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we should sit together and should be fine now the mandate for the next 5 years. your political group remains the biggest one but you also lose a lot of seats and what's your message to the leaders in the council and does this weaken your chances for the top job in the european commission. when you referred to the outcome of my party my biggest message is 1st of all that i want to thank those who voted for us a lot of people in the european union voted for us and that is what i have in mind and again defied is this democratization this parliament the recession of the european union and people take it serious the european elections then the leaders should also take it serious what happens today that is what i am asking for and having this democratic principles in mind i think suze who will finally. have to
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join together have to find a common understanding for the future suze parties have to respect who is number one who is number 2 is the number 3. in the question who is has finally the really leading growth again for us i don't i don't feel a real powerful victory today i can only say that i am happy that we arrived as a strong us political family that is a big achievement that was our main goal when we started our campaign to arrive again as a group you can ask for the right to lead but we're open for all the other contributions we're open for content and we're open for other contributions when it is about the distribution of the posts on european level. that's one 5th of up. thank you chris which agency they questioned about hungary's feeder's did you have that with mr.
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or are you going to talk with him because without him. leadership position my might change taking. the socialists may be joined by some from poland and a series of from from from greece and if it. happens. are you ready to support mr kim amounts for. that and thank you. for the moment the p.p. is around 26 what were the latest figures 26 seats ahead as biggest political family the next european parliament that answers the question on phyllis so the e.p. is the strongest political family in the european parliament in the upcoming parliament and that's why for us it's a key question to join again to see who really believe in the future of europe in union. thank you very much thank you so much thank you for.
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still. no we are right we've just been listening in there in brussels to a month the lead candidate from the european people's party to become the next commission president he was speaking there and saying he didn't really have a big feeling of victory but he was happy that his that the european people's party was the biggest political family to come out of this. still with us to talk about what we heard there from a lot of interesting aspects it was very difficult to parse what exactly was saying in terms of how this parliament is going to work together do you understand why any indication as to what blocks might be forming. or my reading of it is ok the big tent posses. losing ground let's just make a much bigger tent. which has enough space for everyone. for those who are pro europe parties in the funny my rough reading of what are you saying i mean
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when he stresses that he's happy to be part of the family which has the strongest showing that clearly indicates and it was actually blunt before he left here in berlin where he was with the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. where. who succeeded as possibly to said that they would be a claim by the european peoples party as a strongest bloc there would be a claim for that position of commission president i think this is a very polite way of saying well this this points towards him getting the top job bought beneath that underneath that roof they might be space for negotiations he said also on content so that suggests to me that there could be debates or different majorities almost on different issues if you take that away as well not to take away just one the 1st one is the result so we get international
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seats are a little bit different from what we. coming in for earlier on today with the exit poll that we just heard that. indeed overall pro european parties have been doing better than what it looked like you know up to an hour ago and european parties also done well but less than what we expected that's the 1st take away the 2nd one. the stable majority that you would have in terms of numbers and seats is one that brings to get or european peoples party so the conservatives effectively the social democrats and the liberals is the only combination where you have a strong and stable majority and that is the case even if as a would expect it to all but where to leave people's party to join the more right wing fiction the 3rd and i think the most interesting thing actually is what european parliament just state here they set up these kind of euro vision thing and
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i think that's fascinating because all parties when you can parliament have been saying we're going to do these system in english believe candidate system whereby the leader of the party would be in the european parliament it wins the most of the seats will be the candidate for the post so personal you can commission doing here what european parliament is doing here is extremely quickly making up like saying there you go we have elections it's a parliamentary system and these are the people that should be in charge despite the fact that a number of heads of states and prime ministers across europe so national governments have been say. we're not going to do that is an option but we might come up with our own candidacy for the president european commission. parliament. that's the way it's going to be so what we might be seeing the 1st interesting
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political test in the mix couple of months could be an epic struggle so to speak between european parliament representing citizens and you can counsel representing national governments and there will see who wins in terms of institutional balance certainly was a slick slick and shiny production there i think we were concerned there might be breaking out into song and dance at some point like the year vision song contest and that is an accusation isn't it of the european union in general that is that is too distant from the average voter and you see this michel as well as an effort to reach out to voters say we are here standing in front of you after this vote thank you for voting and we are going to represent your interests well this is been the. problem that the european parliament has had it all and it's actually trying to fix itself by taking the liberty of saying hang on a minute these are the top candidates and frankly you european i think it will be interesting whether there is some kind of high noon scenario where european debts a go for someone else and then the european parliament so has the nuclear option of
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rejecting the new commission so this could come to a head my assumption would be that both sides would carefully want to avoid that because they really want to keep european citizens on board to but i think the real background will be about how how much this process can continue with the spit some kind we were going to make everybody say this would know what i mean. but what it does is probably. get more traceable democratic legitimacy into this process and i mean i'll come out here i'm pro these kind. of system because it. lets the parliament do what its job is which actually is cruel. direct 1st presentation the for the european people at the same time there's a lot of complaints that you know about montreal who he was bandy known and 25 percent of people here in germany knew who he was but if this you make the parliament relevant there's never going to be that kind of traction when it comes
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to elections i mean them so but this this is still being debated ok this is the parliament that operates every single day the european union that operates every single day and it's still kind of debating behind closed doors what the terms of operation are and how. and i think we're going to get. clear of it here in europe even if i think it will we have to be careful when we say european union because really rather than european union here we have a european parliament which is meant to represent the citizens and european council represented on once if you look at the treaties they say that taking into account the results of the elections so you can parliament the european council nominates to present the european commission and that person has to be accepted by the european part of it right so that we could have a battle on our hands that is what you guys are some pretty interesting that let's bring our viewers up to speed again you're watching our special coverage of the
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european election we've seen results now flooding in from around the european union after an unprecedented voter turnout a 51 percent populist parties have done well with clear victories in france and poland italy and also the u.k. with the brags that party is projected to win more than 30 percent but concerns about climate change have also bolstered the print pro e.u. greens group across the bloc. well that is the big news for france especially one of the member states that marie le pen is once again proved to be a thorn in the side of the country's mainstream parties her national rally achieved just over 23 percent of the vote ahead of president. centrist party that won just under 22. sent the pen said the expected result quote confirms the new nationalist globalist division and france and beyond her party is now calling for the formation of a powerful populist group in the european parliament and she did address her supporters
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a little while ago let's listen to what she said. she wanted me to argue this is a victory for the people we have taken back power tonight with pride and dignity that we joyfully welcome this result tonight because never before has the national rally so deserved his name good because there is a vote from the head of the heart rest assured that vote for a national rally was a boat full of vote from the people. all right well another place where a populist forces have done very well this in hungary let's bring in nick calio connelly our correspondent is standing by in budapest arguably the epicenter of europe's gradual populist takeover thanks to the prime minister viktor orban so now this brand of politics that viktor orban has really become known for it seems to go down pretty well with hungary and voters so what are the numbers like for his party there tonight. well sumi that's quite right his pitch
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framing this election as a referendum on what he calls saving europe's christian values and limiting migration seems to go down pretty well he's picked up just over 50 percent of votes here to put into context his nearest opponents the democratic coalition who were going to selection on a picture of a united states of europe they picked up less than a 3rd as many votes as obama and this was on a turnout of just a 40 percent record numbers in hungary but still pretty low so it really seems that this is a message that has chimed with voters and he is going into this with when you confidence nick what does that mean for the european union we know that someone else has been a thorn in the side of the european union challenging for example european policy on immigration what is the outlook now for europe. well the really crucial thing to look for him to me is what's. next so he is currently still with
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him in the p.p. the main grouping of conservatives in the european parliament but he his party has been suspended for several months questions of the rule of law being violated here in hungary and he has kept the policy. constructive ambiguity on the one hand being very friendly. to show him his border fence the fence he's built with migrants coming in on the other hand says he wants nothing to do with party so he's really keeping all the options on the table the election rally he held just a few hours ago he said that migration would remain the key issue in european politics the years come in that he would work with anyone who would be willing to. so looking forward now. really trying to see where he can find a coalition where he can. punch his weight something in doing about the weight of
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hungary's importance within the european parliament he to leave the i think that would really send shock waves beyond the real electoral hungry given this is someone who has been on the european political scene for decades he's a sitting head of state and someone with really deep ties across europe since he jumped ship and really joined. in the european parliament that would be something that would really turn heads across europe. in the past thank you nick. well you're watching our special coverage of the european election results have been coming in from across the european union after an unprecedented voter turnout of 51 percent now populist parties have done well with clear victories in france and poland in italy and in the u.k. where the braggs of parties projected to win more than 30 percent but concerns
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about climate change have also boosted the pro e.u. greens group across the block. thank you for watching our special coverage of the european elections you can always get more coverage of course on our website d.w. dot com and we will have another special edition of this program coming up at the top of the hour thank you for watching.
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