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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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as well in some aspects so. i did come down bolsa said that some mistakes had been made that this simply wasn't good enough so she pretty much cut out her own work for her as she aims as she strives to eventual succeed angela merkel as german chance. to return to that test. this is d. w. news from then let's recap the huge story of a saving protections in germany a new election just huge gains for the green party which looks like having taken a 21.7 percent of the vote thank every 2nd of the i'm going to conservatives those conservatives see the u.c.s.c. they have lost votes but have not reached at nearly 30 percent these early results are bad news for are going to coalition part of the social democrats very crushed so it's basically just 15.4 percent of the folks it's only 5 percentage points
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ahead of the far right alternative for germany and she's coming in at 10.4 percent . so this is special coverage of the 2819 year euro european elections were with you throughout the evening with the polling coverage of the results across the $28.00 member states with more than $400000000.00 eligible voters ok so we've had a look at those are projected results let's. go through them now with our chief political correspondent belinda quite welcome melissa so. a big message that seems to be clarity and change where we're getting the big results from. the greens a very bad results for the main political party is this seems to be something that the voters will at least here in germany won't clearly changing climate. we've heard now party leaders from both of those mainstream parties the c.d.u.
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and the social democrats the s.p.d. saying clearly climate is right on the top of the list of voters' concerns and what they didn't say but what is implicit is that many voters don't ascribe to these 2 parties competence on climate but are looking to the greens which of course are a party that's all about climate it was environmental issues. that led to the greens being formed in 1983 if you remember it was the disaster at fukushima that led the greens to become the majority party in one of the southern german states so again and again we have seen the greens rise on the back of concern about climate and environment and that's what we're seeing again and the greens very much the party of the young so one thing to take away from these numbers that we're seeing is that many young voters and they don't always vote in european union elections but more have this time apparently than often have in the past that many young
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voters are saying climate is their issue we are worried about climate as you know going to turn back the swedish girl who's been leading the fridays for future marches by students and pupils she has called on young europeans all over the union to go to the polls and vote and perhaps that too is partly accountable for the strong results for the greens so that's one of the key takeaways here is as you say a vote for change a resoundingly affirmation for the green party a less resound ing affirmation for the right wing nationalists the a.f.p. although they too of course have been calling for change and i was that they were going to be romantic support because across the bloc attention is going to be very much focused on the sort of right wing nationalists the 50 here in germany is effectively the official opposition they're expected to do very well we don't have
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final results yet but this at this stage doesn't look to be as good as was predicted that it's not the numbers they would have been hoping for and their leaders have been saying a few things about this return there so they're also trying to spin this as a success and it's a better result than they had in 2014 which was the 1st election that they did ever contest having been to. form just prior to that but what they're saying is that 2 factors seem to have hurt their results one of them is the débâcle for their friends in austria the f.p. party which of course essentially crashed in flames last friday when it was discovered that 2 of its members had been in very strange talks with a so-called russian oligarch who proved not to be a russian oligarch long story but essentially the the f.t. is saying that appears to have cost him some votes but the other thing and this is really interesting is that they say well practice it seems to have put some german
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voters off because it looks so chaotic and there's a certain irony in that given the fact that the a.f.p. had a spouse to decks it as part of their political program saying that if the e.u. doesn't do what the f.t. wants in the next couple of years that they would look at taking germany out of the e.u. well what we've seen voters all over the e.u. saying in the surveys running up to this election is no we want the e.u. to stay in existence and clearly there were some voters in germany who were put off by the fact that the a.f.p. might be trying to take germany in a direction that could wind up being as messy and as polarizing as it has been for the u.k. so these protected results are we have a stage in the project i'm partial we have the s.p.d. the. center left main political grouping here in germany 15.4
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percent. they don't seem to be very good elections at the moment no if you think back to 2014 for them can you believe it they came in with 27 percent their lead candidate at the time was martin schultz who was the head of the e.u. parliament that was a glorious day for the s.p.d. this is today is a very very dark one and the big question will be what repercussions does this have for the grand coalition i would like to undermine that the german s.p.d. is distress is representative of the malaise of the social democrats across europe as a whole as a result of the decline of unions as a result of the fragmentation of european societies that has made it much harder to build the kind of coalitions between say white collar urban academics and blue collar workers that we have seen in the past that's become harder and harder to do and the s.p.d. is suffering in many different countries but the distress of the german social
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democratic party a venerable party has a lot to do with their governing in grand coalition for many years now and being unable even when they have put key issues on the agenda and been successful to get ownership for that in the eyes of the public and that may lead some members of the party in the aftermath of this election to question whether the s.p.d. needs to think about exiting this coalition sooner they are planning to look at this anyway in the fall the question will be whether they wind up looking at it sooner because of course what europe needs is more about sort of uncertainty across its biggest economy for now going to create a chief political correspondent to thank you this is the w. let me briefly walk you through the rest of the european election evening 21 of the 28 to e.u. states held elections to the european parliament today as we've seen polling
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stations in. germany have closed ad we've been giving you some of the 1st results polls in hungary have likewise closed but we don't expect to see those figures until much later they safely at 8 o'clock this evening polls close in france that will be one of tonight's most closely watched races as well as spade that's also when the 1st e.u. wide estimates are expected voters in poland have until 9 o'clock this evening to cast their ballots at the last country to close down voting it's only at 11 that's also the time when we expect the e.u. wide early results remember 7 member states the u.k. ireland they neverland's the czech republic slovakia cyprus and mult they've already held their elections and their numbers will also be released after tonight's polls closed. so let's go back to brussels that when we join our chief
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brussels bureau chief. what's new that marks. thanks phil you know one of the most important topics that's not really a political. agenda is this information and that's why i have terry souls with me one of my colleagues in studio haven't seen or much in the last weeks because she was always on the road thorley researching the topic so in these results that we're getting how much does information how much power of this information is in there it's going to be hard to tell max at this point because it's not possible to attribute the results at this point to false information and that's something that the commission has says it's going to do immediately after the election literally in the next couple of weeks they're going to go back and look at the campaigns look at who won look at where they got their support from and in fact talk to individuals about why they made their decisions we did see plenty of far right networks using this information being forced to take down fake pages that had
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millions of views in the days leading up to the vote so surely there was an impact it's just going to be hard to tell until after the election how much that is. but i mean you've been with the topic for a while and we've seen this information in the past in other elections were you still shocked by anything you saw during your research i was in fact most of us when we began at least when i began looking at this information i was looking at russian this information and that in fact is why the european commission set up its e.u. vs didn't it disinfo unit to particularly target russian anti e.u. messages in this election in fact we have seen far more far right populist campaigns that weren't linked directly to russia and i asked experts why are we not seeing something that we can trace back directly to the kremlin and they said why would they bother they've got plenty of people doing their work for them what the far right has done is stolen the kremlin's playbook they're using the exact same tactics the drip drip drip of dissent from ation of false stories in the months leading up to the vote so there didn't have to be this big splash this huge dump of
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stolen information or had emails so if we see an impact of this and. mation on the vote on those numbers it's most likely going to be with the right wing populous that's what you're saying right is certainly not exclusive exclusively the right wing populists and we would be it would be unfair to say that but what we did see in these these pages that were taken down the state profiles in the last few days leading up to this vote they were almost exclusively far right campaigners the a.f.d. was hugely responsible there were 6 countries targeted by a vase the online activists network and they were almost exclusively far right and they were even legitimate candidates were creating false profiles and we know their names and we know their pages were fake and facebook was was forced to take them down so we do have documented proof that they were making very good use of these these illegal tactics and they were targeting voter turnout you told me earlier we have a higher turnout than expected does that mean there was
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a reaction against the system for mason i'm certain that the european commission and the international fact technic work and others who are working hard on it will would like to take credit for that in fact maybe some of that is due because indeed we did not see any major. stealing of e-mails we didn't see a cyber attack on an electoral process and we saw a de bunking going on day to day but at the same time that means that we were seeing dissent from ation day to day some of these pages were getting 6000000 views a day that's a lot of voters and when they are specifically helping specifically aimed at aiding certain parties i think it's impossible that there wasn't an impact and i think that we're going to have to do a lot more talking to individuals on the ground about why they made their decisions that's what leads to vulnerability to this information and that's what's going to lead to being able to sort of take care of this problem before people go to the polls so terry szell's with us here expert on this information. to wait a while to find out which impact this information really had in these real european
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elections and with that back to you phil. let me remind you of our top story. a new election are suggesting huge gains for the green party which is going to be 28 percent of the folks coming in 2nd i'm going backwards conservatives i ve seen you since you lost votes but how manage time even 28 percent of those early results are bad news from the masses coalition part of the social democrats desperate to say crash to 3rd place with just under 15 an office at the front just under 5 percent ahead of the father alternatif a job rick for sure so coming up to 10.4 percent. of all coverage across from myself i'm the 100000000 to create basically a set v.w. small.
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in your house when it comes to young people. and make sure makes for your team an option and nobody can. go to that. young base sound working hard to pull the european idea. of this public in congress against it. europe's young people in europe seem chance. exclusive next.
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early the global tourist gargling tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the battle of the listener like trying something new i love they even want to show what a citizen looks like a swiss like me described as the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin some very best in terms of. food no money or land covering with kong d.w. .
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europe and its young people a complicated relationship. they demonstrate against climate change aren't interested in the european election used to be for the what about you not really. do you vote it's doubt it's mine i think my parents will make me vote saying. we wanted to find out what young people think about europe we visited several e.u. countries including germany we met people who were committed to the european concept. exists it is votes and those who are opposed to it. local t.v. europe means nothing to me but. how can politicians cute young people interested we've got the right if we want europe to have a future of young people here need a future for all.
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we traveled to cologne in early march right in the middle of a windstorm. the stormy times for europe. and the volunteers are trying to get young people to vote in the upcoming european election. just the way all of europeans part of the e.u. would like a family medium and of us find that by my dad's french and my mom's german so europe is really important to me as we head to you with all the good wishes and. disadvantages part of an e.u. parliament effort to get out the followers it's cold this time i'm voting
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volunteers can sign up on a website.


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