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this is the news live from. out. joining forces to remove him with a vote of no confidence back on the far right freedom party which had been in government until just last week on the program european elections via the historic blow to germany's conservatives and left of center social democrats the leader of the governing c.v. you admits the party failed to address concerns over climate change as the green. states in brussels. and nationalist vote in a number of european countries. welcome
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to the program. his government has been ousted after opposition parties joined forces and a vote of no confidence motion was backed by gold makers from the freedom party who are in coalition with courts until last week the party's leader. was forced to step down as vice chancellor after being caught in this video sting apparently offering government contracts and it's change for campaign donations they no confidence vote comes just a day after his party emerged strengthened from european elections. let's get more on this from austria broadcaster. correspondent steve shade welcome to day w steve so where did it all go wrong for sebastian kunz. where did it go wrong
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exactly right after he just missed his freedom party are in the coalition that's when it started to go wrong and the problem was that he had to come up with answers exactly why he was pushing the whole part of the partnership breaking out off and then he made himself into a convenient target for attack but if you want to go back to the gate and how. we can go into that if you have time for it. i think we covered that in the in the introduction so he was he was caught offering apparently offering the government contracts in exchange for financial support. he sees for these former coalition partners the freedom party they joined in the social democrats in this no confidence vote why. because they see an advantage by going it alone they know that they're out of that coalition and so they really really want it on
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the offensive in parliament this after it particular who was the former interior minister went on an all out offensive his quote was that since the breakup of the coalition sebastian quits his show a new in very ugly thing and that he's only interested in increasing it's out of power you know so that's the level that's the tone of the attacks. it's hard to imagine what possibilities there would be for any future coalition. after the election in september it looks like relations between the freedom party and the people party led by sebastian courts are forever. so that's why the freedom party adjoin the social democrats revenge why did the social democrats bring this bring of this move in the 1st place. they need dramatic action they. had terrible election results going back to the last snap
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election which led to the. freedom party coalition so the social democrats the very poorly there they did poorly over the weekend elections for parliament they need an issue to gain ground with and they see their best path forward as turning into the person who is single handedly responsible for plunging austria into political turmoil 2 times you forced the 2017 action now he's forcing another one so they see that there is some political capital to be gained by trying to pin it all on him not so much the freedom party so it was it was kind of bizarre watching proceedings in parliament with leader of the social democrats militant. talking about the new evil sebastian course and teaming up with the freedom party that's a that's a very odd set of partners to see in the austrian farm steve shade in vienna thank
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you so much for the. mainstream to centrist process of stuff a big losses in european parliamentary elections amongst them germany's ruling coalition of conservatives and social democrats speaking about the results the conservatives leader of knowledge that her party had failed to address the worries of younger voters especially over climate change. as the results came in at c.d.u. headquarters the scale of the night's losses became clear. a blow for the chancellor but not a reason to step down. from angola merkel is our elected chance not that we have to think things through we have no plans for a change in leadership because that's not decided by one party alone and chided that's at least i know. it was obvious things weren't going to see the use way even before polls closed once the votes were counted it was up to the party's leader to
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admit its shortcomings that's a keep this is the seeds to it this is the worst result for the c.d.u. in its entire history either at the european or the federal level. and i want to make it completely clear that this is not in line with our claim to be a big tent party folks but tiger faced with the c.d.u. once dominated german politics now voters are asking what the future holds dinka do you want your own car i think they need to put some thought into who's running things and perhaps also communicate more skillful astonished i don't think there's a bright side for them like there was after the last few elections. the greens on the other hand had every reason to celebrate a stunning performance built on their core topics of climate change and digitalisation never has the party been so successful in a nationwide election it doubled its share of the vote at the expense of the governing coalition. of the national level i would hope the government controlled
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the right conclusions from these elections and that doesn't mean party leaders should worry about what their party's needs are right now but that the government as the name suggests should actually start governing it preferably in terms of the key issues of climate protection and a pro european orientation. for the other party in germany's ruling coalition shock and disbelief the social democrats also face their worst ever result in a nationwide election. that is let's get more on this from my database that william no i blew. prof from bureau chief in brussels. welcome both let's start with you william so we have chancellor merkel's a c.d.u. coming in 1st here in germany despite losing votes as the s.p.d. a dismal 3rd also shedding significant numbers of voters those european parliament elections are they likely to affect the way the german government is constituted i mean it's hard to see how it won't the result of the european elections that we
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just saw has is just the next step in a long slow descent of these major parties here in germany and we've been talking for a long time how the c.d.u. this be known as this grand coalition the 2 traditionally largest parties in germany are not so grand anymore of losing support we saw this in the bonus tags evolve in the general election here in germany 2 years ago we're seeing it again reflected in the european election and there's a lot of pressure mounting up against them just a few days before the election we had the the so-called rate so effect of this you tube or who came out and then along with many many you tube affiliates coming out to really hit hard against the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. this was saying don't vote for them now of course you can't make a direct correlation that how much of an effect they really had but one thing is for certain. they do speak for a large portion of young voters especially young voters in germany who may have been influenced by this in the voter turnout and much hoffman this decline of the
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mainstream sense the left unsaid right parties this is not just a german phenomenon this is. well it the german decline of the big parties does account for a lot of the losses that the conservatives and the social democratic parties in europe sustained on sunday night i would say probably one of the biggest chunks also the conservatives in the u.k. the tory party there were some countries were a social democrats and conservatives were successful just for example social democrats in spain or in malta yes it's true of course overall both parties both factions lost a significant amount of seats in the european parliament that's why the whole process now to find for example a majority for the new you commission president will be more complicated and that's why here in brussels where i am those different political groups and the leaders of those groups are gearing up to try to find some kind of consensus against the anti european parties we're probably going to have
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a 1st meeting of those political leaders tonight but at the very latest tomorrow morning before the informal you summit that's taking place here in brussels where the leaders the heads of state and government will try to hash things out on their side and not the big winners of the night clearly the greens what will they offering that do in so many versions. i think you can describe that in 2 words climate change they really took that topic seriously have taken that topic seriously for decades now and it seems like especially young voters did not feel like the other parties especially the big center parties were reflecting the topic in an adequate weight and even those people we talked to last night here in brussels the public with the leaders of those groups for example from the german c.d.u. and generally speaking the european peoples party the c.d.u. is part of that political group and also the social democrats said as much they said we didn't take that topic seriously enough we need to change that that's why
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many here think that climate change and fighting climate change will have a much more prominent role in the next european parliament because also the big groups will try to integrate it into their policy ok so that they're all going to climb on this particular a bandwagon. when you. talk about through the age limit to this here in germany yeah there's no ignoring this i mean the read so effect that we are just for mentioning fridays for future the green party these all have serious significant overlaps i mean if you just look at at the end the 2017 national action here in germany the c.d.u. was still able to get 24 percent of 18 to 24 year olds and now we see here on this graph the base the voting base for the greens in the last yesterday's election here in germany 2 thirds of their voting base were under 35 so we can see that young people are really responding this climate crisis and they see the greens as the most credible party to bring about potential solutions for climate change thank you
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so much for that. while i have you. it is it seems to be unrelenting for the european union of the moment of problem after problem after problem and now there is australia which has no chance of what sort of reaction has not brought. to be fair that's not a problem for the european union but that's a problem for austria 1st of all we need to wait and see who's going to show up at that summit i mentioned earlier on tuesday it appears our correspondent in vienna thinks that it's still going to be the best encodes sort of a commissioner interims chancellor in that case who will be here but he'll be a lame duck so when. heads of government and state will hash out things here in brussels on tuesday night you know there are a couple of posts they need to decide on for example president of the e.u. commission or the future president of the e.u. council or the european central bank all crucial positions i'm not sure the
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austrians will have the say they would have expected before this crisis in austria . in brussels thank you know the blue cross thank you. rice and nationalist parties had been predicted to surge to success in european elections but things didn't quite work out that way. france's marine le pen was one of the far right leaders celebrating last night victory over the party president emmanuel mccall was razor thin but hugely symbolic she say's it means things will have to change in france in future. she was a soft cheerleader she believes he can get out of the situation where she finds himself tonight the failure to defeat the his experience you know is within reach and which she will play recklessly with the saying that an image will not work that is not what the french people expect. in britain and to european leader nigel farrar she also said the success of his bags party showed not just that britons
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want to leave the e.u. but that they also want politics to change fundamentally. but the most significant victory of the night went to material salvini is far right to lead party in italy. there when went beyond all expectations salvini said this was a sign that europe was about to undergo a transformation. not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k. nodule for raja's 1st italy france england it's the sign of a europe that is changing. but despite his success it's unlikely that slovenia will be able to fulfill his dream of working with other nationalists to turn the e.u. on its head from within the populace in other countries did not do as well meaning the far right will still be in a minority in the european parliament. and they're also divided among themselves
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hungary's anti immigrant leader viktor orban netted more than 50 percent of the vote but disagrees with other populists on a range of issues even so analysts say would be no longer possible or why the europe to go back to business as usual. given the gains made by such parties. the changing dynamics of politics in the media have been brought into sharp focus race and they asked some world leaders can test the legitimacy of journalists on their work this is one of the subjects being debated at the annual global media for hosted by that which started today in bonn in western germany one of the forums standout voices with japanese president german president frank. and d.-w. director general peter limburg discussed the shift in journalistic power towards large media platforms steinmeier says more and more people get their news from the
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likes of you tube and twitter leading to a polarized society. the tone has become much coarser sometimes even vicious especially on social media. since there is nothing left between black and white no compromise and thinking is possible and the one who presents other viewpoints and arguments is often treated as an opponent and enemy find 100 politicians researchers and journalists from $140.00 countries have come together in bonn to discuss the relationship between power and the media it's also a chance for t.w. to start a dialogue with its own audience the global media forum is an excellent chance for us to connect with our partners to w.'s broadcasting partners and for its own programs but it's very important to have a good connection with them and it's also important to have people around the globe
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coming here together and talking about media and shifting palos i think this is these are enough reasons to make this conference. for today's high ranking guests we'll discuss artificial intelligence the future of broadcasting and state censorship president's shimei are encourage journalists everywhere to continue to fight for a free press. buttons eden moot keep your courage to report on things that make governments uncomfortable democracy needs all of you. but beyond the encouragement there is entertainment as the heroic struggle for free media around the world goes on. and to some of the other stories making news around the world police in indonesia say they have arrested 6 people on suspicion of plotting to assassinate state officials during last week's riots in jakarta a spokesman showed forces confiscated 5 bullets and fake body armor protestors were
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killed during the riots over disputed election results police deny using life i mean if. you had a romania's ruling social democrats has lost his bid to have his corruption charges overturned and i live you drag me i must now serve 3 and a half years in prison he failed to convince an appeals court that he was not guilty of using his influence to procure fake jobs on the public payroll but to women who were actually working for his posse. france's interior minister says police have arrested a 24 year old man suspected of carrying out last week's bomb attack in the offices have been searching for a man seen cycling near the scene of the explosion 13 people were wounded with many requiring hospital treatment. protest leaders in sudan have called for a 2 day general strike on tuesday and wednesday the latest bid to press the ruling military council to transfer power to a civilian that. saddam's main opposition party has refused to support the strike a sign of division within the country's pro-democracy movement. u.s.
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president donald trump is in japan where he's been pressing prime minister shinzo to even a trade imbalance between the countries with the trumps on the 2nd day off his visit was the 1st international leader to meet. to meet japan's newly crowned or he took. a morning of pageantry at the imperial palace before a day of negotiations trump became the 1st foreign dignitary to meet japan's new emperor he too since the monarch ascended to the throne. but the u.s. president didn't only come to japan for a salute of on a. he's spending the day sitting down with prime minister shinzo to talk business. we've had some great talk on trade we've had some great talk on the military and we just gust of course north korea i think we've
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made a lot of progress or a lot of subjects we have to do a little catching up with japan because they've been doing much more business with us we'd like to do a little bit more business in the reverse the balance well we'll get the balance of trade i think straight now to rapidly early in the trip trump served up warnings about what he sees as an unfair trade balance he wants japan to buy more u.s. goods including military hardware. the u.s. and japan are both global financial giants unlike neighboring china japan isn't keen to engage in a tussle over tariffs there's no talk of an outright trade war for now for the 2 allies another day of diplomatic posturing lies ahead. and if successful it would be a significant shake up of the global car market italian american company futre
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chrysler is proposing the merger with france is ready to create one of the largest automakers in the world. knows supervisory board is discussing a merger asked proposed by fia tristar meanwhile on a french talk show the company's largest shareholder the government is supportive equal pay on time get the government as favorable to the move but as a rental shareholder we must look into the conditions of the deal after all the conditions of this merger must be good for the economic and industrial development of but also for the employees. the proposed merger would bring together 2 of the world's top 10 car makers and it could create a new number one in the global market more importantly both companies feel they could help each other get past their weaknesses or noise looking for a better footing in the u.s. car market meanwhile feel chrysler could use a strong partner to move ahead with new technologies including emo billet and
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autonomous driving. thank you so we'll start with tennis and roger federer returned with a bang to his 1st french open since 2015 the u.s. where speed is lorenzo a stunning go in straight sets 626464 federer was never really in danger and he just over an hour and 40 minutes to get the job done meanwhile it was a much different story for wimbledon champion and unique a cather the german was knocked out in the opening round by russia's anastasio part a program whose run 81st in the world in formula one was a desert run of 5 consecutive 1st and 2nd place finishes come to an end but to lewis hamilton is still top of the driver standings after winning the monaco grand prix on sunday the brit doesn't usually need a helping hand but he said he drew inspiration from the recent death of his friend formula one legend the he'll outta. a minute of silence for
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a 3 time world champion niki lauda who passed away at the age of 70 last week who is hamilton even more of this red helmet as a tribute to his mentor and friend hamilton later admitted he had a lot on his mind throughout the race the briton maintained his lead from pole position on the 1st corner but making him with some nifty attacks. off wreck paul hamilton situation was made more difficult because of tire problems he survived the onslaught with mercedes team boss toto wolff telling him that it was a performance the late niki lauda would have been told off lewis that's all that was a victory was to keep west on i believe it top congratulations. and emotional hamilton pay tribute to a fellow formula one legend. that was definitely probably the hardest race i think i've had but. nonetheless you know this is i really was fighting with the spirit nicky and he's been such
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a and influential person in our team helping us get to where we are so i know he'll be looking down and you know you take his head of today for paris sebastian fettle finished in 2nd but hamilton won't be easy to catch at the top he now holds a 17 point lead over teammate valtteri bottas in the championship. believe it will form the world wasn't the only event that had most racing fans glued to their screens this weekend with the indianapolis $500.00 also providing excitement a similar project in a bright yellow cost out of all opposition but faced a stiff competition from alexander rossi and pushed him to them the news for the president came out on top to take his 1st ever victory at the indy $500.00 and when it counted off the day with a traditional wilks celebration described victory as a dream come true.
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in football us sunday was party time in the city of munich as byron returned home after defeating leipzig 3 mil in the german cup final on saturday by and celebrated their domestic league on to cup double triumph in front of thousands of fans in the city center this is the 12th double it's tradition for the club to appear on the city hall balcony trophy is in hand 150000 fans i turned up to see a. nice reminder of our top stories at this hour austrian chancellor sebastian coe at the big house there after a vote of no confidence in his minority government the motion was backed by lawmakers from austria's far right freedom party who has been in coalition with course until a week ago when its leader stepped down after becoming a broken allegations of corruption. after a stunning blow for germany's conservatives and left of censure at the center of social democrats in european elections the head of the governing c.d.u.
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party admits that it failed to address worries about climate change rival green party more than doubled its shadow seats in. truth yet you could always get any news on the go just download data from google player from the apple store give you access to places you from around the world as well as push notifications for i mean breaking news crossing user to satisfy the terms and figures. this is coming next you don't need to use a sheet with finish i'll be back at the top. of the. oh
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boy. oh boy. the 1st.
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thing. they're super shocked. many rising selves away super secret and then you'll hear the jingling points and super rich definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how do germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such a low profile i have a snoop around to catch a glimpse. it is hard.
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to describe the super rich starts to tip doubling. the tempo of technology. with. the momentum of the board. made in germany. your business magazine d w. going to unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. returned to the. to visit friends i don't think i'll ever go back there to live you know what i live
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there again i don't know so i'm not sure. down witness global news that matters. made for mines. this is due to other news a shop coming up on the program is the wall that briscoe's. u.n. experts have me think so they say we're closer than we've been since world war 2. nuclear confrontation we're also going to express class. time shifting political landscape with the country in deadlock we take a look at the timing political divide in the country's north this man's unshakable grip loosening. times done for the.


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