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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2019 5:02am-5:31am CEST

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public sphere is national public discourse as you know order to offer a structured political offer that is a really interesting point if you see the obvious can make it though only when you're comparing liberals of funds with liberals and it is a bit like comparing apples and pears. liberals are liberals in. different year are behind the populous though that's another question is how united are these populist groups because if they are able to work together in a bloc in the european parliament they can wield significant power can stay fit not that terribly united. i say yet because i think there might be a phase of recognizing that they have a lot more to gain if they kind of stick together but i mean just as. having an international meeting of nationalists seems like a brother or thing that. in europe. right parties i think they are very strategic i think they've been they've seen that this success isn't being strategic about where you say interests i think. in hungary is saying that he's
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been very successful sitting on the fence that between the european people's party bloc the conservative traditional conservative bloc now he suspended from that you already said that he would support salvini so you know we see a lot of a lot of dancing both sides of the fence there and the big challenge now for those remaining big blocks is not to let this divide them or to find a common denominator kind of an alliance of what they claim to be the pro europeans against those who. want to undermine the european union and. the imagination though how exactly that will pan out once they sit down in committees and try and find common ground. but what is fascinating is the 2 end of the spectrum so let's call them the whatever the nationally so order globalists extremely similar challenges despite being so different from. indeed 23 of question there. liberals in germany
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call themselves liberals in front would never even dear of calling themselves liberals because when you use the word liberal in france you lose elections right away and again for instance absolutely absolutely completely and also the positioning the liberals have towards the concept of european integration he's far more critical than the european liberals in brussels so to speak and so the old struggle with these contradictions on both on the spectrum screens liberals on the one hand and nationalists on the other the ones that will manage to sort it out will be the ones that will manage to sway things ok there's a lot more to talk about for sure i just want to bring our viewers up to speed who might just be joining us you're watching our special coverage of the european election results have been flooding in from around the european union after an unprecedented voter turnout of 51 percent predictions of strong support for
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populism parties appear to have materialized including former national rally party and friends of poland's law and justice party and for italy's right wing populist leader led by the hardline interior minister my tail but concerns about climate change have also given a boost to the pro greens group across the block. and let's take a look at the projected figures for how many seats that each party group would have in the next european parliament we have some figures on that now at the leftist european united left a nordic green bloc take $45.00 seats so far the center left social democrats a $147.00 seats the greens at $68.00 seats the liberal group would receive around $94.00 seats they're the center right european peoples party this is the biggest group taking $163.00 seats followed by the euro skeptic conservatives the e.c.r. at 60 seats now we come to the populist groups we have the e.f.t.
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at $46.00 seats and this new proposed far right european alliance of peoples and nations at $71.00 seats. so looking at those numbers i want to come back to what we said just before those numbers which are some of the takeaways from this election is truly something that europeans can be heartened by is the very big turnout is the biggest turnout that we've seen for across that you're in 20 years for elections for elections that must be a positive it is a positive but as you said it's 51 percent you know i mean it's not kind of a kind of wow figure in general when it comes to elections but what we have seen and also partly due to those populist parties rising is that the public debate has been of size and people people are turning out they either want to stand for your for the want to stand against europe or on the particular single issue so that's a that's a really good development and it goes hand in hand with what appears to be
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a more transparent process and how the most powerful job in the european union which is that the commission president eventually decides there's your opinion is the european council have the final say but i mean that's where the law was good mates that's where you'll get initiated that is the european commission now having this top candidate system it's more traceable for citizens in europe for voters to actually know who they are voting for and to rely on a process rather than having dealings of which we will see a lot of the coming days on who gets those top jobs in brussels so you know the purse is working and that is the really good news that's come out of this vote so far well let's see what news the lead candidates might have for us they are in brussels they're going to be holding a news conference i understand we can listen into that news conference this is the candidates from each grouping to become the new european commission president let's listen in. 55 percent of voters across that union turn
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out to vote. this is 8 points higher than in 2014 when tunnel head start on the ice for the 1st time again these figures are the highest of the past 20 years and represent the 1st significant increase in turnout since the 1st elections in 979 this is. in some way which shows that the european citizens realize that there will be an union he's part of their every day reality and their future this time they voted and ladies and gentleman these concludes this unique trans national democratic exercise we are now able to have date our seat projections based on a mix of final. results and in
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a few cases exit polls and estimates and i'm going to read out these results that of course will be updated also invent next minutes and hours here opinion people's party 178178 socialists and democrats 152100 52. rupee and conservative and reformists 6161. of liberals and democrats plus 3 national parties 118118 the united left nordic green left $3939.00 greens he rupee and 40 alliance $6767.00 seats.
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he wrote before freedom and direct democracy if d.d. 5353 he wrote of nations and freedom 5555 seats no not touch members 7 others said she one. ladies and gentlemen the city sends of their b.n. union have chosen who will represent them in the parliament this will have a direct impact on who will head the european commission over the next legislative term as members of parliament will be doe's who will take the decision in strasbourg in july i would therefore like to invite the candidates for the presidency of their pm commission to make a short reaction to ditch preliminary results for oh of course by
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a few questions and starting from they will be an people's party candidate man fred bever. so good evening ladies and gentlemen 1st of all the most important outcome of the days of the last 4 election days is for me that is a european democrats see is a life they have a turnout of more than 50 percent and that is a great victory for the european democrats see people voted people decided about
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the future of our continent and that is great i want to thank all my my friends who also run in the european elections the competitors from the socialist run simmons from the greens scott keller as i could from the all the other political families who had bits in canada i think we showed a fair and democratic competition and that brought again this idea of a european democracy a life. you know that i myself i fight i thought and fight for a european parliament which is center of syrup in political development if you decide in the european parliament about the main lines for the future of europe and that is said idea is that they strongly strengthen the 2nd element the 2nd outcome is we are facing a shrinking center of the european parliament the center of parties who believe in
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the future of europe who wants to strengthen europe wants to have an ambitious approach for the future of europe that is what we're facing a shrinking center. for the p.p. . today's feeling is not a feeling of 1st of all of the truth because we are losing seats what we can say is that we are happy to be again the 1st group in the rippin parliament to be the biggest group to be in the 1st row that is what we are happy about but again we also see that we lose seats i promised in the european election campaign i promised stability and you vote for your vote for any p.p.p. party on european level you will get found on the a group who is ready to create stability and having this in mind i see a few let me say steps ahead of us one element is that i want to clarify that for the for the european peoples party there is no chance for any corporation no will
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no readiness for any corporation with extremists from the rest and from bullets from the right i said this during the campaign several times for us i can really say there will be no cooperation with any party who don't believe in the european spirit in the future. project of the european union a 2nd element for this stability is that we want to invite to talk now about the content about the men date for the next 5 years what people have told us during the campaign must now be included in the men date for the future approach it of the european union for the next 5 years on european level for us it's also clear that the stick to the idea of. there would be no support for any other candidate then a candidate who presented his program his profile and his personality before the
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people went to what. and when we speak about stability then there is no maturity no stable maturity against the e p p possible and having in mind that c.p.p. is today the strongest group obviously when we look to the figures let's see about the final outcome then we have also a leading function in this and finally to give you an idea of what are the next steps now from our point of view the 1st step is that in the next upcoming days the european parliament should again confirm that the stick to the concept e.p. piece ready to do so i hope others will also follow and the 2nd is that we create the men dates among the program has been padi's the content the project for the future and this project can be finally also. discussed with the council you know that the council is discussing about the guidelines for the future and i hope
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that we can combine the mended of european parliament together with the strategic guidelines of the council to bring it together to merge them and to have a proper idea for what is now to do for the next 5 years on european level so for me the most important message is stop crisis times stop crisis thinking in europe and let's start with an optimistic perspective for europe which can show to the citizens they can achieve so much together if you work together and secondly starter europe of people i want to start a commission of the people that is what we as the people he fought for and we have a mandate for this thank you we have time for some questions now. financial times very. and now come from the financial times yesterday but given that the liberals and evolved to have been the most vocal
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opponents of the spitting can in our system and including the french president cannot its numbers show that you could have a majority and stable alliance that doesn't include all the liberals on march are you willing to entertain the idea of having a tripartite coalition without the liberals. when i look to the figures then at the end see a majority against liberal don't see a majority against socialists i don't see a majority against c.p.p. so what i would ask us to do is to train our forces to work together from now on suits again who believe in the spirit of an ambitious europe of an you're above projects of a europe which concerns as a people that in syria interests it isn't fair interest to have a strong european union politicians must work together from now on we showed people alternatives during the campaign that is a normal thing that is a good things that is a healthy thing in a democracy but from now on those who wants to have a strong european union has to join their forces and that is again my invitation to
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the socialist liberals and also to the greens because having the figures in mind the greens are also the winners of the day that why again the greens are possible partners i think we should sit together and should define now the mandate for the next 5 years. your political group remains the biggest one but you also lose a lot of seats and what's your message to the leaders in the council and does this weaken your chances for the top job in the european commission. when you refer to the outcome of my party my biggest message is 1st of all that i want to thank those who voted for us a lot of people in the european union voted for us and that is what i have in mind and.


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