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european party in france and nigel farage is party is the top party in britain so it's really france and england it is a sign of a europe which is changing. europe that is changing federico what's the sense where you are has salvini victory in italy meant that italy will now be the contrary that will be forming the new pan assholes front in the european parliament. well brian that's certainly what some of the really would like this big win for him is a win for nationalism at the european level and for his project of building a pan-european alliance of nationalist parties in the new european parliament however there are still some questions concerning this alliance and how much it will really be able to matter in the new european parliament the 1st question regard to how these these countries these parties that have committed to this
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alliance are going to be able to work together to show a united front when they have a conflicting interest in some respects they have they have different i feel the asians towards russia for example so how are they going to be able to work together and that the other question is whether other bigger groups more traditional groups inside the european parliament are going to consider building a maybe a deals with the south alliance this is something that he certainly would like that would enable him to be part of the big games and not just be marginalized as an opposition voice ok that is his big goal isn't it mainstreaming the national message in the european parliament but what about nationally he's made some real gains compared to the lastly european election how is this vote going to affect national politics and italy. absolutely i mean this has had
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it's going to have a big impact at the national level necessarily and there has been a huge dramatic shift in power here in italy and that's not only because of. a victory but also because the senior coalition partner in his coalition government and the papas 5 star movement and they have scored huge loss they've only not even been able to place themselves 2nd and 3rd with a 17 percent of votes and that is almost a half of what they got in last year's general election so their support really has gone down massively and there has been speculation here in italy in the last weeks whether a big win for a lead would mean that. his party would be tempted to pull the plug on the current coalition government on the current coalition with the 5 stars which has been extremely difficult since the start since last year and however and to salvini
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has rejected this speculation for now and he said again last night when he was here at the headquarters in milan that he still considers the 5 stars as an as an ally as a friend and that he's willing to keep working with the party but we'll have to see what happens in the next days ok we'll get more word from long though on that in the days ahead alex i'd like to wrap up this with a question to you about nigel farage demanding a seat at the bracks of talks as a result of his when and the european parliamentary elections or is he going to get that is he going to be sitting down now and helping determine where britain goes in the bracks of process. well you certainly can't rule that out and it does depend on who becomes the next leader of the conservative party in there for the next prime minister i don't think it would be impossible for example if it
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was boris johnson for him to decide that he does in some way have to bring. in to help because of them hemorrhaging so many votes to the brics it potsie the problem is though that has to be careful not to alienate those many other people including conservative party members who don't want to hog no deal breaks it and that's why you could see other candidates for example michael gove trying to be more careful about that but nobody can pretend that nigel for raj is not now a dominant force in british politics particularly over bricks it has come about because of this one man he has been pushing for this for many years it hasn't yet happened it should have happened on the 29th of march and so he is back and that is what he is trying to do and he's now proving to all the to the so-called elites to
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all the political parties that i'm a huge majority of people in the u.k. one breaks it to happen and want to leave and he cannot be ignored and it would be dangerous particular for the conservatives to ignore him ok and we'll see where he takes this from here alex thanks for that and thanks to federica baggio along as well. well here in germany on the americans governing coalition is assessing the damage after her conservatives and their social democrat partners in the coalition were dealt their worst score ever in european election history now the biggest winners were the german greens they doubled their show they're now germany's 2nd strongest party in brussels the far right populist if he also gaining ground especially among eastern germany. i sometimes reaction speak louder than words the german greens ecstatic as they watch
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their vote sarge this triumph belt off the back of young voters under climate emergency a warning shots of the country's government was the signal used the signal today is that the german government has been voted down as a result of its hesitation on climate protection and its failure to unify europe. up give your god yes we are fighting for european solidarity and strong climate protection emotional. at the c.d.u. party the watch dawn in dread not exactly drowning their sorrows but these results down 7 percent make for sobering reading as the party grapples with the country's shifting demographics. so i retired several there's certainly we have not been dynamic a nothing government and we fail to give convincing on says the voters across
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germany have expected of us in total and about. across town not their government coalition partners the s.p.d. it was a picture of fool frontal despair. they saw almost half their vote disappear 27 percent to 15 the party's leadership pleaded for members not to lose the faith. on. this mr i would like to ask all our s.p.d. members and supporters to take hot i'm still not confident me to the future even if today's results are painful they show us that we have a lot to do. for the far right if t. it was more a night of shot and freude than success i think the biggest cheer for the s.p.d. and c.d.u. losses. they had threatened an insurgency for to me and muster 10 percent
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the disappointment hard to hide. the again not going to produce to repair the e.u. to reduce the e.u. to its core work that is why we have been elected and that is what we are going to do in brussels. these may have been european elections but their results may well she cut domestic politics too. well just how much is the question to talk about that i'm joined by g.w. political correspondent simon young some of the traditional parties in here in germany take taking a real drubbing you know what does it look like white house is going to impact the mess of politics well i think it's unleashing renewed concerns about whether the parties are set properly to appeal to the electorate i mean this is an it's extraordinarily bad result for the tea government policies conservatives and social democrats between them they've lost 20 percent of the national support compared
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with the european election last time around and that's a pretty massive loss on both sides particularly the social democrats they've done terribly badly. you know they for instance were in power in in the original state of bremen which is also been held yesterday an election there for 73 years and they've lost control of that state that just shows you i mean that's reflected in the service to the city you yeah ok when we look at the greens spectacular results really better than even even they expected we're going have a lot more of that about that today from the green party headquarters why have they been so successful especially in getting out the youth vote yeah i think they have cause of the. environment and climate protection have been core issues of they is. the decades that is a topic that has come back lately particularly with the protest such as friday's
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feature that we've seen that have attracted a lot of young people and the fact that many young people in particular galvanized by the idea of europe and they have turned out to vote in this election has meant good things for the greens they say they're going to write this result here and it's pretty strong result for the greens in many other european countries as well they're going to use their influence in the european parliament they say they're going to try and bring about for instance a change in european agricultural policy they want to see smaller farms and less sort of big agri business that kind of thing but of course it's climate change that's the real core issue for them and we're going to be hearing from the greens very shortly because they'll be a press conference it will and there could be some you know controversial issues that they'll be confronting like the carbon tax for example which might not be
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a winner with voters we'll see about that let's talk about the far right deal turner for germany they were polling as high as 14 percent they came in on 11 percent as their leader. not selling particularly thrilled about the result result or are they losing momentum well i mean against that prediction they have lost some momentum that's true but i think that was quite a high prediction i think that i mean they're you're a skeptic party but they haven't put forward a very clear message insert perhaps that has cost them some votes now for instance there are some within the a.f.d. who support so will dictate the idea of that ultimately germany should you know either get the changes it wants will all leave the european union. not a popular position it's not a popular position and not even within the itself have a. member supported it. so there's been problems there's also been some funding
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scandals the parties been touched by and also the idea that they haven't put enough space between themselves and the austrian far right who've had this big scandal in the last week with you know the deputy chancellor there being sort of video offering support to russian supporters so these all if you like. a dog clouds around the f.t. that i think possibly have driven away some voters but we should point out they've done incredibly well in eastern germany coming top in at least a couple of the regional states and that's a big threat to the government as well the high voter turnout definitely benefited them at least to a certain degree as it did the greens voter turnout for european election elections has been traditionally when you compared to other your country strong here in germany this time around what was driving it was a climate change was of migration what were the big issues driving i think those 2 would the big issues i think voter turnout might have been boosted by the fact that
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we had that votes in the states of brendan's you got people going to the polls anyway there are also local municipal elections in least 10 states as well so you know people have that extra reason to get out and vote that shows that it's probably a good idea to bring his actions together on the same day as much as possible and they see this jump from 48 percent turnout was what we had last time now it's something over 60 percent so that's a big that's a big turnout for a european election shows shows that i think people are interested in these european issues as you say the climate migration and the economy more widely and possibly looking at brics and so on talking about the future of european integration and where the whole thing oh shit should eventually towards you know what about the american position wrapping it up. how strong is the c.d.u. on the governing coalition right now after the drubbing they took you know could we
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see new elections in germany or what are we looking at moving forward you know the several things i think i think new elections early elections are unlikely because these 2 government policies have done so poorly their own likely to say let's go off the votes is to give us another bad result any time soon they can let the thing run on as far as angela merkel is concerned she's kind of made us of a little bit of relevance in this campaign not appearing really very much and but now today off to a bad result she's trying to take some of the heat off the need policy leader and a great crime come about who has only been in the post for 6 months people are saying well this was her 1st electoral test and she failed it saying oh well maybe it was mistakes that i made the party as a whole saying well we have an appeal to young voters we haven't got on top of the social media and the sort of the digital media that young people are attracted to and where they get some of their information from so there's
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a lot of soul searching going on today but i think the in the bit in the smoke filled rooms of the smokeless rooms in the in the background people will be really studying these results and wondering how they can do better next on ok and over looking at where all those young voters went they went to the greens especially simon young thanks for now and we'll have live coverage of the german greens party press conference as following their success in the european elections that's coming up later in this program 1st though the far right have made strong gains in france pushing president across party into 2nd place so let's go now to paris where correspondent manual shahs is standing by for a 2nd morning manuelle real appends national rally beating him across party but only by a small margin according to the latest results here now what does that tell us about the strength of the populist in france right. well it doesn't 8000 is that the winning party yesterday was. a rally
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like he said he saw only by a small margin at that they'd be. a lot of public oh my gosh national rally won by 23.3 percent so that's only one point more. cross party each shows that dares to t.g. their campaign strategically paid off over politico the rest of the political landscape here in france older parties show dissension you can see that there is no longer a coherent left party in fresno socialist party no longer attracts voters neither the. party oh johnny. and it simply shows that the national rally managed to maintain some. 4 diverters which turned their backs to traditional party to choose to far right as the 1st put it to go forth and friends does this result president can he continue governing as he has. in the future
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moving forward while the party. the pressure was already on when you get a fast crisis started how they are ever since he had been elected in fact he had been elected by 60 percent of french people but more as a reaction against the far right the far right at the national that action to presidential election fanned out 40 percent that's a lot of support within the french population so the pressure was on for a minute and i come from the beginning it has only x.x. entreated ever since it has only increased to get of us a crisis so enough circles we heard that a prime minister had roughly had faded to his minister during the last come see that he would be here next week but he wasn't sure about his minister so maybe he's other ministers about the rest of his government so maybe we'll see some changes into coming weeks following that election because in any case does it really
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weakens a minute. a bit further in the french opinion ok so that we have a weakened president we have a strong national rally what is going to do now are the goals going to be to change how things get done in brussels or is the main priority going to be capitalizing on the political gains domestically in france. they will capitalize on that political gain iggy's that i mine the pants party more legitimacy oh so on a european level and as she called for a union of the european a far right now that's something that many on his say they don't see a likely happening because of the diverse opinions within the far right in europe but yesterday evening many look i am certain he will say through a spokesperson for the national of run. by that i was only 2223 you years old and he said that this opens the way for the formation of a powerful group in the us european parliament so we see that
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a national o'reilly really endeavored to implement all the changes they want to implement from within and no longer will try to destroy the european parliament has from without from outside of its ok and that is certainly a position that a material salvini and italy's interested in as well so we'll see those through no doubt working together in that area money or shows for now in paris thanks so very much thank you well as we've been reporting the german greens are looking at being the big winners from this election will be hearing more about that right now let's go to our correspondent. who's at the press conference for the german greens to see if we can bring that up right now mostly on a low we have you right now can you tell us what's the mood where you are there with the greens. so we're going to see in
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a couple of minutes the press conference by the head of the german green posse robot havoc and by that lead candidate for the german greens in the european elections spending gold and they're going to tell us what they're making off of their record results in this last european election that what we've seen last night that they greens have been gaining a lot of votes they have gaining specially strong amongst young voters but also among all age groups the greens were one of these clear when as of last night's european elections here in germany ok what is the assessment right now what is the sense in terms of the main issue that drove the greens success in this vote. of course we haven't heard yet from the green party leaders themselves yet they're going to speak in a couple of minutes but what we know so far is that there has been a lot of drive for the issues of climate change and environmental protection ahead of the european election campaign here in germany we've seen both i'm a large prostates about protected forests in germany that drove
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a lot of people are coming out front of our mental issues we've seen a lot of debate about how germany wants to access the coal industry is and we've seen a lot of debates and drive by young vote is going to the streets taking to the streets in the fridays for future movement and protesting for better climate policies in front of the german government ok so there's a sense that the greens managed to really get on board get on board the young voters will talk about that a little bit 1st let's go live now to the green party press conference. oh. this one's home or dishes 100 i'm creamer shoots from in arkansas so climate protection and you should get much of an investment in european projects as well as in france we need to have and vicious policy is for our european policy making and this is a clear message. in
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a clear message to us and the european parliament emerges strength and from these elections we've got to hire election. participation and tomorrow when they can get a lot of members which to try to determine the fate of europe it's clear to us that the european commission. has to take action and that means not talking about personnel 1st but talking about this new direction for european cohesion and climate change. is. good morning. so this is if someone had asked me what is the best election result you could have then. i would say this problem comes pretty close to
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succeed at all our expectations. and. we are very grateful for this the trust that the people have given us. this. is therefore something that. we have read about in the last few months with. the rising surge of support for the greens and this has not been translated into results. and we know. with this result we have a clear taishan we're now in the center of the political landscape. and for the party this is financially structurally. an immense task for us to solve my part we want to preserve this position
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and accept this task so we will concentrate. right on this task. with the knowledge that we have to work card. and. that's being kind of so there are many people here so we'll just have one question the time. and i would ask you to say you are briefly. a certain political office of the dumb i'm from the telegraph newspaper from amsterdam and. i wanted to ask. you about increased all prove to result in the elections. but it often comes to include out the banks or look you guys off they gave fighting in months or another person moments interception from the stimulus money wasn't going to be the capital commission
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would use the hard thinking well as you heard. we're concentrating on the substance of our sin for most him germany. when here are you still correlation no good negotiations and europe we have to form a majority with a common project that helps europe to move forward and here the pro europeans have to all sit together at a table that's the 1st point pro european miming position and the european parliament needs time for this negotiation these. one of them will have to see who out of the last candidate who can best fulfill the their requirement and this is not automatic that it's just the representative of the big coalition or the biggest political family that will lead this negotiation this will prove mr how thick the
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subtle stoplights you of course are going to do and so perhaps for you another question if you. i'm choosing the board. so in the lead if you have to find. the most suitable person which you density apartments or tell our students our mr of a passing only well as you just heard me out in human also i have not excluded any of the ladies can that is what that means it would certainly an apostle paul of a view that one of these went before. actually when i would but. we have to concentrate on my act if you want such at stake here as in climate change in which has become so important young people have gone on the streets and this has major climate change a reality right near people in germany didn't go into the streets to electorate partaking went out onto the streets to solve these problems and this doesn't depend
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on any particular person mr pans on the party program actual content which one is alone from the seduction newspaper mr have that when i saw you it yesterday on t.v. i had the impression that. you were quite surprised. actually perhaps too much for you weatherby such high expectations of the greens that this will be just i'm going to take this current source well and politics nothing is inevitable because it's a bigger fish there's no law of nature in terms of politics things can always change and moved. you from if you are in your underwear working to works of gaining more votes more trust in the issues that concern us so no we are not afraid of having a good election results but of course at the same time. our you're off move we know that we have. to rise to hopes that now have to be friends and this has
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consequences our clock which was that of all of course and the 1st $0.10 more likely just being pleased by the result. and you can be slightly years already what's worrying about what we all know that the pharmacy we have to actually deliver as well as of the future and use and you got scott because off as mr gold just said it before we have a very strong european parliamentary group that balance of power means that we really will be heard and moment we have to look not just at european elections but we have municipal elections coming up and if you see higher the marines are performing in the cities or in my federal state and. then you'll see that in many of the cities we've become the leading guard and we want to maintain just possession of these consolidated doesn't course that's an enormous task because i'm so if you were the one not afraid of it being too much
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for us not the total of what is but this is a clear mandate for as an interim course trance i think placed in others we have time to kill and we have to remove to go beyond the usual political ritual in this . environment hard right to exert insurers and wrote political support we have can only translate it into a clear political its mandate for climate protect protection. ok. you'll emulation make him go. you talked about being in the center of the political landscape and we know you want to be in government but whenever the next general election in germany is and 21 or before that well the greens have a candidate for the chancellor shipman who will it be said we are polluting the butler well i said i hope i hope i said and this is essentially what's called the bank actually not center of political power because this was an election for
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europeans in harlem and more recently also of course and we all know you can. that's my advice that you must forgotten this is a question of local government as well and for you how does this go to avoid risk all mine and we have achieved this good selection result because we are in the last few years and the last one and a half years we managed to go beyond that are the traditional political issue moves and that's in addition of course we have a substantive part of what we're going for us here it's a by providing orientation indicative of fog it's not a buyout providing speculation that would just disorientating as ugly and. even as valerie her national online. letters were that well you already said.


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