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what secrets lie behind these memos. find him any mercy of experience and explore present in blood cultural heritage sites. w world heritage 360 get. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes sudan comes to a standstill launch a 2 day general strike to press the ruling military to hand over power to a civilian lay it all forces. and we meet the historian who wants to teach african children a different narrative on the history of the continent but one thing that africans value that has and put them through centuries of pain is knowing where they are and where they come from. they had with the africa cup of nations. will meet
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the people with disabilities who make footballs sold all over the world. i'm christine want to welcome to news africa i'm glad you're choosing then a 48 hour what they should why the strike is underway in sudan with citizens demanding a civilian government off to a military coup last month the sudanese professionals association which spearheaded the process that led the army to. urge people to show up at work on shoes stand wednesday but abstain from any activity. in parts of the capital khartoum shops and businesses closed offices were left empty as people across sit down to the streets to express their discontent with the transitional military
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government. hundreds of flights were canceled thousands left stranded as airport workers walked out. many bank staff also stopped work. but today the people of sudan demand their rights we want a civilian lead authority a democratic state a country where rights and duties are respected for all citizens we are also here out of respect for the dead this is the least we can do for them. one protest leader says negotiations with the military have stalled and there's no alternative except to scale up the protests. we only have civil measures available to us that we will continue with civil disobedience and strikes until our demands are fully met we want to transfer to civilian authority who has.
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the military ousted the former president omar al bashir in april and it is 30 year rule but for months now protesters have kept up their demonstrations outside army headquarters pressing for a civilian government it's not clear when or even if negotiations with the military will resume. my guest today is a sudanese human rights activist is from darfur and this current based in berlin welcome to detail so we've seen you'll feel a countryman taking part in that strike what are your people back at home telling you that a lot of people i talk to speak to them today they're telling me that is that it is successful day. too much people was bought out of the strike. or people who work even in the ministry of interior ministry women in sudan they are. also other
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people who is also don't have to do is also political also part of it is 100 percent successful destroyed today's with the right what's your feeling about how determined people law this is it has been taking place for over a month now and of course the general strike is in the next 48 hours is radio about upping the ante and putting pressure on the military that doesn't appear to want to lift. off its reins on the power but what i wanted to know from is how determent do you get the sense that people law is this something that they're willing to continue doing for months to come i think so because. it is a very people after the city years of went in for dictatorship the good to get away they get a chance to somehow to demand their signature you know that's why i think it is the people i talk to them they seize on this is our chance and we have to take it you know what i mean don't give up. you can seize at this passion if you know when i was in sudan is also ramadan people are fasting but it's the people sitting there in this sunny time what is it like more than 45 degrees and they still limiting his
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prices to just freedom so i think all of the noise out and also we have our experience about. this government from police you know from from from a military base on the ok we don't need any military no more and this is our chance to have democracy. and civil to get with them and i think we will stay until something comes right adam you you came on to. on the news of this ship being ousted by the military in april we're sitting here today and we're talking about upping the ante off the failed negotiations with the military's to get that civilian government i just wondered if you still have that same sense of my country is on the brink of change that you did back then today i think so i'm still feeling this change is coming because what this change happening now is a society is not easy to see just in political way like in the political level it
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is still something have to be done and that's why there is no vision of the soul but i think it's in also in the society that is so much change you know if you see as a result of this is dr now on like bank of bank of sudan's a bank or was. supposed to be one of bob's institution were not people today striking it is a big if like successful right point of view that's why i see that it will come i have to hope that the people in sudan they will build. the best. civil to get on or the next time and again we have to hope and wait for it all right adam the ha sudanese human rights activist thank you it will come. on next report is from south africa where one woman says she struggled to find history books black african children could identify with and those she did find would limited in scope now determined to fill that get no longer he's a rote own book she's already sold some 2000 copies and hopes more children in
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africa will get to read it. no longer includes the looks really did try to do it or but today she's reading a book she wrote us of. wow. without book in africa with our view and. south african historian no longer hopes to prepare language for the future by teaching her the history of why people. only experience as an african that the one thing that africans. has and put them through centuries of pain is knowing where they are and where they come from. the university professor discovered that african history books written for kids almost exclusively focused on ancient egypt she wanted to paint a broader picture about the continent's past she wants to cover everything from ancient history to more contemporary independence movement. when africans are clear
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about history and about where they come from and the origins and the different mythologies we do way better as kids in school we do way better as students at university. in the world in terms of being innovators when we know our history. no longer also realized there are no history books that children in africa could really identify with she was determined to fill the gap and sat down with her illustrator friend. to develop a comic book for children in african history just trying to represent visually. elements of african history so that kids can. kind of get a feel for it through the visual. but you know what you know. if we can people know my longest approach is simple shows kids and young adults
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a different perspective on african history the subject of slavery for example is looked at from a much broader perspective and doesn't just focus on africa. she shows that humans have been cruel to one another everywhere throughout history this is an important message in a country like south africa where christmas of its colonial past will be found everywhere. no longer stresses that this alternative perspective was sorely missed and up until now even in schools. like those in the final eleusis a congress school have something to be proud of i went to a moment up all of this because it's in my house no longer spoken braces african history and culture plus it covers issues ranging from the rise of ancient civilizations to slavery colonialism struggles for independence and famous
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africans. it's really. teaches people about cultures years of coups i feel joy because we don't have. no millennium please yes confident that our efforts will pay off the popularity of our book is to rise and perhaps one day how walk will even become compulsory in schools across africa. now it's to a factory in nairobi where people with disabilities make and staged footballs that all sold to football associations all over the world including. now the initiative alive and kicking employs about 70 people and is also present in zambia and. it may look like any other factory but this place is about giving people a chance for many people living with disabilities in africa finding steady work can
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be next to impossible joyce has experienced that firsthand in the past employers wouldn't even think of hiring her due to her shoulder condition but she insists she's perfectly capable of doing certain type of jobs. lots of challenges finding a job for people like us were living with disabilities that people would just look at us and judge so it becomes really difficult sometimes you find that you can do some of the jobs you find but your boss looks at you and thinks you cannot just because of the way you look. for her colleague huma making footballs has also become a way of helping others. i have been here for almost a year and i love this job we are supplying uganda tanzania kenya all of east
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africa africa so you see this job has done a lot for me because of my income if help my friends and educating my children and progressing in life. then that's the. the workers here are able to make a decent living but it's also about boosting confidence and taking pride in what they do. this is the national mungo and all these footballs we make here and up all over the world last month i was in kampala and i saw them being played there and i felt like this thing we're doing is something important it's something that can uplift people because they are sent all over the world and i know that all of us but. so far the team has produced over 300000 footballs and some of them have shipped all the way to prominent european clubs like arsenal manchester united and chelsea. and that is it from africa today as always you catch stories on our
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website and facebook page you see all those wonderful. pictures of the beautiful day. one of the. sometime in the 26th. my great granddaughter of. the world. and around half of. your world will be around 2 degrees one. inevitably the sea levels rise fire at least one meter in the central. we're going to have some climate
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impacts to turn greater democracy over to the. cocoa. why aren't people more concerned. 31st w. can artists spear replaced by artificial intelligence are machines capable of creativity on this edition of arts and culture will be asking can a i make good art or art at all will have experts a d.w.i. global media forum weighing in. also on the show the uncensored and very human photos of boris mikhail the 80 year old artist who documents life on the streets.
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first though it's goodbye rembrandt hello robots well not exactly but more and more artists are getting artificial intelligence to do their work for them or at least testing what ai ai is capable of so when will the machines just take over and when they can eventually produce music or movies all by themselves will it really be art here's a quick look at some of ai's artistic accomplishments so far. contacts myself a blood robot recently seen at that is the enemy and controlled by intelligence software not an isolated case robertson a i have long figured on the art scene artificial and artistic intelligence seem to work well to get it something something. different connective l.b.s. uses ai to create its paintings.


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