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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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no one has paid enough attention to it social aspects economic europe is a more or less successful model but politically europe has failed now we need to have a go at a social europe he won't call that nonprofit couple. months actually do you go about creating a social europe my visit to italy has been i have. come to the supposed union create social cohesion i'm going to work with a member state with a populist government that doesn't respect the e.u. . back in germany and many in poland and italy seem to want a stronger but at the same time there's a widespread sense of political frustration and anger across the continent. camano they just do their own thing they don't ask us we're nobodies through free lunch i mean if you're
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a kratz with fat cat salaries that i think people are fed up with the e.u. . eastern germany isn't the only place where people are dissatisfied with the political establishment as a result far right parties are gaining ground here and elsewhere in europe. in italy and austria they've even made it into government in hungary and poland the governments are increasingly drifting to the right. in germany support for the right wing populist party the a.f.d. is strongest in the east although polls show its popularity than strong slightly still incites anywhere regional elections will take place in september it's the 2nd strongest party. one cutting morning. and i'm about to meet an expert on the right wing extremism who is researching far right parties in the europe. in parliament an interesting woman.
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you have been doing your research has shown that the far right is very provocative and very loud in parliament but in actual practice it's just a load of hot air are we more worried than we should be if the musicians we do need to be worried we can see that far right parties even when they aren't part of votes and don't win votes they still have an effect on politics. also. ringback ahead of european elections a number of right wing populist parties have joined forces in the european alliance of people and nations current polls show that they can make up over 25 percent of any peace why are more and more europeans voting for the far right. but it's got something to do with an ongoing deep politicization of them that people haven't given any thought to what political values matter to them perhaps they're
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more interested in how they personally can get ahead how financially secure they are and how much they have in comparison to others. we know that a sense of inequality is widespread and that creates fertile ground for right wing populist and far right parties to grow and flourish off apartheid and the times when nothing. but they're also come to movement the younger generation is often dismissed as a political but the rise of activism such as the fridays for future movement shows that's not necessarily true. they also took to the streets to protest to ease recent ascension to reform copyright laws just to make decisions people's heads. together we're on our way to the very heart of the european union brussels the seat of the european council the commission and the parliament we want to see if there's any truth to the notion that the e.u. is basically i'm. auster bureaucracy knows the office to the e.u.
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has a massive amount of bureaucracy and it could definitely be slimmed down it was for one call because we're going to give corporate market the problem is they can't get anything done because there needs to be consensus whenever they vote on anything and the option if you can imagine they're doing something but we don't really know what. brussels is home to a lot of people who work for the e.u. but in hamburg alone some 50000 people work in politics an administration one in 10000 europeans is an e.u. official in cologne a much higher percentage of the population is a civil servant brussel spend 6 percent of its budget on personnel germany's local council spent 25 percent. so in terms of actual figures it's not really the bureaucratic b.m.s. it's often made up to make. is the preconception more about feelings processes or even just a communication problem. i'm with the european parliament to meet danny and there's
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a lack of the party vote from to 3 years ago in response to the rising tide of populism and. the party is now hoping to enter the european parliament as the 1st pan-european party. of was our travels across europe we've heard lots of people say that the e.u. works well as an economic union but that it's politically disastrous do you agree. it was one of the moment i would say that at the moment it's hard to understand what exactly is happening politically on a european level. you get the feeling that heads of government meet up and make backroom deals so that's why our 1st priority is to strengthen parliament to make sure that the members of the european parliament can propose legislation for now they can't. and let's give people a vote for an m.e.p. and a vote for a party list so that people can build up relationships to their n.e.p. . or is the e.u.
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capable of reform as it now stands we don't see any alternative of breaking up the e.u. is nonsense to us it's perfectly obvious that it needs to be reformed ready. even with the e.u. is the biggest piece project since world war 2 its importance and value are a measure of it but. i think europe is great and i believe it should become an even closer union i hope it remains intact and grow stronger from issues to me it's the only hope of surviving in today's world more the un virtually the to push their.
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nations understand i think it's good that it's the way it is it makes things easier in many ways. that's why we've had peace for 70 years and let's hope it stays that way and we can continue working on the e.u. and i hope that britain stays. in florida when it comes to young people. and not chinese for european option and nobody can say. what you think. young activists are working on.
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the european idea. of this time working hard against it. europe's young people. 30 minutes on w. what secrets lie behind these moves. find even worse to be experienced and explored fascinating blued cultural heritage and science. d.w. world heritage 360 the good.
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this is d w news live from berlin voters across europe make their voices heard as of 2019 european elections come to a close the traditionally powerful political center is seeking support to slide away concerns about climate change have boosted the pro e.u. green schools across the bloc but there's also been a strong nationalist surge france's far right national rally party led by her in the band looks set to finish on top of dealing a blow to president mcauliffe at in poland the national conservative ruling law and justice party won a crushing $42.00 and a half percent of the folks so what does this mean for europe.
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i'm sorry someone's got to welcome back to our continuing special coverage of the european elections where the voting coming to a close bigger trends across the bloc are becoming clearer at this hour traditional . center parties in germany france and elsewhere have been watching their support erode while the environmentalist greens have been surging taking 2nd place in germany meanwhile the right wing populist parties are projected to have won in france and in poland now that is big news for france especially one of the e.u. member states and has once again proved to be a thorn in the side of the country's main street parties her national rally achieved just over 23 percent of the vote that is ahead of president in mind on my call centrist party that won just under 22 percent of the pen said the expected result quote confirms the new nationalist globalist division in france and beyond her party is now calling for the formation of a powerful populist group in the european parliament pena dress supporters
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a short while ago let's listen to what she said. if you wanted me to argue this is a victory for the people we have taken back power tonight with pride and dignity we will surely joyfully welcome this result tonight because never before has the national rally so deserved its name good because there is a vote from the head of the heart rest assured that vote for a national rally was above all a vote for from the people. let's bring in our correspondent lisa lewis she has been a with president calls a march party tonight in paris following this vote for us hi lisa good to see you so we heard marine le pen speaking to her supporters a little bit earlier is this really such a big victory for her and her party. but she obviously came 1st and as we just heard she's calling this an immense victory and has even called for
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the government to solve the national assembly in reaction however it's quite clear that the national rally a would have hoped for a better result they were hoping to soak up a share of undecided voters the way that it is and they just up until a few days ago who had made up their mind just yet and also voter turnout has gone up by about 10 percent and at the national rally must have hoped that they you know that they would get their share of it however all these people who came out today or a large share of them then turned towards the green party in support of that party and said so doesn't look like the national rarely has won that many votes especially compared to what happened 5 years ago because 5 years ago they also came 1st in the european elections and they won with 24.86 percent and at this time around it's likely to be less than that right but still marie le pen painting her
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party herself as the winner of this vote what about a man on my car and a marshal what are the reactions that you're seeing where you are tonight. well here people have been saying you know we're quite happy about the result obviously we came 2nd we would have liked to come 1st however this is our 1st european election as the l r e m heartsease and no sane credit crunch has a chance because 2 years ago again interest in the presidential elections they won although before time there had been 2 traditional economies dominating the party spectrum here that's essentially and that center right republicans now today's results if it is confirmed then confirmed that and r.e.m. or as it is the renaissance alliance. which includes l r e m is a stable party and that's not just a temporary temporary friend of mine really that's what they find on the
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underlining here really. responded lisa lewis for us there in paris covering the very latest thank you lisa. right now we're just getting the 1st projected figures on how many seats each party group each block would have in the next european parliament let's take a look at some of those figures now the leftist european united left and nordica green bloc would take 44 seats so far the center left the social democrats get 149 seats the green to see their at around 6067 seats the liberal a l d e group would receive $94.00 seats the center right the european peoples party this is the biggest block of the parliament takes $163.00 seats then we have the euro skeptic conservatives the e.c. are taking 59 seats and then we come to the populist group so we have the s.d.d. at $46.00 seats and the new proposed far right european alliance of peoples and
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nations the purple you see there at $73.00 seats the remaining 5056 seats going to other smaller parties let's go right to brussels our bureau chief mike hoffman has been a roping in some of the key players there in brussels for us tonight max take it away. boy talk about key players sumi good to vist a are with me she's not only the commissioner for competition but she's also maybe the next president of the e.u. commission here is a prediction she will deny it but let me say this mr do you think that with the results we're having right now your chance of becoming the president of the e.u. commission have approved or not the chance for europeans to have a no the european parliament that seems to be sort of on the drawing board right now because you see the naval group the other group winning seats and are going to be coming in with maybe $22.00 you see the greens coming in with quite
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a lot of people so things are changing this is good for you isn't it that is indeed good for me as well so that means you think the whole constellation right now is one that you could live with having as a majority backing you. well from now on things get complicated because then no one can live without the other in order to have a working minority that sufficiently strong so the next couple of days will be a huge interests who's talking with 2 what kind of coalition can get things started so walk us through it i mean what will you do in the next days it's an open secret that you're one of the united states and canada but you are you are here in brussels people talk about you possibly being the next commission president what will your job be starting monday and tuesday who do you talk to who do you that work with. well there is a full schedule of meetings that will take place over the coming days polman leaders will meet a group leaders will meet they will meet with prime ministers we have an illness
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pre-summit it's coming together tuesday and in the meantime everyone will be talking with everyone then that trying to figure out do i have the right phone numbers do you have a call schedule with the french president a man or a michael no i don't but he would be helpful in the whole process wouldn't it well now you know that. remains to be sane because now the thing is a guess if not this is an opaque it will be very different just difficult to see what is actually going on and that will remain so for quite some time now speaking of france we got the results and the most successful party it seems for the european elections will be a marine le pen's us some room on us and now you your job is also to find a positive message about these alerts so what is your positive message in the face of numbers like that. i finally can't quite impressive becoming here with 22 members so my calls party yes as a 1st they will be joining or we will create some.


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