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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2019 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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things i guess if not this is an opaque it will be very different is difficult to see what is actually going on and that will remain so for quite some time now speaking of france we got the results and most successful party it seems for the european elections will be a marine le pen's us some room on us and now you your job is also to find a positive message about these alerts what is your positive message in the face of numbers like that. i finally can't quite impressive becoming here with 22 members so my calls party yes as a 1st they will be joining or we will create a new group with them and the other family that i find to be very promising and when you look at the turnout i think that's probably the best message this early in the evening that we seem to be about 50 percent that's amazingly good news because that's a backing for our european democracy which would be up from about about 7 percent up from 43 percent and why do you think is that is that necessarily good news or
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might it not be turnout for the right wing populist what i think is because sense an effort has been done a big effort has been done to get the vote counts saying not saying to people that this or that 3rd thing you give those those is power and you should use that power right now and then at the same time of course town because something is at stake here because you have palmas running for the european parliament who wants to destroy it you have parties running for the european parliament who called himself nationalists that who seems to be willing to send out to the russians so something has been at stake and that i think has also been made people consider maybe we should but it is time still even if you have a positive message it's going to be harder to find a majority in the european parliament where do you see this majority emerging of i'm danish this is what we do we try to find my your everyday business as in very difficult circumstance when you're a minister in denmark when you will wake up in the morning. i don't know if you
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have my doors you buy lunch so the necessities are what with everyone to see what are your interests how can we come together how can we make this happen this is exactly what we will be doing for the next couple of days can we be a little more precise on that which parties do you think might work well together because if you look at the programmes from the social democrats to parts of others so the liberals it seems a very far shot yeah but if you if you look at what we can actually solve together like climate change an environment i think you see a strong arm and a group of people from that to become the station is social democrats the greens that's a lot of people coming together to say well we want something new to happen here but that's only climate change yep and then you've got to start it do you think that's the most important topic. i tend to think so yes of course you have a set of issues because we're also in the middle of an industrial revolution we have to figure out how to get in control of that so that we as humans the tenets of
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the the flesh and and blot parts of the big machinery and then of course the science of the issues like what well freedom of press something i'd say it was my morning coffee can i trust the media to be critical to us tricky questions for those in power to make sure that they saying contro well you can certainly trust us to do that thank you very much for being with us. she is the commissioner for competition the current commissioner maybe who knows the president of the next you commission i didn't hear her deny it anyway. all right max very interesting discussion there thanks very much we'll come back to his for some analysis a little bit later now with a question i had of this vote we heard there as well just how well would right wing populist parties do when they have scored some successes as we heard in poland and france on the european level these populist groups have been trying to become a united front what they can pick ations for the e.u. here's a closer look at a growing force in european politics. they see the come not to break europe
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but to remake it divided by language. united by populism. once it depresses me these days it still can be. a common enemy. they are europe's far right leaders and together they are appending decades of e.u. rules and norms laying siege from within. the man hoping to lead. secularists it's a he's deputy prime minister macho salvini his hard line at a leaf last month a face to help transform his friend's party and to government material and now he wants to do the same across the continent. binding together ideological bedfellows promising to tear up the rules. of our objective is to finally be a force for government and changing your name to bring your blood new hope
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a dream. for. his closest ally is marine le pen. the head of france's far right political dynasty she led him to campaign with her firebrand father nationalism runs and hard blood but now she's gone her own way. the french fry be rough for a touch on the elites the e.u. and immigration in the past she called for france to leave the union but has since returned seeking instead the stripped back to be used power that's not good so you no longer want this european union that is spreading unbridled globalization on europe globalization without regulation means having slaves manufacture to sell to the unemployed so. helping to banish the shackles of brussels is your. of the alternative for germany leading up to born in the chaos of the financial
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crisis but who found success talking about migration equal marriage and islamic extremism unlike the others they have threatened a day get a german exit from the e.u. if the block fails to change it. and we want to avoid damage we'll need to change out the rection otherwise brags it won't be the last exit it's security. then there is viktor orban. hungary's proudly a liberal prime minister. has combats a reputation recently and have the praise of a kindred spirit like me a little bit controversial but that's ok that's ok you've done a good job and you've kept your country safe in his youth help tear down the eye on cotton. now he shows off the fence he's here wrecked it on europe's borders he and salvini have formed a friendship of late seeing themselves as nannying europe's front lines. if you
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will mr selby any says that we need a new europe and i support his concept i share his view i too think that we need a new chapter 6. but the success of the populist insurgency may well come down to whether salvini can turn friendship into partnership. was noticeably absent when solving these populist gathered for a final rally in milan last week. the rain drenched crowd testament to the scale of the populist push back. the main attraction the man casting himself as europe's salvation at his back a rising tide of anger and resentment. our polls closed here in germany earlier this evening and the big news here is that the greens have made huge gains putting them ahead of the social democrats and the americans conservatives came out on top but it was an underwhelming result for them
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let's take a look at the projected results that we have here in detail based on a partial vote count chancellor merkel's conservative bloc that's c.d.u. c.s.u. taking the top spot with 28.8 percent the s.p.d. coming in at 15.5 percent that's down almost 12 points of the green party look to take 20.6 percent of the vote almost a 10 point increase then there is the populist far right alternative for germany the f.t. coming in at 10.8 percent the free market f.t.p. look to set to take 5.4 percent the left party also at 5.4 percent and that leaves 13.4 percent for other parties in germany in this european election once again we want to stress of these are projections based on partial vote count that we have here in germany let's hear from the chairwoman of germany's green party on a box she had this to say after eclipsing the social democrats to finish 2nd
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by this election was a climate protection election this election was in the election for democracy. demands a human right for a cosmopolitan near 0.


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