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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 29, 2019 12:00am-12:03am CEST

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with some more good potential by placing a warning label in music products. rock and religion clash that brings the world. one of the 2 were so good are consumable. card devil rock n roll. 17 w. e u heads of government are meeting in brussels to negotiate their picks for the e.u.'s top jobs following last week's parliamentary elections the heads of major institutions must now be replaced including european commission president jiang floor juncker the leaders of france and germany are at odds over who should take the job. in japan a man armed with knives has killed 2 people one of them
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a child in the stabbing spree near tokyo japanese media report the suspect killed himself after the attack which targeted schoolgirls waiting for a bus in the morning rush hour at least 17 people were injured. i hope is asian groups in sudan are holding a 2 day strike there protesting the slow pace of talks with the ruling military aid transferring power to a civilian authority the negotiations stalled earlier this week after the 2 sides had agreed to a 3 year transition a cabinet and the legislature. and the lazy a is to repatriate $3000.00 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste and there are concerns that the country is becoming a dumping ground china banned waste imports last year causing countries like the united states and britain to start shipping the material to malaysia it is now the world's main destination for plastic waste.
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the battle for the top job in the european union who should become the next president of the european commission asked france's president and he says it should be an open phrase ask the german chancellor and she will point to this map. head of the conservatives the group with the most seats in parliament brussels is divided and the race is on i'm soon is almost gone then berlin this is the day. i'm in a coalition would suffice of course not every day that not one of my partners do with these would stop not should totally and i don't want to rush out now with a name we should consider what the european people have said in the street profesional i think you have to discuss them to him before he comes for sure you can surveil people in the role of the people i mean this is not
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a democratic organization being the largest group that the most important position that the european commission hardly.


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