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tv   DW News  DW  May 26, 2019 2:00am-2:03am CEST

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your platform for reliable information. for. the news shows 50 stories and 50 very personal. very best features. planted for our hero max series every week. malawi's high court has ordered a recount for roughly a 3rd of its districts in the country's presidential election the move comes after opposition groups complained of rigging in the may 21st poll the national electoral board suspended its results on friday after receiving $147.00 complaints from various parties. in front of the mirror of leon has condemned an explosion that
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took place in a central pedestrian shopping street calling it an comprehensible blast left 13 people wounded police say they are searching for one man in connection with the incident no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. a united nations maritime court says russia must immediately free $24.00 ukrainian sailors it's been holding for months and release their vessels last november russia fired on and seized 3 ukrainian ships off the crimean peninsula. u.s. president donald trump has arrived for a 4 day state visit in japan the meeting is supposed to strengthen ties and trade relations between the 2 countries trump will meet japan's prime minister as well as business leaders and he will attend a dinner at the imperial palace. hard. on
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this edition of world story. refugees in jordan. and apps to prevent sexual violence in india but we begin in germany where article one of germany's basic law states that human dignity is inviolable dominic blow believes a life lead in dignity means being able to wash even if you're homeless also. going to the toilet taking a shower the normal things for everyone but how can you do this when you're homeless it's not so simple. dominic blown lift on the streets for 10 years always on the move looking for something to eat somewhere to sleep he says it was a life without dignity.

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