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if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make an accident raring to. never write a book like this. to the list. of the streets. thank you. because society is becoming increasingly anti sceptic. news media is this word.
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and excel to use snap chat instagram we live in a visual world constantly immersed in images slick filtered images that don't so much capture reality that's created a new fake one. but there are photographers pushing back against this glut of gloss some of them are even willing to risk their lives for a picture that matters what drives them arch 21 meets artists whose work stands out in an era of photographic plentitude. afghanistan 2010 shortly after this picture was taken a hand grenade flew over the wall and exploded injuring the photographer she survived. 4 years later shortly before the presidential elections she was killed her name was on you need to bring us. these out as she was in this car about to accompany a convoy with election documents suddenly an afghan policeman came up to her shouted allah akbar god is great and fired up. as
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a photojournalist on your need to bring us took pictures that deeply impressed the impact of war upon the rest of the world. she grew up in a small town in north rhine-westphalia and had been travelling to war torn region since the 1990 s. . always on the front line. she was always aware that she had chosen a dangerous profession widely seen as a male preserve but she believed the occupational hazard was worth it and your need to bring house wanted to show the world what was happening in places where few dared to go. the desoto of const prost museum has acquired over 70 of her photographs they feature in an exhibition of female photographers on the front line of combat. what drives these women. french photographer christine spring that is the ground dom of war photography she freely admits that she relishes adventure.
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venture this is still we like then share all of these even if the is this but this is not the main thing of course i feel a concept. a new. country or a new situation. there were ways there is injustice. but the. tragedy of these cities still be. the war photographer. gens immediately when you see something on t.v. . to hate being the way which is not the way the refinance but with the camera. she did a cancer work to the victims of war capturing the suffering of the civilian population
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the misery often overlooked. the fate of women and children and their struggle to carry on with a normal life beyond the front lines. of her work is also about hope amid a tragedy these children in cambodia are having fun splashing around with empty grenade shells. 80 feet thick cheese the thing. is this no i get the one. the truth. they know they can be. really sincere thievin and new when men. and football behaves in front of them like in maine if you see this dramatic picture of the bomb batman don't know i still have nightmares even today but these speeches this middle of the day is people shouting the children are the these should not be in the picture i believe. between.
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the 2 we can and that is naish in color between this and. i am haiti stream a night. been like that american photographer carolyn cole would never describe herself as extreme she's been working for the los angeles times for 25 years and is very down to earth about her job. she's ambitious result oriented and is garnered a host of photography awards it wasn't really a an intentional thing that i went into concert photography it was that as i got to the larger newspapers the need to have somebody covering places like afghanistan or iraq became essential and and at that point i felt it was my responsibility to as an american photojournalist to cover those all those places where the u.s. troops are involved. so it's
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a sense of duty that drives carolyn cole even though she takes pictures for a daily newspaper her images have the depth of paintings snapshots for posterity. these pictures are not easy to take the ninety's a look at so it's not something that i do for 5 it's something that i feel is my life purpose. the exhibition demonstrates that is different as these women. photographers are they have one thing in common a passion for their job and a willingness to lay their life on the line to do it. how that as terrible as reality can be it can also be sublime habitats and living space are what interest photographer tom hagen.
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homosapiens has thrived for nearly 300000 years often in a hostile environment mankind has done all manner of cultivating domesticating digging drilling and building right now it's thawing ice sheets on our planet and barely even noticing because mankind is also very good at denial photographer tom hagen flew over the arctic last summer taking these pictures the series is called 2 degrees celsius named after climate change is magic number the limit that global warming must not exceed the traces we leave all over the planet are the theme of hagan's work. this is one of the oldest human interventions in nature salt mining a colorful symbiosis between industry and the bacteria which live in the salt works he can used to focus on shooting beautiful landscapes but he soon realized that didn't satisfy him if. what he saw from the plane had
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a profound effect on him. when he endorsed especially here in germany when you fly from munich and see the countryside slipping away beneath you. you notice that over 90 percent of our german countryside has been altered by humans and i didn't realize that at 1st. we've left just 0.6 percent of the planet as wilderness claiming everything else and describing it as cultivated. pagans spent months journeying through these landscapes researching how our needs change our environments. the result is his book habitat. the chapter titles initially sound very positive. what nourishes us. what builds us up. what drives us. what connects us. from
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a bird's eye view our attempts to make ourselves at home on earth look oddly as thetic. the accuracy with which we order and aligned the chaos of nature the resourcefulness we have in constantly developing new technologies to secure our existence. each picture has a strange beauty but leaves behind a bitter taste. to sense if they're very appealing also in terms of color they're very easy on the eye it's as if the beholder is being fed with sugar sweet at 1st but soon you realize that what you see is actually poison seeds. a golden field of rape scene of. one of the 4 model cultures which are grown on 78 percent of our agricultural space . a romantic country road part of one of the densest traffic networks in
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the world laid from end to end it would reach the moon and back. a german forest. a tidy raw materials warehouse 91 percent is used for timber production. and opencast mine. brutal beauty ignite mining for energy production is going to be phased out in 2 decades time. will go on exploring the earth until the very last reserves are used up and another few 100000000 tons of c o 2 have been dumped into the atmosphere stores and wooden or and. only then will we see ok there are consequences such as. fires sea levels rising refugee crises triggered by environmental catastrophes then we humans will start to think and think. we think it's enough to remake europe it's successfully dug for the exploitation of construction materials and turn them into lakes for us and
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a few other species to splash around in. between while the world population is growing annually by around the same number of people who live in germany the growth is chiefly in countries still far removed from our standard of living but pursuing it with all their might. almost say peons doesn't like to exercise restraint as the last 300000 years have shown tom hagan's artistic mission is to document the results. and. thank you. if i want to work on 100 hours a week and never see my family and die at an early age that's my private. college money is me is this.
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excessive wealth american photographer lauren greenfield is fascinated by the super rich binge consumerism does it make us happy generation wealth is the name of her exhibition at hamburg's. i've been a photographer for 25 years with my lens focused on well. i notice that no matter how much people how. they still want more. it's never enough capital is cash sex youth lifestyle and obsessive addiction. lauren greenfield takes us on a trip to the excesses of turbo capitalism. welcome to an empire of global madness the world of super egos selfie performers brand models the rich and the celebrity want to be i really try to show people's humanity i try not to be judged mental i try to create a safe space where they can tell their stories and that i try to represent their
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stories true to what i have seen. sometimes disturbing sometimes grotesque and almost obscene the 150 photos in the exhibition tread a thin line between the dream and the nightmare of the endless desire for money power and luxury. 52 year old lauren greenfield has known this generation well for a long time she grew up in los angeles encountering it for the 1st time in high school. i think the thing that i'm usually about my perspective of are kind of in a way counterintuitive is that it is very critical of the culture. but not very critical of the people that i see people reacting to their surroundings to their influences to different stimuli and i want to look at what that says about culture i love money. greenfield has also made
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a documentary about her work it's been screened at international best balls and can now also be seen at the exhibition i have the classic working in almost every color the backstory for itself to go 33 pounds of gold diamonds given me by the world. i know the names of the cardassian but i know the names of my neighbors. after so many years working with the super rich greenfield knows for a fact that money can't buy you happiness. the inner voice that luxury is meant to fill is a bottomless pit. which comes across mild and clear in the pictures. capitalism feeds. on people feeling. what we see in many of these stories and in the film is that people are using things to fill an emptiness to fill of. unfortunately money.
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brands fill in the blank. had always wanted to be rich and famous but she burst into tears when she saw her photo. greenfield subjects have paid a high price to be who they are. were so out of values could not be portrayed more poignantly. but it's sad that the desolation of global capitalism can also be so entertaining. maurice mikhailov subjects couldn't be more different he finds them in places like a busy train station in berlin. his photos go against the grain. the protectionists of his images are antiheroes poor derelict down and out. his photos long went unpublished. today the native ukrainian is one of the foremost contemporary
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photographers but yes the hero of the maya moore take a photo 1st and then ask. if the answer is no i deleted they go. throughout his career boris' me highlight focused on people living at the edges of society. is well known series case history from the 1990 s. portrays invalid's children and the dispossessed in his home city kharkiv after the collapse of the soviet union. whether of nakedness or need the images are brutally direct often hard to look at the kind of takes a different view. than you'd have thought if they'd use the toilet or if it's more compassion. maybe even a sign of respect for the problems human suffering. for help people get into this situation by pure bad luck or. you could see this misfortune is preprogrammed
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a look at those these people are no scientists or scholars and they're you know you're on the air and your idea of. the collapse of the soviet union push the lowest reaches of society even lower but me her love captures his subjects pride. they look into his lens with confidence in spite of the misfortunes they've suffered. furthermore at their you would you go where or where boy from these are people who have been pushed by life. they live their lives about a mile and there is no real connection between this life and ignore. i'm a life. i myself was part of their connection with normal life it was more of a threat kenya thought a minute. before sleep after drinking is the title of a major berlin exhibition that are exploring speak i loves 80th birthday. some of the poses seem to recall christian motifs. explains that many people carry poses like these inside them and points to an example. go scott i asked him to show
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me how he sleeps he said he sleeps like this well so you had to lie on top of his then go so that you wouldn't get stall. and then he lay down. and the result was an almost religious looking. karloff personally experienced the soviet regime suppression losing his job as an engineer because of his photos his work was rarely shown until the 1990 s. then in 1994 me kind of received a scholarship and left ukraine for new york city. and. i left for personal and health and other reasons. but the main reason was that you have to defend your work you have to try to make something out of it a book or a project. at the time it was impossible in your crane to do anything at all except
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collect the pictures. no longer has to fight for recognition following exhibitions in new york city london and vienna now berlin is often on home for 20 years is finally doing the honors. as. internationally there are very few people who use a camera so powerfully in an effort to influence the psyche. and then all at once in the $99.00 days off appear the only one to emerge in the post soviet environment and his distinctive approach is to look at social injustice and at the physical and really think about it and. even if we kind of has an eye for the weakest and most vulnerable he doesn't think of himself as a do gooder his older works examine the heroes of socialism and poke fun at them. all his work in photography has included some form of criticism of the world's
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ruling classes. that if you want a more. traditional answer would be that i'm interested in people you know i'm interested in the appearances but i'm you know journalist you know i'm not interested in what these people are what they do and human. but in their appearance what my eyes show me for just my own. cum i have a lot of that. and what his eyes show him is what others all too often refuse to see but he forces us to look that is the essence of forest which i love start to. eat. next stop curiosity's in the frame parallel world a class push his stock in trade for his current project he immersed himself in the
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new age scene this here looks like an ordinary person yet for those in the know it's an energy cell to make everything alright and can be bought online. close to 6 it's going to cost 26 year a description says that it is charged with all different kinds of energies as modoc energies tacking on energy reverse osmosis and so on all of which emit particularly strong it's soft energies to go with something that can opt. of plastic promise to cure all ills this triple extension plug is a power harmonizer for hi fi equipment it costs just $80.00 euros to end the war in syria by taking part in an earthling ritual as part of his research not shiny bought products but visited esoteric online forums and attended trade fairs and seminars he had
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a personal incentive to understand the fascination he's lost 2 friends to new age thinking both of them are now socially isolated and one of them is heavily in debt according to a study from 24 chain turnover in the esoteric sector in the german speaking area was around 28000000000 euros this is the think this is a french way spacer to prevent collisions made of cardboard 43 year a as. this is a this is unicorns are great for pointing at an argumentative child the. effect is good this is a wealth pyramid. may be seen this is medicine against kemp trails came trails for its interests in trails or the trails of papers up behind by airplanes people who believe in conspiracy theories believe that we're being poisoned by higher powers that aluminum and other chemicals arm. next in the airplane fuel tanks in the garden so that we can be manipulated. for me it smells and tastes a bit like strawberry dextrose but it sold a quite
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a high price and these are all antidote to combat the negative effects of these so-called chem trails and even i was waiting for this is all going to came trees bushes ironic response a pentacle of thank the trials still it would be all too easy for him to just make fun of new age ism we live in uncertain times he says and it often simple solutions to complex problems a bracelet made in china is transformed into a techie an information band simply structured around a cheaper toothpaste and banished to take. new age beliefs fit perfectly in the post truth era where claims have become more important than fact brainwashing is easy. to snooze in these days is the worst thing is not that there are people who actually make these claims but that they find followers and if these theories are cleverly embedded maybe achieve a broad impact with social media it's that
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a large movement can grow from a stupid idea pretty fast was a big you can if you were. patient i was born in austria in 1977 he actually studied landscape gardening but he felt like he needed more contact with people. allotment owners from the project middle class utopia. people in pubs in vienna golden days before they and. he has a penchant for the bizarre. that and it matters to him that his subjects recognised themselves in his portraits. in 2014 he photographed people who love dressing up in their own homes.
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some of them go out dressed like this to to show themselves or to make kindred spirits. people aged between 18 and 72 women men blue collar workers professionals. like switching roles and reinventing themselves. i like these people more and more because i'm not wary of them any more of this they make me see that we're all like children in our own way and that takes away the distance between us and there's just a basic understanding that we're all just little kids is all a bit crazy and if you can see the spin of. the. photographers with a unique way of seeing artists with courage curiosity and talent. who
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capture moments in time. who express important truths and broaden our understanding of one another and to the world we live and. food clothes.
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robotics. keep learning merged realises wait a 2nd do you want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas and shifts deliver us. from other reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start going to that as a sure fire shift. d.w. . digital advances are transforming the world music humanity ready for
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the fun this time consul thing kishan mom is heading to india where violence against women spiraled out of control how can a new technology help stop this dangerous trend of. breaking silence ending violence founder's valley. 30 minutes on t.w. . an action packed life. anything's possible as long as up to coffee and his friends can dream up this movie theater in cannes yes dada privy to camp. his life story ground to a. 27 years ago but there's no holding back history i'm slade
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and thank you for. the start of may 27th street on the c.w. play you're a big idea but what's become of it template looks like tomorrow playing today. in-depth look at the election in the last spring a leg lifts which are in the lead up to the what is it the to play a one chance in effect the rest of the world says so very confusing play the results in some places kosher we have to take acid tests here that has failed resoundingly if you go to the election today going to. play.
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play play . play. this is they don't really news live from berlin and europe goes to the polls hundreds of millions cause ballots in amount of the election the promises to bring about big changes in the european parliament will bring you all the latest on the signs today for the new also coming out. sporting goods company not says it will stop penalize the athletes its functions who become pregnant not one to 5 for reducing female athletes contracts once they became muslims.


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