what they can show you any time with you have a bodyguard or not. but i refuse to be intimidated and continues to work undaunted
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. on the way to a remote district away from those much east she has a meeting with women who have been searching for their missing children for us. now it's become a search for bodies. there are so many we're going to get a mole it's full of seriously ill people stay here tonight for 3 skeletons you know and apparently a big gray. go at the stench. is this a body like this one is decomposing still well if it hasn't been a long while to bust it's really welcoming that but i'm going to broadcast this live a song. to. get that and we want to follow through on one
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horse a very also with the searchers a. they've been here since sunrise that they were told there might be some secret graves here. they've discovered one and then the scene as i can this with these women's loved ones have disappeared and when we get it here we can see the bones of people who wasn't there a bones here will set about it was like the. the women have already dug up several graves. for bodies one is still decomposing the others are skeletons or it looks like a secret graveyard doesn't mean all go yes it does and if it's a secret graveyard those who are very the people here might come back and they should send some security please we're scared but i wouldn't look at them the other way that. man amedee know is leading the group some of these women have been looking for their sons for years many were killed by members of the drug cartel and buried in anon places. over half of those have disappeared the disappeared a see those are thought to have been connected to the drug scene to
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a senior says that this is often the case because of the poor drop prospects in the region. man and the others often dig into the areas controlled by the drug cartel and so make them their enemies. they told us we should stop searching otherwise the same will happen to us one day someone will find us in a grave and when the end of wanting to move was. just a few a little safer man has now a personal bodyguard an excellent or was armed and never takes his eyes off her. the search continues. i think this is a body part that we found in one of the graves there is the owner of you the right to use and the hand. individual body parts bones with skin and clothing remnants come to light. the smell of decay is almost unbearable but the journalists. you can't you can't call the mothers what
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some bearable as the uncertainty is that child this time. last year i'm glad and yet at the same time i'm sad because i don't know if it's my son or hers but i think in the end. it doesn't matter who sanity is. we're searching for them because we love them it feels like my heart is going to jump out my body is shaking my ears a shot you want where you carry on. i'm not going anywhere if it's possible to stay here i will. i mean are you scared no no i'm not scared they've already done their worst what can they do to me now. you're a good friend. i want to find him finally i'm
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waiting and waiting every day i wait. all the. hours later the municipal police has turned up and yet though siena says that corrupt police officers involved in the up the auctions ordered by the cartel the police do not deny this. one of our cities benton if you've got his problems but we are not bent on the local food but i'm willing to if. there are officially over 40000 people missing in mexico but there are probably more. men and the other mothers have found almost $500.00 of them dead for. safety after i get. more if i get my way 9 on this day alone and the police finds even more some have been dead not even for 2 weeks. there still also
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a lot left to do. you know takes a different route to work every day just one of her many safety precautions we have . it in if i go to work like somewhere that somebody was killed and says i try to go with a colleague from a different medium. i will. report that i have to protect myself x. you. know that i do is just one of the broadcasters that will see now works for. she has known for a long time as journalists here in the state of sinaloa they are also sufferers. since in this case there is their freedom of speech or. 30 percent perhaps that's the state of our country before they used to say don't cross the drug cartels the
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military or the church i don't know don't cross the politicians now don't cross the politicians because they're thieves and the police at the same time. lisa bloom today our program's ratings will go up today our guest is the woman who knows most about the security situation and seen a lot all rather the lack of it yes i think so too. short of the thank you for listening. and we'll start off with the big story of the week. let me tell you that over the weekend kwon ha sirius was transformed into a gigantic graveyard 15 bodies were found. their bodies were brought to the morgan last month she is for all those who have missing loved ones. but i see those just enough follows up on the searching my thoughts regularly despite the fact that she has received many open threats. because i know when a court order and i remember once there was
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a funeral wreath with my name on it in front of my door you don't forget something like that because when it was a form of intimidation as if to say you find bodies you find dead people here you are at your funeral raef. the threat almost became reality about 10 years ago 10 members accused her of spying for another cartel or working for the government so the cartel abducted her are yes that is going to be my life was in danger i knew they'd either kill me or let me go but i had already seen all the faces. get back to come so i thought they would kill me or know that. one of them said it was time and made this gesture. another one asked me if i had a last wish. there would be more than. i said there in the not bless you is there in the us i have you're turning my
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daughters into an orphan. get they will we need to let god light your path and let you be welfare sicko i see i see almost an outpost i mean he looked at me and said you know nobody had ever said anything like that to him who is. what i will address as he told me they usually say let me go and i'll give you money cars and land that is the essence of my goal at that moment he put his hand on me. now brought it up on my leg and said good for you not going today she's ok yeah. this is the road where they let her go look straight ahead i told her look back once and you're dead you're coming now i walk straight on that but i won't try the all spoiled me see because if i prayed to god for my daughters and my family. in that moment i realized i was doing the only thing. because
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a lot of the only things possible in the lower we have to fight for freedom of speech so that there is no corruption no impunity that's called the we like an excuse and chaotic scene when you that it's hard if you see. archey we were on stand them and you always live with the risk if you're on the cartels list they can kill you at any time. you single i mean well with or without a bodyguard they might then walk in a moment as if they are one of us by that as if they as escort us. she only really understood how close it had been when a colleague of hers was kidnapped just a few days later she knew him and had researched the drug scene with him as well 2 weeks later his body was found in black plastic bags. all that hey if it's me. how are you. very well.
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that. the scene often visits her sister lara who looks after her youngest daughter has a lean window see now has a long day. was need a yes she's always been very committed to her work from the start. the whole what was it like for me and i'm part of the most like her children's mother yeah these that better the she's missed many important moments in her daughter's lives than this and larry that this was the house is gone. and she's not here most of the char you're. still there. i'm sad because i know that something happened to her that i. don't because i know that she's not safe when she's working.
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but she's always very strong she doesn't always show her feelings so that we don't feel burdened that my family and i think that what she's doing is a very good one. and yes it is a sound that will pass on me i know they're always worried about me which outlet is moving to hear it so you know that is his mission and they look at the end. i think the mother is an example for. what has to be don has to be. 100 percent in a bit extra on top of it ok yes yes this is a long ways given 100 percent and 100 percent extra next that they'll do the same.
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but the sound of a host of regional. good will come to north of area and no other region on earth has this many barrows and breweries. but on our travels from by what's over to cobalt rediscovered so many other pleasures. but the. next on the t.w. . digital advances are transforming the world because humanity reading. lists. this time caught up in kitchen models heading to india where violence against women has spiraled out of control how can a new technology help stop this dangerous trend. breaking silence ending violence founders valley. in a 60 minutes long t w. coach of it
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a. good link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from all uses easy to out with safety deputed comes much to join us on facebook j w forgot. to look up the. this time i'm visiting up a franconia in germany obama funk in all the very very bland.

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