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this is news live from berlin the race to top jobs begins how european heads of government meets in brussels to discuss a replacement full commission president. but france and germany should be heading for a showdown over the issue also on the program social media the leader of germany's conservatives appears to call for limits to free speech after he says people should boycott posse. plus human rights watch accuses egyptian forces of committing widespread abuses and war crimes against civilians in. the country is the worst insurgency in isolation since it has documented crimes including torture and extrajudicial killings one of the reports that. the big surprise in german
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football is outside was. reached the bundesliga for the 1st time in the club's history to go into details of last night's relegation match. welcome to the program. and you had government to beginning the search for a new generation of a you senior bureaucrats following last week's parliamentary elections want to keep job up for grabs is that of commission president which is currently held by sean told you german chancellor angela merkel is backing a fellow german concert conservative but she is at odds with french president emmanuel mccraw over how confident should be chosen more on that in a moment 1st let's take a look at some of the conference vest aga to months
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or veba the elections are over but the race to succeed. as the next commission president has just started too many he is the front runner manfred veba the lead candidate of the largest group in the problem and the conservative european peoples party despite a loss of 38 seats his group and him still claim the e.u.'s top job but brokering a majority in parliament will likely prove difficult for fans to moments from the social democrats it will be even more difficult the dutchman's s. indeed group came in 2nd with a total loss of 40 seats even if he managed to form a coalition with the greens liberals and the left party he would still fall short of a majority in parliament. it is the 1st time in 40 years that the big center right
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and center left groups aren't able to control a majority of seats in the european parliament so some think she might come out as the winner. the vest denmark this serving competition commissioner didn't run as an official candidate during the campaign however after her liberal alliance made strong gains she made clear that she is up for the presidency. in the end it will be up to them the leaders of the member states will choose their nominee for the job and it might be somebody nobody has on the list just get. through this with brussels bureau chief. max is that yet consensus around the successor. for anyone to have a chance at all france and germany will have to agree and coming in to this informal summit here in brussels call it didn't seem to agree exactly now what did
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the german chancellor say i'm going to machall she said she still supported the candidate of her party of the european peoples party so the conservatives. call is known to not wanting to do that and he said he wanted somebody with experience to have the top job in the e.u. commission you have to know that months so far hasn't governed anywhere not in germany and not on the european level so this could be interpreted as a jab against. an american on the other hand if you want to follow me for the next year said that everybody has to be careful with each other and my interpretation for this would be that she is ready to discuss other candidates if she has the feeling that supporting months might cause a fight within the circle of the leaders ok so what we're used to hearing is. just outline for us why there is so much focus on. president's commission.
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it is considered the top job within the e.u. institutions because you commission is the only one that can initiate legislation they also implement the decisions of the member states and if the european union had a government this is you know this comes closest to an actual to an actual government but make no mistake you know the real power or more of the real power still lies with the member states but it's a highly symbolic post and like i said within the e.u. institutions it's the one with the most power so when should we expect a decision there are some hints here 1st of all i get a makeover very typical said we still have a lot of time but should try to reach a conclusion until the new e.u. parliament that has to agree also on the. commission president convenes for the 1st time that will take place at the beginning of july and conveniently the heads of state and government so the european council at the summit the next summit will
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convene at the end of june so they will try to reach an agreement right there but given the situation we have not only among the leaders but also in the e.u. parliament where the 2 top groups no longer have a majority so the social democrats and the conservatives it has gotten so complicated that some experts here in brussels think that the whole personnel carrier cell as it is called here is so all those decisions that extend also beyond the president of the e.u. commission might drag on until the end of the year. but not complexity is interesting because it was just about we tend to talk about the role of germany and france in this and so it's down to them and they sort it out but there are $28.00 states involved in this and i'm guessing some of the smaller states want their voices. right you have to you need a balance and that's always what makes it complicated 1st of all you need france and germany that are happy but you also need somebody from the east of the group
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for example with the czech republic poland hungary and slovakia they will probably want their voices to be made heard so maybe they are candidates let's say for the presidency of the e.u. council a different institution of the european union and you also have spain that have had not no one in the last 5 years so we expect them to be very vocal as well you need a balance between north and south you need a balance between the social democrats and the conservatives that's the puzzle they have to figure out 3 dimensional chess in french. brussels thank you. germany's established parties lost significant numbers of voters in sunday's european elections now the head of the country's a conservative c.d.u. party wants to start a debate about whether opinions expressed on lie ahead of elections should be regulated as you can imagine that has provoked quite a backlash due to the back of business has been looking into what critics say is a call for censorship from the woman who could succeed under the merkel german
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chancellor welcome rebecca resists tell us more well fill it all started with a video that was making the rounds online in the lead up to the european election on the weekend it was called the destruction of the c.d.u. and was made by a 26 year old german blogger called reza and it was signed by another 70 influential you tube is so it called for voters to boycott the conservative c.d.u. and c.s.u. parties. that's the leading party that angle a miracle party here in germany and also called to boycott the other coalition partners the social democrats was also critical of the far right alternative for germany the beacon it focused on the cd you know videos main thesis was that the german coalition government was really out of touch with young voters and especially when it came to topics like the environment so it was viewed more than 11000000 times in the lead up to the election today it's been viewed nearly 13000000 times and now we all know the historic losses that the c.d.u.
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made in the european election and addressing those losses at a press conference yesterday on a great credit card about the leader of the c.d.u. criticize the video and then questioned the regulations around influencing political opinion on the internet and whether or not they should have the same standards as as regular journalism. why don't we hear some of what you have to say . it's a sure question when it comes to shaping public opinion is what are the rules from the analog realm and which rules should apply to the digital realm we'll tackle this discussion this white aggressively. she's always they faced massive backlash for those comments of people accusing her of advocating online censorship so social media is rife with criticism what would you tell us more about. well. the twitter storm the top 3 trending topics in twitter in germany are all about this one user
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replied directly to a tweet from saying the destruction of the c.d.u. as a party of the domestic center with statements like your view or destroying yourself even traditional supporters have been ruffled by this incident this one said as a long time c.v. you voter i'm shocked how you deal with opinions in digital media and digital channels in general such strong statements show that you don't consider you isn't able to lead our country into the digital future and isn't a viable choice for me anymore another state social media analyst tweeted where else are they trying this approach oh right egypt where influences with more than 5000 followers are treated like media outlets and controlled by the government probably not an example to follow so the backlash has been fierce despite toning down the words in the aftermath of this incident so issues like this is just let this slide or will all change i think it's unlikely that the law will change it's
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pretty unpopular even with her own within our own party the c.d.u. and even if it were in favor let's say that there there really governing in a coalition and the s.p.d. were there in a coalition with the general secretary has come out and said that these comments are absurd even members of our own party have come out to be very critical in lash out he's the c.d.u. state premier of north run west fall and he spoke today to a little earlier this is what he had to say. just because it says god. says your money is basic law which just turned $70.00 and was drawn up here in bonn stipulates that everybody has the right in various forms to express their opinion and you tube is a new medium that wasn't around back then but the law would certainly have applied to it so it's not journalism it's an expression of opinion and expression of opinions are not supposed to be regulated. kind of a good deal so you have very little support even from within her own party but so
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little time to change but her comments probably want too much to build bridges with the thought rebecca written thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a man armed with knives has killed 2 people including a child in a stabbing spree mia tokyo japanese media report the suspect killed himself after the attack which targeted schoolgirls waiting for a bus during the morning rush hour. a court in iraq has passed death sentences on 2 more french former members of the islamic state militant group brings to 6 the number of french former jihad is condemned in iraq this week the men were detained in syria by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces and handed over to baghdad. a hiker who survived for 17 days with a broken leg in a hawaiian forest has been welcomed home by her local community amanda elephant mowery went missing on the 8th of may she drank
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a stream of water and plants until she was spotted from a helicopter and rescued on saturday. opposition groups in sudan are holding a 2 day strike to protest the slow pace of talks with the ruling military council to go sation same to transferring power to the civilian authorities told this week the 2 sides agreed to a 3 year transition period a cabinet and a legislature. now a new report by human rights watch accuses egyptian security forces and jihad just insurgents of committing war crimes against civilians in egypt's turbulent north sinai region egypt has been fighting an islamist insurgency in north sinai since 2013 when the army overthrew the democratically elected islam as president mohamed morsi during a 2 year investigation human rights watch says it documented crimes including torture and extra judicial killings for its latest reports offer a rare glimpse into a region from which journalists are effectively back. i'm maggie is
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a researcher for the middle east and north africa for human rights watch and co-author of this report i welcome. now you say these acts are being committed by egyptian security forces and by jihad just against who and for what most. thank you for your time this reports we document serious abuses including war crimes committed by both the government forces many of the army and the men it's a group that did at the agents to isis in sinai in 2014 and codes itself sinai province the abuses. fell victim to these abuses and increasingly has been caught in the fight between the government and this group the army claims that the berbers of the expanding military operations for the past
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almost 80 years is to protect civilians and to preserve security in the area but actually given given what the army says why is the army why as far as you can tell is the army targeting civilians and treating them in this way because the army and security agencies mentality in egypt is to function outside the law without the slightest judicial oversight and without abiding by local and international human rights low the army takes the sinai residents as suspects by default this has actually been. an enduring problem sinai has been marginalized for decades by successive governments or so they tell you they take civilians and presume them to be jihad is this maltreatment that you're allege this is as well as punishment in order to extract information what is the because it's not just one of the suspects they are members of the group it's just even if they suspect they are
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sympathizers to the islamists or just have a relative who joined islamist groups or whatever and that arbitrary nature. arrested over 12000 people. and area that's not populated the less than half a 1000000 people live in north sinai the victims thousands of families and forcibly evicted them and demolished their homes very often without offering any alternative housing or compensations and that shows what we are talking about in the report as utter disregard to the civilian lives and again. we. don't stand people's houses. the same people who they say they are trying to protect when you put these allegations to see you know this is do they accept this do they say this is some rogue elements so the army statement just came out like an hour ago responding to
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our reports it's very generic saying that we committed you know. doing and told. the army never actually in a fight that extended over 80 years never any figures on civilians even by mistake like just acknowledging civilians had by mistake they are made of his is to do so the army. perceives the nation as a security threat rather than winning the hearts and minds of the people to overcome the obstacle of the insurgency in the region that has been doing for a few years the actually managed to alienate the public and the local population and make them number 2 they are. really interesting thank you for joining us from human rights thank you so much. the next story takes us to gone to an area the size of 24 pictures of electronic waste despite the serious threat to the environment one woman has made it her business to create art from the waist opened to reduce
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its harmful effects. pretty cool earrings right well they're made from the west these comfy chairs are also upside cult just like these funky coffee table design a painting turns trash into treasure she finds her roll material and both proceed chris dumpsite for trying to quest it's a place where old computers and keyboards wind up along with stacks of car tires the smell of burning rubber fills the air a lot of people here farm the trash to recover pieces of coal power that they can sell on but much of the pain is not hunting. she's on the lookout for inspiration with what's going to work with anything whether it's broken or is new or is all those that say it was good to be calling them once in a while commander says our final credits in the story are so we pick what ever we
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clean revenue. was right all the way but we more on the end result of what will become almost. the 1st stage of the transformation is a good clean then the material is cut into smaller pieces. and send it down to make smooth images finally matilda paint puts the finishing touches to how unique earrings. i killed those projects require time and teamwork well what the team certainly isn't lacking is imagination they can try an old injury electric scrap into. lampshades tables or clocks. matilda payne regularly exhibits have designs of conferences objects not only i can't think they are i all painting too i think rather than take all this amazing
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stuff that all this money has been poured into and just put the world with it why not turn it into art or turn it into food feeds people tomorrow so it makes total sense and it's good for people it's good for the world but i think the whole idea of turning trash into treasure is one that is like so cool because a lot of places across the world are having a problem with an increase in waste i'd like managing the ways to getting rid of it might kill the pain has won several awards we could nice in high creative way of doing hobbit for the environment and she has even bigger things planned for the company. we are looking not really able to move therefore we would love to train more women too which are into what we're doing now to be able to stuff your own businesses who would also like to empower the youth expression between come into produce like us in
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a way social into print is like us for every item sold. already go names 5 percent of the money she makes to the educational and of people like young gars she doesn't only want to bring these candidate items back to life she also wants to give something back to society. not a whole goal on farms of very much biased here in the german capital are celebrating that teams historic achievement and moving up to germany's top tier for the 1st time fans invaded the purchase of the clubs the playoff success of struck us on the gold the straw and then last night was good enough for you on the progress to talk to you it sounds to me away goals they scored only 2 or 3 in stuttgart last. thursday the motions bother to take hold as they had to put this nigga next season. when you don't have quite a story behind that overcome serious financial difficulties and the fans are
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renowned for their fierce loyalty alema d.w. sport can tell us more welcome so how big an achievement is this for a club like when you incredible i mean look the odds were against them they become only the 3rd team in the last 10 years to win a playoff final against a top 5 when this your club and you just saw the pitch invasion i mean those are scenes that you know once in a lifetime i was without words it means you can tell everything to the club and some people might remember i don't know but you know in berlin might ring a bell a bit because they went really they were turning on social media what was it back in 2014 because they had a cut that allowed fans to bring the sofas to the stadium to watch the 2014 world cup on the big screen but you know back to the celebrations here in berlin they were partying until 4 am the players set that they plan on celebrating nonstop for the next 48 hours many of them coming out 0 excited saying that they can't wait to
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play the likes of by and to play the late likes of dortmund next season but let's take a look at you know that the emotions that occurred that transpired last night let's relive the madness one more time. from the age of footballing relevance the sound of the final whistle delivered when you're building fans the right step up into the bundesliga student faked. her own young fans spilled onto the streets around the stadium to light up the not heard of beacon for the underdogs the victory after which woods simply fired the over the right to her. yes i have no words i can just have my words do you hear good if i should order isn't actually what you do in the. know why do you. do that and yet.
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the in the tradition of these passionate rather than we think fan base the celebrations were so cautious the when you're in berlin are a club by the people for the people and very much all of these people and now by the bundesliga footballing world is about to get attached. well i say top you know historic night and balin but tell us more about the club itself because they're not you know your run of the mill football club need it definitely not i mean phil if there's any purdy left in football this is you know in times where the sport is so commercialized where commercialization is the norm we see it with the likes you know with manchester city with. you know what the norm for linda is really provide a sense of the paths of you know football without the flash of what perhaps football used to be like and to understand on your own of course you have to understand the history back in east germany you know they were always
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anti-establishment they were anti stasi and they were very very proud of it and they do have some of the best supporters in the football world and you know it's incredible what the fans have done when this club had financial problems the fans were like you know what we're going to take matters into our own hands and you know what they did they helped build the stadium whether that was by touring concrete bags whether that was by creating a fund raising campaign that was called leading for you on and that basically what they did was they did they donated money that was rainy breeze by giving blood so like you said lynn definitely not your ordinary club so what will they bring to the borders league. ah i mean we saw the pitch invasion a very unique experience i'm sure you eat. what the atmosphere was like in this stadium i mean the stadium alone more than 80 percent of it is standing place says and you know like i said if you want a trip down memory lane this is the place to visit this is perhaps what football
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was like back in the olden days when you go to squat there is no music and just an incredible atmosphere generated by incredible fence wood you're clearly a fan. on 5 me here in germany a traffic police asked speeding motorists has been saved by a photo bomb of a rather different kind of speed camera caught this vehicle traveling a 54 kilometers an hour and a 37 just as a engine so in front of the car and spread its wings obscuring the driver's identity and saving him 105 through a fine police say the mr driver should take it as a sign from above to slow down. this is that v.w. coming up next indeed w. news that asia indian security forces in suspicious region of kashmir on the file after rights groups accuse him of using torture to intimidate the local population . from the battlefield to the cricket field of cricket favor groups afghanistan i
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had a world cup with a teenager hoping to make it. on a table off those doors and he took the music ages in just a moment of the top. of the.
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they're super sharp. many hide themselves away super secretive then you'll hear the jingling his corns and super rich definitely around 20000000000 more or less. how did germany's wealthiest people live why do they keep such a low profile money have a snoop around to catch a glimpse. of good top of the world the disco life of the super rich starts to take home to dublin
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a. small secluded superior big changes. the people making it possible to go to africa fantastic right. as they set out to safety environments. to learn from one another. and work together for a better the future. see for yourself cuckoo for. w. . planet earth let the global tourist guide the tremendous booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know where you're a back siri the battle of the bonus night lights turn something new and i love even less sure what's a day certainly let's go for the folks waist like me inside says the 15 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features of.
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the book now in atlanta every week on t.w. . the food. this is did after news asia coming up on the program tortured into submission rights groups accuse the indian security forces of using torture of the local population in the disputed kashmir region it's not the 1st report on the matter will it make a difference plus. how serious about punishing crimes against its ranking minority soldiers convicted of by the intent behind them and spent less than a judge in prison while the journalists who want to cover the story spent 16 months .


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