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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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oh man uses easy town where i would say d w 2 pumps not to join some free school w. the 1st. place. the lowly play play. oh. this is d w news line from berlin europe goes to the polls in a mammoth election that promises to bring about heavy losses for the current ruling coalition in the european parliament populist party stand to take up the slack as hungary's prime minister make the obama calling the vote a chance to stand up to brussels we'll bring you all the latest on the decisive day for the ease of use over 500000000 citizens also coming up. on its glittering
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evening to wrap up the cannes film festival of the big names go home empty handed newcomers make history a korean film takes a palme d'or as well as senegalese debutant is awarded 2nd prize becoming the 1st black woman to win big at cannes. i'm going to get champions bar in munich also inter-mountain ball and the german cup beating lights a 3 nil and a final which brought them and also the story to a pickle. player . welcome to the program. millions of voters across europe are going to the polls to elect representatives to the european parliament it's the final day of voting with $21.00 countries taking part today including some of the biggest germany france italy spain and poland
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results are expected this even a citizens across the block have been voting since thursday with more than 400000000 people eligible to cast their ballots. the european parliament that emerges from this vote will go on to elect the next president of the european commission that person will succeed claude juncker whose 5 year term is coming to an end it's europe's top job so the stakes are high let's take a look at the candidates. i will do everything to defend this year i think we've had screenings take the battle hard to propose. we have work to do my gratian is an opportunity we introduce minimum wage to every member state they are all running for the e.u. commission president moderator best target for the liberal scott for the greens monthly to be about for the conservatives funds to moments for the social democrats younes of a deal is conservative reverend the candidate and. is for the party they are the
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6 leading candidates but hang on a minute who are they and does anyone know anything about them do you know any of them. and do you know him. any idea. honestly no i've ever seen her. i haven't seen. dutchman france to my man speak some language as he once more social justice german monthly by is calling for secure europe help for example by european f.b.i. denmark's moderate best star is standing for self-confident and women's rights left wing equal who from budget is a trade unionist and this pointing for social rights the germans got hellos promoting a european climate friendly future the czech republic xians idealism favor of the e.u. but once more sovereignty for individual nation states they are all committed to
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the european union but what are the biggest challenges what solutions do they need to offer for the future the fragmentation between member states a lot of distrust which we have which has increased over the past years between member states also between national capital and brussels liberal moderate of a stogie and social democratic plans to moments are the only candidates who have already had some experience as a minister is that an advantage for. it isn't as if you have had experiences at national level because in many cases the national political parties are not really supportive of their european and they're not pushing them they're rather pushing their own national candidate so you don't see visually that they exist but one man has definitely been in the spotlight on the european stage michel barnier who could be the joker in the pack he's not officially a candidate but he might just end up getting the job as the well regarded
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negotiator he enjoys the respect and trust of many hats of state and government and in the end that could be way more important than a load off t.v. debate. for more on this i'm joined now by our correspondent in brussels garrick thanks for more candidates for use top job but there could still be a surprise how so exactly the european parliament of course hopes that one of the lead candidates one of their candidates who has been campaigning for the big political group in the european parliament will grab that top position in the european commission but it could also as we've seen in the report be someone who has been complaining ross or rather decently in behind the scenes if you want to put it like that that is the chief negotiator michele dunne you because at the end of the day it is up to the leaders the heads of state in government who are in the driving seat of the european union they are the ones who can pick a candidate
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a candidate that is proposed by the european council president and that comes of then has to be approved by the european parliament so it's a tricky process and that is why it's not yet clear who will grab that job the e.u. and e.u. elections are incredibly complex by design and voters have switched off in great numbers and the past elections how big is interest in the election this time around . well the european parliament this time around seeing that the participation rates have been dropping over the years and decades has made a huge effort this time send out volunteers made campaign videos invested a lot of money so that people do understand what this election is about why it is important that people go and vote directly this is the european parliament is the only part of the european union where you have a direct chance to pick your candidate what democracy is if you want to put it that way the most of it and so of course the hope is that will be marginalized.
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the nationalists and euro skeptic movement is expected to draw a lot of support is it really going to reflect as such in the balance. look that's of course the big question and when we don't know yet as also elections can be full of surprises we've seen in the netherlands that all of a sudden the social democrats came up 1st of course if you look at the opinion polls in france for instance the phone arsenal of bend the far right is. is the narrow lead had of the french president which would be quite a success if they would come out strongest party that in italy the elite of. the french the italian foreign minister is the quickest growing party in europe so i'm doubtlessly the nationalists will make bigger gains in this election the big
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question then after the election and that is something we will have to look at on monday is how will they be able to form groups at the moment they are split amongst a number of groups in the european parliament if they will manage to form one big group they could have of course a much stronger impact in politics in your reason why no logical spectrum represented on the ballot papers today and in the past couple of days when issues have the parties focus on during their campaigns. well for the far right of course migration was still a topic although i've talked to a number of voters tomorrow when this morning in belgium when i cast my ballot and and migration wasn't one of the big topics people have realized that numbers have dropped dramatically but a lot of young people in particular said they have turned up because the environment is important to them and for instance yesterday there was a big march on the environment where create a tumor of the swedish student campaigner for the environment against environmental
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damage has asked people to go out and vote in this european election so i think we could see in this european election the shift a big gain for green parties that at least is what was my impression was this morning and that's also the picture i get from a number of other states where opinion polls have said that the green parties could be a surprise winner of this election they tell you get months and wrestle thank you very much and some of the other stories making news around where else. he was president met with the japanese prime minister shinzo obvious for a round of goals to begin a 4 day visit to japan on monday trumbull be the 1st world leader. and the throne earlier this month. one new guinea's prime minister peter o'neill has stepped down following pressure over a multibillion dollar gas export deal critics say fail to protect the interests of
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national firms his resignation follows weeks of defections to the opposition he has handed over leadership to former prime minister julius chan. thousands of israelis have protested against legislation that could grant prime minister benjamin the muni from prosecution israel's attorney generals as he intends to charged with fraud and bribery who won a 5th term last month. hollywood's biggest names have left the cannes film festival empty handed after a final night dominated by new faces the top prize went to a highly acclaimed korean comedy and the 2nd prize to debut feature by the 1st black female film director to ever compete at the festival. because it's one of the world's most glamorous gatherings with its invitation only con fabs of a listers have died but this year the biggest stars stayed seated as
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lesser known filmmakers picked up their awards like all but it was the south korean dark comedy parasite that claimed the top award upon. director bung junho became the 1st korean to win that coveted prize. and i'm so honored french cinema has been a great inspiration to me the. parasite is a tale of 2 families. when the son of a struggling family fakes his resume to land a tutoring job in a well off household things don't go as planned. director bomb called it a reflection on the reality of the times. the festival 2nd prize the campin went to atlantics a film that was 1st in several ways. its french senegalese director mounted europe's debut feature film it also marked the 1st time that a black female director competed at. quitting terrine tino's once upon
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a time in hollywood starring brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio one nothing despite being well received by critics. this time hollywood's heavy hitters were sent home undecorated. and in sports fiery munich have won the german cup adding to their league title and sealing a domestic double in saturday's contest fired face the lights excited competing in their 1st ever a final who had most of the only scoring chance to win here in the winter and byron captain monoid was unbeatable and goal and striker all but live on dusty proved to be clinical on front as 1st half goal was followed by kingsley come on strike after the break. before 11 dustin struck again to round off a 3 male victory the 19th time that the record champions also won the german cup.
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from milan the match i'm joined now by chris harrington from delhi sports crest yeah signing mats 2 very strong teams up against each other what made the difference for lyon well you know as championships go defense always makes the difference and this was the case you saw manuel neuer making some incredible saves you know he's been sidelined for so long during the season you kind of forget exists will he reminded that only leipsic but everyone you know watching that you know he is the number one guy you know he definitely has gales between the posts and then the momentum shifted you know like to call the pressure early but once live in dusty netted you know they it was business as usual you know they pour salt of the moves after the break at it 2 more goals you know and then they secured you know a double for nico box was really big as he was in the hospital with the c's and the not just the regular and then to a c. then it kind of mice and changing of the guard at byron rather than the robbery or both leaving how are they going to compensate what does the future hold from buying and you know that's tough to say because you know you're talking about 2 very
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special players frankly pretty iraq in a decade of greatness on the pitch leaving incredibly huge boots to be filled you know by right now they've to be picked k.c. come on say it's not in those spots not really you know he signed a contract that states and he did pretty well he scored 10 goals and recently in the press they're targeting leroy aside they who has really come to be the top player in the premier league so they're going to have to do some work you know to really find that magical combination you're talking about 2 players that helped by reach the final 4 of the champions league 7 out of 10 seasons you know that speaks of their greatness so buyers are going to be busy this transfer window and we'll have to wait and see chris arrington if you do a sports thank you very much ok. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you millions of voters across care of are choosing their representatives to the european parliament election where populist parties are expected to make a strong showing. of course the following these crucial elections very closely for
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you with special coverage throughout the day next up is shift living in the digital age when the opportunities and risks of 3 d. printers were headlines at the top of the hour. thanks for joining us. during the big idea what's become of us and what it looks like to me. today you don't take an in-depth look at the. only. future lies ahead for the european union all the results.


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