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why aren't people more concerned. sure it's 131st w. o. o. t w news live from for land of rice begins for a new e.u. leader european heads of governments need to discuss who will take over from commission president john called younger but our friends in germany heading for a showdown over the issue. also coming up former u.s. governor arnold schwarzenegger teams up with swedish teen activists pressured to
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embark at a special climate conference in vienna at their goal to raise awareness about the threat to our planet. and the spike in knife crime in britain gangs of teenagers appeared to be carrying out brand of attacks especially in the capital london what is behind the violence. but a big surprise in german football outsiders you know in berlin make their way into the bundesliga for the 1st time to tell the story up on the details of last night's nerve racking playoff match against stuttgart. i'm sorry kelly walked into the program leaders are meeting today to talk about who will take over some of the blocks key roles following last week's elections to the european parliament among the jobs up for grabs is commission president a role currently held by. german chancellor angela merkel says that she wants
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a decision to be taken quickly but she is at odds with france's president emmanuel mccrone over how the kind of it should be chosen more on that in just a moment 1st a look at some of the candidates in the running. vest aga to months or veba. the elections are over but the race to succeed as the next commission president has just started. too many he is the front runner manfred veba the lead candidate of the largest group in the problem and the conservative european peoples party despite a loss of $38.00 seats his group and him still claim the e.u.'s top job but brokering a majority in parliament will likely prove difficult for fans to moments from the social democrats it will be even more difficult the dutchman's s. and d.
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group came in 2nd with a total loss of 40 seats even if you manage to form a coalition with the greens liberals and the left party c. would still fall short of a majority in parliament. it is the 1st time in 40 years that the big center right and center left groups aren't able to control a majority of seats in the european parliament so some think she might come out as the winner. the best of denmark this serving competition commissioner didn't run as an official candidate during the campaign however after her liberal alliance made strong gains she made clear that she is up for the presidency in the end it will be up to them the leaders of the member states will choose their nominee for the job and it might be somebody nobody has on the list just gets i'm joined now by correspondent teri schultz in brussels terry let's start with that role of president of the european commission that we just heard about why is there so much
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focus on this job. well this is the most powerful job in brussels the most visible job in brussels not only is the commission the only institution with the power to propose legislation but the president of the european commission gets to do all out a bunch of other very important jobs each member state will propose a commission a commission candidate to the president but he or she will get to decide which job they get and some of those are very powerful if you've got the foreign policy ducey or trade or energy that's a lot different than having fishery or sports so all of that is in the hands of the european commission president so it's no surprise that everyone wants to have their say on just who that person is and there have to have to say that there is some disunity among european leaders about how the next candidate should be chosen man should be a top candidate of the european people's party had once again made clear that he sees himself as a legitimate do president of the commission let's have
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a listen. because you get the basis for our talks over the next few days is the election result the people have given us a clear mandate and politicians should take the will of the people seriously we got the best election result of the european people's party is number one in 17 countries that gives us. as a candidate the basis for the talks we are now holding. so terry if you likely to be the next president. well unfortunately for a man for very or his party may still be number one but together with this coalition partner the socialist and democrats they no longer have enough cease to simply bind together and push their decisions through so he's going to have to get support from another party and it's not at all clear that he has it and in fact even french president manuma clone openly does not support of ever he wants the liberal party candidate margret's investing now there are even some subtle signs that chancellor merkel may be amenable to the idea of not necessarily having the
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european commission president come from germany she may have her eyes on the open seat of european central bank that's another of the seats that opens up at the open at the same time right now with the european council president and with the european parliament president and all of these seas are decided in tandem they're all part of a huge bargaining process and no country is going to be able to solidify its power in more than one of these jobs without a lot of negotiation so this is another reason why we are seeing so much jostling so much arguing over how these people are chosen and who it's going to be and as we head into a european union summit tonight we know that chancellor merkel and president mccone are meeting ahead of the summit to try to tee up a franco german compromise but even if they do there are 26 other member countries who are going to want to have their input into how these jobs are chosen there are such important jobs and the positions last for the next 5 years so no one is going
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to be complacent about who gets these positions are teri schultz in brussels thank you. the austrian world summit on climate action is underway in vienna organizers are urging world leaders to stick to the agreements outlined in the paris accord and publish new commitments by next year it is the brainchild of former california governor arnold schwarzenegger also in attendance is swedish climate activists gratitude she's inspired tens of thousands of young people around the world with her fridays for futures to strike and when her speech she had a stark message for the audience of a list during the last months millions of children have been school striking for the climate's gaining lots of attention for the climate crisis but we children are not the leaders. nor are the scientists unfortunately. but many of you here today are. presidents celebrities
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politicians c.e.o.'s and journalists people listen to you. they are influenced by you. and therefore you have an enormous responsibility. and let's be honest this is a responsibility that most of you have paid to take talk now about that enormous responsibility i'm joined by my colleague john from our environment desk i mean you really see it there a call for action as we've heard from her time and time again how high is the hope for that action right now i think it's really high and increasingly it's growing within turkey in europe for instance on the back of these european elections where green party source across the continent and with things like christian by friday if the future movement for instance in the u.k. this extinction rebellion protests for the very i think people are really starting
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to recognize the importance of climate change in their daily lives and i started to model more from government officials to actually do something about it so they're demanding more but you know so far we haven't really seen that sort of dramatic action but one place where we are at least seeing something and would like to highlight that right now is the european state of luxembourg they're taking the bus or the tram may soon be free of charge to make more people renounce their cars have a look. at another traffic jam and luxemburg a daily nuisance but the minister for mobility says this is going to change luxembourg is said to become the 1st country in the world to offer free use of on public transport nationwide by 2020 emission i for fish we simply have to understand that a car is not always the ideal mode of transport in urban areas of course we have to offer people alternatives and that means we have to invest a lot more in the studio with expanding the rail network alone will cost luxembourg
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around 2200000000 euros the goal is to make it possible to transfer to the tram bus or bike hall aleck trick of course in particular the idea is to get the 200000 commuters who travel daily from belgium france and germany 70 percent of them by car. to switch to public transit to achieve this park and ride spaces are being doubled and car lanes are being replaced by tram lines. that's for. sure in the past when office space was being planned you had to provide a minimum number of parking spaces 4 years ago we turned this around so now the number of parking spots is limited. in the. federal fields as the transport authorities control center the hub of data from across the system if there are delays additional vehicles are dispatched after all people will only switch to public transport if they can count on quality and
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service but ticket machines will remain at the train stations those who prefer to ride 1st class will still have to pay. ok so just one initiative there i mean but you know if we look at in the grand scheme of things really just a drop in the bucket reducing carbon emissions what else needs to be done. so much more needs to be done but it's very hard to talk about these concrete without sort of understanding how influential these different places so one of the big issues and this may be the focus of the conference things like saving biodiversity and sort of damage we're doing to nature. but one of the problems i think a lot of the activists find all of the scientists find is that because these issues the 7th link but they're also quite abstract it's very difficult for people to really engage with them and that's why one of the fixes of the conference which i thought were interesting is about climate communication and how to get people to care about how to get people to take action on it and i think that's one thing we
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see with figures like. and gratitude. i mean they come from completely different backgrounds. 71 year old action star bodybuilder and a 16 year old school go. stree impacts all over the world with really being able to communicate a message around climate that scientists say they're struggling to get across. i think as a focus that definitely give the more room to be able to actually engage with people and get them to go through that maybe more dense pollutions around say green financing or divestment from fossil fuels and so on i don't know from our environment desk thank you thank you. that's a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world malaysia will send back 3000 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste to countries including britain and the united states malaysia last year became the world's main destination for plastic waste after china banned its imports days ago the
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philippines said that it would return tons of trash to canada. at least 40 people have been killed in prison riots in brazil authorities say that the deadly clashes were sparked by fights between rival gangs in 3 different jails across the town of mag now the government has mobilized additional staff to secure the prisons and a man armed with knives has killed 2 people including a child in a stabbing spree near tokyo japanese media report the suspect killed himself after the attack which targeted schoolgirls waiting for a bus during the morning rush hour. reports from britain show that knife crime is on the rise throughout the country the number of attacks has soared with nearly 300 people stabbed to death last year the problems especially cute in the capital london they're members of ethnic minorities and gangs are disproportionately affected both as victims and perpetrators as we report there's
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been much criticism over the government's response. to new day a new crime scene last night here in east london a 15 year old was stabbed to death with a knife. social worker paul mckenzie is visited many such crime scenes but this time it really gets to him the victim was afraid the business you were drawn. to certain to watch isn't did you see these these are everywhere you see a bunch of flowers years ago and it meant something you really sort of went over there read the request and it's just like i was too many to read more the only because somebody wanted to prove something to somebody else. that's that's the sad thing is that life has become a point system. and now somebody somewhere say. they know that and that person gets respect. after all it's a case of rivalry between members of youth gangs but innocent bystanders can also
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fall victim to knife crime and some guy nice knifing someone is proof a youngster is worthy of belonging to a guy who was. looking at logic 13 years old being arrested for not but. what happened. mackenzie talks to gang members and makes videos to show how quickly things are deteriorating in some parts of london. why do you carry a 15 inch not quite a big and you get scared if you say. because i don't want someone to put up with me let china kill me. oh please. i don't want to die. all mckenzie feels that the government doesn't take knife crime seriously enough he supports an initiative which demands that the governments treat the violence as a national emergency you know you make. this was my son i say it was more emergency
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for us and in 15. weeks that nephew he died for not crime the 5th of february the city. is not. in some neighborhoods young people don't leave home without a knife as they think they must be prepared to defend themselves. jason isaacs was stabbed to death one and a half years ago he was shown kendall's eldest son. now her younger children always have to come home straight from school because she fears for their lives jason was killed early in the evening when he was out with a few friends. jesse was with for friends so 5 of them and yet to run for their lives and they all were in different directions and jessen got car and stabs 8 times. jason was targeted by
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a gun which he himself had nothing to do with everyone that knew jess and you always hope you're christian which was nice because every and every time he went our physical eyes i was i love you mom case and that's what we got that night and we did everything together really we he was a very family person. jason's killer was caught he was just 17 time rap videos of him and his gun can be seen from the internet known as drill the style of hip hop is very popular with british youths. talk about stabbing people in the back which is what they do and jason obviously was stabbed in the in the park so. the issue here is a systemic one violence is normalised now unless we start looking. for
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ever above the young people were never going to get to the bottom of this many values in the new belief systems they need to believe there is a future it's up to some of these young people become so you post 20 and any society that has a generation of young people at cons 3 past 20 you've got it you've got to address that from above. it's not recall mackenzie knows there aren't any quick fixes to the situation the british government is now committed itself to investing in youth work and strengthening the police presence. everyone knows the problem has simply become too large to ignore you watching t.v. having a name still to come in the program the fans from this berlin football club celebrate as their team it's history will tell you why in just a few moments. but 1st at least 11 people are known to have died trying to climb the world's highest peak mount everest the season more are
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believed to have suffered from altitude sickness caused by low amounts of oxygen but a number of the deaths are being blamed on overcrowding. they came for an adventure in the remotest place on earth they got queues carnage and tragedy. the man who filmed this long breathless crawl to the top of everest turned back fearing for his life it has become a death race there because there was massive traffic jam and people are pushing themselves for not even care people of doing it they do it to try to summit and they instead of summiting they kill themselves and it's turned into a bad thing and i think people should really look into it. the reason for the sneaking lines of mountaineers at the top of the world a record number of parent and a narrow window of good weather the delays made the already extreme conditions worse according to this climber who has the scars to prove it.
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but i had to wait a while for the traffic to decrease so we could go. back that because of that i was very cold and i was protecting myself and that i needed that if there was no traffic then maybe this frostbite would not have happened. robin fisher is one of the levin people to have died this season he shot this video describing the conditions as he set out for the summit. but it is at the death zone near the hillary step where the congestion is most dangerous to resume officials have promised to implement safety barriers but. the number of climbers who come to our mountains is actually quite low compared to other countries we're not going to fix or limit the number of climbers we're trying
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to get more tourists and climbers to come to nepal by giving them better facilities and safety we want to encourage them to come for both pleasure and fame. as cleanup operations gets underway on everest it's not just rubbish to collecting 4 more bodies were plucked off the mountain another reminder that the pursuit of pleasure and fame can come at a grievous price. now some soccer news and union berlin have made history they are moving up to germany's top tier for the 1st time and they are relegated to the guard in the process union were in pole position after drawing the 1st lead to 2 and stood guard with a partisan crowd behind them the scene was set for a tense night of soccer in berlin. the omens weren't good for in your own only 2 2nd tier clubs had won the biggest league a playoff battle in the last 10 attempts but with the backing of a typically raucous home crowd to await goals in their locker he would have been
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confident of bucking the trend but stuttgart started better and dennis ogle looked like he'd scored a beauty of a free kick but the video assistant referee spotted an off site no goal no military main at halftime despite stuttgart sweating blood for the cause the new one came into the game after the break this was the 2nd time they were foiled by the woodwork. french world cup when a pub var came closest to rescuing the day for stuttgart. but in your own held on i 5 nil nil the final score but unions 2 goals last week in swabian meant they had finally reached the promised land the new owner promoted to germany's top tier for the 1st time and the fans joined their heroes on the pitch to celebrate their moment in history. our next story takes us to a place in ghana known as sodom and gomorrah the dumping ground is the size of 20 football pitches and it's filled with electronic waste posing
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a serious threat to the environment but one woman has made it her business to make art from the waist in order to reduce its harmful effects. pretty cool earrings right well damage from the west leaves country chairs are also upside cult just like these funky coffee table and design of painting turns trash into treasure she . finds tyrone material and book at chris dump site for electronic west it's a place where old computers and keyboards wind up along with stacks of car tires the smell of burning rubber and a lot of people here upon the trash to recover pieces of coal power that they can sell on but much needed a pain it's not hunted for culpa she's on the lookout for inspiration to know what's going to work with anything whether it's broken all is new or old boy that's not how it was is that we clean them once in
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a while come to store final principles for real so we pick up what ever we clean from the new job and also looking at i guess the rights of the way but the we focus more on the end result of what will become almost. the 1st stage of the transformation is a good clean then the material is cut into small pieces. and send it down to make smooth ages finally matilda paint puts the finishing touches to how unique earrings. my children's projects require time and teamwork what the team certainly isn't lacking is imagination that they can try on all generate electric scrap into lampshades tables or clocks and matilda paint regularly exhibits have designs on conferences objects not
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only i can't think they are opening to i think rather than take all this amazing stuff that all this money has been poured into and just put the world with it why not turn it into art or turn it into the food that feeds people tomorrow so it makes total sense and it's good for people it's good for the world so i think the whole idea of turning trash into treasure is one that is right so cool because. a lot of places across the world were having a problem with an increase in waste and like managing a ways to getting rid of it matilda pain has won several awards. creative way of doing heartbeat for the environment and she has even bigger things planned for the company. we are looking that it's been able to and. therefore would love to train more women to which are into what we're doing now to be able to study your own business is also like to empower the youth expression
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which we come to produce like us innovate social enterprise like us for every item sold. already donates 5 percent of the money she mixed to the education of underprivileged young girls she doesn't only want to bring these carded items back to life she also wants to give something back to society. quick reminder now of the top stories we're following for you here on news european leaders are set to meet in brussels today 2 days after elections they will be discussing the candidates for the top jobs including the next commission president. and former u.s. governor almost $42.00 negra and a swedish activist pressure to in bericht i've opened a climate conference in the austrian capital vienna the 2 are joining forces to urge the world to take more action to stave off the threat to our planet. and to have it you can always get to news on the go just download our out from google
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play or from the out will store it will give you access to all of the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. and with that you're up to date i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching coming up next new ways to fight crime in close up to current affairs documentary internet.
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it's better than any thrill of. new ways to buy crime. crime scenes are preserved in virtual form break ins can be predicted in advance and autopsies conducted without a scalpel what used to be science fiction has now become reality high tech law
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enforcement. close up next on d w. a but if you when i arrived here i slept with single people in a room. it was hard i was for. i even got white hair. then 10 language head nodding off this keeps me and click the button you need to entrust the flavor you want to know their story the migrants are fighting and reliable information for margaret. strine an early look good tourist guide for entrepreneurs booming capital i love berlin and the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our euro max series given
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a man had to finance one likes or doesn't mean i love even once she was a citizen who looked like the tough choice like me described as the 50 nations 50 story and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best interest. book no money for lent every week. d.w. . this investigator is using virtual reality technology to digitally revisit the scene of the murder. law enforcement across europe working with the latest tech to track down criminals and even prevent crimes before they happen. but.
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he was caught he was trapped. i mean he was this. person.


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