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ism can also be so entertaining. borys mikhailov subjects couldn't be more different he finds them in places like a busy train station in berlin. his photos go against the grain. the protectionists of his images are antiheroes for derelict down and out. his photos long went unpublished. today the need ukrainian is one of the foremost contemporary photographers there but yes the maya moore take a photo of her 1st and then ask. if the answer is no i didn't they go. throughout his career boris me highlight focused on people living at the edges of society. is well known series case history from the 1990 s. portrays invalid's children and the dispossessed in his home city kharkiv after the
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collapse of the soviet union. whether of nakedness or need the images are brutally direct often hard to look at the kind of takes a different view. with a new thought if they do. it's more compassion. maybe even a sign of respect for the problems human suffering. for help people get into this situation by pure bad luck or. you could say this misfortune is preprogrammed a lot because these people are no scientists or scholars and then you know you're on the air and your idea of. the collapse of the soviet union push the lowest reaches of society even lower but me her love captures his subjects pride. they look into his lens with confidence in spite of the misfortunes they've suffered. furthermore at their you would you go where or where boy from these are people who
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have been pushed by life. they live their lives about a mile and there's no real connection between this life and ignore. i'm a life. i myself was part of their connection with normal life it was more i think kenya thought a minute. before sleep after drinking is the title of a major berlin exhibition that are exploring. birthday. some of the poses seem to recall christian motifs. explains that many people carry poses like these inside them and points to an example. go scott i asked him to show me how he sleeps he said he sleeps like this also you had to lie on top of his then you wouldn't get stole. and then he lay down. and the result was an almost religious looking. at your phone call the area. me karloff personally experienced the soviet regime suppression losing his job as an engineer because of his photos his work was rarely
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shown until the 1990 s. then in 1994 mikhail of received a scholarship and left ukraine for new york city. i left for personal and health and other reasons. but the main reason was that you have to defend your work you have to try to make something out of it a book or a project. at the time it was impossible in ukraine to do anything at all except collect the pictures. no longer has to fight for recognition following exhibitions in new york city london and vienna now berlin is often on home for 20 years is finally doing the honors. as get into. internationally there are very few people who use a camera so powerfully in an effort to influence society. and then all at once in
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the $99.00 days off appear the only one to emerge in the post soviet environment and his distinctive approach is to look at social injustice and at the physical and really think about it. even if we kind of has an eye for the weakest and most vulnerable he doesn't think of himself as a do gooder his older works examine the heroes of socialism and poke fun at them. all his work in photography has included some form of criticism of the world's ruling classes. that if you want a more. traditional answer would be that i'm interested in people you know i'm interested in the appearances but i'm you know journalist you know i'm not interested in what these people are what they do in human. but in their appearance what my eyes show me just love the way you go out of my you go out of that.
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and what his eyes show him is what other is all too often refuse to see but he forces us to look that is the essence of forest which i loves art. next stop curiosity's in the frying our little world accounts push his stock in trade for his current project he immersed himself in the new age scene this looks like an ordinary boston yet for those in the know it's an energy cell to make everything alright and can be bought online. close to 6 months ago cost 26 year a description says that it is charged with all different kinds of energy use as modoc energy use tacking on energy reverse osmosis and so on all of which emit
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particularly strong its soft energies to go with something akin of. a plastic promise to cure all ills this triple extension plug is a power harmonizer for hi fi equipment it costs just $80.00 euros to end the war in syria by taking part in an earth healing ritual as part of his research not only bought products but visited esoteric online forums and attended trade fairs and seminars he had a personal incentive to understand the fascination he's lost 2 friends to new age thinking both of them are now socially isolated and one of them is heavily in debt according to a study from 24 chain turnover in the esoteric sector in the german speaking area was around 28000000000 euros this is the think this is a french way spacer to prevent collisions made of cardboard 43 year as. this is
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this is unicorns or pray for pointing at an argumentative child. if there comes to this is a wealth pyramid. between this is medicine against kemp trails came trails for its interests in trails or the trails of papers up behind by airplanes to people who believe in conspiracy theories believe that we're being poisoned by higher powers that aluminum and other chemicals are. next in the airplane fuel tanks in the garden so that we can be manipulated with money for me it smells and tastes a bit like strawberry dextrose but it's sold quite a high price and these are all antidotes to combat the negative effects of these so called camp trails and even i was waiting for this is going to kill trees bushes ironic response a pentacle of thank you trails still it would be all too easy for him to just make fun of new age ism we live in uncertain times he says and it off a simple solutions to complex problems a bracelet made in china is transformed into
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a techie an information band simply strap it around achieve the toothpaste and banish to take. new age beliefs fit perfectly in the post truth era where claims have become more important than fact brainwashing is easy. to. dismiss and used as the worst thing is not that there are people who actually make these claims but that they find followers and if these theories are cleverly embedded maybe achieve a broad impact with social media so that that a large movement can grow from a stupid idea pretty fast was a very good word. patient was born in austria in 1977 he actually studied landscape gardening but he felt like he needed more contact with people. allotment owners from the project middle class utopia.
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people in pubs in vienna golden days before they and. he has a penchant for the bizarre. that and it matters to him that his subjects recognize themselves in his portraits. 2014 he photographed people who love dressing up in their own homes. some of them go out dressed like this to to show themselves or to make kindred spirits. people aged between 18 and 72 women men blue collar workers professionals. like switching roles and reinventing themselves. i like these
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people more and more because i'm not wary of them any more of this they make me see that we're all like children in our own way and that takes away the distance between us but now there's just a basic understanding that we're all just little kids is all a bit crazy and if you can see the spin of. the. photographers with a unique way of seeing artists with courage curiosity and talent. to capture moments in time. to express important truths and broaden our understanding of one another and to the world we live in.
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a. good. after. playing lisa at full speed.
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always shining. the but always on the mobile os mobility today and to the future. tribes 30 minutes to dublin. europe. what unites. what divides. the money above try to push. what binds the continent to her audience or 10 stories
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what would the world be like in your life around half of. the. people you will show. be around 2 degrees was. evidently sea level at least one century. we're going to have some climate impacts majority greater than what we see already. why aren't people more concerned. with. the 1st.
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millions of people who have been voting to elect representatives to the european parliament with 21 member states taking part on the final day of voting the traditionally powerful political center support slide away with right wing populists as well as greens making gains across the block. u.s. president donald trump spent his 2nd day in tokyo golfing with japanese prime minister shinzo abby and watching sumo wrestling despite the friendly atmosphere there are tough talks ahead on trade and on differences over the threat posed by north korea . there has been fresh fighting outside the disputed yemeni city of ties militias allied to the internationally recognized government fired on positions held by hooty rebels pro-government forces claim that advancing but say at least 10 of their fighters have been killed in recent days.
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thousands of kurdish prisoners in turkey have ended a must hunger strike they were protesting prison conditions for the kurdish leader abdul. supporters celebrated the end of the strike the government lifted a ban on lawyers visiting a vigil and who is serving a life sentence. well the votes are in and the ballots are being counted more than 400000000 people in 28 countries were eligible to vote in the biggest democratic exercise in the western world from france to poland and right across the continent from britain to italy the forces of populism and euro skepticism are presenting the e.u. with fresh challenges here watching special coverage of the european elections. in berlin and this is the day.
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we should use in the 1st piece of news from today is that european democracy is a lot of. almost speechless we had high hopes to mystic this is fantastic for me these are smaller cuteness this election result is not the result that we can see if the people expect of ourselves give a shit if we're going to brussels to repair the e.u. . cultic nor people's desire for more protection for freedom and sovereignty when this election was a climate protection election this election was an election for democracy. voters across europe have made their voices heard with the big turnout traditional center parties in germany france and elsewhere have been watching their support
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erode while the environmentalist greens have been surging taking 2nd place in germany meanwhile right wing populist parties are projected to have made strong gains winning in france italy poland and hungary. these boxes hold the voice of europe. the future of more than 500000000 people marked on pieces of paper. once counting had begun it soon became clear the voters had spoken out against the solid center of european politics. the sheer instant northeast the best news today is that european democracy is alive at the makati leaped more than one today we saw a clear increase in photo turnout mean. that democracy gave german mainstream parties their worst ever results.
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i that democracy delighted much of the european far right. in france marine le pen again beat the french president's party. hungary's viktor orban spelled it out the migration issue by itself and the reaction of the people only real reorganize the 4 to the spectrum with the traditional party families we're not playing the same role in the future as they have done in recent years i also and traditional jubilant greens resurgence in germany. become a big hitter in the european parliament. and our family as. we achieved this because 90 many people took to the streets for climate protection because many many young people were ready to fight for climate protection in schools universities in sports halls. these
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are here these results are the votes of those people who are active on the net and those who are active in companies and small communities also in chambers of trade who said go and vote this is our election that is change europe together and not. yellow vests protestors in brussels on sunday they say the e.u. is undemocratic. everyone wants to change here at. the fight over which way will be played out in parliament and on the streets. let's go right to proselyte our bureau chief max hoffman is standing by for us there he's been covering the vote for us max you could say it's been a pretty underwhelming result for the established parties in this fall how is that going down in brussels. for the established parties and surprisingly that didn't go down too well for others like the greens for example
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and also certain right wing populist parties like that they got from italy or that us on the law not from france they were rather enthusiastic but even those that lost seats stress the fact they thought it was positive that voter turnout had increased by about 7 percent compared to the last european election so winners and losers as with every election this is definitely a fragmented parliament max you could say so who is going to be the kingmakers in brussels after this vote you know where the chips going to fall in the parliament. a looks like at the moment that you would need at least 3 groups to build a majority and then only if the social democrats and the conservative european people's party continued to work together so it would be thinkable for example that the social democrats and the e.p. so the conservatives would work together with the liberals which is
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a minor is called the french president has its fingers in that and that would probably be enough but also you could think about a coalition with the greens or maybe even 4 factions so to cut it short the kingmakers here would be either the liberals or the greens and that puts and that's why i mentioned that earlier in my room i call the french president in a pretty solid position of power when it comes to choosing the commission president back speaking of the greens there one of the big stories. to emerge from the selection they surged to here in germany they've got a lot of support especially among young voters how is that going to change the e.u. . we talked to a lot of people about about that and it's clear that climate change has emerged as one of the most important topics of these european elections some have said here at this very spot today that maybe it became even the most important topic that of course was a good good news for the greens my colleague catherine martin's talked to one of
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the leading figures of the german greens to celebrate this massive victory today. critical for this is what he had to say about it. i'm not predicting for the greens performing quite well tonight how can you explain that. well taking into account that the different parties from different corners or europe that are really extremely successful in this european election. i think they're used to. points of commonality that. probably do a lot to explain the success and one is obviously the issue of climate change which. and i did not expect that in the beginning but it has become the main topic of this campaign over the last couple of weeks and obviously we're not an 11th hour group that of adjoins this battle because.
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stick reasons we have been fighting this fight for years so people have trust in our ability not just to proclaim goals but to deliver. success to to walk the walk so to say. let's say you have good results how can you translate this good results into power here in the house. first the parliament has been strengthened through a higher rate of participation that i think we will use to impress on the council all willingness to shape. the policies for the next 5 years and in order to do that for democratic groups should come together and negotiate a game plan negotiate the major initiatives to be taken to. implement the mandate for change that we've got now the game is open which. leading
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candidate are you supporting but the greens not at this moment this is one bridge too far 1st talk substance then talk personalities the greens with this kind of results are the greens aiming for a top job in the institution 1st talk substance then talk jobs what is the substance of the substances. the 3 dimensions of climate change and vomits biodiversity number one number two's social inclusiveness and social justice and number 3 more democracy in europe thank you very much. all right max so we heard there from the grilling that isn't there is that we've heard a lot from the greens. go out next door had so we. well max are just hearing the
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strategy from the greens there so you know interesting points made there but what about the populists because this is the big question we were all asking ahead of this vote how well are they going to do and we don't see in france marion le pen perform well my test of union italy and they said they want to form a big powerful populist group in the european parliament will we see that actually turned out. well the voting total if you look at the vote total for the right wing populist it's about there where many expected it to be maybe a little lower so you can't say it's a victory all across the board they're probably not going to be able to fathom the necessary groups from the different countries to have the strongest group in the european parliament nevertheless you know they're clearly one of the winners of the evening with 2 real highlight wins for them and you mention them in france for example but in the pens. managed to beat out in monterrey mark hall's liberal party and in italy. they got a party.


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