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the jingling of points and super rich definitely around $20000000000.00 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such a big file. have the right to catch a glimpse of. it is hard. to describe the super rich starts to take double.
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he would lead up to a life full of made up the freedom to say to me he said be up anything you don't think i shall meet you think that's a shabby boy wouldn't you think. maybe useful shall leave my 90 up more but the style got our i meant but as i told the man staying via this up nobody they may be going east maybe study climate had the cuban missile see being a. muslim would you share the view from both. and to many my nokia just let it. go for
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a while baby and keyboard let me ask. the. human a c. they've made a feast day as it does fit in well how be some of the whole. thing which is in the young. person in the john singing mind listening which baghdad is in the blood of the local need the money. but that he. said the only good news it is a fact that he was a victim ice skating. in
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december 2012 he had a horrific for young woman on a boss and. she took a boss with this man friend of cars act 8 pm in no place in delhi which is considered quite normal not to be interesting it's. only. the most few people on the mosque but you didn't realise that those people were part of a gang. and what they did was be told me and friend. and then went on to get angry posts every time. as in the moving be
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a good day and so did metal rods and the whole body pulled out in the stands and then threw her out on the street leaving her to die. it was an inflection point in the country. it brought into the public domain the conversations and section of my. life. everybody. and me. i am from a family run my father was an alcoholic and you know we will victims of domestic violence and so i felt at some point when i was financially independent i would like to work on women's rights and then once they got
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a gang rape took place and that was really the impetus for me to focus on sexual violence in public spaces i imagine and how i experience it as well as that there is a lot of shame port on the victim and not necessarily encouraged to speak up so i must i must admit that before i started doing this work i had not shared my story and once i started doing this work i said to myself if i'm expecting someone else to tell their story then i should be ready to tell my and i think that's also what you want to achieve on the big scale with your organization right you you want to go for women the power to hawaii is what has happened to them and true shared their stories absolutely because you know we are talking about young girls who feel they can achieve anything and yes. and they. you know they don't see the differences. tween them and
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a boy but some as they are growing up you know society put those pressures in those pressures to say you want to be safe if you do this you can do this you must not go out in the night etc and what we are trying to do with safe city used to say you can do anything it's not your fault if something happens to you and as a society as a collective as a community we need to address it. in order to break the silence around sexual violence we provide an anonymous platform for people to share their stories and this allows them to document their experiences which then. you can understand the location trends and of what is happening where.
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there was no game in. the streets. just me and him to get out from my life. there was a someone. that's closer. friends pool said in the next on new york. someone.
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it's a shaking hat. i remember all myself mumbling constantly stop it stop me from going and. he kept saying it could be fun it could be fun you enjoy it can be fun it's. physical intimacy. idea the concept of sags disgusts me because i just cannot get be in range of this 50 year old mind. make sure you harassing me abusing me and the chain out of my my . my mind this aid you shouldn't have opened the doors. vein i did open the door it did happen to me. to the north did not mean victim never could. i am still
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a sewing room and always be an endo no matter how much it haunts me. know my dough how. good i am even though. i soon have the things there wasn't to them that this happened to me and yet be unfair because you know it wouldn't. eat.
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i have seen very lucky that i had a number of treats curium. real violence i think there is probably an old woman out there that hasn't experienced some form of sexual harassment you know all of you just staring you in the propre at all months but that's of course at the front level everyone will have to experience while i'm still want your man and there's so many of them on. into mobile labs. i work a lot with social entrepreneurs all around the world so coming here my key question is how can we really use technology to create change in
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a topic that this so complex so deeply rooted in mindsets and cultures and cave yours that often exists for generations. it is about dominating the other. we're going to. achieve. in the absence of women are considered worth less than men and women are considered to be weaker and should be naïve. they're almost treated like objects. and for them to come from a society where there were no god those to a society where there were the you know the bosses to be with it's become very difficult so women the more they're fighting that seem species and that frustrates
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men. i was growing up in a.d.o.m. my dad comes from a military background so he wouldn't staying with us all the time so it was me my mother and my sister and i was raised by 2 women that i was raised by my mother and the other because that's how it happened and then my mind and home was a lot different than outside because once you go outside of you know what is the pretty healthy which you are seeing so you had a pretty strong female role model and yes i think for me i don't. have a great disparity because it started very young so i was in the you know what i was 1012 years old and i would go out to play in the evening so i could play it it's 730 my sister had to play till 630 i mean these are the small things which as a child you know what it's like why do i get the privilege of an extra was cheating did you feel i was maybe because your parents were more concerned about security for your sister i'm sorry is that more and even levi i mean it's one of the worst
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things but if you have to go 1030 in the night to buy something you know especially if it seems to be normal all right stand so it's normal that women don't have it after 10 and it's a new norm and why is it the norm and why is no one telling these things i mean it's normal for women not to drive 2018 in saudi arabia why is it normally i mean we have to start asking questions why this is the moment. to discuss do you think the idea of forming beliefs was to make a 1000000000 people see. that's the moon chart which may have been good genes in the next 2 years in office. so we started looking in jewelry something like this. it's connected with a smartphone because your smartphones in your posts and in your wallet and you can't be sure but he would double press this and it sends it over to a friends and family people that you're in major and then they call in the protests
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they can do a few things about it. and that's what we did so from that was your prototype 1st version if they clean the story 20000 units of this saw so i mean it went to the market and mutilated if things have to work it has to work without a smartphone you need something which does not have a smartphone to work with so we went ahead and made something which was actually bigger it had its own out of like the next iteration of your product basically yes it has its own sim card its own g.p.s. connectivity and if you are in problem all you do is press this and as soon as you put this it gives the s.s.b. offended family and people again come in and relays one major problem relays that no matter how much you alert who's going to respond and that's something which we started working on lose lose. lose. lose lose lose it's. not country the police to
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population ratio the stupid huge for us to rely on just from the police. so what we're planning to do is basically bring the system within this point goes into place people who are willing to come forward and put out and there's already a market for that and again we has a lot of safety security companies there are over 3000 companies in delhi inside itself and there are 7000000 people employed in that so that's maybe up everything late now to where we are building the respondents their group of people who can actually come in and see people out. in solution that after the attack to speak they are fishel intelligent and. it can
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solve certain aspects of the problem it can't 100 people change. but it will not go deep enough to really change mindsets and change perceptions. but changing mindsets and these perceptions that that will take years maybe decades maybe generations and. i think it's wrong to wait for it at i think however we can let's use those technologies to create influence and change at the level where we can but let's not think that those are the only solutions we also have to think of other ways much more grassroots ways of how we can change mindsets too and violence against women.
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there's a superhero a girl that actually had been raped. that is already a big change in perception because usually we're talking about the victims we're not talking about a girl that got rape asked superhero. she is on a mission to bring women who have been victims often as a. form of a man throwing acid on a woman is to force her to feel the shame guilt i'm just staying in her house for the rest of her line. getting almost like of. ours from the acid attacks it's always. everybody will know that you did something.
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stop acid a bad day down ben it was felt that the banks. 2900 by a tally he must face go if you tell people are many would look like a high god deal when god mephisto the ticket in the general nope no money no will go we need the room with. the just naked i walk much and i can make you a match and i'd agree to many of these in the clique now more of the are up than a man now money looks me had so many they let me call man that bad idea.
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what kind of cities are we building what kind of cities do we want. i think violence against women and sexual harassment today is clearly a global problem. have added dimension problem because the brain damaged the beach of public spaces. my
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vision to improve the access and the rights of women and girls to access all opportunities in cities around the world. and technology from me is an enabler in that so safe haven is a technology which helps to collect data that allow. both women and girls to move more freely in the city at the same time it provides data to key open stakeholders such as city governments to make the changes. in delhi we actually used our data to show the government that there was about 7800 dark spots in the city right that this pop artist in the
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city have absolutely no life north replied yeah so the day that the government and i think use that data to say we will improve the street lights ok and then they have now come back to us saying can you again map the city and tell us now one has the lighting been improved but secondly other other problems so lighting is only one hour special and has the lighting improved yes in certain parts i think about almost 70 percent of the points that we pointed out have been fixed wound but there are other dark spots so now we have to go back to the safety of the dynamics pics. have a part of her solution you have the tracking option so you can click if you want that somebody can track you. i think there's 2 sites to that one. individual
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chooses to do it out and you can also choose which content you want you to follow you through that could also be your mom or you know anybody that can that you tried it in the hands of the feeling of security because you know somebody knows i'm going somewhere and if something happens in between. at least somebody has some large. money under it and a lot of man used to start with their partners or ex-partners and so they can be abused and of course we're also producing a lot of time and sometimes we're not really sure who was using that day time for what purpose. it shouldn't be the norm that a woman has to have a safety tracking installed to be ok to be out there that cannot be to goal.
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i feel one of the most horrible facts about violence against women is. the fact that it's happening in about 90 percent of all cases in your family your circle of friends or neighbors. i feel that this is one of the saddest facts in this whole story because it means the place that should be your safe haven as actually not as a mother i cannot imagine that i would not speak up and take every action i could if my daughter would tell me that she was touched
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inappropriately or worse and change needs to happen on both and a woman needs to understand a girl meets understand that her boundaries need to be respected and what it means if they get over it is that and to say it was true for men i think it's all the more. are important issues that we use and what ask for. to change those traditional thought. would be no example of this is out to get leak like she is a true inspiration she's in the comic book and she's one of those people who did exactly what's portrayed in the comic book she kept out of. prison that was intended for her to be and and she did exact opposite. her.
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one day meet up new in the eagle jeans can we become gina. odd job or local she was said by the way here they can get you many let me call meg the junk that was is that she took would have been the. joy of she could have done it before. me slight the echo of me leaving me with the as the you were. saved by the macho of the society did you know there was a beach with that. kickoff
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like. the body leaving by a man to his football family. for 12 speak tabular season.
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one next month from all over the. coming to. the final early going through sky for germany's booming capital i love berlin. discover the multicultural metropolis with our euro max series. of. 15 a shift 50 stories and 50 very personal tips for live very best features a. look now at the moment in 30 minutes on w. sure of. what unites. the divides.
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the most. troubling. what binds the continent to get her body answers and stories of plum trees the a. spotlight on people. focus on girls on t w. i'm not thinking out of the well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that the german thinks deep into her german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here thinking to leave the country behind and i'm playing the piano needed to be taken as grandma day out. it's all about a new primary job join me from the german fun d.w. post. during the big idea of what's become of us and what it looks like told. today to dublin takes an in-depth look at the church and the much
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involves bringing the funds. which can lead to what future moms are going to remain committed to the results of making sounds of. discussion has failed resoundingly there will be the little m. election today john. malawi's high court has ordered a recount for roughly a 3rd of its districts in the country's presidential election the move comes after opposition groups complained of rigging in the may 21st poll the national electoral board suspended its results tally on friday after receiving $147.00 complaints from various parties.

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