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tv   Quadriga  Deutsche Welle  May 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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we're going to have some climate impacts which are greater than we see. that. it's really frightening. perhaps. why aren't people more concerned. through 1st of all you. alone a very warm welcome indeed to a special edition of course coming to you from the heart of burlington and the people of europe who voted in an election to the european parliament across the continent against a populist far right parties including a narrow victory for marine le pen over president mccrone in france in germany
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meanwhile historic setbacks for chance on american conservatives and the social democrats a major surge and support though for the greens good news for europe an unexpectedly high turnout question here on what he gets today is votes in europe votes wake up call for brussels to discuss that question i'm joined here in the studio by derek scally who writes for the irish times and derek says pro e.u. forces have dodged a populist bullish with one last chance to deliver on the issues too big for individual member states above all he says climate change and also with us is show me show deal of freedoms journalist who report seeing french german and english and he cautions to not overstate the significance of the far right way to rake in from it's interesting stuff. and
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a very warm welcome to say the political activist current taylor who argues that even if there has been no major shift to the right in germany there is no guarantee that we are not heading towards the same developments as in france austria or hungary thank you all for being here today on a special edition of quadriga but to begin with you if i might's your oppose voted without a little bit of time now to digest the outcome what for you is the big story for me the big story is that the european vote is really. where a lot more interested in this election than in the previous ones as shown by this. voter turnout. i believe that was we had the highest turnout in 20 years in there and they say it's also true in france as well where i paid more attention to the results in france has this been said that this high turnout was completely
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unexpected what do you put it down to. well the fact is probably different from country to country yes you in france say well they there was definitely the there the campaign and the election had a very very highly domestic flavor. and there was this. quite of there was a strong a mobilization of voters due to. the one hand so unlike on the pro european side the rejection of populism the fear of like this this creeping. creeping or what do you want to call it wave of you know populism victories in various countries in and out of in europe and outside so this has mobilized voters who were who who wanted to put him and then to this and on the anti
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european side or more you know all more euro skeptic or a lot of situation there to be at also a lot of passion there. lots of voters wanted to send a message to my core you know we had these months of yellow vests protests. so. we could say this how it turned out in france didn't have. to do with with europe is that it was very domestically if what you say derogated the election was described by one commentator is a battle for the soul of europe as it was who won the battle i think common sense won the battle who finally we've voters and said right we understand there's always been this discrepancy between domestic politics and european politics and while the worst some countries france austria where domestic politics is really raging at the moment and that was for most in people's minds many other countries people are
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saying i always say we finally understand that european politics affects domestic politics and domestic politics affects your. in politics so they i think they're finally understood that they finally understood there are problems too big for nation states to tackle alone like climate change think the penny dropped because that argument has been argued for so you know the long haul and wishful thinking if you want because they're all every country is different obviously but i think people are realizing there are certain things just too big to handle on your own russia the u.s. and china how do we deal with them even if you're germany or too small so i think that but what i saw is i saw really a difference it is approached by voters that yes we will stick to the mainstream parties but we're breaking open this grand coalition in europe the european union has been effectively govern by a grand coalition center right center left and those parties by and large not have a by and large were punished and they said no we're going to vote for greens and liberals are near enough to do business with them on climate change on trade and let's not forget migration i mean 5 years ago everyone was talking about migration
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so i think the big message is you know voters are saying all decisions you visit you said to us give us a mandate to do business at european level and they're saying right we've given you the money no do the business and i think that's also interesting times ahead on the well you're delivering on climate change you know sit down and have real compromise because you've got the mandate and maybe for the last time this election was called before 100 i remember we talked to just a few days ago the most important european election in decades what did you learn from the election this weekend that there's no such thing as the one right wing populist movement in europe that is a very important point because we tend to have put them all in the same box for quite a long time they're absolutely absolutely and they try to get that message as well the meeting with salvini italy with all the really big post postures and big picture and what they try to fear create this fear that they are the the power the
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right wing power which is going to destroy europe and this is not going to happen as long as the movement and the other parties understand. and what their mandate is far right now as long as they understand that they need to be connected to what they are i would say to their national context this but also to the european parliament which has to take this power as a parliament of the people. and join the show in another show a lot of people out there in the big wide world don't quite understand the european elections maybe they understand them a little bit more after this weekend because he was passionate he was very involved they were interesting to totals going on but what is the message for the people outside europe why did the european elections matter of the european elections matter because well see we have we've been struggling with bricks it for years let's and one key message of the breast it is as you face less
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and elect your kratz well you see 400000000 voters were called to the polls last week this is the 2nd biggest democratic exercise after the very highly touted engine elections that took place a few weeks ago. so this is impressive over across 28 countries in europe. yeah those millions of people from from the caribbean where i'm from from martinique all the way to the arctic we're voting this week for for the same for all for one parliament that will have to work on common issues if this is not compelling i don't know what is this very evocative very generic democracy in action now ahead of this weekend's vote all eyes we've heard it's already were on the showing of the populist far right euro skeptic
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parties let's take a look at what's been going on. the party under italy's interior minister material salvini emerged as the country's strongest force but it remains uncertain whether the right wing factions of the european parliament can be united and france money in the pans national rally also came out on top. and in the u.k. nigel farage is frank's at the party was not successful but the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. where this british representatives will also lead the e.u. parliament. with 11 percent germany's far right a.f.d. party was less triumphant that many pro europeans have feared but one prominent critic truly won hands down in hungary the ruling rightwing feeders party under viktor obama received over 50 percent of the votes. the election victory means that hunk ariens gave us 3 tasks. foremost a task of stopping immigration all across europe. they gave us
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a task to defend the europe of nations and to protect christian culture in europe. seeking. can right wing parties sabotage the e.u. . that is the next big question karen you know you were talking about this just minutes ago coming right wing parties subbuteo come they do you rail the e.u. or the parliamentary process i would say now they count it makes you so optimistic the reason is that we've seen civil society and parties come across to form to to to correlate against these right wing populist movement and i believe that we've seen the danger of these populist movement and that the parties the democratic parties will not sit down and wait for them to set the agenda but on the
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other hand come up with the ordinary. if so that's why i'm really hopeful now as the attention is quite high on the european parliament on brussels it's as such that the parties will not just go back to business as usual but on the other hand come up with new solutions when we talk about we already mentioned climate change for example there's a huge mandate for the european union for the european parliament to actually regulate. nationwide solutions when it comes to to the climate climate change and we'll also see that this is one of the topics which just you move the younger part of the population and these younger parts are still hopeful so i believe as the big democratic parties don't want to lose. their constituencies when it comes to when it comes to young voters they really focus on on one hand working together you know on the other hand finding answers for for this problems which really concern the younger population. derek yes no i agree i think in the media this often i don't
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like to. be critical of my own trade but there's often an obsession with right wing parties or far right parties we often call them rotten far right you know or bonded very well but he has to try and find somebody to work with in the european parliament nobody you know our presence as far as i know nobody has the lighter to work with him he did very well in italy but otherwise i mean in germany we've all been obsessing over the alternative for george dorchin this far right party you know they had modest gains considering the chaos in the german government it's surprising that more people out of frustration didn't vote for them marine le pen pretty much held her position considering what's going on the streets of paris i was actually rather surprised that she she was still there and was a 2426 percent you know why didn't you know we often it's like the dog that didn't bark why didn't she get 30 percent of partly you know everyone is so frustrated with mark or my column was coming up behind her so you know i i often think with
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far right parties you always have to be careful you know that if the glass is one quarter fold it doesn't mean you know it's 3 quarters empty and that's what i saw across europe that we've just seen a shift is nevertheless less often said and often people know and also people in our business say that they say that yes we do know we'll know working in the age of identity politics and i go to you i mean you know nigel for all she's success in the u.k. little last week said let's not be afraid of all fruit fly king let's not be afraid of our identity the european union probably in a year's time so. for us i often go to europe in summits and to see journalists running after nigel for i mean literally rent a quote i mean he will do anything for a quote and journalists just inflate this into something bigger than what you did get britain to leave the european union let's not be but it doesn't matter for the future of europe probably not so because if the u.k. isn't in the european union that's another issue we can argue about what they're going to do to populism and u.k. politics but that's their. problem. a marine le pen is
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a serious force but let's look at the other parties who are constructive people the same voters mainstream voters just shifted their allegiances from the large parties to the small parties but they stayed within the mainstream and i think that's the message from these european elections ok just one more word on the other big issue that we have already talked now climate change on the show why now why is it suddenly the issue why are people gathering around and looking as though they are willing to make sacrifices and see certain strive for change i think well the is being. made a glass or maybe there could have been quite a few reports. alarming news reports experts report that i have that that have been in the media in the past months the rate of extinctions in their customs plastic pollution and of course the climate change in general so and in the past few months we've had this. empress
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of model as mobilization of teenagers high school kids around the turn bear from sweden so this has caught the public's eyes and all those teenagers have parents who are voters so maybe they've been talking at home with why they go why they skip school every friday so at some point. i say at last i mean if why now well why not 20 years ago and we have wasted our time a huge perhaps in european politics in the way that we communicate about politics listening to the youth force is this one reason why the 2 big parties the big tent parties here in germany the christian democrats the conservatives and on the other hand the social democrats is that why they are suddenly losing ground so seriously historic losses i think that's definitely one point and one reason why did
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a lot. so much but it's also because the messages were not clear enough the message just what they have been in for europe was a cause the parties were battling with very technical issues. when it comes to. the law sorry i'm missing the right. no when it comes to defending rights of us rights for example when it comes to the involvement of the unions and that in the labor market so these are very technical debates which don't really picture a big vision favorite euro which i'm not maybe you could even say not not sexy enough in order to really really really stick with the with the people and on the other hand you had the green party who had a very clear vision a very clear statement that's what we want to achieve i think that's what's missing
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with what the big democratic parties you know i mean the big questions everyone is in favor of climate change but how much are you allowed are you in favor of it costing you and that will be the big question because you know what are you prepared to do it out are you going to do it at your summer holiday and maybe take a train you know and that's the i mean graf has done it with her family she's terrorized into doing what she believes is the right thing to do well the rest of the european union be interested in the and i think her makes a very good point i mean there is a really big behind climate change which is you know everyone is in favor of saving the planet we would like to hope so on your sense of people but you know the whole welfare state in look at europe as a whole is on their turf i mean i come from aren't a country where lots of countries lots of big companies are paying very little tykes and they're sucking starving the continent of tax revenue which is means you know social services are suffering as a result will the new european parliament put pressure on governments to actually act against this you know we were starting to see it from countries like germany and so on but countries like iran are blocking so. you know fiscal dodging taxes if
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you're an amazon or google or a facebook is not consistent but investment in order to use it was interesting the greens at least 3 times in one evening i heard a green representative saying the color bookshop pays full taxes and i was in doesn't exactly sort of trying we need maybe we need some very aggressive to embark on fiscal issues but as indices are talking tax people's eyes glaze over but you know lots might work and so we don't really see that but i think definitely in a country like germany what you're seeing is people are saying you can't have 0 tire of climate policy you know and i think. her successor on a good compound or have been trying to do some sort of a business friendly climate politics and it's like well if your business is producing cars in your cars or polluting cities you can't really you have to try and turn the page turn the corner and i think the message from both of the 2 big parties definitely from the social democrats is they said we have understood climate change is real politics real politics requires real laws and unless we want
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to lose even more to the greens we have to react to that was the reaction we saw last night in germany which i thought was very interesting the 2 big parties are finally afraid enough that they're going to do credible climate policy yeah exactly . i'd like to see if any of you can explain for us a german would the significance of it why it has when people are saying it would get the shits and can be done model. quite a bit ago if you simple very very simple if you had the european their vision song contest which many people would say is the real heart of europe you know european elections every 5 years as well and go but you couldn't have your vision song contest if you didn't have shots and coming in from various countries you can't have a song being sung by nobody but our lead to come to kind of have a song being sung by committee and the involvement european union most people don't understand the parliament and the commission and the european council so you need to have a face you need of a face that you can associate where politics need to face you can associate policies and a face you can associate were promises so that if those promises. and to delivered
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the promises that person made 5 years ago you can punish them in their block on who is going to be the next face of europe nobody knows because if you look at it as blocks there are several blocks in the european parliament center right block center left bloc in the liberal and green left bloc and you have to you have to work out sort of a new a new a new majority in the parliament so the person who finished 1st was munfordville ever from the european people's party groups that's mostly conservatives an interest in democrats he may be the next president of the european commission but he might not be so it will all depend on the horse trading that's going to happen now but what i find is really interesting but also gives us a sense that european politics is almost taking on characteristics of national politics is after national elections the coalition you know the working majority depends on what will you give me for my support and the greens have made it quite clear we want more social policy wrong time and change policy and anyone who can promise us dot has our support anyone who doesn't think they can get our support
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for free aren't going to get our support so that makes european politics finally i think understandable to people who are more used to national horse trading ok talking about national politicians and national level politics 2 names haven't been of hardly be mentioned in our discussion in difficult times it is all the more disturbing perhaps that the much vaunted leadership turned them over angle a miracle and the money well micro appears to be grinding to a halt. in 2017 a man was won the french presidential runoff practically out of the blue with his pro european campaign and became the beacon for committed pro europeans mccomas seen as a modern reformer who would bring member countries closer together but what has become known as the yellow vest movement has now tarnished his once shiny image and now the right wing national rally on that marina can recede fewer votes than in the past election and still be party front is divided. first on doesn't china's bright
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as it once did either chancellor merkel form undisputed head of the e.u. is preparing to withdraw from politics her strict austerity measures throughout the european debt crisis sparked widespread protests like here in greece. in germany people demonstrated against keeping the bonus open for refugees to enter in the summer of 2015 critics say you have decisions helped strengthen the far right. with 23 percent of popular votes conservative christian democratic party just suffered historically poor results. will eat europe into the future now. ok let's study the question as it stands who will lead europe into the future no. wow. interesting question. we that we don't even know who is going to lead their european commission and. at derek's present go mr kissinger is
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knocking at the door he needs to know who he can for i need a name i need a face. well i think what we have angela merkel she sees staying in power until maybe 2021 and that's when her term ends and mccrone is also staying in power until 2022 there is i mean the odds are the tender is staying in place for the foreseeable future. there we will see if they recent there in the last week's election or upcoming elections have. repercussions on domestic politics in france and germany. well we have hope that they stay there for evidence of confidence for the famous turned and what are you to say. i believe the time they will have to actually work. together because for now and we
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see them across was really outspoken about his vision for euro there hasn't been a response all when there has been a response a quite negative response from the side of germany that was linked to the past election i believe now there is space for germany and france to come together for real this time and actually with this with having in mind it also is seeing the real trend off the right wing populist to really come up with a new vision so i believe it's going to be going to be 5 years in the only difficulty in germany is always an election somewhere as a federal state there's federal elections state elections and we've got this sort of tandem in germany we've got to stay on as chancellor but the party her part is now led by ana got to come qanbar and she had a real setback yesterday that was her 1st election in the store if you did not good no but she now has to go into a summer and she's facing autumn elections in eastern germany in places where the
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far right alternative for dawson are strong and getting stronger and once they're federal state they actually topped the poll in european elections so she now has to try and work find ways to work on the one hand progressive european politics on the other hand she's got the far right in eastern germany on her back and if she's seen to do anything that is sort of throwing crumbs to mark or he's talking about solidarity in europe and european social welfare and anything like that the people of europe want this more europe. i don't know. their country great and that's the issue and until they decide i think it's going to have the liberals on the greens will be decisive on whether enough more europe is going to solve our bigger problems ok people definitely want more direct i think lots of europeans actually do want more europe it's just that the leaders are terrified of there a euro skeptic force says that unfair. ok very positive now we've got on the positive no we're not opposed to no thanks so much we've been talking about. over
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giving you plenty of food for folk about next week and so long bye bye.
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i'm not thinking about that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whip it that. thinks even for german culture looking at stereotypes question but anyway i think you speak for the country but i'm not. yes needed seem to think for this drama day out thus it's all that bad news i might show to join
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me from the jevons on t.w. . post. just trying to earn a good google tourist guide for injuries booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our euro max series to the man of venice nightlights trust me i love you even once she was a swiss and looked like a fox waif like me described as the 15 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best interest. book now clearly covering with kong d.w. . this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped.
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this is news live from. boston. is joining forces to remove him with a vote of no confidence back to fox. which had been in government with him until just last week on the program european elections via the historic blow to germany's conservatives and left of center social democrats the leader of the governing c.d.u. admits the party failed to address concerns over climate change as the greed. of states in.


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